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  1. I did..See my comment about the youtube video. Try to pay attention OK? I don't have time to do this. If you can't understand, maybe just read and let the others do the work?
  2. Its totally true. sorry you don't agree, but it's true. For instance. One of my favorite all time things was the you tube video with all those B list actors pleading with the electors to NOT vote as their state has decided and to instead vote for anyone but Trump..Cause then the electors would get the respect of those B list actors. Remember that one? Does NOT sound like democrats accepting the election results.
  3. It's kinda funny that this gets brought up considering the democrats NEVER Accepted the loss in 2016.
  4. Cuba has a far lower infant mortality rate than the US. Can we want that but not want to be a communist country?
  5. Most here only trust the polls that agree with their opinions. Reason #74 why polls are fundamentally dumb.