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  1. WR

    anyone else got an opinion on it thanks
  2. DE

    i was thinking NE since they playing Buffalo and philly playing at seattle with Russel anyone else have an opinion on this thanks again
  3. DE

  4. QB

    i just did that Smith became available yesterday
  5. DE

    which DE to start NEW ENGLAND or PHILY thanks again
  6. QB

    who should i start CARR or BORTLES ?? oh yeh A SMITH is a free agent should i pick him up and drop one of the above QB?? thanks
  7. WR

    not sure about Evans playing at GB any other opinion thanks again guys
  8. WR

    who to start need two WR to start no PPR T HILL, M EVANS and R ANDERSON thanks
  9. any other opinion
  10. any other opinion
  11. not even sure if ELI will play the whole game
  12. i got E SANDERS should i keep him or drop other WR available no PPR R ANDERSON, A THIELEN , R WOODS thanks
  13. i got WINSTON and CARR CARR is at a bye week and as you all know WINSTON situation is other available QB's C KEENUM , R FITZPATRICK , E MANNING , T SIEMIAN , B BORTLES , D KIZER , B HOYER . CJ BEATHARD what should i do????
  14. i hope so