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  1. I would love to get Reader. Nothing flashy but just clogging up that middle causing problems.
  2. Gruden likes Richard's football acumen. He picked up the scheme right away in Gruden's 1st year and maybe he just wants to use him as a stop gap on 3rd down's until he has the same trust in Jacobs. No need to bring in a FA 3rd down back that may not take the the offense as well as what he has on hand if the ultimate goal is to have Jacobs be the workhorse. So now we just need that backup early down back. I hung onto Washington on a dynasty team for the sliver of a chance that he signs with Az where he put up big number for Kingsbury in college.
  3. Don't think I'd be in any hurry to move Waller if I only had Fant as my other TE. Roster size?
  4. Happy for you guys. It's been a frustrating last few years given what has seemed like a talented roster. Good luck next week!
  5. Ya and he didn't even lay into the guy with 1/2 as much as he could have...
  6. Doubt anyone is going to give a 2020 1st for him. I'll just hang onto him. He's a perfect WR3 for a fantasy roster. Just plug and play all season in that position. If you're counting on him being your WR1 or 2 then your team needs some help.
  7. Even without the stats Mack is still a top 5 rated DE by PFF or very close it's just his team sucks this year which means he'd probably have the same ratings and stats if he was still with us and we'd still have about the same record probably. That trade is looking pretty good right about now and also get a nice chuckle every time Amari disappears during any big game for big D. Was not a big fan of the Chucky hire and even less of a fan of the Mayock hire but I'm happy I was wrong. If we go to the playoffs next year does everyone agree to get a bowl cut in honor of our genius owner Mr. Davis? With my hairline I'll look like a franciscan monk !
  8. So happy I dumped this guy for a 3rd early in the season.
  9. Did Dorsey really blow it that bad? Seems like he was the main reason there was even talk of the Browns being decent this year. That one seems kine of weird to me. Am I out of it?
  10. We beat Denver, Bal over Pitt, Hou over Ten, Indy over Jax and we're in the playoffs. Not super far fetched imo but the question is what do Bal and Hou have to play for except they don't want to lose to a division rival? Still interesting. Edit: really make that Jax loss sting now.
  11. The guy disappears during big games and when he's covered by a top CB. Not worth the money.
  12. Was coming down to between him and Dionte Johnson for my last keeper spot. Seahawks probably add some more WR talent in the offseason. Will be a heavy lean towards Dio.
  13. Even with Chark and Evans hurt for me OBJ will be sitting on the bench this weekend. He didn't help me get into the playoffs and he's lost his privilege to play. Need to send a strong message to the rest of the team. Next man up!