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  1. I’ve been quite lucky to avoid the injury bug so far and have been rolling along quite well. But looking at my roster now I likely won’t get past week 7 given the Baltimore bye week change. Planned the byes out quite carefully but I’ll be missing 2 of my top 3 RBs and 2 of my top 3 WRs from a thin cast that week.
  2. I get that but it’s still dynasty, and even this year I don’t think any one of them is a clear difference maker who would push a team over the top.
  3. I can’t believe someone would make that deal. There’s a legitimate chance that all 3 of those players are worthless this time next year.
  4. In my experience in dynasty, on average in a typical 12 team league there are maybe 6 teams with a legitimate chance to win, 2 teams who are in a full on rebuild and 4 teams who think they can compete but are stuck in that mediocre no mans land and should be fully rebuilding. If you’re not realistically competing this year then all guys like Zeke, Henry, etc. are doing is hurting your draft position for next year. So you possibly end up with the 1.05 instead of the 1.01. Buying injured players can be a great strategy for a dynasty rebuild.
  5. I’m pretty shocked by Kamara and Cook to be honest. Most of the top RBs have late byes: McCaffrey 13, Barkley 11, Zeke/Ekeler/CEH 10, Mixon/Chubb/Sanders 9. I’m one of the few who has Kamara. He’s fully healthy now and has a week 6 bye. I feel like he’s as good a bet to finish top 5 as anyone at RB
  6. Had a busy week and wasn’t on the forum so I missed Joe’s post but here’s my team. Jared Goff LAR/9 $12 Ben Roethlisberger PIT/8 $11 Jalen Hurts PHI/9 $2 Tons of good values at QB so this was difficult for me. In the end I think Goff and Big Ben both end up as low end QB1’s this year and should give me a solid floor as well as a high weekly ceiling. Hurts is a super athlete at QB, playing behind likely the most injury prone QB in the league. I think there’s a decent chance of some startable games and possibly a Tebow-esque fantasy run at some point this year. Worth the gamble for $2. Alvin Kamara NO/6 $32 Jonathan Taylor IND/7 $21 J.K. Dobbins BAL/8 $16 Boston Scott PHI/9 $11 Chris Thompson JAX/7 $5 I wanted Barkley but went with Kamara due to an earlier bye week. There is some small worry about his contract status but I think he’s a pretty safe bet to produce top 5 numbers. Taylor is an elite talent running behind arguably the best offensive line in the NFL. Dobbins is a similar level talent but has more competition in Ingram. With an injury to Ingram he becomes a potential league winner, but I expect solid work either way. Scott is a guy I feel is being overlooked. Miles Sanders is not going to get all the work and is already dealing with some injuries. Thompson is cheap and likely to get some good PPR numbers before he likely gets hurt. Just want a bit of a bridge until my rookies take on bigger workloads. Passed on Antonio Gibson as I think that is fools gold, at least this season. Adam Thielen MIN/7 $21 Calvin Ridley ATL/10 $21 Marquise Brown BAL/8 $16 Marvin Jones DET/5 $13 Steven Sims WAS/8 $7 Bryan Edwards LVR/6 $3 I immediately identified Theilen and Ridley as underpriced, and looks like I am not alone in thinking that. Brown is the perfect best ball WR. Jones is continually underrated and I think the Lions offense as a whole is in for a big year. Loved what I saw from Sims last year and I think he will get a lot of receptions in WAS. Edwards is a starting WR for $3 so everyone will likely have him T.J. Hockenson DET/5 $14 Mike Gesicki MIA/11 $12 Jonnu Smith TEN/7 $9 Eric Ebron PIT/8 $8 I’m really high on Hockenson. I expect a Mark Andrews level breakout from him this year. Gesicki is a guy who I think will be inconsistent but will have some monster games. Jonnu Smith I think will be a top 10 TE this year. Ebron is a guy who I don’t think many people are talking about. He will be inconsistent but there is a lot of upside with him in the Pittsburgh passing offense. Wouldn’t want to rely on him as an every week option but I think he will have his fair share of big weeks. Like most years I am trying to get at least one flex from the TE position most weeks. Austin Seibert CLE/9 $3 Chris Boswell PIT/8 $3 Stephen Gostkowski TEN/7 $2 Cheap and different bye weeks Jacksonville Jaguars JAX/7 $2 Detroit Lions DET/5 $2 Arizona Cardinals ARZ/8 $2 Las Vegas Raiders LVR/6 $2 Cheap and different bye weeks. Bad defenses but all it takes is a defensive score to post a respectable number.
  7. Bunch of trades went down during our draft, not personally involved in any of them. I included who was taken with the picks in parentheses for reference 14 team PPR Superflex, 1.5 PPR for TE Start QB, RB, WR, TE, SF, Flex, Flex, Flex, Flex Trade 1 Team A Gives: Saquon Barkley, Ian Thomas Team B Gives: 1.03 (Jonathon Taylor), AJ Brown, 2.05, 2.11, 3.09 Team 2 Team A Gives: 1.10 (Justin Herbert), Tyrod Taylor Team B Gives: 1.13 (Henry Ruggs), 2.03 (Tee Higgins) Trade 3 Team A Gives: Jonnu Smith, 2021 1st, 2021 2nd, 2021 3rd (this is the best team in the league by a long shot) Team B Gives: 1.14 (Denzel Mims), 2.12 (Chase Claypool) Trade 4 Team A Gives: 2.05 (Bryan Edwards), 2.11 (Joshua Kelly), 3.12, 2021 3rd Team B Gives: 2.01 (Jordan Love), 2020 2nd Trade 5 Team A Gives: Olabisi Johnson, 3.02 Team B Gives: 2.09 (Antonio Gibson) Trade 6 Team A Gives: 3.04 (Alvin Kamara Owner) Team B Gives: Latavius Murray Trade 7 Team A Gives: Austin Ekeler, 2.14 (Darryngton Evans) Team B Gives: Sam Darnold, 2021 3rd
  8. Offering a first year discount of $15 to anyone interested. Almost filled
  9. Had 6 openings, 3 have been filled already. The new owners will conduct a dispersal draft of the players and draft picks as soon as the league is filled. I have a google doc with the player pool available, message me if interested
  10. I personally consider it to be a top tier of 5 (Swift, Dobbins, Taylor, Akers, CEH). Landing spot will differentiate them but I’d be happy to add any of them
  11. I honestly think I would take Dobbins as my 1.01 in 1 QB leagues at this point. Obviously landing spot will factor in but I love his skill set. I would have Taylor as my RB5 at this point (Dobbins, Swift, Akers, Etienne, Taylor).
  12. 12 team .5 PPR, QRRWWWTFlex I gave: Patrick Mahomes, Mecole Hardman, Chris Herndon, Panthers DEF I got: Tom Brady, Mike Evans, Trey Burton, Patriots DEF I also own Lamar Jackson
  13. About 1.5 points, enough to knock me out by .6 pts at the last minute