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  1. No Witten has never averaged 12 yards a catch and scoring has been minimum but he's never been asked to do so. He's always been surrounded by some of the top athletes in the NFL who were asked to perform. Witten has always performed at an elite level when called to do so during a game. He was never asked to do so year end and year out not because he's incapable but because his teammates were. Besides it's way to early to assume that Henry will continue to perform the way he did his rookie year. Honestly I love his game but let's see him do it when opponents are focused on him now that he's made his presence known and when Gates is gone. Tex
  2. So basically you don't believe he has the build or skill set for the NFL? Tex
  3. So are you drafting him with the expectations of him taking over by the end of the year and being the bellcow next year? Tex
  4. Agreed, I've tried to pry Henry away from his current owner and he's no budging one bit. I'd take Henry over any TE in this draft. I regret passing on Henry in the 2nd round last year but I kept to my board. Give me Henry all day on this. Tex
  5. Do you guys think Stewart is just going to go away? Serious question.......... I'll hang up and listen. Tex
  6. Project Tex
  7. First thing I thought of was this: Tex
  8. That show was unwatchable and it was a contradictory train-wreck at best. I wouldn't put any stock in what they said on that show. Tex
  9. Late 1st-early to mid 2nd. Tex
  10. Wow, horrible ranking! Tex
  11. Davis
  12. He has a lot of upside! Definitely someone I've been watching. Tex
  13. Hunt had nearly 1,000 yds after contact. He had an elusive rating of 112.1 ranked him 3rd among all FBS running backs with a minimum of 187 carries. I have him #7 overall. Tex
  14. We never actually saw the timer running could have been preset to look like it was timed. A common trick with magicians, don't look where they tell you too just do the opposite. Tex