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  1. I'm taking the picks over the players in both options.
  2. my gut... without knowing anything (scoring, starting requirements, roster penalties)... Wilson, Miller, Henry, Parker, Reed, Benjamin. I would be trying to move Reed due to his injury history with another player to get a top type WR...not a bonifide #1 but a #1A-B type. I would do the same thing with Graham also to see if I can better my keepers. I would scour teams to see where there is a bit of concern with keepers and look to do deals that gets you the better player knowing you are going to drop a couple. Edelman now has Cook to contend with and if Gronk is healthier, I see his numbers get cut into. I have Parker ranked higher than Benjamin and Edelman. I would see if someone wants to bite on Hill too. He's too much of a gadget type player. I see some potential type deals, but not knowing the rosters of others... What is the scoring, is it a PPR??? What are the starting requirements? What are the penalties for keeping players, if any? These answers will get you better opinions from us
  3. The offer is horrible, IMO. Keep the pick. Comes down to McCaffrey or Mixon. PPR - McCaffrey... NonPPR - I lean towards Mixon.
  4. Just confirming that I agree with the 3 above... I take Evan / Kelce side.
  5. IMO, value wise Kamara, JuJu with Snead & Engram (same value) in that order. I got the offer with Snead for 1.11. I countered with 1.11 and 2.09 for Snead and 2.06 which has "same value". The 2.06 pick upgrade gets me into an area that I like to be in at that point.
  6. I am OTC. Smith-Schuster, Kamara, Perine, Engram. I really don't need a back and have been looking for WR. As of this moment, I have "SS", Engram, Kamara and Perine in that order. Perine would provide protection of Kelley in Washington. I could use a TE, but I have another one in mind later in the draft that I could get in round 3. My goal in this pick is a WR as Fitzy will retire probably after this season.
  7. Thanks everything... Took McCaffery.
  8. Just a straight question. 12 team PPR dynasty league. I'm looking for WR. So, keep 1.11 or Willie Snead. Would you? Roster is: Bortles, Blake JAC QB 356.6 8 FA Garoppolo, Jimmy NEP QB 49.0 9 FA Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QB 348.7 9 FA Smith, Alex KCC QB 290.1 10 FA Bell, Le'Veon PIT RB (Q) 317.4 9 FA Coleman, Tevin ATL RB 191.1 5 FA Forte, Matt NYJ RB (Q) 183.6 11 FA Howard, Jordan CHI RB 230.1 9 FA Kelley, Rob WAS RB (Q) 132.6 5 FA Sims, Charles TBB RB (Q) 67.9 11 FA Stewart, Jonathan CAR RB 146.4 11 FA Washington, DeAndre OAK RB 85.2 10 FA Britt, Kenny CLE WR 196.2 9 FA Fitzgerald, Larry ARI WR 243.8 8 FA Hopkins, DeAndre HOU WR 197.4 7 FA Hurns, Allen JAC WR (Q) 100.7 8 FA Jeffery, Alshon PHI WR 146.1 10 FA Landry, Jarvis MIA WR 231.3 11 FA Moncrief, Donte IND WR 102.6 11 FA Doyle, Jack IND TE 160.5 11 FA McDonald, Vance SFO TE (Q) 93.3 11 FA Miller, Zach CHI TE (Q) 131.6 9 FA Walker, Delanie TEN TE 204.8 8 FA
  9. Both available, PPR league, start two RBs... which one do you want? McCaffery or Mixon.
  10. The owner with Cousins has Wilson as his other QB. It's too bad I could not sneak Wilson with the 2.3 and 3.3, but that would not be enough IMO Thanks DrDan... the insight of what the combinations could be is what I am struggling with right at this moment. The Cousins, Miller, Rookie RB (or Davis) looks inviting. I will inquire as to what it might take to get Wilson.
  11. Thanks everyone... and in two drafts that I am in so far, both McCaffrey and Davis went 1 / 2. In one, I got Fournette at 5 and in the other, Cook at 4. So, I know I can get an RB with pick 3...with McCaffrey hoping to slide there. I have to think hard about this one. Cousins - Fournette/Cook (probably), keeping Miller... or... Dak - Gordon and maybe Hunt or Foreman at 2.3.
  12. 12 Team - PPR dyansty league. 25 player roster with 4 roster taxi squad for rookies. Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1K, 1D - 2 Flex (only can flex 1 TE and 1 RB/WR or 2 RB/WR). Scoring is all TDs - 6, INT -2, all other scoring fractional type. Roster: QB: Bortles, Taylor, Bradford, Kaepernick (probably dropping Kaep) RB: Miller, Lacy, Henry, Stewart, Booker, Hightower, McKinnon WR: Allen, Hilton, J Matthews, Hurns, Thielen, Gabriel TE: Kelce, Hunter, Rudolph, Walford, Barnridge (probably letting go Barnridge, unless signs with solid team soon) K/Def: Gostkowski, Philly TS: Collins, Artis-Payne (will drop). So, would you give up Miller/1.03 for Prescott/Gordon... the offer had Farrow and Woodhead originally (without Dak) and the othe owner emailed me the mistake. Not overly thrilled with the two pieces, thus looking around the roster. IMO, Prescott is definitely an upgrade, while Gordon was 5.5 PPG (last year) over Miller. I have 1.3, 2.3, 3.3, 4.3... other owner has 1.10, 1.11, 4.6 and 4.7... Luck, D Johnson, D. Martin, A Brown, as a few top players on roster. What do you all think? a second offer from another owner: I give Bradford - 2.3 - 4.3 for Cousins - 2018 4th. I would throw out the exchange for the 4ths.
  13. A - Getting Adams for Alshon will not hurt you that much... and Adams will be Nelson's replacement (or is almost there now). Along with Rodgers, who will be playing a few more years, this is a no brainer.
  14. I am not a Watkins fan, but I would do that deal.
  15. From a value perspective, it's not a bad offer (fair IMO)... However, I would not take it. I agree with Gally that I would wait it out as your rookie draft gets closer. Then field offers and see if one knocks your socks off.