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  1. I lost Rodgers so I'm looking for a weekly starter QB. Since Ajayi has already played this week this wouldnt be going through until next week but I'm thinking I should pull the trigger on this one if I can. Ajayi has been bad but he's getting so many carries it's only a matter of time before some big scores come. I have 4 startable RBs (Ingram, Miller, Martin, Anderson) so losing Doug Martin wouldn't hurt much. Thoughts? Leave a link, happy to help
  2. walbridge20


    I like Rawls in the snow personally but could easily see starting Dez depending on your PPR scoring. Also, no need to yell, it's only Saturday
  3. walbridge20

    Jordy in the snow

    I'm wrestling over this as well. My other options are Wallace, Marvin Jones or Mitchell/Boyd on waivers. I keep worrying about the weather after hearing 1-3" during game time with 10-15 mph winds. At the end of the day though I think I am rolling with Jordy for the following reasons: He has been unbelievably solid all year long as the clear top option in a high-octane passing offense, he is back to 100% after last year's injury, he had a very good game last week against another good pass defense in the snow, and lastly I simply don't have any other sure-fire options. Even if the snow/wind slow Rodgers and the passing game down, Jordy is his favorite target and should see a healthy number of targets near the line of scrimmage which he has a penchant for turning into big gains. It is important to remember that the defense has to play in the same conditions as well and will likely struggle to stay on their feet (see: Jordy's TD last week). Last point: both Rodgers and Jordy have played their entire careers in GB so they are familiar with this type of weather. It's the playoffs: start your studs. If they let you down, it is much easier to live with than it would be to see Jordy go off on your bench while a guy like Britt goes for 2 for 35 and you lose because of it.
  4. Ya-I see what you guys are saying and I agree he should be a pretty safe bet to get a few catches and decent yardage even in a bad weather game. I mean it's not like they are Lombardi's Packers and are going to run the power sweep 40+ times on Sunday. I could see Seattle going 60/40 or more run/pass but not GB. Rodgers will be throwing the rock-let's just hope his old friend is able to snag a few and make those Hawks defenders fall like he did last week against Houston
  5. walbridge20

    Am I over worried abt Doug Martin? WHIR

    Another vote for Martin. I think they were just being cautious with him last week after he got a little banged up. He's clearly their number 1 guy and should see decent run on Sunday. I guess I would lose it this way: would you really start Quizz, Sims or Gilleslie who are all #2 or #3 over a guy who is a #1? Sure-one if them MIGHT be a better play than Martin but who will that be? It's impossible to tell at this point. The only guy I could possibly see starting over Doug is Hightower but I don't love that idea either unless Ingram is out for the same reasons as above. You guys must have huge rosters though because that's a ton of RBs
  6. walbridge20

    Dare I bench Brady for Jameis?

    I don't like Brady this week at all. Ravens have a good defense, Gronk is out for the season, and the storm could be wrapping up throughout the first half of that game (but that is unclear at this point). I'd definitely start Winston. Jameis should at the very least have a solid game against the porus Saints D with upside through the roof. Sure, Brady could have a big game, but with the loss of Gronk I see them continuing to lean on their running game. I could also very easily see the final of the NE game being something like 17-10 which provides few opportunities for high scoring fantasy players. I know it seems silly to bench TB12 but in my mind it's not close based on his and Jameis' matchups. im trying to decide if I should start Jameis over Stafford who is at home against the woeful Bears
  7. I know this sounds flat out crazy but the weather is calling for 6-8 inches to fall between Saturday night and Sunday night with the heaviest snow falling Sunday. It's not that I have other amazing options but if they are in an honest to god blizzard game I could see the passing games being completely frozen (pun intended). Jordy is 5th in my league in scoring, has played in GB his whole career and is the clear favorite weapon in GB so I don't think I actually will but it definitely makes me think. For the record my other options are Marvin Jones, Mike Wallace, and (Davante Adams-obviously wouldnt start him over Jordy) with Mitchell and Boyd as options off waivers.
  8. walbridge20

    Carr v Rodgers Both Tough Matchups

    I was thinking about your team when I just checked the stats... Carr has yet to break 100 yards passing. I can assure you that Rodgers will get you more than 5 points as long as the world doesn't end before Sunday (totally possible this year)
  9. walbridge20

    Which RB do I sit?

    I'd probably sit Rawls in that situation because he has the lowest floor. The other guys should be locks for 8+ but I could see a situation where Rawls gets bottled up early and Seattle starts flinging it all over Lambeau against the Packers like they did in years past. I like Rawls as a high upside guy but your other 3 starters are all safer. Good work on the WW tho-I'm guessing you only drafted Freeman (and maybe Rawls but that would have been a tough stash for me)
  10. walbridge20

    Chiefs D tonight or Atlanta @LA

    If there is no penalty for points/yards and only positives for sacks turnovers and TDs then go Chiefs. That being said-Carr is a good QB who throws the ball away and takes the least sacks in the league. Weather would play into my decision as well based on the fact that the raiders probably score less tonight in a frigid KC game but I guess scoring doesn't matter? I'd play the Falcons against the rookie either way
  11. walbridge20

    Flex Position Help Needed

    Boyd has a decent floor at this point. I would roll with him. The rest of those guys seem like lottery tickets to me. If you dont like Boyd tho I would go with Theilen
  12. walbridge20

    PPR: Hill or Benjamin

    I agree with the two above (and your thoughts as well). OAK is playing great football and I don't see the short week, colder weather or the solid Chiefs D fully slowing them down. KC will need to throw at times and while Maclin is back-he really hasnt been great even when healthy. I think KC will look to get Hill involved in a number of ways. Conversely I don't like Kelvin much at this point. That whole team is bad getting worse and while he might have a decent game I feel like the odds are not in his favor. Thanks for the help with mine
  13. walbridge20

    Rawls or Doug Martin?

    0.5 ppr trying to decide on my flex spot. Rawls should get a lot of run in the snow against the Packers but they have been pretty decent against the run all year (just shut down Lamar Miller last week). Martin worries me a little bit based on the fact that Sims and Rodgers could both be in the mix this week. I don't want to over react to one good game by Rawls, who hasn't done anything until last week, but he seems like the better play. What do you guys think? If it matters I am starting Forte (great matchup) and Howard (huge workload) at RB and Antonio Brown and Jordy Nelson at WR
  14. walbridge20


    Murray, MIN D and Snead