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  1. I'm not selling him because of one game. We've seen his ceiling. He can just sit on my bench and we'll see how he does in camp next year but he's not coming off my roster.
  2. I think this kid is already better than Tre'Quan "this is his breakout year" Smith. Kid made the roster over guys that were on the roster last year as an undrafted FA with no OTA's, etc... The James Robinson of WR's. They saw him in practice and he showed he could pick up the playbook and do what Drew needed him to do and made the 53. Ankle that put him out of the game didn't look great though...
  3. f. is on a team with an elite run scheme with a history of making nobodies above average RB's.
  4. It's pretty easy. Fitz wasn't feeding the Unicorn. You can't have a unicorn in your stable and not feed it! Bring on the Tua!
  5. I squandered my 2021 1st earlier in the year and my team sucks. The guy I gave my 1st to is in contention and a Barkley owner. My pick is looking like top 3 in superflex and I'm screwed without it. Gave Zeke/Pollard/Drake/Edmonds (before Monday's game) for Barkley + my 1st. Is what it is but feel better with my pick back. Going into next season with CEH, Barkley, J Robinson as my RB core plus the pick.
  6. Yeah, besides the health I'm not worried at all about Dionte's place in the pecking order. I think their skill sets compliment each other perfectly. Claypool will have the higher TD floor but DJ should be peppered with plenty of targets.
  7. There is nothing wrong with AD being part of the game script but any competent coach should be getting their highly drafted RB at least 15 touches per game which I think will be the case moving forward.
  8. I'm not saying it was a bad pick. It was a surprisingly great pick and another piece of evidence of why I'll think 2 or 3 times before I criticize any and all future moves/picks they do, just saying I kind of salivate at the thought of those two monsters in the secondary but I'm a very happy Raider fan at the moment!
  9. In the Chiefs defense there were not a lot of easy yards for Jacobs out there. He earned just about every one.
  10. I ate my Gruden/Mayock crow last season. Wasn't crazy with the Ruggs draft but they earned a wait and see approach before complaining too much. Given our injuries and our opponents offense, all I could tell myself at halftime is that this is a damn well coached team. Yeah the ball bounced our way a few times which helps but that's just variance, goes both ways throughout the season. Gruden continues to put a competitive team on the field regardless of personnel. Love the direction the team and culture are going!
  11. They're worried about the Waller dink and dunks and then call the right play at the right time when the safety tries to cheat and Carr pulls the trigger. It's a beautiful thing!!
  12. Bad secondary or not it's a good game to boost his confidence and get a little swag back. He's had a rough start. Appreciate you guys helping the young man out!