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  1. BPA at each turn is how I approach it. The QBs can wait, especially in a 10 teamer.
  2. 3rd overall pick.... keep Gronkowski over Davis, yes I have changed my mind. Even though I have Davis valued higher, this makes the most sense.
  3. scoring? is it a PPR? It's tough to throw Gronkowski back and I am not totally sold on Davis... I would review all the rosters and try to determine who is potentially being kept by the other owners. Do you now what draft position are you getting? and would assume a snake style draft? would assume rookies are available? I would lean towards keeping Davis as I think you get more out of him than Gronkowski. IMO, if New England wins another SB, I think Brady and Gronk retire.
  4. and it is a 2 start RB... Diggs is replacable And I still don't quite understand...is it a snake draft? or same pick each round? if he keeps Brown, Hunt and Kamara, doesn't he have: Brown (1st), 2nd round (2.03), 3rd round (3.10), Hunt (4th) and ...... Kamara (17th). What is wrong with this picture? ...and based on Hunt (4th) and Diggs (6th)... I am keeping Hunt.
  5. you forgot one thing... what is each team's budget
  6. Brown, Hunt, Kamara... NEXT!!!
  7. For me, I would keep Goff, Garoppolo, Allen, Fournette and Thielen and as you mention, Kupp . I have more value in Thielen than Henry and if I was doing a straigh up trade, I would take Thielen. Also, Henry has Dion Lewis to contend with.
  8. I would keep Golladay also. ADP - Average Draft Position. At the 9th round, it's kind of a crap shoot. The kid is in year 2, 6'4" and still learning. If he was available in 9th round, I am all over it.
  9. thanks guys. I will counter with a 2nd and... something.
  10. PPR 12 team league, (TE at 1.25 per)... regular scoring. Starting requirements Q, RB, WR, WR, TE, 2 Flex, K, D My WRs are: Baldwin, Thielen, Hurns, R Matthews, Stills, St. Brown As you can see, my WRs are not great. Would you trade your 1st (projected to be mid level (2018 it was 8th spot) for Kupp? My gut says no, maybe counter and add his 2nd?
  11. Agree... not even close. Gordon
  12. Can you get an idea as to which players the other owners might keep? Knowing your draft spot "could" change things... as you say, if I have the 1st or 2nd pick, then if two of the major 4 RBs that you mention go back, you have the option of letting Johnson go. I have tried to map out what the other owners might do for keepers in a previous local keeper league (and usually hit about 75-80%). If that is the case, keeping Watson for a 17th is a no brainer, if you get the top type pick.
  13. I would assume that his Lottery happens after you declare keepers? I am not a huge risk taker, I would still kepp Johnson... and if you get the good choics spot, I would either do 11 or 12. I do like the around the corner picks...but sometimes I have two or three that I am interested in and having pick 11, then let the other owner pick his two, leaving me the remaining player is okay in my books. And I do understand having back to back picks is solid also. But, with the luck of the draw, I would rather have the player in my hand already.
  14. Yes... With Johnson and Kamara, you will have a solid 1 - 2 RB group, knowing you have to start at least 2. You know if you drop him back, he's gone within the top 2 picks. Also, what is your pick order in each round?
  15. since it's his 3rd year, and I have him ranked 3rd, I would keep Johnson, then Watson.