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  1. thanks again buddy
  2. Enunwa for me
  3. if it aint broke don't fix it
  4. i like Enunwa
  5. QB

    thanks so for the rest of the season drop Goff and add Bortles??
  6. thanks what about for the rest of the season thanks again
  7. QB

    no PPR i have to have two QB and start one every week this is what i have Matthew Stafford, Jared Goff free agent Fitzpatrick, Ryan Bortles, Blake Keenum, Case , Dalton, Andy Tannehill, Ryan Carr, Derek Taylor, Tyrod , Flacco, Joe should i keep what i have? or should i drop any and pick another QB?? thanks
  8. i have DEF/ST KC, LAC available NYJ, CLE, CIN, MIA, TAM, IND, DET, DAL should keep what i have or drop and add thanks
  9. thanks
  10. nope and thanks
  11. HI no ppr no flex i have three WR only can start two have Emmanuel Sanders, Antonio Brown , T Y Hilton should i drop one of them and pick up Josh Gordon?? or keep what i have , and yes its a 10 team league thanks
  12. i start Miller
  13. cook
  14. i like Miller and McCoy