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  1. I agree with Boston... depends on the team rosters... very fair trade.
  2. To me, this is pretty even... it looks like a benefit to both team. I like the potential of WRs, so I am leaning toward the Johnson side
  3. I may be in the minority, but I am on the Fournette side of this deal.
  4. For me initially, Cook and Metcalf and I would be trying to trade the rest.
  5. So, you think the deal would be okay if I give up the 1.11 for Drake? I feel that I can use him with what I have. Yes, this is my team, and my WRs are stacked.
  6. Yes, that team has pick 1.11 and looking for a back. The other team has Drake, Chubb, Gore, Hines, Penny, Wilkins, Breida. He has the 1.02 pick also, and he's told me that he is going RB with that pick.
  7. I am still not doing it. Especially in a 2 QB style, I am not giving up Jackson for that package. If you trade, you have to start Mayfield... a big set back. Getting a solid starting RB, good... a projected rookie??? I want more. Not just on starter and a couple of potentials. Gally is right.
  8. Straight question... Dynasty 12 teams, no PPR, standard scoring. Lineup of 1Q - 1R - 2W - 1T - 1F - K/D. Would you move Drake for the 1.11 pick? Team's backs are Henry, D Johnson, J Samuels and Peterson (will be traded due to contract issue). Team has the WRs, but the backs are in need of work.
  9. I am passing... not enough value in return for me to move Jackson, especially in a projected 2 start QB. I have Jackson valued higher than the three combined. I would have to be blown away with an offer to move him.
  10. I am not giving up Jones for Kupp. and as to the scoring of Jones being just 3 points ahead of Kupp, lets tell the whole story... Julio PPG average was 18.27, Kupp was 16.91. and value wise, Jones is still ahead of Kupp. Hmmm... I will take Jones, even in a startup league.
  11. I have been interested with the conversation on this thread since my first posting, and it's great conversation. Not that it matters too much, but do you know your draft position? and I will assume a snake style. Can you project how teams will keep which players? I have "switched" my thoughts to Thomas, Jackson and Murray with Hopkins a very close 4th. And I agree with Fightingillini, I would not keep Hill as I have him 5th and Thomas' target numbers are definitely a difference maker.
  12. In a TE premium dynasty, 12 teams, PPR scoring. Was offered: 2021 1st, 2021 3rd... for... Kelce. Projection of the picks, IMO, are in the mid range 6 - 9. This past season, it would have been #3. When I rejected, with no reply, he send an email response to see if I had a counter... I told him I would "Think About" M Sanders and DK Metcalf... PLUS...
  13. Going to assume 12 teams. I'm not doing option 2 at all and I would be looking to get a lot more back in return to even think about a deal. If you keep the pick at 1.4 and you have a RB ranked at that position as Gally mentions, take him and don't look back. If you don't like your option at 1.4, trade down.
  14. Thanks guys... It is too bad that I could not move Landry or Parker
  15. I will apologize in asking all the questions, but I wanted to make sure what you are doing... In the short term, I would go with Sanders.