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  1. And some people still think these guys are all talent evaluation gurus. Probably a scout for the Raiders or Redskins or Jets. I already can tell that this guy is garbage at the NFL level. I dunno. He's got the highest completion percentage in the NCAA according to the announcers for the UCLA vs. USC game, and he just passed Cade McNown's yardage record (which is the UCLA all time yardage record) tonight. Keep in mind, Cade played 4 years, and Hundly still has at least one game to go in his 3rd year. Yes, he holds the ball too long (although he didn't do that tonight), yes he is lacking a feel for the pocket, yes he makes a lot of high percentage dumpoff passes, but he also makes the big play deep ball passes with near perfect accuracy, almost always hitting his man in stride. He passes his receivers open, and he sells play-action like a boss. FWIW, I agree with scout #2 from the LA Times article. Hundley should go pro and he would benefit greatly from sitting on the bench behind a vet. All things being equal, I believe his NFL success will live or die with the strength of his O Line. Let's all hope he doesn't go to Tampa.
  2. It's too soon to call Sims anything other than a work in progress. The real problem in Tampa is the O Line's blocking.
  3. I wonder how much of Rodgers' success is due to Green Bay making sure he had years on the bench behind Favre to learn all he could about the offense? I feel like Rogers is a testament to those who preach benching a rookie QB for at least a year to learn the offense and how to lead in the NFL, and LOTS of current coaches could stand to learn a thing or two from that philosophy.
  4. To get my dog to sit and stay we gave her a cookie. Back on topic, I'm really not surprised at this move by the league. They're facing a PR nightmare and they need a few examples to show that they take this seriously. Hopefully we'll see some real action to change the culture of violence, too, with a battered family support fund, mandatory counseling for all players and their families, and some proper promotion of all the good things that the NFL's players do. I wish the charity work and outreach of the good players got as much press as the negative actions of the bad ones.
  5. He's just playing at an entirely different level than anyone else out there. Graham makes tough catches, but Gronk makes tough catches, shrugs a tackle, tightropes the sideline, stiffarms another guy, and does some sort of crazy hurdle / shoulder charge into the endzone. And the best part is he's smiling the whole time. Love to watch this guy play! PLUS the commentators tonight could not stop talking about how good his blocking was for the running game. A full contributor in every play. There's no fantasy points for good blocking, but if there were, Gronk would be even beastlier!
  6. Imagine being privy to this lone post prior to your (universal you) draft. Hahaha, oh man. It's a crazy upside down world we live in! Shady seems to me (though I only watched about a quarter of the game) to be doing a lot of juking before hitting the hole. I can't tell if that's poor up front blocking forcing him outside or if it's him not running downhill with decisiveness. Anyone have insight on this? He looks almost gun-shy when asked to go between the tackles.
  7. Well, the O-Line for Philly still is in shambles, and Green Bay is turning up the heat right now. They just look amazing. Sanchez was okay, but he was also a backup for a reason. He's still startable in fantasy, I think, but he won't be single-handedly winning you any games (and god help you if you picked him up with that hope). Going forward I still like him better than Eli
  8. I'm starting him over Kaepernic in my TDs only league. Cutler turns it over a lot, but he also scores early and often.
  9. If you read previous post from 7-14 days ago, you will see the love affair should last. Folks may want to ease up on Mathews for this week. CAR slot DBs absolutely horrible. Think PHI gameplan was to attack this weakness. Thus, Mathews. Previous chemistry certainly doesn't hurt. That said, GB slot CB may be their strength. Wouldn't be surprised to see Mathews results a bit average this week and Maclin step right back into the lead role. Chip Kelly actually said in the post-game interview that this was their exact strategy. He's very good at attacking the weakest defensive link.
  10. Well, for better or worse I've hitched my playoff bound team to Sanchez after Palmer went down. Dear lordy save me. Of note: Green Bay moved Clay Matthews to MLB instead of OLB for their last game and got significantly more pressure on the QB as well as better run defense. I expect that move to stick this week as well, and I'm deeply concerned that Sanchez is going to get lit up light a christmas tree. On the flip side, this may mean more quick hitters to Sproles for 70 yards and a TD. Fingers crossed!
  11. Rookies almost always disappoint in their first game. My rule of thumb is to give all rookies 3 starts before I decide if they're a bust or not. It would stink to be the guy who dropped Watkins, Beckham Jr, and potentially Sims this year. If you had the stones to pick up a rookie before they played, have the stones to keep them a few weeks. I don't know about you guys, but there's no one on the WW who has the potential upside of Sims, and if you don't want him for upside at this point, you probably aren't playoff bound anyway.
  12. Is the O-Line still in shambles or can we blame Shady's poor running on Shady yet?
  13. Sanchez looked really good in the second half, shaking off trouble, climbing the pocket, and making accurate throws. I'm a Palmer owner, and was originally grabbing RG3 to fill the void, but decided to pick up Sanchez as well after that game. I'm worried about him at Lambeau, but I might just start him anyway because I hate trusting my team to RG3.
  14. I like the pocket presence and poise that Bortles has shown, but his decision making and constant under-throws don't bode well (hilariously his two TDs to Hurns last week were both underthrows where Hurns made terrific adjustments to the ball that also happened to shake the defenders at the same time). I don't like Bortles for fantasy this year at all, but he shows a lot of potential. JAX has a good coach and I like the direction the whole team is moving in. Next year, I think I'll be all over Robinson, Hurns, and even Bortles in the later rounds. If their defense stays bad, jacksonville could be a fantasy dream next season.
  15. Explain this. It's pretty clear to me that Manning calls all the shots on offense, whereas Belicheck is pulling the plays out of his own magic hat most of the time for the Pats. Do you disagree? Maybe if Peyton didn't have to control every facet of his offense, he wouldn't make such glaring mistakes under pressure. Totally possible.