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  1. Yep I lost Wentz today so I'm going to have to pick up Bortles to start next week
  2. This thread actually highlights a key point of my overall dynasty draft strategy. I almost never invest 1st round picks on WRs. I feel like RB prospects are easier to evaluate as well as their situations at the NFL level. The last WR I spent a high pick on in dynasty was Julio Jones, because he was just can't miss. Generally I prefer to draft RBs and then target older WRs in trade (guys like Larry Fitz, Jordy, etc.) after they hit 30 and their dynasty value tanks. I'll still draft WRs with upside (guys like Golladay) in later rounds. Now there is a downside to this as well because I will likely never have a young stud like OBJ on my roster but this strategy has served me well over the years.
  3. In terms of dynasty, where do people see Kamara in the RB rankings? I can't help but think he is due for a bit of a regression next year as that TD rate seems unsustainable. If I could get my hands on something like Mixon + high/mid 1st rounder or Cook + high/mid 1st rounder I would probably do that. I don't think Kamara will flop going forward but his value is so sky high right now.
  4. His offensive line is putrid and Penn St. has a very limited passing game. Analysts have put together whole reels of plays in which he is hit in the backfield before he has a chance to do anything. He is an elite talent. As good a receiver as he is a runner. For me he is the best RB prospect in at least 5 years. I'll do whatever I can to get him on every one of my teams.
  5. Next year I may consider doing mostly 50/50 leagues. I have 10 MFLs this year and in 9 of them I am in spots 2-4, but have little chance of actually winning a league. I don't remember the specifics last year exactly but it was something similar.
  6. I was correcting the OP who called Taylor a 5 star prospect, which was not remotely accurate. I certainly think Taylor has proven to be better than a middling 3 star but you have to take into consideration the Wisconsin rushing attack. Montee Ball put up back to back 1800+ yard rushing seasons, Brian Calhoun ran for 1600+, Ron Dayne had two 2000+ yard rushing seasons and none of them amounted to much in the NFL. I've seen Taylor play multiple times this year and nothing he does jumps off the screen to me to warrant a high pick in a devy league
  7. I certainly hope so as I also have 187, currently good for 385
  8. I think 185 should be good. Very low ownership on MNF players.
  9. Well after one drive Bell has already outscored Hunt and now every point of his counts for me. Currently 6 points below the cut so I need a pretty good game from Bell here
  10. Yes. Also worth noting that 3 of the 4 QBs playing are complete non factors (Hundley, Flacco, Savage)
  11. The cut is not moving 30 points with these teams playing
  12. Will be a good buy low this offseason. Offense should improve with Mahomes going forward
  13. Starting him over Woodhead, Ajayi and Martin in .5 PPR.
  14. You're mistaken on Taylor. He was a middling 3 star prospect with his top offers being Wisconsin, Virginia Tech and Boston College. Personally I don't think he is a dynamic talent and is benefiting largely from the scheme and OLine of Wisconsin like many RBs before him. Lots of young RBs I would target in devy leagues before him
  15. Well Crowder certainly picked a good week to have his best game of the year for me