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  1. Such a brutal start of the season. Also what did I miss that we only have 2 preseason games but seems like the rest of the league is playing 4 games as normal?
  2. as was stated in another thread. Dude is a nut low poster
  3. I think I take the 1.01 and take my chances with Murray at the 1.01
  4. Personally I'd rather have had the other NYJ RB Powell who is still a FA. Seems like a better fit for Gruden's system but not sure if he's even an upgrade to Richard.
  5. I sure hope so. I can only think of NYG being a worse situation than the Titans for him. Don't know what he does to be so neglected by this team...
  6. Any chance Jordy gets moved to the slot? Seems like his savvy vet skills should match that pretty well.
  7. Who is running the ball for us this year. Although not spectacular, seems like Ingram or even Coleman would have been better money spent than a WR and let one of our camp guys battle for that #3 spot. I guess we'll have a new rookie RB and maybe Warren is also ready to roll.
  8. Ya I'd much rather have AB for what we gave compared to what was needed to give for OBJ. Not that OBJ isn't worth it but we got the best value of the 2 deals for sure.
  9. This was in season while Hyde was still the starter but after seeing this full Chubb value I'm cringing... I give Chubb, Kittle, Alex Collins Receive Mixon, Tyrell Williams (results orientated, Mixon week 15 got me into the finals and 2nd place money, where if I would have started Chubb instead I lose that week. I just keep telling myself that to make me feel better but I still love Mixon)
  10. Makes me wish that the Raiders would stay in Ca so that any pay raise this joker got would just be donated to taxes. I'm sure he'll defer as much as he can to the 2020 season to take advantage of Nevada taxes.
  11. Will you accept him at $20mil per year? I'd be pretty pissed paying him that much based on our roster. The only good thing is we have no up and coming young WR's that he can poison.
  12. That you may not get a top 10 pick for him in a trade but if you know he's not your guy, then just move on with an acceptable loss