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  1. 14 team PPR, 6 pt passing TD, QRRWWTFF I gave: Andrew Luck I got: Jerick McKinnon I’m not sure Luck ever returns to previous form, and I still have Goff/Rivers at QB so I felt I could afford to move him. I think McKinnon is at worst an RB2 next year with RB1 upside.
  2. I’m not a fan of vetos in general but I think you have to here. If I was a member of that league I’d seriously consider leaving if a trade like that was allowed to go through
  3. That’s how I view both Hunt and Kamara. Two guys who I expect to be productive going forward but their value will never be higher than right now, so I’ll sell if I can get a nice haul from someone.
  4. It probably goes without saying, but I think landing spots will be huge. Just think what would happen if we saw Gesicki to NO, Gallup to GB, Kirk to SF, etc. Those guys would fly up the draft board in rookie drafts.
  5. Young talented QB. Innovate offensive minds on the coaching staff. Minimal competition for targets. As others have mentioned Marshall and Jeffrey had big years in Chicago.
  6. I agree there isn’t a significant talent difference in that tier but it is likely one of them lands in a plum landing spot and separates a bit from the others
  7. I don’t own Robinson anywhere, but I think the Bears are his best landing spot
  8. I’m not wild about the mobile draft room. I fat fingered a pick earlier. I feel like there should be a “are you sure you wish to select ....” option. I accidentally picked Tom Brady in the 6th round so it wasn’t the worst mistake ever but not the pick I was looking to make
  9. If I owned the #4 pick I’d be looking to move up to the #2 or down to around #8. After Guice I value the next tier of players all pretty closely (Chubb, Michel, Jones, Penny, Sutton, Moore)
  10. 1.1 side comfortably
  11. This is pretty much just their college grades and doesn’t do a great job of projecting to the NFL. Knocking Guice for a “lack of dynamism” due to a heavier workload is pretty disingenuous considering he was injured most of the year.
  12. Shaheen Kittle Smith Gathers Everett Seals-Jones
  13. The pick is on the wrong side
  14. That’s interesting because he is a guy that just jumped off the tape to me. I’ll be interested to see his combine numbers and where he lands but he looks really talented to me