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  1. jwsbowler

    Advice needed

    I definitely agree, but if nothing comes about, I would seriously consider holding them.
  2. jwsbowler

    Advice needed

    I agree with Gally... I would also consider keeping Sutton, Kittle and Godwin (maybe, I do like him), unless you get some good solid return via trade. This would put you at 8 keepers. I feel these three are young enough to consider. Also, your target has to be RBs. Good Luck!!!
  3. jwsbowler

    Fournette trade talks. What do you think?

    I agree with Gally... if not Chubb and Kerryon, keep Fournette
  4. jwsbowler

    Trade WR Cooks for RB Howard

    not knowing your starting requirements and scoring type, I am keeping Cooks
  5. jwsbowler

    PPR - Who to Drop - Coutee or Chubb? - WHIR

    How many teams and I am assuming a re-draft and only 14 roster spots based on your post. Comes down to Coutee or Stafford for me. In an assumed small rostered teams, I can find other WRs...
  6. jwsbowler

    Trade - which side

    not for me, Kerryon and Taywon would be my choice
  7. jwsbowler

    Hopkins - Do I move him for the offer I received?

    Thanks... I finally turned it down. Too many pieces to get to Hopkins' value IMO.
  8. jwsbowler

    Trade: Kerryon for Baldwin PPR

    That is the key... ONCE HE"S BACK. I don't trust Baldwin's health, so I would look for someone else for WR. On this offer, I am passing, especially with starting a minimum of 2 backs
  9. jwsbowler

    C Davis offer ??

    what does your roster look like? Scoring??? on paper, the offer is reasonable. I am not a fan of Garcon, but...
  10. Dynasty 12 teamer, PPR (TE 1.25). Start 1 Q - 1 R - 2 W - 2 Flex - 1 TE - 1 K - 1 D The offer I received was this: Give: Hopkins Get: Fuller, A Miller, 2019 1st (projected either 1 or 2), 2019 1st (mid range), 2019 2nd (mid range worst case) The team that sent me the offer has another 1st, projected to be late. The picks involved will be either 1 or 2, as I am 0 - 4 and that is my pick coming back to me. Team has struggled and I can't get out of my own way. Last 3 years, very high scoring team with a win, 2nd and 3rd... this year, well??? Roster: Q - Roethlisberger, Bortles, Garoppole (IR), Smith, Darnold (TS) R - Bell, Conner, Cook, Colemen, Blount W - Hopkins, Landry, Jeffery, Amendola, Moncrief, Parker, Hurns, Pascal T - Doyle, Engram, Rudolph, Ellison, Swaim, Thomas (TS), Walker (IR) Currently have 2019 picks - 2nd (either 1 or 2 - mine), and two 3rds,
  11. jwsbowler

    Have RB depth but no WR depth! Help!

    I agree with Beerbuff & StuckerZ... why are you holding an injured kicker? Drop Zuerlein (wasting a roster spot) and the Bears. Jacksonville is off week 9... that is when you find a "temporary team". Get your backup QB for Newton's bye week now, so you don't have to chase one next week. Will assume there are other WRs on the FA line, but of the two you listed, Boyd would be the one I look at... but again, there has to be others out there.
  12. jwsbowler

    Waiver wire torture.

    assuming a re-draft league... Godwin should be on a team somewhere, so he's a definite pick for me replacing Cohen. Davis should not be moved at all (unless you try to trade him for slightly better WR). Penny and Carson ??? toss up. What does the rest of your roster look like?
  13. jwsbowler

    Trade Zeke?

    agree with Beerbuff... NO!!!
  14. who else do you have?
  15. jwsbowler

    A Brown... Trade Thoughts

    12 team league, no PPR. Dynasty format, signing cap type league. Would you offer A Brown and a low level WR (Hogan type)... for... M Thomas and B Cooks... or Thomas and AJ Green... or is the return price way too much.