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  1. AJ Brown to the Colts, 49ers, etc. would put him right in the mix
  2. There is a massive drop off after Devin Bush to the next LB. Bush is a future All-Pro
  3. 12 team .5 PPR I gave: Courtland Sutton, 1.12 I got: Christian Kirk, 1.09 I prefer Kirk to Sutton straight up so the pick upgrade was a bonus for me
  4. I just completed my first one. I was picking in the 10th spot which is obviously not what I’d prefer. I went BPA early. I think ideally you want to get two top RBs early if you can because it dries out pretty fast. QB: Big Ben, Trubisky RB: Kerryon, Drake, M. Sanders, D. Johnson, Burkhead, Yeldon, R. Smith WR: M. Thomas, Smith-Schuster, Diggs, Shepherd, D. Hamilton, T. Smith, Dorsett TE: Henry, Cook DEF: Chargers, Colts, Lions
  5. Ozigbo really popped for me in the Nebraska games I watched. Landing spot will be really important but he is guy I will be targeting in rookie drafts
  6. I have a lot of picks in that range and would love to end up with Holyfield but I have a feeling his price will be much higher come rookie draft time
  7. I’m alive but unlikely to advance past week 2 or 3 unless I get some huge weeks. I have all LAC/NO players plus Luck and M. Mack.
  8. I would not have chosen to employ the same strategy given those league parameters. No system is perfect but I will look for an edge to exploit whatever system is in place in my leagues
  9. Of course I could have. And if I had I’d likely have Sony Michel on my roster instead of Saquon Barkley
  10. It may be frowned upon but it’s not against the rules. Do your leagues force people to make trades if say their top 4 RBs all go on the IR? How do you police that?
  11. Of course the point is to win. My view is that sometimes you have to take a step or two back to position yourself for greater success in the future, the Philadelphia 76ers model. The tanking comes into play by deliberately structuring my roster to score almost nothing at QB and TE, thus allowing me to add a Barkley to a roster that is nowhere near the worst in the league in terms of raw talent. Mahomes obviously proves this example well but I’ve done this in multiple leagues over the years with other QBs who did not end up as well as Mahomes.
  12. What option did they have? This isn’t a redraft league with Ryan Tannehill and Andy Dalton on the waiver wire to pick up. Every starting QB and multiple backup QBs were rostered.
  13. When it comes to dynasty I have a two things that I always employ, and I think have been the biggest key to my success. Always tank year 1. I personally think this is one of the biggest advantages you can get. Where I differ is how I go about it. I am not taking all fliers on young players or rookies. Best example I can give is in one league two years ago I drafted a team with guys like Kamara, K. Allen, Tyreek Hill, etc., so hardly a team devoid of talent. My only QB drafted was Mahomes, and I didn’t draft a starting caliber TE. I acquired multiple future 1sts as well. By essentially taking a 0 at QB and TE every week my otherwise talented team finished with the worst record in the league. Drafted Barkley at 1.01, Mahomes takes over as starter, moved draft picks for veteran talent and in the course of one year I dominated the league and cruised to a championship year 2. Some may view this as shady but it is within the rules and I am starting my best lineup every week. Acquire future 1st rounders, but rarely make the picks. Rookie 1st rounders are the greatest appreciating asset in dynasty football. As the OP mentioned, there is no better trade to make in dynasty than a late 1st rounder for a future 1st (preferably from a bad team). Last year I was able to move the 1.11 (Christian Kirk) for a future 1st that now ended up the 1.02. I’ll either trade down and acquire more picks or move that to upgrade with a veteran. I’ll draft a Zeke or Barkley type if available but all other picks will be moved for veterans or future picks.