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  1. Will wait to see but Jacobs was a beast at the goaline and personally I'm not worried about it until I hear or see otherwise. They're fighting for the 3rd/4th string back and to help spell Jacobs on the early downs imo.
  2. I like it. Super low risk signing and see if he has anything. He had some flashes in Cinncy, maybe he's been working his *** off for the last year and is in great shape. If not, then cut him. I guess will be him and Rod Smith competing for that "big back" role?
  3. There is also the option that the practice squads are expanded this year because of Covid and maybe even able to protect some of your squad guys? So if it's low risk can put Love on the practice squad.
  4. I grabbed him off waivers before the season ending in hopes he'd reunite with Kingsbury as a FA. He had insane numbers back at Texas Tech. I guess this is about as good as we can get but it was worrying that Kliff didn't want him on what should have been a pretty cheap contract and he already knows the playbook front to back. Thought that was a no brainer.
  5. Who did the guy take that he wanted the 1.14 so badly?
  6. Seems like a perfect win/win. I wouldn't be happy if I was in this league. Two teams both got immediately better.
  7. This is why I voted 10% and thinking about it, it should probably be 0%. Oz has done a great job and never had a big outbreak but even they cannot keep their games on schedule. Any kind of significant training camp and preseason schedule for the NFL and I doubt there is even a full league kickoff for week 1. Scared for some of these older coaches. I know Pete Carrol is in great shape but he's in his 70's I believe. Literally risking his life for the NFL.
  8. Tyrod Taylor has no anticipation at all. It's the main reason he's never been able to succeed with the chances he's had (and he's had a lot of chances). This is good for Williams, bad for a possession guy like Allen.
  9. He was a QB in high school and then obviously this last year in college. Have to assume he can read defenses and should be able to pick up blocking. The only thing I don't like about him is you need a coach that knows how to scheme for this type of player, like a Shanahan. We'll see if Gruden can use him naturally. Seems like players like this get put in tough situations where no one on the D is being fooled but Gruden signed off on the pick so he must have a plan.
  10. It's really a nightmare for D's when you throw Renfrow, Waller and one of the RB's coming out of the backfield into the mix and a top 10 run blocking Oline. Carr's 3rd year in Gruden's system. If Carr can grasp and execute the system ala Gannon it's going to be hard to stop us from getting 1st downs.
  11. Best player available. There is a ton of WR talent in this draft, no need to reach. If the WR's are gone by 12, that means that there is a quality defensive player there. Fistpumping either way.
  12. Love the Nassib signing. Dude just seems like a hustler.
  13. I would love to get Reader. Nothing flashy but just clogging up that middle causing problems.
  14. Gruden likes Richard's football acumen. He picked up the scheme right away in Gruden's 1st year and maybe he just wants to use him as a stop gap on 3rd down's until he has the same trust in Jacobs. No need to bring in a FA 3rd down back that may not take the the offense as well as what he has on hand if the ultimate goal is to have Jacobs be the workhorse. So now we just need that backup early down back. I hung onto Washington on a dynasty team for the sliver of a chance that he signs with Az where he put up big number for Kingsbury in college.