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  1. Thanks Travdogg. He mentioned that his offer was fair LOL... I just read that Roethlisberger could be available by week 9.
  2. you are not getting Elliott for either, let along both. I would not deal Elliot for both.
  3. well, he did not like it (included Prosise in deal), and came back with Dalton for Bell... not happening. Thanks "Ion" for your thoughts. I am not super high on Sharpe yet.
  4. forgot to include: Dynasty, PPR. Start 1Q-1R-2W-1T-2 flex-1K-1D Lost Roethlisberger... and only have Brotles, Smith and Garappolo available. Currently 3 - 3, lead the league in scoring. With my team, I think I do need a QB. QB: Roethlisberger, Bortles, A Smith, Garappolo. RB: Bell, McCoy, Howard, Coleman, Forte, D Washington, Prosise, Sims, Stewart, Kelley, Artis-Payne WR: Hopkins, Jeffery, Moncrief, Fitzgerald, Hurns, Britt TE: Walker, Clay, Doyle I think my 1st offer is a bit thin and even adding Prosise would not be enough, but... a team is looking for a running back, and he's willing to move Carr or Dalton. I would prefer Carr. Other team: Carr, Newton, Dalton, and Cutler Forsett, D Jackson (just got him), Morris, Sproles Benjamin, DThomas, MThomas, Sharpe, T Smith, Thielen, Woods, Cruz, Boehringer Rudolph, Gates, Rodgers Let me know, and give me some other suggestions... Thanks
  5. no way that this should be allowed. The owner goes into the week with a bye player or gets one off the waiver line. If he trades, there should be no trade back of the same players.
  6. Would you give up a #1 - 2017, which I am projecting 8th -12th for Sharpe? PPR - Dynasty league I have: A Brown, Allen (IR), Hurns, Snead, Funchess, Kearse, R Matthews (Ten), Thielen. Can start up to 4 WRs. My running backs (only have to start 1) are: Forte, Foster, Starks, Ware, D. Williams, D Washington, Whittaker, Kelley (Taxi),
  7. the same owner just traded Coleman - Freeman for 2017 1st, White, Bridgewater. I wish he had offered those two to me...
  8. That's why I am asking... Appreciate the feedback everyone!!! We only have to start 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, and 2 flex. (forgot to mention that). I did lead the league in scoring but only hit 82% efficency. That's why I said that I was REALLY LUCKY last year.
  9. DeAngelo
  10. Last year, this team took me to the title, losing just one game. However, D Williams was the big piece that got me the title and as you can see, a mish-mosh of talent, got lucky and played the right players at the right time. Off season, just before the season started, I traded Palmer for Snead to add some depth to the WR group. With just a few offseason waiver moves, my roster is pretty much similar to last year Dalton, Flacco, Rivers Forte, Williams, Foster, Ware, Starks, Blue, D Washington (R) Brown, Hurns, Funchess, Aiken, Kearse, Matthews, Snead, Allen (IR again) Clay, Gates, Gillmore, Tye Boswell, Tucker Arizona Taxi Squad - Kelley, Cole So, Blue will be dropped soon, and need to move a kicker off the bye week 8 issue. Britt is a waiver availablilty, along with Tamme, Donnell (maybe should not have dropped during the summer). I went with some younger rookies at RB during the draft as the main WRs were snagged and at the time I felt good with my WR group. So, got an offer: I get Nelson, Powell for my 2017 1st and 4th. I like the draft in 2017 and with Nelson coming off his injury last year and already 31... I am a bit concern. Sorry for being a bit long here, but I need opinions.
  11. agree... in a heartbeat, grab McKinnon
  12. hell no... you can do better than that
  13. who do you think I could ask for in a WR if I had Forte??? instead of Graham??? Like Funchess or Snead,
  14. Thanks for both of your opinions. Appreciate it.
  15. A 12 team PPR dynasty league. 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 Flex, 1 K, 1 D starters. QB - Roethlisberger, Bortles, A Smith RB - Bell, McCoy, Stewart, Sims, Artis-Payne, Coleman, D Washington, Kelley, Howard (TS), Prosise (TS) WR - Hopkins, Jeffery, Moncrief, Hurns, Fitzgerald, Aiken TE - Walker, Clay, Graham, Tye D & K - no worries was offered Forte for Graham. Would you?