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  1. Cable news is horrible in every possible way. Left, right doesn't matter. It is without question the #1 reason the media is a mess right now and it should be removed from television as soon as possible. It is in my opinion the biggest reason there exists such a divide politically in America these days. This and social media should vanish
  2. What if she doesn't follow him on is still harassment?
  3. My wife would probably pick the cats over me so I go along quietly.
  4. My wifes company books travel for you AND keeps all the miles...You get NOTHING...How wonderful right? Hotels too..All dtirect bill, so you don't get any points. Plus, she will put you up wherever she feels like. You're a Marriott guy? Tough noogies, the Holiday inn express is $10 cheaper so you will be staying there
  5. Platinum elite on Delta for a few years Titanium elite Marriott(they keep changing that program) Super many free nights on National rent a car When I traveled, boy did the perks really make things easier (adding in TSA precheck as well). Had multiple vacations completely free---decent amount of first class upgrades..and at platinum I almost always got a delta comfort bump, which meant free drinks and that's all I needed. Took a job in January that has almost no travel, and no flying at all. Dropped to Silver on Delta, with no flight miles this year--it makes me sad to open my Delta ap and see I have no points, miles etc..and to know I will just be one of the regular cattle next year--even though I'm no longer flying, it makes me a little sad. Might not even renew my precheck. Sigh. I miss traveling sometimes. Especially when you have status.
  6. 20 years from now "Hey Dad you remember that fire in sis's garbage can that you thought started on it's own? Yeah I did that. Sorry!"
  7. We have a few strays..My wife puts out food for them, and we also have a heated little house for them to go into when they are cold. There is no way I could propose eliminating that and still be married. She feels horrible for the little guys( I do too) and she will to anything in her power to try to make them happy.
  8. I miss my daily wall street journal soooo much..But I don't want to pay for a subscription. My local paper is a worthless rag on weekdays, barely anything there anymore and Sundays are just MEH. But I loved my WSJ