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  1. no way that this should be allowed. The owner goes into the week with a bye player or gets one off the waiver line. If he trades, there should be no trade back of the same players.
  2. Would you give up a #1 - 2017, which I am projecting 8th -12th for Sharpe? PPR - Dynasty league I have: A Brown, Allen (IR), Hurns, Snead, Funchess, Kearse, R Matthews (Ten), Thielen. Can start up to 4 WRs. My running backs (only have to start 1) are: Forte, Foster, Starks, Ware, D. Williams, D Washington, Whittaker, Kelley (Taxi),
  3. the same owner just traded Coleman - Freeman for 2017 1st, White, Bridgewater. I wish he had offered those two to me...
  4. That's why I am asking... Appreciate the feedback everyone!!! We only have to start 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, and 2 flex. (forgot to mention that). I did lead the league in scoring but only hit 82% efficency. That's why I said that I was REALLY LUCKY last year.
  5. DeAngelo
  6. Last year, this team took me to the title, losing just one game. However, D Williams was the big piece that got me the title and as you can see, a mish-mosh of talent, got lucky and played the right players at the right time. Off season, just before the season started, I traded Palmer for Snead to add some depth to the WR group. With just a few offseason waiver moves, my roster is pretty much similar to last year Dalton, Flacco, Rivers Forte, Williams, Foster, Ware, Starks, Blue, D Washington (R) Brown, Hurns, Funchess, Aiken, Kearse, Matthews, Snead, Allen (IR again) Clay, Gates, Gillmore, Tye Boswell, Tucker Arizona Taxi Squad - Kelley, Cole So, Blue will be dropped soon, and need to move a kicker off the bye week 8 issue. Britt is a waiver availablilty, along with Tamme, Donnell (maybe should not have dropped during the summer). I went with some younger rookies at RB during the draft as the main WRs were snagged and at the time I felt good with my WR group. So, got an offer: I get Nelson, Powell for my 2017 1st and 4th. I like the draft in 2017 and with Nelson coming off his injury last year and already 31... I am a bit concern. Sorry for being a bit long here, but I need opinions.
  7. agree... in a heartbeat, grab McKinnon
  8. hell no... you can do better than that
  9. who do you think I could ask for in a WR if I had Forte??? instead of Graham??? Like Funchess or Snead,
  10. Thanks for both of your opinions. Appreciate it.
  11. A 12 team PPR dynasty league. 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 Flex, 1 K, 1 D starters. QB - Roethlisberger, Bortles, A Smith RB - Bell, McCoy, Stewart, Sims, Artis-Payne, Coleman, D Washington, Kelley, Howard (TS), Prosise (TS) WR - Hopkins, Jeffery, Moncrief, Hurns, Fitzgerald, Aiken TE - Walker, Clay, Graham, Tye D & K - no worries was offered Forte for Graham. Would you?
  12. at the 5th, I would take BPA... letting Robinson go, you might get him back at 5.
  13. if my group, I am keeping Rawls, Moncrief and Robinson. IMO, Chicago's backfield is a mess, and I have Langford not even an RB#2 type... where Robinson is a WR#1. Yes, his value is a 2nd rounder, but a high one. I am keeping the stud.
  14. best available... if it is close between a WR and RB... I would lean towards the WR.
  15. Take the advantage at the position, Gronk