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  1. Gave Dez Got early 2nd 2019 Tex
  2. I am not really sure why so many mocks have Philly taking him it makes absolutely ZERO sense! There’s no way Philly takes a TE in the 1st. Tex
  3. If they are watching tape they surely won’t see much so I’m gonna out on a limb and maybe they are hashing up some old hype. Tex
  4. Thank you! Over the years this has been the biggest head ache for sure. Thank you for doing this. You guys have done a lot over the last few years to go over and beyond to take care of your guest base! THANK YOU! Tex
  5. He’s too talented someone will take a chance on him. I normally stay clear of guys like this but I just might take that chance on him. I’m loaded at the QB position with young and more experienced QBs but last year I passed on Watson several times which I now regret. Tex
  6. Interesting, who’s your top 7? Tex
  7. Dez has one of the worst drop rates over the last three years at 12.28%. (105 target minimum). He actually dropped 12 catchable passes last season which lead the league. His concentration is horrible. Tex
  8. I’m on board with Freeman being a sleeper but by the time August/September roles around that’s going to change. People have forgotten what a beast this guy is. I’ve seen Ballage and Josh go before Freeman in some of the latest drafts. There are going to be some serious regrets on some of those picks. Tex
  9. No, looks like people are just throwing darts! No way should Kelly go before Mayfield in any format. Kelly is a COP. Tex
  10. You killed your draft! Having my Dynasty draft in August I won’t be as lucky. If he falls to me at 1.6 or 1.7 I will take him there, if he is gone I will wait and take either Akin, Hurst, or Andrews at 1.10. Tex
  11. If you pull this off I will stalk you for the rest of your days as my mancrush will be elevated to stalker level! As a fan of the Dominator adding all of the Dynasty Players to prepare for the draft is a pain in the astronomical body part! By the way I’m a Fleaflicker user;) THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARD WORK!! Tex
  12. Too late! Tex
  13. Lol someone has already said don’t be surprised if he goes to NE. Tex
  14. Someone told me they already cut him. Tex
  15. I love Washington still believe he’s top 3 WR in this class. Will likely fall to me at 1.10. Tex