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  1. What are you talking about? He didn't slide past the 1st round in a single draft I took part in this year.
  2. Agree with the takes on Reid. He had the same problem with Hunt his rookie year. He'd completely abandon the run game in competitive games, their passing game would get curbstomped and he'd be saying at the podium that they need to get their running game going. So dumb.
  3. I have Andrews penciled in at TE but in an FFPC was planning on rolling Kittle as a flex. I have a couple other options though. Can't imagine benching him if he plays. The blurb about him possibly not being able to finish pisses me off. Isn't that sort of true of anyone playing through injury? Or is he really that questionable?
  4. Wow. Has anyone told him there are defensive linemen around him? Has he tried not fumbling?
  5. Winston really has a little butt fumble to him doesn't he? Rhetorical.
  6. I don't know which is more impressive, CMC or the Bucs bad tackling.