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  1. PPR 12 teamer. Starting 1 RB 2 WR 1 TE, 2 Flex... no penalty for keeping him, just the pick I am sending. I am contending at 5 - 1, so let's say 1.9 through 1.12. My best back... A Peterson.
  2. Simple question, is Martin worth a 1st round pick in trade? or more?
  3. I would take Stafford just based on age... both are similar, so I would go younger.
  4. I'm taking Rodgers.
  5. got the Wentz trade as a straight up. content with that. and I did pass on the Benjamin trade. Thx BP...
  6. Both Dynasty Leagues, 12 teams, PPR format, normal other scoring (6 points per TD Pass, -2 Int). First league... Received offer: Give 2018 1st round (projected 6 - 8 range for Kelvin Benjamin and 2018 2nd (projected 2.10 - 2.12). My WRs are: Amendola, B Coleman, Crowder, Dorsett, R Matthews, B Miller, Perriman, Snead, Thielen, Treadwell, C Williams (TS). Not "WOW'd" about it, but with my group... Second league... Received offer: Give J Matthews, 2018 3rd (mid) for Carson Wentz. My QBs are Bortles, Bradford, Taylor... with my WRs being K Allen, HIlton, Thielen, Hurns, A Stewart, Gabriel, and Smith-Schuster (TS). IMO, Matthews is the more valued player, but... with my QBs??? wonder if straight up counter would be okay. Shepard and Coleman are available on market.
  7. scoring? If 4 for passing TD... maybe pass, but again... it projects that 10 QBs go before pick 2.10. Take Rodgers
  8. Thanks for everyone's help
  9. Just a simple fact finding question. I was presented with trading Prosise for Rudolph in a dynasty PPR where TE's get 1.25 per reception. I have Doyle, Delanie, and Z Miller with Butt in my taxi squad spot. We can start up to 3 TEs with two flex spots. Sorry, should have added starting 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, with two flex (RB-WR-TE) I have at RB: Bell, Coleman, Howard, Kelley, Forte, Stewart, J. Conner, Washington, and Prosise I value Prosise more than Rudolph, but I think this makes sense to do the deal. I did counter trying to squeeze a rookie draft pick upgrade from round 3 (projected late) to round 2 (projected middle).
  10. starting requirements??? Based on not knowing, I am not sure if I do this deal.
  11. Basically, similar question that you asked on the 13th with the trade offer involving Cooks... If my team, I am still keeping Ajayi, Cooks, Jeffrey and Henry.
  12. Not sure why, but I would keep Hunter for a 16th rounder, as his draft value is early 5th round. Freeman, Anderson and Moncrief or Williams (which ever you feel comfortable with of these two).
  13. I keep Freeman. I don't see Atlanta letting him go, even with Coleman
  14. Thanks Gally... now that makes sense. Trying to get a handle around this. I can see why White over Parker with the cap savings. The escalation on Robinson, IMO, could get him into the top 15, but I don't see him getting into the top 5 (even though 2015 was dang close depending on the overall scoring). I would do the deal. I think Hunt cuts into Ware's touches.
  15. okay... one last thing, why not just keep Robinson and not White? and Christine is a $10 cut, with a salary of $5?