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  1. 12 team FFPC style (this is the one I referenced earlier that disbands in 2020 after our jackpot season) I gave Mack, 2.07 I got Conner, 3.08 I figure the picks are mostly a wash in our last year, and I've got both Conner and Juju as major buy low bounceback candidates this year, with Conner getting an edge over Mack due to receiving.
  2. I drafted him in the 20th round of a $35 FFPC bestball tonight. He really is close to free right now.
  3. Yeah man, the value of roster spots in FFPC tends to be underestimated. And worth exploiting if possible. Those 3 for 2 or 2 for 1 deals are great. The clogging effect for a trading partner is a bit of a deal, too. Then these WR3 types like Miller get cut and you can pick them (or other comparable ones) up later anyway.
  4. Wow that's the first I'd heard that he had turf toe this year. Sure would love to see them trade him to someone that can really use him.
  5. People have mentioned the Bears. I seriously doubt they'd be willing to do that but I'd love to see it.
  6. 12 team FFPC Team A gives Parker, Cohen Team B gives 2021 1st & 3rd (playoff team) **** Then same Team A gives Anthony Miller Team C gives 2021 2nd (early)
  7. Hahaha it's really, really worth noting that the 3rd name is meant to be a modern era player that could challenge to be in the top 2. Some franchises definitely could go deeper than a top 2 but *who from today* might crack those top two is the point. Makes it a different take. I was about to laugh at Carson Wentz and say they misspelled Randall Cunningham. Or how come there isn't a 3rd name for the Bears, who could have an arguable top 5 (after Sweetness, the single best player in NFL history), but don't have a single player on their current roster that could challenge Walter or Butkus. And of course I'd have to agree. So two Bears only. I was also going to throw down Danny White over Zeke but again the 3rd name is for.........
  8. 12 team FFPC style (PPR and 1.5 PPR for TEs) - this is one of two leagues I'm in where it disbands after the upcoming 2020 season, and where half the annual dues since the 2015 startup have been fed into a giant jackpot kitty, so this is more like a redraft trade, but in a dynasty league that isn't so dynastyish anymore. FWIW. I gave Waller and 1.10 I got Drake, 1.05 and 2.05 I have Andrews, Ian Thomas and Jonnu Smith but need another RB or two. I have the 1.01 from an earlier trade so maybe now I can draft two high RBs, we'll see. Not sure how hot anyone is going to be on taking WRs in this upcoming rookie draft, knowing they are only to ever be rookies in this fantasy league.
  9. Any insight as to whether this improved for Sanders from the beginning to the end of the season? He sure looked good later on. Not sure if the data support that or not.
  10. What is it with at least a couple prospects every year being listed at one weight and/or height on one site and drastically different on another? And then the wrong one gets shared a gazillion times. Every year. Oh well I'll take a star.
  11. In superflex I am assuming 2 if not 3 QBs to go before 1.11. I see it as largely a wash as well but I definitely am glad to have moved Haskins. I'm not a big Watkins believer but I do think he stays in KC and is still only 26. He'll currently be my WR4.
  12. Same league I followed it up with: I gave Haskins and 2021 1st (also late - from last year's champ) I got 1.11, Watkins