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  1. There are enough good QBs who are eligible for 2020 to take a risk on Trubisky in 2019. Tex
  2. Yes...very very informative. They were the originators of the Zero RB theory. Tex
  3. Great job! I now have 10 of the first 20 picks for 2020. Tex
  4. I just gained another 2nd round pick for 2020 will likely be in the 2.01-2.03 ball park. I gave up my 2.09 2019. Tex
  5. The drop off in production had a lot to do with JuJu play most of the season with multiple injuries. Tex
  6. Your second part is my reason for concern. Brady worked out with Harry, news comes out that he’s struggling now Brady is working out with Josh. There seems to be a connection there. I could be 100% wrong but I’m definitely cooling on Harry for this year. If Josh and Harry are slotted to work the same position then there’s no doubt in my mind there should be some concern there. Tex
  7. Josh Gordon is now working out with Brady. A few weeks ago it was Harry. That fact that a little news that Harry is struggling would explain why the tide shifted to Gordon. This can’t be good news for Harry. Apparently he’s struggling with something..... Tex
  8. There’s no doubt a few of them need to step up. Overall their solid, I’ve been lucky as hell to hit on my draft picks over the last 5 to 6 years and now things are looking decent for me. I’m strongly considering it was just curious as to what the pool thought. Thanks Tex
  9. We all believe we will win our League, that’s the pipe dream. What i’ve imagine is a possibility not a pipe dream. Whether I’m right or not will not make or break my team. Ebron was a top ten draft pick. Some of you may have forgotten about that. He’s still young, experienced and has that same draft capital as TJ....with more skin on the wall. Yes, I’m beating on a young more accomplished TE who was drafted in the top 10 vs an UDFA. Tex