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  1. I would counter with Gillmore (which probably is not enough) and the pick.
  2. I would drop Yeldon, Jennings, Strong, and think about droping D Jackson... but after seeing what other WRs would / could be available.
  3. For me, I am not moving Brown for the 1.7. I have him projected as a top two player, thus I would keep him. I'm also not moving Hopkins as I have himi in the top 8. For both of these players, it is a top pick, plus, plus... something. So for a 3rd and 4th, these two keepers are no brainers. Reed would be my other keeper. You basically start with two top 10 players and probably two of the top 4 WRs. Just keep what you have, unless someone blows you away with an offer. The 1.7 for Brown is a reject trade for me. As I would set it up, make Hopkins you 3rd round pick, and Brown your 4th round pick, as you can then keep Brown again for your 2nd next year, and let Hopkins go.
  4. I missed the 2QB as I was wondering why you would go QB with one of the first 4 picks, (sorry for not reading completely). With that, I might pass on the offer and see if one of the other 2 QBs get to 14 and 17... or do you see Lynch going early?
  5. So, will there be some kickback on the fees for the season? especially for some customers that paid for mulitple years in advance... this feature is great (when it works) for the rookie drafts in dynasty leagues which for the most part are happening now, or even finished.
  6. Again, my league group prefers a more balanced scehdule. In the 3 team / 4 division format, there are 11 common games as you play each team once, and your division rivals one extra time each.
  7. We want to play everyone at least once a year. the division winners get in and the two best wildcard teams. similar (not exact setup) to the regular NFL setup. Personally, I don't like the two 6 team setup, too much unbalance in the schedule.
  8. my response is based on a 13 week schedule and 3 weeks of playoffs (we don't play week 17). On the 4 teams and 3 division setup, yes, you play the 3 teams within the division twice (6 games) and 7 of the 8 outside teams, leaving one out. We had this setup in our league for a long time, and, we changed it a few years back to 3 teams and 4 divisions as we wanted to play everyone at least once. With this 3 teams and 4 division setup, you play each division foe twice (4 games) and the other 9 teams once. Based on our rules this allowed us the tiebreaker of head to head. One other non factor is that we randomize our divisions every 3 years. So, I think your comment of "six weeks of division matches" with three team divisions is a bit mis-informed. With 3 team divisions, you can't play 3 division games in the 3 weeks, just 2. The other team plays someone outside their division for one of those weeks. So, what Byrk is looking for is a schedule that allows the maximum of the division matchups within the first 3 weeks and last 3 weeks. That means each division will play their two games within the first 3 and last 3 weeks. We use the MFL site for our league, and after reading this thread, I investigated their schedule setup, they are not perfect either. Their randomization gets division matchups mostly in weeks 1 and 2, with 12 and 13. Other matchups end up in week 5 and week 8 and a couple are in week 3. So, with a little work over the last couple of days, I manipulated the schedule to get the division games within the weeks desired. This included flipping some other non division matchups around to make it work as I had to make sure each team played each week. This may not work with everything, but for the schedule that is set up for us this year, my first step was to swapped week 5 with week 11. I did this since week 5 had 4 division games (but not exactly perfect for what we needed). Then, I swapped two of the matchups in the new week 11 with two games in week 8 which contained the same 4 teams. Then with the new week 8, I moved four games to week 3, swapping out the same teams and those week 3 matchups to week 8. The division games within week 5 and week 8 were the ones I concentrated on. Again, a lot of work, but... I will submit my changes to MFL to see if they can set something up for the future with this team/division setup.
  9. you've been offered the 1.1 for Osweler....??? with the QBs you have, bye-bye Osweiler. Take the 1.1. You have two young QBs wiht a good veteran. Bridgewater is still a QB that I am not sure of...but I would not let him go cheap
  10. I'm not trading Bortles for Green and Lewis. As Gianthater states, West is not valuable at all. You have Reed, Williams and Witten, why to you want Green? Yes, Witten is getting to the end of his career. Lewis, while excellent out of the backfield, his playing time dictates on how New England is playing. and IMO, he's is not as valuable as Bortles is. I would look for some other combo.
  11. Thanks for the input everyone. Pwingles --- for me there is no cap impact, Hilton is in that situation for the other owner. In this league, kickers are flipped almost every year, unless you own Gostkowski. For me, I have to flip Tannehill to gain some cap space, and I also have Jimmy Graham, as he is expensive on my team... got to flip one of these. again... THANKS FOR EVERYONE'S INPUT
  12. Got this offer: Give Lacy - Starks - Cantanzaro Get Hilton - Coleman - Santos - 4.3 rookie Should be a no brainer, but... I have Freeman and D Johnson (Arz) with Foster along with the GBay boys... Got Beckham, Cooks, Jeffery, Nelson, Funchess. Start 1 RB, 2 WR and a flex. If I do this, I probably could flip a WR for another running back. I think I can flip the 4.3 pick for 3.3 and my 4.6. I have the 2.1 and 2.10 now. I am set with TE with Kelce and Seferian-Jenkins and my QBs are Rodgers, Dalton, Tannehill. pretty standard scoring, no PPR. But we do have salary cap type setup. So based on the offer, this is a no brainer???
  13. stick to your guns, Evans and the choice. Cobb just stunk the joint out last year (and I am a Packer fan), and I think we will continue to produce the not high numbers, even with Nelson coming back. Evans and Cooks would be my choice.
  14. Thanks for the additional feedback... Let me add, if I can get Coleman also??? for a very minor player??? I know what I traded in another league to get Allen, which was a 1st and 2nd and ... (can't remember the WR)
  15. Thanks everyone!!! Feedback much appreciated.