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  1. If I'm reading this all correctly (other posts too), you're saying *you* wouldn't devalue him. And maybe you'd be right. But his value *will* drop in terms of the market value. Just because you wouldn't doesn't mean the fantasy world wouldn't.
  2. If they don't replace Miller then he would be my choice. With the obligatory gun to my head.
  3. It was Hill, Drake and 3.08 for Mike Williams, James Washington and 3.01.
  4. Well I sold him low last night and don't feel great about it. And I'm not rooting for him to get busted so that my deal looks better. But I feel it's an "everybody" loses situation. I own him in one other spot and will ride this thing out on that roster. But ultimately I think he is cooked.
  5. You're right that there are tons of theories. But the whole world knew Hill was getting a contract. Come on man.
  6. 12 team FFPC style (that culminates in a 6 year jackpot season in 2020) I gave Tyreek Hill, Kenyon Drake, 3.08 I got Mike Williams, James Washington (taxi), 3.01 I own him in one other league and fully expect to be cutting him with a total loss of value soon. If I am wrong and he is cleared of any wrongdoing, and/or gets suspended for something less than what would amount to his 2020 season, then so be it. I love Mike Williams, and feel I can flip Washington for some recovered value. Stings, not gonna lie. I deserve every bit of criticism that's coming, so go ahead. I'm not doing ####### cartwheels about it.
  7. I am stewing over a much lesser offer than that right now. I literally just a couple hours ago mentioned that I wouldn't want to make any deals for Gurley right now, but the Hill thing might trump that. IDK that I would give Barkley for anyone right now, but Kamara and Gurley is sexy AF.
  8. I do. There is no question he got plenty of receptions from called plays. He is a great receiver. And I don't want to guess percentages either, but I think the dump offs are pretty high. Ben is very disciplined about it and extends an awful lot of plays (and drives) by dumping to Bell, and Conner last year. On the other hand I would actually think of these dump offs as a "scripted" play in the sense that the RB is supposed to become available for the dumpoff. But it takes a QB that can get it done. I've seen many that can't. I actually think Rodgers and Wilson aren't so good at it. I'm just wondering if itis in Arnold's skill set, as far as we can tell at this point. I think it represented a bigger piece of the pie of Bell's production than maybe we realize. But admittedly, this is just my perception and I have no numbers to back it up. Or I am grasping at something that isn't there. As a Bears fan, I feel like I am acutely aware of the nuances of how a QB can be ####ty. Not being able to drop it off to open RBs that can catch and run is one of those traits. I have no idea if it is for Arnold or not. Guess it is too early to really know.
  9. 12 team FFPC rules Team A gives Gurley, 2.05 Team B gives Evans, Drake Wasn't involved and wouldn't be making any premium deals for Gurley. And I don't think Evans has had his best season yet.
  10. Just trying to clarify here. IDK which side of the state line the residence is on, but KC is in Missouri. I'm sure you thought of that but I had to ask. Got an offer of Mike Williams, James Washington and 2.08 for Hill. About to look at what possible counters are even a thought to me. But am very tempted to bail on Hill for whatever I can get in the next hour or two.
  11. Still the least amount of hype and discussion on the board here, of all the top rookies, or so it would seem. Maybe this guy really is the safest. Doesn't seem to be any negatives. The only thing I can come up with is that he isn't as tall as the others. But........
  12. I have 5 franchises in an 8 league consortium of 12 team leagues, where the prize pool is combined from all 96 teams. And 2020 is the jackpot season that will culminate a 6 year league. Half the buy-in pool each year has rolled into escrow for 2020. It is FFPC rules so 1.5 PPR for TEs. I wonder how far the top TEs will slide in our upcoming rookie drafts, knowing they will only have the 2019 and 2020 seasons to return value. Such a short window for these rookies to develop in this particular league, worse for TEs. Even though it is TE premium I can see them sliding a bit.