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  1. I’m very high on Clement. I think there’s a very good chance he takes over the starting job this season. I’ve been buying him everywhere I can.
  2. 2019 is not a bad draft class IMO. It doesn’t have the high end can’t miss RBs like this year but the depth will be good. The WR class blows this year out of the water. Also remember this time last year nobody was talking about Sony Michel, DJ Moore or Kerryon Johnson as 1st round rookie picks.
  3. And what caliber of WR are we talking about here? The twilight of Steve Smiths career, Kelvin Benjamin, and Devin Funchess. That stat really doesn’t mean much to me.
  4. In that type of league I agree it doesn’t make sense. My league is a $100 entry fee so it’s much more palatable. During the startup I kept trading back and back and acquiring young players and picks. Basically landed a young core of Mahomes, Kamara, Golladay, Godwin, Njoku, E. Engram, and 9 2018 1sts. Traded Kamara and a 1st for Zeke, and 4 2018 1sts for Gurley. Going into year 2 I have Gurley, Zeke, Barkley as my RB group. So I feel that the winless year 1 was worth it to set my team up for possible future dominance.
  5. In one league I moved the 2.01 and 2.02 for a 2019 1st. Guy has a really bad roster so its highly likely a top 6 pick with a decent chance at #1 overall. He took Sutton and Miller with the picks
  6. During our rookie draft I moved 1.02, 1.07, 1.11, 1.12 for Gurley. I had 11 of the top 14 picks in the draft. Guy took over a terrible team with Gurley and basically nothing else
  7. You don’t need to, but it can really help set up your team for a dominant run. By punting year 1 last year I was able to add a top 5 dynasty asset in Barkley for a fraction of what he would cost to acquire any other way. And now I have such a dominant RBs corps that I am easily the league favorite going into year 2. Sometimes it’s worth it to take a step back so you can be even better in the future
  8. I agree. I have a contending team with a big need for a 3rd WR this year as well as lots of young WR fliers and future picks so I felt it was a move worth making.
  9. 12 team .5 PPR start QRRWWWTF I gave: Chris Godwin I got: Demaryius Thomas
  10. When it comes to dynasty I have the same strategy every time. I punt year 1, trading back and back as much as I can and acquiring 1st round picks and taking young talent. Where I differ from some who employ this strategy is I rarely make the picks myself, opting to trade them come rookie draft time for veterans or more future picks. I attempt to consolidate my assets into elite RBs, who I feel are the guys who win you leagues, and trade for cheaper veteran WRs with my picks (guys like Fitz, Crabtree, Garcon, etc.). I will almost never have guys like Brown, OBJ or Hopkins on my dynasty rosters.
  11. I’m generally not a veto guy but that trade is indefensible. Even if that guy believed all those players were underrated, he could have given just the 13th pick alone (and still be overpaying). I’d overturn it and give that owner a warning
  12. While I personally would not trade Zeke for the 1.01 I think you are underestimating Barkley’s upside a bit. Zeke will never be the pass catcher that Barkley is. Barkley has LT/Faulk level upside as a RB who can catch 80+ passes while still doing a lot of damage on the ground. If you believe in him this is about the only window to buy because you won’t be touching him in the future if he hits
  13. McKinnon by a fair amount
  14. I’ve been buying Clement everywhere I can this offseason. I loved what I saw out of him last season and there is a lot of upside in that offense