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  1. For me that is an automatic reject offer. I am not a fan of Romo and his age is downright scary, especially with the injuries he has had.
  2. for me, I would not do that original deal or even with Miller instead of Hopkins. I see Ware and West being more involved as KC tries to keep Charles fresh, especially with Charles coming off ACL injury.
  3. Bortles and the 3 defensive players... then Reed (depending on starting requirements), McCoy, Bernard, Duke Johnson, Floyd, and then between Abdullah or Crowell, leaning to Abdullah. I have no trust in Gordon and would look to trade him.
  4. So, you lose round #1, #3 and your last round??? What is that last round? So, keeping Green and Hopkins are 1st / 1st value (no brainer here) and Cam is say a 10th or lower??? Let Charles go, and keep Green - Hopkings - Newton.
  5. for a re-draft, I am making the trade and grabbing the top pick. the value is there from going from #9 - #16 to #1 - #24, and keeping the #33 pick. For a redraft, I am surprised that the person with the #1 pick did not ask for a swap of picks in his favor in round 4 or 5 or 6 area.
  6. For Benjamin, no... for what Travdogg is stating, there is no way I am giving up Cooks or Allen for Hyde.
  7. in a re-draft league, I am taking Brees. I can find WRs similar to the group that has been floating around in other posts here.
  8. being a Packer fan, I would even take Ingram over Lacy, but not Nelson. He's Rodgers favorite target.
  9. who are your keepers? I have no faith in Gordon (due to his past history), thus would want to move him. but, why can't you keep Ingram?
  10. I would send out a trade with the 2nd rounder for Carr and see if the other owner bites... If so, then you have options at QB with the three.
  11. I would counter with Gillmore (which probably is not enough) and the pick.
  12. I would drop Yeldon, Jennings, Strong, and think about droping D Jackson... but after seeing what other WRs would / could be available.
  13. For me, I am not moving Brown for the 1.7. I have him projected as a top two player, thus I would keep him. I'm also not moving Hopkins as I have himi in the top 8. For both of these players, it is a top pick, plus, plus... something. So for a 3rd and 4th, these two keepers are no brainers. Reed would be my other keeper. You basically start with two top 10 players and probably two of the top 4 WRs. Just keep what you have, unless someone blows you away with an offer. The 1.7 for Brown is a reject trade for me. As I would set it up, make Hopkins you 3rd round pick, and Brown your 4th round pick, as you can then keep Brown again for your 2nd next year, and let Hopkins go.
  14. I missed the 2QB as I was wondering why you would go QB with one of the first 4 picks, (sorry for not reading completely). With that, I might pass on the offer and see if one of the other 2 QBs get to 14 and 17... or do you see Lynch going early?
  15. So, will there be some kickback on the fees for the season? especially for some customers that paid for mulitple years in advance... this feature is great (when it works) for the rookie drafts in dynasty leagues which for the most part are happening now, or even finished.