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  1. Have an offer of Derrick Henry for Edwards Helaire in my standard league. Not sure his angle on this one lol, any opinions?
  2. Why does this week have the hardest decisions!! need some help in a standard league. rb: barkely rb: ? wr: Mike thomas wr: ? te: ? flex:? bench hunt, Michelle, boone lockett, AJ Brown, perriman, chark henry, Higbee, holister thanks for all your help this year Sig!
  3. Really debating playing perriman over him this week, i just don’t love his matchup and who else is going to get those Winston targets. Am I thinking crazy!? Somebody slap some sense into me!
  4. Have him, Higbee, and Henry. I literally dont know what to do for championship week, lol. The Az matchup is so good!
  5. Hey Sig, i need a WR and Flex out of the following: Sony, Lockett, AJ Brown, Kirk, Perriman, Westbrook Also Henry Higbee or Hollister Thanks so much!!!
  6. Hey Bloom, Need 1 RB and 1 Flex in a standard league from the following: Hunt, Jonathon Williams, Sony, David Johnson, Lockett. Thanks!
  7. Need some help in a standard league with bye week issues. Allen or Bridgewater or Daniel jones 1 rb out of David Johnson, chase Edmonds or Sony Michelle? Hunter Henry or Everett? Thanks!
  8. Hey Bloom, can you pick 3 of these guys to start at receiver, standard league. Michael thomas lockett chark boyd and take the chance on Hock or go Everett? thanks!
  9. Hey Sig need a little help in a standard league. need a RB, WR, and flex from the following sony Michel, Ronald Jones, Darrel Williams, Tyler Boyd, dJ Chark, Demarcus Robinson. Eifert or Howard for TE?
  10. Hey Bloom! Can you help me fill in some blanks: Non PPR rb: barkley rb: wr: Mike thomas wr: te: hock or oj Howard? flex: bench David johnson, Sony, Lockett, demarcus Robinson, Darwin Thompson. thanks!! 11:20 am Central time update: I am in KC, the rain has been done for over an hour, they should be good to go at arrowhead!
  11. Hey Bloom, It’s awesome you do this every year! Thank you! Couple questions, non ppr, 6 point passing/recieving/rushing TDs Lamar or Ben? 1 Flex out of Sony Michel, Boyd, Curtis Samuel, Dede
  12. Hopefully not my last week asking for help, but if so thanks for another great season! Standard league Watson or Jackson? need a RB and Flex from the following Ware Gus the Bus Mack Jaylen samuels Josh Gordon Tyler locket(those return yards add up!) Thanks!
  13. Hey Sig Standard league, need 2 from Collins, Fournette, Kerryon, and Mack. And then different standard league, McCaffery or Ingram? Thanks so much!
  14. Hey Sig! Need some help filling in the blank on a standard league, and make any changes you feel necessary. RB Fournette RB Mack WR Julio WR Mike thomas Flex Bench: Kerryon, Josh Gordon, marvin jones, golladay, locket, valdes-scantling. Thanks!!
  15. Hey Sig, need some help in a standard league Need an RB From Collins and Barber Need a reciever from Marvin Jones, Golladay, Lockett, and Gordon. And need a Flex from all above. Thanks!