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  1. Eitenne could go in round one as well. His long speed is better than both Taylor and Swift but all three are Elite. Tex
  2. Chuba Hubbard broke Barry Sanders rushing record against highly ranked opponents. Through 5 games, he has 938 rush yards and 10 TDs. He has shown out in a big way against ranked schools such as Kansas State (296 yards), and Texas (121 yards). The 296 yards against KSU broke Barry Sanders’ record for yards against a ranked opponent. He currently leads all of NCAA with rushing attempts and rushing yards on the season. He has 311 more yards than the 2nd leading rush (AJ Dillon). Tex
  3. JK Dobbins Dobbins trails only Taylor in terms of yards per attempt among running backs with at least 100 carries, averaging 7.1 yards per attempt and gaining 826 yards on 116 carries through six games. He’s rattled off just six touchdowns on the ground but has 34 additional first-down carries and is gaining 4.44 yards after contact on the ground per attempt. He’s well on his way to a career year in every major rushing category, which would be just another 1,000-plus yard season, 40-plus missed tackles forced and nearly 1,000 yards after contact. Not bad for a guy who’s the third member of the Buckeyes on this list. Tex
  4. I’m ready to see Taylor up against some real competition. He’s running a muck against this weak competition which is fine, it’s what he’s supposed to do. Last week we saw Swift against a really good, highly ranked ND team which he looked and played good. It’s time for Taylor to play against better competition enough with padding the stats. I guess why teams focus on the player’s traits and abilities and not numbers. Tex
  5. Good point! I hope that it doesn’t turn out that way. I’m hoping teams like NYG and OAK address the position as they’re in need of a true #1. Tex
  6. Maybe four: Jerry Jeudy, Henry Ruggs, Jaylen Waddle and Devonta Smith. Tex
  7. This is an opportunity for these bad teams in the NFL to grab some real talent deep in the draft. There’s no excuse for any team to miss on there picks, at least the first three or four rounds. Tex
  8. Well my friend, I can’t do all of this suffering by myself. 😉 Tex
  9. Ray Garvin 2020 Prospect Play | Alabama WR, DeVonta Smith - His hands and YAC ability are two of his best attributes - He doesn’t have elite speed or separation but he catches everything [2019]- 82% catch rate | 32% Dominator Rating | 26 Plays of 8+Yards Underrated prospect #DDP Tex
  10. Yes, if they all declared and there could even be 6 QBs going in the 1st. This 2020 puts the FANTASY in Fantasy Football. This could be one of the most talented class since the merger....seriously. You couldn’t have enough picks as an owner. Other then TE, the old cliche “this is the best ever dot dot dot” is finally true. Yes Tex 😉
  11. My love for Chubb Hubb grows! Dominant during high school, Hubbard cruised through Canadian meets with absurd times. At just 17 he was blazing the 100-meter dash in 10.55 seconds - placing 4th in the IAAF World Youth Championship. For some perspective, Alabama’s Henry Ruggs III - widely considered the fastest player in college football - posted a 10.58-second 100-meter dash, which is an Alabama record at the 7A level. Hubbard also sprinted 200 meters in 22.07 seconds, which is more than 2 whole seconds faster than Georgia star RB D’Andre Swift's high school time (24.66). Now, of course, all those impressive numbers don’t mean much if you can’t back it with production on the football field. Thankfully, Hubbard can. Tex
  12. It’s ongoing plus it was getting out of hand. I appreciate the FFA for what it is and there are a lot of great posters there but the clowns started showing up and they were beginning to question certain things that were unnecessary and unwanted. I will probably give an update by the weekend. Tex
  13. No doubt and the same can be said about the running backs. Tex