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  1. With the large starting lineup and without seeing his roster I can understand taking that for Julio. Some young guys with some upside to fill some spots for you but still seems a tad light but if everyone in the league is a nit you gotta take what you can. Both the young guys need to keep improving though or it's a loss.
  2. He's guaranteed 5.6mil for this year. If he sits out and can get a 10+ mil guarantee deal I think it's worth it because he could blow an achilles in camp and probably be on a short career of "prove it" deals if he plays on his current deal. Can't blame the kid for wanting to lock up some extra bucks. Unless the owners collude against him and take a stand against all players doing this, it could be a +EV move in regards to guaranteed money but if stays healthy then could be -EV in overall career earnings (like Bell).
  3. I'll be targeting him late in all drafts. As people say, can't expect much out of rookie TE's but what I like is that it seems like he's going to have a lot more opportunity than most rookie TE's do so we'll have a better chance to see if he can flash and possibly cut bait on him earlier if needed.
  4. I'd love to get a 2nd for Samuels. What about Eckler? Any chance I can get a 2nd for him? Seems like he's got a pretty capped ceiling. Is he even a handcuff to Gordon?
  5. If Warren can show out then it makes great financial sense to keep him over Martin but we all know how Gruden likes his vets. It's all going to come down to camp. Wouldn't write him off yet.
  6. Not disagreeing, just saying that's the optimistic theory
  7. The optimistic line of thinking is that Lamar was put into an offense designed for Joe Flacco and they did the best they could to improvise an offense on the fly to play to Lamar's strength but this year they will have had a whole off season to implement a passing game that gives Lamar a better chance to succeed. That's the theory at least...
  8. The cool thing about the niner's situation is they have no solidified WR1 (unless you count Kittle). So there is no one there that can demand x amount of targets. They're all competing for that spot and I guess a good chance the WR group mirrors their RB group which is wtf knows who is going to get the most touches or if they'll just all vulture each other.
  9. Cross posted from the trade thread. Gave Marlon Mack, Mike Williams for the 1.01. I call it an overpay because of all the hype Mack is getting and I'd probably bet that Mack does have a better year than Jacobs this year but I'm still not sold on Mack long term. Jacobs has that 6+ year solid starter upside IMO. Williams kind of hurts to give up as he's been getting better every year and has Tyrell out of his way now but I figure I've got a 50/50 shot to replace his production with my late 1st pick. He was my WR4 anyways. But mainly I'm just a lol Raider fan so want someone on my team to root for.
  10. 12 team PPR Team A gives - Marlon Mack, Mike Williams Team B gives - 2019 1.01
  11. Sorry, want the deal to go through 1st before posting. Will update when done
  12. I'm gonna be overpaying to grab the 1.01. A high character, possibly fantasy relevant Raider to root for. I want him
  13. They lost their #1 QB, #2 QB, starting RB, backup RB also always dinged up and I don't know what other injuries. They're in a brutal division but managed a win against the Seahawks still and had some close games against some other decent competition. Lost to Chargers by 2, Packers by 3, Bears by 5 but were swept by the Cards, ugh. Not saying they're going to light the league on fire but I think they're headed in the right direction and Shanny will be just fine for a few more seasons and Jimmy G should have a firm grasp on the playbook now. It will be a telling season for him.