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  1. I am still owed $132 from this guy. Amazingly he did send most of the $$ he owed me a little over a year ago but at this point I am thinking there is no way he will ever send me the balance that is owed.
  2. So hey Chris I'm assuming this is me SS ($132.25)? By the way how you been man? Long time no talk.
  3. Congrats Assani hope to see you on TV @ the final table!! ICY POTS all the way!!!!!
  4. I know I haven't posted ever in this thread but I just want to say that I'm a fan Assani and have been following your blog on a regular basis since you started it. I know you're going through a tough time but don't start doubting yourself or your abilities because of a few bad days. You can do this as you've proven time and time again and its just a matter of time before you find your groove again and start putting up many winning days in a row. Good luck to ya man and may the poker gods be on your side from here out!!!!!
  5. Goooooooo Cards errrrrr I mean Raiders!!