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  1. From today: Hhhhmmmmmm Tex
  2. That went south quick! Tex
  3. Same here, cut him picked up Fleener. Tex
  4. Glad I have him on my team, the future is bright. Tex
  5. I'm sure NO did everything in their power defensively stop make sure they don't get embarrassed for trading him. im certain I plan was in place to lockdown Cooks. Tex
  6. Me too but you never know and what makes this worse is I pulled Gurley out of my lineup and put Cooper in at the last minute as my flex so losing this game will be hard to take. Tex
  7. I'm rooting for the G-Men defense to shut down Tate! At least hold him to 16 pts or less. He had a team high 10 targets last week so he'll get his share of targets. Tex
  8. We need a bigger sample size.........5-6 games then we'll know for sure. Tex
  9. Depends on how much he loves his 1st born! Tex
  10. You don't own K. White or ASJ!?!?!? By the way, I dropped this dude. There are handcuff options better than his situation he's not worth a roster spot. Tex
  11. I snagged Barkley and Guice! :horn:toot toot:horn: Tex
  12. I'm so glad I don't have to play him! Tex
  13. I have an owner who is sending me offers for Lynch. I'm getting a 1st for sure but the question is, should I trade Lynch for Crowell or T. West (Baltimore). Tex