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  1. I'd start Hill over him in a second. My options are JD and Guice so I gotta go with Williams but knowing the potential outcome.
  2. I own him in a lot of leagues. Benching him everywhere I can afford to but need to start him on one spot. One league I'm starting John Brown and Sutton over him but don't have that luxury in every league.
  3. If another injured RB is their plan b they need a plan b for their plan b.
  4. They need to address the RB position and upgrade it this offseason. Regardless of how Guice looks ros. He can't be trusted to stay healthy all year. If he shows up next year and beasts all season then it's even better but they need to have a solid plan b.
  5. Starting him over John Brown in one league. TB is #1 run D with a terrible pass D. Targets have been there just been quiet lately.
  6. Ya, when he first went down it looked like he was grabbing his knee but as he was limping off it looked pretty clear he was grabbing more behind his knee/hamstring. May have popped his hammy which could put him on the shelf for a few weeks minimum.
  7. I think he's worth another week. He played the most snaps and as people who watched the game said he had some nice runs called back so his box score could have looked a lot better. Now with the other guys dinged up he probably gets some good opportunities.
  8. Yahoo claiming Washington and Richard are on the block. Not sure they'll get too much interest but Washington put up huge numbers for Kingbury at Texas Tech so is well versed in the air raid scheme. Given their injuries at RB in Arizona it seems like a perfect fit but given their record doesn't seem to make sense to use any draft capital for him either.
  9. It is interesting reading the Bears thread about Mack. Not a game changer for them because he's constantly triple teamed. Teams can afford to key on him because the rest of the line is nothing to write home about but his 13mil a year makes it difficult to bring in any surrounding talent. Just saying
  10. Buy AJ Brown. This guy is the definition of a non event.
  11. Pretty sure our old friend Marty Schottenheimer did it to us (and Gruden I believe) back in the day. I forget who had his rights, but we need a CB and Dion wanted to come out of retirement and play for us. Whatever team had his rights agreed to waive him and the dolts claimed him and put him straight to IR. They were one of the worst teams in the league at the time but still wanted to c**k block us from helping our playoff push. #martyball
  12. Considering starting Dionte Johnson vs Miami over him.
  13. Found some sucker to give you a 3rd rounder for a previous regime's draft bust. Take the pick and ask questions later. I don't like calling him a bust because I had high hopes for him but really, how many good games has he had with ample opportunity?
  14. Ya, the rule may suck but come on. Same mistake. You're on the goal line and a 6 year vet. You should know how important protecting the football is.
  15. I think it goes back to the 1st play of the game. Absolutely crushed the safety on a long run but was a violent shoulder to shoulder impact. Guessing that's what it's from, not the play that he actually left on originally. Just a guess.