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  1. Yea Trubisky has flashed playmaking ability. And that was a very nice throw.
  2. 12 team PPR TE premium Team A gives Josh Gordon, Jared Cook Team B gives Cobb, Kittle
  3. ...and was clocked at mach 4.
  4. Why would a potential leak have to come from the Pats end? Isn't it just as likely, if not dramatically more so, that it's coming from the Browns side? Or is Ian Rappaport completely full of it?
  5. just the way we drew it up
  6. awwww so there isn't really any actual deadline. the browns were just full of #### when they said they'd cut him. i should have known,
  7. When is the deadline here? I thought he was getting cut today.
  8. I don't think I can sit Davis or Henry. Such a rough start so far for this team. Maybe they'll play with a lot of emotion and flip the script. Titans as a whole, I mean. It's so early in the season still.
  9. Got offered ADP for him straight up about an hour ago but then the owner revoked before I could get there. Then I hear he may be traded. Gonna hold through the weekend and see what happens.
  10. It's not censorship, it's consequences for one's actions. Censorship would be to go back and delete such and such comments and any record of it. I am personally allowed to go hit on my neighbor's wife, that doesn't mean I should. The name calling doesn't bother me with Gordon here, but this is not my house. If I'm told multiple times to cut it out I cut it out.
  11. Mother####er ####### it #### #### ##### Barbara Streisand!
  12. It's FFPC style so 20 in season. But I wouldn't drop him either.
  13. Yeah I'm really starting to think this could be a thing. And I've owned Hill since he was a rookie and was in love with him before I knew about Mahomes. I mean *really* knew. Which was about a week ago.
  14. At the same time, if they are killing the Raiders, why not spread the carries out a bit, again? Royce, Royce, Royce, pound it, pound it, pound it, then Lindsay comes in and flies past the defense for the garbage time 40 yard TD. Haha. I can see it.