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  1. I'm not fan of Fisher but to mention him in the same breath as Jackson is stupid. Fisher has 6 10+ win seasons in a career that was far too long. Fisher won 51% of his games, Hue 21%. I don't care what team you have, that is in no way comparable. Yes, Fisher sucks. And yes, Hue is the worst head coach in NFL history.
  2. I'm curious what others are thinking for Week 14 and 15 pre-emptive pickups. My thoughts in rough order (assuming CHI, LAR, HOU, MIN rostered): Week 14: LAC, DEN, NYJ, BUF, PIT, ARI, WAS, TEN Week 15: BAL, WAS, SEA, DET, BUF, CIN
  3. 1) You're taking an INCREDIBLY small sample size and drawing sketchy conclusions. Sean McVay hasn't won a single big thing yet. Pederson is an OC coach who's own offence is struggling. There is a lot of evidence that coach's who call plays struggle long-term. Of course, there are exceptions like Sean Payton - who went 7-9 3 straight years years and has been in one Super Bowl. When you look at Win %, Playoff Wins, and Playoff Win % you're looking at (1) Belichick and then Mike Tomlin, John Harbaugh, Andy Reid, Pete Carroll, and Mike McCarthy. McCarthy doesn't belong, he's a terrible coach who rode the best QB talent of this generation to Valhalla. You see a mixed bag: 3 defensive coach's who do not call plays and an offensive coach who does (and hasn't at times). And a ST coach. And 3 DCs, 1 ST coach, and 1 OC (McCarthy) have won SBs. 2) Of the coach's who have won multiple Super Bowls (its a small list): 7 DCs, 6 OCs. 3) Personally, I think teams should hire more ST coaches like Harbaugh (or Toub). There are a host of reasons but for starters they understand, interact with, and coach the entire team. They're big picture thinkers and leaders. Good OC/DCs =/= Good HCs. There is very little overlap.
  4. Curious if anyone has any thoughts on Conner still not starting. He's practiced fully twice, but is he officially out of the concussion protocol? It seems very likely Conner plays, but trying to gauge the value holding onto Samuels.
  5. I think I'd go Penny, Miller, Adams, Reynolds. Reynolds has gone two games without a target, and Adams will be in an even bigger RBBC when Sproles returns. Penny at least is trending in the right direction and Miller has been productive at times.
  6. I sure hope not. I have utter disdain for the Hall of Fame process. There is as many RBs in the HoF as there are OL - even though there are 5x as many OL on the field. The HoF voters are ill-informed journalists. So Eli will get in because he has the rings. And like Aikman, he will be undeserving.
  7. I can't believe the media doesn't laugh at all the #### that comes out of this guy's mouth. Unreal.
  8. I'm not talking about you specifically, but I love how every bad decision is someone else. Michael Johnson, Anthony Collins, Josh McCown? Lovie. Winston? Lovie. So did Licht want someone else and Lovie forced him to draft Winston? And you'll notice all this smoke about Winston being Lovie's decision is coming out now, right? Up until this season Licht was clear he wanted to draft Winston after his RS FS season. NOW it changes... Aguayo? Glazers. Again, is Licht a toddler? Then fire Licht because he's just a yes man. I don't care. And who's leaking this stuff anyways? Maybe Licht? It's just so clearly stupid either way. Either Licht's a terrible GM or he's a puppet. Plus, then what decisions HAS Licht made? Because there still are a ton of terrible decisions to wreck him on.
  9. Unless the Bucs make the playoffs, Licht is getting fired in the offseason. Guy's been a disaster of a GM. He has a long record of incompetence starting with Winston and ending with a kicker in the 2nd round.
  10. I've thought about it. But OBJ is so good (and better than Nelson) its tough to trade a player with that floor.
  11. I think he's a bust no matter who's there. I mean when you're getting taken off on passing downs in COLLEGE what is the chance you're a successful NFL RB? Weirder things have happened, sometimes players are better in the NFL than in college. It's possible. But all the signs point to Jones being a complete bust. Can't pass protect, can't run routes, can't catch, can't read the offensive line, struggles with the playbook...
  12. For those that watched the game, what happened? I know Breida got the start but I expected him to get worked in more.
  13. Uhhhhh, the Bucs know what they have in Winston. They knew what they had coming into this season but hoped it magically turned around. He had a couple great games last season vs Buffalo and Atlanta where he played remarkedly better football. He wasn't turning it over, he was checking it down, he was going through is reads. But those games have been the exception going back to FSU. The reality is that Winston's RS FS season was an anomaly. I said this on the last page: WInston has been very consistent: he's great on intermediate throws, he is inaccurate on the quick game and can't lead WRs (which is why he had ~1/2 the YAC of Fitz), he can't hit the deep ball, he turns the ball over at a high rate on overthrows and wrong reads, he struggles to identify the defense in general, he's not afraid to make any throw which leads to great plays and lots of stupid ones, he holds on to the ball too long, he can be mobile at times, he takes too many hits... I'll give a short example: there's a Bucs fan I know who breaks down the All22. He'd show film of Koetter making great play calls last year with a C3 beater on the left and a man beater on the right. The team would be in C3 but Winston would fail to make the pre-snap read and go to the right and have to force a tight throw. And at times he'd throw a dime and it would be great. But this is exactly who Winston has been since his sophomore year at FSU. Everyone knows who he is because he's never changed. People (and the Bucs) were just deluding themselves.
  14. Apparently Belichick would need to lose 1,070 games STRAIGHT to equal Hue Jackson's win %. L. O. L.
  15. Except even when they had a good/average defense Winston has turned it over lots. The 2015 defense was average and 2016 was above average defensively. It was the 2017 (and 2018) defense that was terrible. The Bucs have been at the bottom of the NFL in offensive turnovers per drive in 2015 (26th) 2016 (29th) 2017 (30th) and 2018 (30th). That's not defense, that's Winston. And he hasn't grown - he's the same QB on the field as he was last year and the year before. And at some point the Bucs are going to dial back all the passes he's making. He was an OK fantasy QB last year and I'd expect him to return to that. Plus, he takes more hits than he needs to and that will add up (like it did last year).