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  1. As a commissioner I will be handling this like we're all SOL. If you got players you can play, play them, otherwise sorry. We all signed up for this and I've been trying to get leaguemates to talk about this *exact* scenario and had been laughed at. IMO we're screwed though. This isn't going to get better and when a cascade of cancellations and postponements start then it really will be done for FF in 2020. Please talk me off the ledge but for now I'm not doing anything different. Retroactively applying scores from future postponed games for present H2H matchups won't be happening.
  2. yeah his ship sure seems to be falling fast.
  3. I think the answer is yes. I have doubts they would go this route, but if they do bump everyone once they can certainly do it twice. They had said they could start the season as late as sometime in October and still get 16 weeks and the playoffs in. So there is still *some* wiggle room theoretically. Otherwise this is my worst nightmare about this season come true. It's not going to be just these players we heard about today.
  4. God I hope you're right.
  5. oh they'll get the message
  6. Gulp. 1.6 below the cutoff with Brown and Dobbins -6.5 for one flex and the other -8.3. I have to leap 219 others owners.
  7. I was thinking the same thing. He was a beast last week and I cringed every time he got tackled. Which was a lot. There is actually one spot where I had the luxury of benching him for Andrews this week and did, but of course took it on the chin everywhere else. But I do wonder if he was a little more banged up than we realized. I didn't see any of the game yesterday.
  8. Yeah. I remember a couple short weeks ago making an agonizing decision to drop Snell to pick up Robinson. Right before week 1 actually. And then Snell went in waivers for $30 real dollars in our system, and then he got dropped again and as far as I know is available. Rollercoaster.
  9. Yeah it is a nutty story about that line. How the heck do you lose Barkley and go from 6.5 pt dogs all the way down to 3.5? Goes to show how ridiculous SF got bit. Yeah I actually do think the Giants can do it today. They still can't run block though and I'm not touching this line.
  10. Yeah man I tend to agree. The only problem is that *at this moment* I trust Matt Ryan a lot more than Jones and the Giants O in terms of upside for these two. That said I'm starting Slayton everywhere I can and have been on that train for awhile now. I only picked up Gage in a couple spots and probably need to start him. I don't think I am choosing between the two in any spots but I lean Gage for this week if I had to.
  11. It was a big play at the time and it was also a very solid route and throw that *probably* would have been a completion. Gilmore had tight coverage but it was better offense. Until the PI which was blatant.
  12. He was making plays and moving chains. He fought hard for an extra yard or two here and there. Loved what I saw.