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  1. Outstanding! I would not take Everett over Hikutini though. I'm not sold on Everett as of yet IIRC he has 8.5 inch hands. I know that alone should dismiss him but I'm just not sold yet and I'm a big Cole fan he's just in the wrong draft lol! Tex
  2. Yeah, production is his biggest question mark going into the draft but many dismiss his production do to Nick's lack of will to do so even though it was Nick that talked him into returning another year at Alabama promising to feature him! Lol, we know how that turned out though with a true rookie QB everyone may have suffered including Ridley and Stewart. Tex
  3. A lot of movement with the TE class. It's even deeper than we originally thought. Thanks Faust! Tex
  4. So he drops 1 out of 10 catchable passes and his catch rate is 55% on total targets? That's Ben Watson and Mercedes Lewis type rates. Walker catch rate is around 67% at Tennessee and Vernon Davis had a catch rate of 74.6% this season that's a pretty good rate. I'm a fan of Njoku but we need to dive into this a little further. Tex
  5. I have those numbers somewhere I will try and find them. For the record last year Eric was #5 in dropped passes last year behind Crabby, Marshall, Howard, and Evans. Tex
  6. He's often compared to Eric Ebron. Athletic, big, drafted high but has mental errors during his career. His drop rate is much higher than Ebron's too. The Combine is this weekend so let's see how he looks before we hit the "warning" button plus we have the draft, rookie mini camps, and preseason to take a closer look. Tex
  7. David is still young and has room to develop but that drop rate is alarming. Tex
  8. Catching Technique Njoku does a good job of consistently putting his hands out in front of him and attempting to use proper catching technique to bring in passes. This is something that a lot of guys at his size struggle with, especially at the college level. But with that said, drops were a problem for him. Over the course of his career, Njoku failed to come away with the catch at an 11 percent clip. By comparison, Eric Ebron, who led all NFL tight ends in drops in 2016, posting a drop percentage of 8.2, per Of the Hurricanes alums that he’s being compared to, Graham dropped passes at a rate of just 4.2 %, while Olsen was nearly perfect with a stellar 0.8%. The above quote is HUGE and MUST NOT BE OVERLOOKED!!! I just recently realized how many times I saw him fighting to catch footballs or simply dropping catchable balls. Seeing this article is in tune with what I was seeing and should not be ignored. Tex
  9. He looks bigger than 6'0 190. Tex
  10. I believe whem it comes to Alabama everyone has been focused on Ridley and in the process this guy is clearly being overlooked. The more games I watched the more he caught my eyes then I looked him up and what a surprise he's in this year's draft! Giddy Up! Tex
  11. Comparing him to Murray? In what way? Tex
  12. He's not being talked about at all. Is there something I'm missing? Tex
  13. I think we are missing the boat on ArDarius. I got a chance to go back and look at him, he's somewhere in the top 10 possibly to 5 WR. I can see his ADP rise after the draft and combine, I'd have no problem grabbing him at the end of the 1st to early 2nd. Tex