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  1. JuJu, Singletary, Kupp, Waller as of right now, Goedert would be the exchange for Waller, and Freeman would the the other option...but knowing you need to start a TE, I would be leaning that way.
  2. I am not doing it. I would be looking for a lot more if I am moving Hopkins, and I would be looking for someone better than Big Ben.
  3. To me not enough... I made an assumption that the 2021 picks would be in the same range area. IMO, there has to be additional pieces in this offer for me to move Chubb.
  4. I am assuming the 6.1... but to answer... no, the value of Barkley far outweigh what you are getting in return. IMO, the offer has to blow you away, this one does not. Is that DJ Moore (Car) or D Moore (Sea)? with your roster, I am not sure what 12 I would keep. I see maybe 7. What happens if you don't keep 12?
  5. Dynasty league? and only can keep 2??? If so, not a dynasty league. with the three as of this moment, my selections would be Brown and Metcalf... and trade Samuel.
  6. actually got Samuel for Njoku and I. Thomas... I have Kelce and Fant along with a couple others at I am speculating with.
  7. Agree with Gally here, we need more information. As you write it, it looks like you can keep 5 plus your franchise tag player for 6. where are you in the draft order? Scoring?? starting requirements??
  8. Other WRs on my team: Hilton, Theilen, Dorsett, Gage, Lazard, Perriman, O Johnson (Min). We start 1 QB and 1 of RB, WR, TE with 4 flex spots of any combination (except QB).
  9. My question is who do you like more. Forget that it is in a trade offer. Who would you like?
  10. so, you would rather have Anderson over Samuel. Thanks
  11. I see 10 teams, what are your starting requirements / scoring, is it PPR or standard?
  12. PPR league, 12 teams. Yes, a 2020 trade offer hit my email today and I am debating. I give Robby Anderson for Curtis Samuel. There are smaller pieces which are not important. My thoughts are Anderson is a FA and looking for a substantial raise, while Samuel is going to have another QB throwing him the ball. As of today, I have Samuel valued higher, but in doing other research, Anderson is ranked higher in early 2020 rankings. Looking for some opinions and other things that I may be missing. Thanks.
  13. I think you did very well
  14. I would do it. in an 8 teamer, you can find a replacement for Sutton.