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  1. I think you’ll be happy nobody took those offers. Chark is the real deal
  2. I’ve managed to make it through so far with only Derek Carr at QB. If Darnold doesn’t come back this week I will take a 0 at QB. Though I made it comfortably this week with Carr only giving me 12 points so it’s possible I could still survive with a 0 at QB
  3. I love his talent and situation but if they don’t scale back his touches a bit I’m worried about his longevity
  4. Well barely had enough players to fill out all the positions but thanks largely to Chubb I’m comfortably through to next week
  5. Lions defenders must have taken boxing classes this offseason. Never seen so many fumbles caused like this
  6. You’re aware games are 4 quarters right? You can’t write off Williams and Hardman at the half
  7. I’m rolling with Preston Williams over Godwin this week
  8. Barkley for me, comfortably. For reference I offered Mixon, Diggs and a mid 2020 1st for Barkley in on league ( before the season started) and was quickly declined.
  9. I have all of the top 5 here. Also will be without Foles and Herndon. I will only have 1 QB, 4 RBs (one of whom is Justice Hill), 3 WRs, 2 TEs, 3 K’s and 2 D’s to score for me this week so I have absolutely no margin for error.
  10. 12 team, .5 PPR, start QRRWWWTEFlex, not involved TEAM A Gets: Phillip Rivers, Mike Evans, 2020 2nd (likely early) TEAM B Gets: Patrick Mahomes, 2021 2nd TEAM A also has Lamar Jackson, so they were trying to shop one of Mahomes or Jackson.
  11. What? He’s been one of the better fantasy QBs since the end of last season. Even in one of his worst games he just put up almost 20 points
  12. Went with Watkins, Hardman, Kirk. I think I’m rolling with it next week for sure
  13. Glad I “reached” for him in the late 1st in every one of dynasty leagues