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  1. It scares me a bit with players like Lacy and Trent who had the talent but when you get that heavy your career will suffer. I’d be interested in his weight at the Combine. Tex
  2. I like Freeman I don’t care what he does at the Combine I’ve seen enough to like him. What I really want to see is him at around 210-220 instead of 240lbs. I felt the same way about Le’Veon Bell coming out of college and he is 2 inches taller at the same weight. Bell trimmed down before the NFL draft then worked on his speed and quickness and the rest is history. I think Freeman is a different runner but could have a similar impact if he trimmed down. Tex
  3. I think we all in some fashion are guilty of looking at this year and comparing it to last year but it’s fairly safe to say you won’t be able to compare 2019 to this class either and there are some serious studs especially at WR and RB that could declare. What really, really made 2017 such a great class? Why was it so perfect? I’ll submit to you three things that took place OR didn’t happen but it happens to nearly every year. 1. There were studs that could have declared for the 2016 class but decided to return and entered the 2017 class which help bolster an already great class. 2. IIRC, EVERYONE we thought would declare for the 2017 class ACTUALLY DID!!! No one returned to school for another year. When was the last time this happened? 3. Many of the players from last year landed in ideal spots. Either they landed on a team that had good talent around them which made them better than expected, they were draft to a team with the scheme to match their talent or they ended up being a starter their when no one was really expecting it. Tex
  4. Answers will vary on this question. It all depends on what you are measuring this by. What, last year???? Hell, that was one of the best performance of any class at the QB, WR, TE and RB positions E.V.E.R!!!! If Watson hadn’t got hurt, with the performance of Engram, Hunt, Kamara, McCaffrey, Fournette, Cooks and JuJu it’s not fair to compare any class to that! And we haven’t seen Mixon with a decent line or the growth of Howard, Njoku, Williams, Davis, etc...... If you didn’t have multiple picks last year then you certainly missed out on the best draft we’ll see in some time so it’s not wise to judge this year based off last year. The year before was a decent class as well. The Truth, we have been spoiled by the last few years and many are expecting/wanting the same excitement in some of the upcoming drafts and you are just setting yourself up for failure. Study, read, analyze and stick to your board every year regardless of who declares and your hard work will pay off. Meno, I just read your post. My post was’nt directed at you but it kinda proves my point. We look at last year and we’ll compare it to this year but last year was an outliner. We just won’t see anything like that for awhile if ever again. Tex
  5. True, if you are a contender you take Barkley and don’t look back. Tex
  6. Yes, I own Gurley now I have Barkley and Guice to add to my bench. Your last sentence says it all! Barkley is the best player why trade him away and lose the trade? Tex
  7. I’d grab Barkley with the pick, depth in Dynasty is very important to winning Championships. Bye weeks and unplanned injuries could destroy your season. This year I lost Cooks, OBJ, Zeke (suspension), Wentz, Luck, Doctson and Coleman yet I still blew them away and took the Championship home. Take Barkey but you do trade I wouldn’t accept anything lower than 1.3 with those picks. Also, if you have no needs why would you trade the 1.1 pick for more picks? I don’t see the rationale there. Tex
  8. Still love this class. Considering I already have Barkley and Guice plus the 3rd, 6th, 7th, and 10th pick. I’m in the process of trading that 10th pick for a 2019 1st rounder. It will likely be a top 5 pick so it’s a win for me. Tex
  9. I didn’t say he was horrible, he could eventually be the top Dynasty pick at some point but today I have him #4 in 2019. 1. Kam Akers 2. N’Keal Harry 3. Jonathan Taylor 4. AJ Brown 5. Bryce Love I’m laying in a hospital right now but I’ll give more insight later this week. Tex
  10. Hahahahaha ok, I’m gonna let you believe that! Tex
  11. Not even close my friend not even close. Tex
  12. I love 2019’s group! Thanks Faust! Tex
  13. You hear ya but he’s not the only FA QB this year. I don’t see a team over paying this guy. He’s already said he wants to play for a contender, ok.............Denver?!?!? That looks like the only contender that needs a QB. Cashing in and setting the market is two different things to me. ETA: I see Jimmy setting the market not Kirk. Tex