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  1. I think it really depends on the draft class. This year, I’d take 3 random 2nds over one random 1st. Next season, I’d probably go the opposite. Seeing how an NFL franchise like the Colts operates has started to make me question how we operate in dynasty. As much as we all like to believe we are more knowledgeable about players than our league mates the truth is that there is a still a ton of luck involved, and we all might be better off with more bullets in the chamber so to speak.
  2. Parris Campbell is missing from the 2QB poll. I voted other as my vote would be for him
  3. Yea I’m just going to have to disagree on that. This class was seen as lacking in superstar prospects from a ways back. 2020 class has multiple high level players who would have likely been the 1.01 if they had been in this class. Next years 1.01 is going to be enormously value this time next year.
  4. Hardman was a QB in high school and was a DB his freshman year at Georgia. In just his 2nd year ever playing WR he put up those numbers while competing for targets with NFL level targets in Ridley, Nauta, Godwin and Holloman against an SEC schedule. He will likely need some seasoning in the NFL but his entire profile scream massive upside.
  5. I think Swift and Jeudy are miles ahead of anyone in this class and two of the best prospects to come out in years. It’s a high price to pay but not unreasonable in my opinion.
  6. That may look like an overpay for Juju to some, but that guy who dealt him is going to look back in 2 years and wish he had Juju when all those other pieces (save probably Njoku) are pretty much worthless.
  7. I’m quoting those stats because breakout age is probably the most predictive metric when it comes to future success. Also his yardage went down very slightly while his TDs went up. His market share remained high the entire time. Butler and Johnson were 4th and 6th round picks who are not very good players. I think the predraft hype on Butler has got people a bit carried away. Kirk is still the #1 in this offense and nothing the Cardinals did makes me believe otherwise.
  8. They are planning on running frequent 4 WR sets and they basically had 1.5 WRs on the roster. They had to invest heavily at WR. Kirk is still the guy who put up a 1000 yard season as an 18 year old true freshman in the SEC, was drafted higher, and the only one who has produced on an NFL level. I like Isabella quite a bit but Kirk is still the top guy here to me by a long shot, and I’ll be buying in every league I can.
  9. It’s a more than a fair offer but I have a pretty deep roster as it is and I’d rather take the chance of landing a stud like Swift, Jeudy, Taylor, etc. next year.
  10. Here’s a trade offer I received that will give an idea of how some are valuing 2020 1sts at the moment. I recently was offered the the 1.09, 2.03, 2.05 and 2.10 for a 2020 1st that I own in a 12 team superflex. The team the 2020 1st is from is in pretty bad shape, losing K. Hunt, T. Hill and Gronk after that pick was traded to me and it likely projects top 5. I rejected the offer without much of a second thought. I haven’t seen anyone successfully move out of the 1st for a 2020 1st in any of my leagues.
  11. Peoples-Jones put up 47/612/8 as a true sophomore on a team running a Stone Age offense. He is 6’2”, 210 and will likely run in the 4.4’s or low 4.5’s. If healthy this season he will dominate in Josh Gattis’ offense. Word though is that he has a lingering injury that may keep him out of fall camp and put him behind a bit this year.
  12. 12 team .5 PPR Team A gets: 1.02 (Miles Sanders), David Njoku, 2020 2nd, 2020 3rd Team B gets: Stefon Diggs, Vance McDonald Team A is young and talented but maybe a year away. Team B is defending champion
  13. We have waited months to have something to do in our leagues. Why the big rush? Guys may be familiarizing themselves with players, exploring trades etc. I’ve never understood this complaint
  14. AJ Brown was my #1 player coming into this draft. The landing spot is awful. That being said, I think one of two things happens in the very near future. Either Mariota turns his career around, or the Titans will move in another direction at QB. My guess is on #2. I’ll take a comparable player in a more favorable situation (Harry) over him, but I’m not dropping down talent tiers to take other guys just because they landed in more favorable spots. Situations change quickly in the NFL
  15. I still think he is the #1 there. The air raid uses 4 WRs regularly so they had to add some more.