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  1. Rightttttt. Oh come on THATS why you think she lost? What about winning the democratic nomination. Are you saying democrats dont care about impeachment? Make up your mind. Does being impeached matter or not?
  2. Bill clinton lied under oath. He was impeached too. In my opinion he still goes down as a good president. Trump was acquitted. That's just as viable as being impeached. As with Clinton, this means little
  3. Not gloating. I agree. But these are facts. Facts trump emotions everytime. But democrats cant understand that and are getting out politicized at every turn.
  4. Forever trump will be listed as an impeached president. Ok. So? Still president. Still getting reelected. But I know it makes you feeeellllll good. Whatever that's worth
  5. Just listed as top 100 players of all time by the NFL. So clearly no impact
  6. Right. Hillary thought so too. And at the time she was a sure thing for the democrats. Good plan. Go with that
  7. Trump first at +300? After the impeachment win and the state of the union? Man that seems like easy money Ricky Gervais might be a good sleeper
  8. If you're in a public restroom...And there are more than two urinals. Do NOT stand directly next to mine unless you have to. You always leave a gap urinal. What the heck man?
  9. Agreed.....If someone doesn't think this was planned WELL In advance of his speech then they don't know all
  10. Only problem with that theory is Tim is generally wrong about everything political. So this might actually not be a good thing!
  11. How come when I said this, 6 months ago, ya'all pooh-poohed it. Now you're finally seeingthe light? THIS is whats wrong with your party. So blinded with silly things you have dropped the ball...and that ball was and is defeating Donald Trump.
  12. I think years ago, this may have mattered. but the american public has utterly given up on our politicians being professional anymore. Those days are done. No different than the halftime show we were just subjected to. Everyone now just accepts that women will gyrate and act completely slutty in front of millions of people and it's OK..they are empowering or whatever. Sure there are a few who gripe, but even those that do deep down enjoy the entertainment.