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  1. I lost Rodgers so I'm looking for a weekly starter QB. Since Ajayi has already played this week this wouldnt be going through until next week but I'm thinking I should pull the trigger on this one if I can. Ajayi has been bad but he's getting so many carries it's only a matter of time before some big scores come. I have 4 startable RBs (Ingram, Miller, Martin, Anderson) so losing Doug Martin wouldn't hurt much. Thoughts? Leave a link, happy to help
  2. I know that ATL could really use this win, but the argument here is that a win over NO or CAR is more helpful to their playoff hopes then a win vs the AFC steelers. Obviously you "play to win the game" but if ATL wins tomorrow and Julio suffers a setback, that hurts their hopes more then a loss would (assuming Julio's health is better come monday). All this being said, I think he is active, if for no other reason then to be a decoy but I think the smart move would be to shut him down and have him rest, instead of standing on the sideline, trying to run routes, possibly taking a few hits, and overall feeling worse after the game