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  1. It's been fun, but unless Gould has a field day tonight, my streak has come to an end. Sitting at 121 with Gould to go. Matt Ryan finally did me in as well.
  2. I have the Chris Johnson/DeMarco Murray combo along with Percy Harvin, I will be holding my breath this week for sure.
  3. 178.5 this week, looks like it will be enough to see another week. I have some byes this week, most notably Chris Johnson and Percy Harvin, will need some help from others to get through the next week.
  4. Oh, very cool, thank you very much. I under estimated everyone. Sitting at 175.3, I feel much better now. Thanks again.
  5. How many did Martin, Ryan, and Chris Jonson end up with? Those are my key numbers I'm trying to figure out.
  6. If 147.25 is the cut, I'll be darn close. I need Maclin to have a nice night tonight. How do you guys figure out the cut off?
  7. I survived week 7 without a QB, that was the week I was sweating the most. I have a couple duds on my roster ie Evan Royster and Doug Baldwin, but I think I might have enough power to stick around for a bit. This is by far the farthest I've made it in this contest.
  8. Much like others, after Lynch's story broke, I went to the next guy in line and that will be Turbin when/if it happens. Here is what I noticed from doing some watching of highlights (yes, it's called a highlight reel for a reason, I know). He has good speed running a 4.5 40 at the combine if memory serves. He has very good size at 5'10" 220lbs and has very good hands for a runner his size. There were several catches not just in the flats but down field for TD's. The other thing I noticed right off was his ability to get low to the ground when making contact against first line of defense. He's a big load, with nice speed, and gets low the ground, those are huge factors when trying to bring a RB down. I also noticed his ability to break tackles, I noticed several instances of making good YAC. I think if Lynch is suspended for a length of time Turbin will get his shot and if he can translate these attributes to the NFL while learning how to pick up the blitz, he could be a very solid RB producing low end RB2 numbers while in.
  9. I'm torn in both directions and here is why. I live in Atlanta and am both a big Falcon fan as well as a UGA fan. AJ was silly good at UGA, there were times he had all the coverage and he simply beat them, it didn't matter. Yes it was against collegiate DB's (SEC mind you) but that is what he had to play with. Julio is also a beast and this comes from the best TE the game has ever seen. If it was posted earlier, I aplogize, but here is Tony Gonzalez's tweet yesterday. I don't know how to put the tweet link in, maybe someone can show me how... Per Tony Gonzalez "This kid Julio Jones is the real deal. He's the best incoming receiver I've ever played with. Come to think of it, it's not even close." Anyhow, I just think we have two special WR's here and it should be fun to watch over the next several seasons.
  10. Easily the funniest thread I have read. I spend most of my time in the Shark Pool, this was well worth my time and my wife looking over at me saying...what the hell are you laughing at? Try to explain this. Point to the hand.