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  1. For me, Dr Dan, my concerns is Guice's health overall. I just don't trust it, thus extremerly low and would not roster him on any of my teams.
  2. Connor and Jackson for me. IMO, the two QBs are equivalent in value, and Connor >>> Guice.
  3. Agree with everyone that has posted so far... Johnson / Adams for me, as the cap savings is nice also.
  4. I'm keeping Evans just on the cap hit alone and as of now, a much better value.
  5. This is a simple question. PPR league... Do you want Foreman or Smith? I have Foreman and was offered Smith. The other owner has L Miller. I am torn here as I think value side, Smith is the right one, but I really like Foreman even with his past injury. Currently, at RB, I have: Gurley, Henderson, Henry, Davis, Samuel, and Sanders with Foreman.
  6. Kittle side and not even close. Even in a non PPR TE premium league...
  7. Dynasty 12 team, non PPR, standard scoring, has length of years style contracts cap Team A gave: C Newton, E Engram, A Cooper, Godwin... (team has contract concerns against the cap) Team B gave: A Luck, D Njoku, B Cooks, 2019 pick 1.10... (team has Rodgers and no cap concerns, but does save a couple of years)
  8. simple PPR dynasty question. would you rather have Cooper or Cooks in a PPR dynasty league?
  9. I do understand your thought. For the most part, it was just a "straight up" question.
  10. sorry about that... 2 WR minimum, with the 2 flex for a potential total of 4. As to the offer, I did turn it down.
  11. I currently have A. Jones and Williams of Green Bay.. and is the risk worth it to go after Fournette or Gurley. A team has both of players and has contract issues with both players and near the cap for the team. I think value wise, I see the order as Gurley, Fournette and Jones in that order. Trying to figure out if a deal that I am thinking about moving Jones for either and if worth it. Just looking for opinions. Thanks
  12. my team has been solid in this league and never not made the playoffs. Highly unlikely to be in the top of the round... and... based on value, a 3rd gets rejected with ease.
  13. Thanks, Gally... We can start up to 4 WRs... and have 2 flex spots. I have: RBs - Bell, Conner, Cook, Henderson, Edwards, T Williams (TS), and TEs - Engram, Rudolph, Walker, Witten, Thomas, Doyle. As you can see, a BIG roster. QBs are Watson, Roethlisberger, Garoppolo, Haskins
  14. Do you start 1 TE? I am in agreement with Gally for the most part, but I don't like Guice as I don't trust his injury... and I would keep Hopkins, Cook and Kittle if you start a TE. I have Kittle ranked hire than Freeman and slightly higher than Guice. But, again, my trust in Guice is just not there.