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  1. KJ and Gordon for me.
  2. The question was at least as much about the 3 other players as it was about Eli. But thanks for pointing out that which I already acknowledged.
  3. Because even though my post was more focused on Eli, it should raise the question of those other 3 player's values as well, in dynasty. If Eli is garbage then how could these other 3 be so highly valued? It just seems like a major disconnect in FF right now. I find it unlikely Eli throws 10 TDs to ODB and 8 to Engram but only 4 to other players combined. If he throws for 4000, I'd project something closer to 30 TDs. But I concede the point that maybe these guys could have solid seasons and Eli has a middle of the road season. I just think it's strange when everyone seems to think he is garbage.
  4. Ok so the FF community seems to be pretty high on the following players: ODB, Barkley, Engram But low on the following player: Eli Manning This makes no sense whatsoever. While I agree that Manning looked terrible last year, how can we possibly be so high on these other three (and it would seem that they deserve the love), but not on Eli, at least for redraft anyway? Even ten years ago I couldn't tell the difference between whether Eli was terrible or if he was in a slump, because when he snapped out of it he looked great. Could Eli rebound this year? If not then how on Earth are people so high on these 3 skill players?
  5. I'd include ASJ and McDonald in the earlier group. In all my MFL10s they have been going 11th to 13th. And for me I like Kittle anywhere between Burton and the 11th or so. I've seen him go in the late 8th but hasn't got past the 11th.
  6. Yeah I considered them. And then decided that no it won't be them getting the largest share. It will be Parker. Or at least that's where my thinking is. Not banking on it. But I see it as the most likely.
  7. I like Stills as well, but how many of those previous seasons did the Parker hype train run into the target load of Landry? All of them. 160 *more* targets available in Miami now. I think Parker may actually pay off this year. Doesn't change the trade at all, just an observation.
  8. Hahaha WTF? I get there are different sources and that players sometimes fluctuate, particularly young male athletes that are still developing physically, but for God's sake what would it take to get reliable, credible sources for weight/height? Not saying either of these sources are or are not credible, but I wouldn't know. Which is the point.
  9. If KJ or Sutton are there I probably take the 1.10. Heard of a couple crazy drafts where Chubb fell that far. I'd take Freeman, too. If the draft hadn't started yet I might keep Cobb and Goff. It's close and fair.
  10. I couldn't find the "Post your rookie drafts" thread, but maybe a dedicated one for drafts that include free agents as well? I have one that is unique where we started with 24 teams two years ago and there are two copies of each player in the player universe. Each year bottom two teams are eliminated and their rosters are released back into the FA pool. There is a jackpot in year 5, 2020. So age is still a relevant factor in player valuation, but as we approach 2020 age becomes less of a factor. PPR TE 1.25 Best Ball with 25 man rosters/5 taxi - start 2-3 RB, 2-5 WR, 1-3 TE, QB,DEF,KICKER, 11 TOTAL So here it is through nearly 3 rounds if anyone is interested: 1.01barkley 1.02barkley 1.03dalvin 1.04evans 1.05mccaffery 1.06guice 1.07guice 1.08mixon 1.09michel 1.10juju 1.11mckinnon 1.12penny 1.13michel 1.14penny 1.15DJ MOORE 1.16chubb 1.17tate 1.18ajayi 1.19chubb 1.20jones ii 2.01freeman 2.02freeman 2.03kerryon 2.04jones ii 2.05brees 2.06ridley 2.07dthomas 2.08DJ MOORE 2.09kerryon 2.10ridley 2.11greg olsen 2.12kirk 2.13kirk 2.14parker 2.15A MILLER 2.16mike williams 2.17dion 2.18sutton 2.19cobb 2.20GESICKI 3.01gallup 3.02A MILLER 3.03dez 3.04sutton 3.05gallup 3.06clement 3.07kittle 3.08HINES 3.09lamar jackson 3.10washington 3.11rosen 3.12HINES 3.13GESICKI 3.14lamar jackson 3.15lee 3.16godwin
  11. or I could have just agreed with this!
  12. Yeah I mean if you feel that way about Trubisky, I get it. I feel completely the opposite as a long time Bears fan. He showed me things as a rookie (under John Fox, mind you) that I haven't seen from a Bears QB since forever. I think he will be the real deal. But in no way shape or form is he Russell Wilson, and just because I liked what I saw doesn't mean he will take the next step or two. Clearly the QB situation favors Lockett. I don't see Baldwin ceding his WR1 status. At all. I do like Lockett this year but he is a WR2 at best, and many weeks he will be a WR3 or worse. If Baldwin leaves or retires then I imagine the Seahawks will find a new #1. But I don't fault anyone for taking a shot with Lockett. Perfectly reasonable side. I honestly have not watched ARob hardly at all, and I've never owned him. I just know a lot of people aren't so sure about him. He is clearly the #1 today. Miller will be the #2 on opening day. Which will be muddy with Cohen and Burton as top targets. But if ARob falters and Miller is good, then it's on like Donkey Kong. *If* Lewis stays healthy I don't see more than 2 more years of relevancy, and he might not even make it to day 1. So when I say I can find someone better on the wire, I'm not saying much, but typically in each of my leagues I am able to find one or two RB2 each year, even if they are temporary fill ins, which Lewis wouldn't be much more than if he stays healthy. Which I have nearly zero faith in. I consider this trade to be a fairly low to moderate level trade in terms of risk/reward. Nobody is giving or getting the farm here, so in most such trades I like to gamble on the upside. And I don't disagree that Lockett has upside, too, I just don't see him getting past Baldwin for another couple years either.
  13. I agree with the bolded but I still take the Miller side. Zero faith in Lewis beyond a year or two, and although I like Lockett better this year than Miller, I would still go Miller side based on the future upside dice roll. Chances are I can find replacement level players on the WW or through other trades that are better than Dion or Lockett. But Miller *could* be the WR1 in Chicago. Big if there, but his downside to me is basically equal to what we expect Lockett to be. I don't care about Ito Smith in the deal other than he is a cheap throw in asset, which I always like.
  14. Lions offense could really soar this year. Gotta figure goal line works goes to Blount and most 3rd down passing situations go to Riddick. So KJ is capped for this year a little. But if he can be the early down guy that they moved up in the draft to get, I don't see why he can't be a ROY candidate if there were such an award for people not named Barkley. I think I like him more than Jones, Chubb, or Michel in 2018. Guice I'm not sure and I like Penny more.