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  1. But I thought the low participation rates and balances in 401k's is something practically every financial advisor ever has said should increase and would actually help the average Joe much more than wage increases?
  2. I don't know. I imagine there are statistics out there for that if you want.
  3. What about everyone that has 401k's? The rich-skewed stock market gains help them too right?
  4. From CNN: The impressive market performance represents a dramatic reversal from the knee-jerk panic in global markets overnight as the results were coming in. Dow futures plummeted nearly 900 points at one point as investors expressed fear that no one would emerge victorious and concern about the inherent uncertainties brought on by a Trump White House.
  5. wasn't it down big time in premarket between the days? Pretty sure it was. i remember some news outlet saying it and my heart sunk. Thinking the economy was going to tank when he got elected, only to be very happy when it came back
  6. I will kind of reject this. Only because I was pretty sure the market wound tank when Trump was elected. And in premarket trading, it DID tank--In fact it might have opened up significantly lower on Wednesday(though I cant totally remember). Yet by the end of the day, it came back strong.
  7. Good op-ed. I've agreed 100% since is started becoming a thing that the idea this is just men, or republicans, or republican men trying to control a woman's body was in my opinion a terrible argument in defense of pro choice. It got a lot of legs though. I've also always questioned the discussion of when it becomes "life" I think..and this is just me think, that everyone knows if left to it's own, it will most likely become a life(assuming normal gestation) I think the argument is that people will more likely argue when does that life override my(our) personal needs? Whether those are financial, family, or other reasons.... Is is 8 weeks? 12? 4 months? Each person probably has a different point where those two balance.
  8. Hang on there sally. I did not say liberals believed that. You're lying again. I also didn't say one thing about Puerto Ricans. You really are a little crazy aren't you? I mean these things JUST happened and you're lying about them THAT fast. I mean I knew you struggled with the truth, but man oh man I didn't know it was that fast.
  9. I think a couple people can't take a joke..JEEZ
  10. Does this mean we are broken up? And ETA...You do understand that there is literally no way you could insult me right? Or put another way, there is no way I would take insult to anything you said to me? I could only see myself realistically being insulted by someone I respect. Don't sweat it big fella.
  11. You would think, after all the experts on this board saying the ONLY way Trump loses is if Biden wins the nomination, that CNN, the king of Trump hating, would pick up that ball and run with it. But no... Maybe they know--- Trump loses the election their ratings die. They NEED Trump to stay in office.