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  1. I'm glad I got in before the censorship took place
  2. He absolutely should. So much wrong with this entire episode.
  3. Like I said..Here is the democratic party "LOOK.....A SQUIRREL!!!"
  4. Dude..leave it alone now. Move on OK?
  5. You lack credibility because you solidify my position that most people just aren't informed. You blasted before you even knew the truth. Typical in the world we live in now--you had your reply all ready to go before even checking if anything said was true. I disagree so completely about your statement that a small minority of people don't know where the candidates stand. So totally.
  6. This isn't me moops..this is the general population. Look outside what you know.......
  7. You're right, they aren't paying attention. I agree 100%. Who is calling for his impeachment? Seriously? When you do this Sho, you lose credibility. I know you like to harp on other posters 100% of the time, but come on man--spend a little more time actually paying attantion, rather than just commenting on everyone else
  8. It's almost comical at this point. It's like the right is leaking or creating this stuff, just to watch the left lose their minds. Which they do. They take the bait like something I have never ever seen. All while the election creeps closer and closer. Who is running for the democrats? What's their position on things like the economy, healthcare, immigration....We don't know because IMPEACH!!!!!!(squirrel)
  9. Are you new? Religious being homophobes is surprising to you? Wow.
  10. is clear you really should think about voting fro someone else in 2020. I mean we get it..You're not a fan.
  11. Big reason why,in my opinion, an openly gay mayor from Indiana cant become president in this country yet.
  12. What's idiocy exactly. The fact that I actually speak to people on both sides? That I'm open to opinions that differ from my own? Your position is idiocy. Keep sheltering in your echo chambers. That's healthy