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  1. I'm so glad I traded Ingram for Hopkins about 2 months ago. I've been lucky with my last few trades the stars are aligned for greatness this year. Now it's time to ace the draft and I'm gold. Giddy up! Tex
  2. Colts, Greenbay, or Philly Tex
  3. No, wouldn't change my mind one bit. I wish he would fall to GB! Tex
  4. The jury is still out on last year. Let's see what happens after this season. Tex
  5. With the exception of 2013 and 2015 (jury stilll out on 2016) you'd be hard pressed to get two really good to great running backs out of any draft. Considering the avg running back lasts 2.7yrs in the NFL I generally keep a 6 year tab on back to gauge my odds on drafting a decent running back. The bust rate is really high. I said that to say this: I disagree, this draft is equal to any other draft class outside of the two I've mentioned. Hell, it might have 4 or 5 potential studs but that's unlikely but it's definitely possible. It most certainly have backs that can make an immediate impact. Tex
  6. A lot of Fantasy owner including me were disappointed that he and Howard were going back to school and not entering the NFL draft last year. He's been on the Radar for some time now. Tex
  7. Interesting and thanks for sharing. I've tried to get on the Jalen bandwagon but watching him play he does nothing to get excited about. Watching him play and scrimmage against NFL corners is what I'm waiting to watch before I peg him. Tex
  8. You have him much higher than me. I wouldn't touch him at all on day one. This dude is all hype to me but I'm in the minority in this regard. Tex
  9. Lmao that's crazy!!! The propaganda machine is in full swing!!! Tex
  10. That's interesting I have him sitting at 7 but I consider 6-9 to be very similar in certain aspects but a lot of emphasis on "when" they are drafted which weighs a lot in my book. Tex
  11. He tore ligaments in one of his ankles in 2015, if he is drafted by the Vikes that would cause many to take a closer look at him. I currently have him at the end of Tier 2 and with some coaching and experience he has the potential to be good. Not a stud or elite but good. Tex
  12. I'm very interested in where he'll be drafted. Surely if I had my draft today I could get him in the 6th or 7th round. He's on zero radars right now but that could all change come draft day. Tex
  13. Lol, you might be right but I'm starting to see more and more rankings, mocks, big boards that are dropping Fournette down a bit by a wide margin. There's a lot of concerns about his ankle. This could be nothing more than a ploy but the newer draft materials that are coming out have seemed to cool off on him. Count me as on who is surprised. Tex