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  1. Seriously? That's your reply? I swear on my life I don't understand why you guys do that. That wasnt the ONLY example. People gather at parties, etc etc. Ugh..Why? Why does this happen here?
  2. If youre new to this board, I can understand your reply. If you have been here a while, the "America sucks compared to everyone else" is a strong theme here and it bugs me. Sorry I vented on you...i just dont know why people hate this country so much here
  3. You said "But if I was American" So i kinda figured you weren't. ??????
  4. Yeah I know. Canada is great we aren't even though Canada is exactly the same as the US. We screwed everything up, Canada did it all wonderfully. We are a terrible country, Canada is fantastic. See this multiple times on this board. It gets old and eventually starts to bug me. And I know, folks like sho will come here and say "Well make American better" Yeah yeah...i get super tired hearing, over and over, how terrible my country is.
  5. I wonder how many times we will get the "America sucks compared to THIS country" posted here. What is the driving force behind this? Do you all just LOVE to talk about how much your country sucks or potentially sucks? Does that some how make you feel better? Man I don't get that.
  6. "If your area did better from the outset and aren't seeing cases spike that's great" Anytime there are less cases, thats great
  7. I feel like you're trying to back me into a corner here. Let me be more clear. I want the state to not close anything. I want business to be allowed to remain open. I would prefer to not have as many cases as Florida, and that may be inevitable anyway but I also am not making that connection as direct. As I have said, I put less on business being open and more on gatherings. That's where I stand on it.
  8. Can't change the past. What happened happened and I've moved on. However, once again, for the eleventy billionth time, what I am saying here is I don't want to do it again
  9. That wasn't what you asked before. You asked if I was satisfied with the current state of Florida Vs Michigan. And I said no. That doesn't mean I wouldn't switch. I want things to remain open. If that means cases rise, then we need to look at why that is happening. I personally believe businesses being open are a small part of that.
  10. Well you can probably figure out why the snark. And I posted a direct reply. yet you reject the link. And you ask why you receive snark.