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  1. 1. BreakingSports 2. Sleeperbot Tex
  2. Don't forget the Vikes jumped two spots ahead of Philly to draft him. They believed Philly was going to get him and they moved to get the guy they wanted. Says a lot in my mind. Tex
  3. I'm excited to have him on my roster he'll be playing one of the best in the game and plenty of time to pick his brain. im a big believer in Draft Pedigree but there's value in where they were drafted too. Tex
  4. I offered the owner of David Johnson a 1st and 2nd for 2017 & 2018 plus Jay Ajayi and he didn't budge. Tex
  5. He's definitely one to watch this preseason. Tex
  6. I have Allen, T Williams and M Williams on my roster and would like to unload one or two of them but it's really difficult to figure which I like to move. Tex
  7. Every year I CALL the referees Dumb for not knowing what a touchdown is! Tex
  8. That's interesting thanks for sharing. Tex
  9. You underestimate him but he'll probably be the one who take out the KK. Tex
  10. Just dumb! Tex
  11. I believe Mixon has a big red flag too! Looking at "FULL" games he is not a power runner. He's the same size as Zeke but doesn't run people over. I saw many occasionals in which he was tackled by his shirt. He and Foreman are close in that regard. There are times they use the stiff arm effectively then there are times they get arm tackled by there shoe laces. lol it's drives me crazy. Tex