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  1. if my group, I am keeping Rawls, Moncrief and Robinson. IMO, Chicago's backfield is a mess, and I have Langford not even an RB#2 type... where Robinson is a WR#1. Yes, his value is a 2nd rounder, but a high one. I am keeping the stud.
  2. best available... if it is close between a WR and RB... I would lean towards the WR.
  3. Take the advantage at the position, Gronk
  4. For me that is an automatic reject offer. I am not a fan of Romo and his age is downright scary, especially with the injuries he has had.
  5. for me, I would not do that original deal or even with Miller instead of Hopkins. I see Ware and West being more involved as KC tries to keep Charles fresh, especially with Charles coming off ACL injury.
  6. Bortles and the 3 defensive players... then Reed (depending on starting requirements), McCoy, Bernard, Duke Johnson, Floyd, and then between Abdullah or Crowell, leaning to Abdullah. I have no trust in Gordon and would look to trade him.
  7. So, you lose round #1, #3 and your last round??? What is that last round? So, keeping Green and Hopkins are 1st / 1st value (no brainer here) and Cam is say a 10th or lower??? Let Charles go, and keep Green - Hopkings - Newton.
  8. for a re-draft, I am making the trade and grabbing the top pick. the value is there from going from #9 - #16 to #1 - #24, and keeping the #33 pick. For a redraft, I am surprised that the person with the #1 pick did not ask for a swap of picks in his favor in round 4 or 5 or 6 area.
  9. For Benjamin, no... for what Travdogg is stating, there is no way I am giving up Cooks or Allen for Hyde.
  10. in a re-draft league, I am taking Brees. I can find WRs similar to the group that has been floating around in other posts here.
  11. being a Packer fan, I would even take Ingram over Lacy, but not Nelson. He's Rodgers favorite target.
  12. who are your keepers? I have no faith in Gordon (due to his past history), thus would want to move him. but, why can't you keep Ingram?
  13. I would send out a trade with the 2nd rounder for Carr and see if the other owner bites... If so, then you have options at QB with the three.
  14. I would counter with Gillmore (which probably is not enough) and the pick.
  15. I would drop Yeldon, Jennings, Strong, and think about droping D Jackson... but after seeing what other WRs would / could be available.