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  1. Idiocracy Office Space Spinal Tap The Big Lebowski Superbad Back to the Future Die Hard The Princess Bride A Christmas Story Grease Airplane! Caddyshack Raiders of the Lost Ark
  2. Saw him a few weeks after that show in Salem, Oregon on July 20th , 1990. He opened for Joe Cocker. Great show.
  3. Nah, it's there. It was only down for a few days.
  4. Somebody forget to pay the electric bill again?
  5. First the Hoof and now the Cage? Is the world coming to an end?
  6. I think there's something wrong on the latest spreadsheet. The fantasy points for wide receivers is way too high across the board. Version 13app_G1
  7. So I'm way too lazy to read through this thread. Haven't played computer games since Diablo II. I liked that game a lot. Liked Ultima Online and Daggerfall. Would I like this game? Will it suck me in and ruin my life. Thank you in advance.
  8. No idea if these are on Netflix or if you've already seen them (would be a bit suprised anyone missed these actually) but the series I'd recommend would be...DexterThe WireEntourageThe SopranosCurb Your Enthusiasm