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  1. Word is the Cowboys are trying to move up in the draft and they want to make a huge splash. Personally I think they are after one of these players. Tex
  2. I’m greedy, I want Lamb, Jeudy and Higgins to be honest. Tex
  3. I agree with everything you said except Higgins. He’s the real deal, he is talented and very well could possibly have a better NFL and fantasy career. Tex
  4. Tex
  5. I’ve seen another sharing a similar concern but I don’t remember where I saw it. Tex
  6. What are they eating these days? Tex
  7. "After clocking an unreal 24.3 miles per hour on a touchdown run against South Carolina, Ruggs' speed is becoming the talk of scouting circles—even if we knew he was fast coming out of high school. He was the state 7A 100-meter champion with a record-breaking speed of 10.58 seconds. Tex
  8. I read 24.3 somewhere I just don’t remember where. I usually make notes of the information that I keep and think is relevant to decision making. Tex
  9. SPEED (mph) Cheetah 65-70 Ostrich 45-50 Deer 35-40 Grizzly Bear 30-35 Usain Bolt 27.8 Henry Ruggs 24.3 Tex
  10. Top 2020 WR Prospect Dominator Ratings: 1. Tyler Johnson: 57.2% 2. Bryan Edwards: 48.4% 3. Denzel Mims: 42.3% 4. Trishton Jackson: 41.6% 5. Isaiah Hodgins: 40.8% 6. Brandon Aiyuk: 40.6% 7. Gandy-Golden: 40.5% 8. J.D. Spielman: 40.0% 9. James Proche: 38.4% 10. CeeDee Lamb: 38.1% Tex
  11. “ On Wednesday, Reagor was added to Bruce Feldman’s “Freaks List” for this season. According to Feldman, Reagor has some pretty remarkable measurables. “The 5-11, 195-pound junior clocked a blazing 4.29 40, and his power numbers are also impressive: a 620-pound squat, a 380-pound bench and a 380-pound clean,” Feldman wrote. I knew Reagor was fast after watching his tape; I didn’t know he was that fast. To put his 4.29 40-yard dash into perspective, Reagor would’ve been the fastest wide receiver at the 2019 NFL combine. Parris Campbell (Colts) ran a 4.31 and led the pack this year. Reagor isn’t just a speed guy, either. He’s a schooled route-runner and was highly productive for the Horned Frogs in 2018. He had 72 catches for 1,061 yards and nine touchdowns last season, and enters 2019 with 17 touchdown catches over his first two years on campus.” Tex
  12. I’m seeing some reliable systems that have worked out well for me in analyzing prospects and they all so far shed an unfavorable light on Swift. I’m wondering if it’s the OL that made him look that good. I guess the draft will have to sort things out a bit. We’ll see. Tex
  13. Top Dominator Ratings for RBs in this #NFLDraft for the 2019 season: James Robinson 48.57% Keshawn Vaughn 42.26% Jonathan Taylor 41.8% LeVante Bellamy 33.71% Pete Guerriero 33.49% AJ Dillon 32.81% Jason Huntley 32.54% Eno Benjamin 32.43% Cam Akers 31.65% Darrynton Evans 31.53% Tex
  14. Top speed 21.6mph Tex
  15. Zake Moss is currently my #2. The more I look at him the more I see a Bellcow at the next level. Tex