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  1. I have Mariota and a 0 so far at QB (Dalton) but I'm comfortably safe at 151
  2. My top 2 scorers right now are the Saints defense and the Lions defense lol
  3. Terrible call
  4. Game script hasn't been favorable for Kamara today but he has looked great
  5. With AJ Green on bye and Stefon Diggs and DeVante Parker out I am pretty desperate and forced to take a chance on Crowder this week. I also think Smith-Schuster (starting him too) and Demarcus Robinson are decent Hail Mary options this week as well
  6. Almost certainly will be out this week Dalton on bye and Mariota who is unlikely to play as my 2 QBs. DJ and DeVante Parker hurt Ajayi and Crowder basically usless Graham, Richardson, B. Walsh on bye Will be a miracle if I survive
  7. Kittle is going to practically carry me to next week on his own. It's only a matter of time for my team though
  8. I feel like you're arguing for my side. I want the 1.01 and Barkley. If I end up with the 1.02 or 1.03 I'll still get a very good player as well. I also disagree that the hype on Fournette was on par with what we see with Barkley.
  9. Barring injury 1.01 is Saquon Barkley. The only question is does he land in a Leonard Fournette situation or a Zeke Elliott situation. He's the best dynasty rookie prospect in 5+ years so I'm willing to gamble a bit for the chance to land him. I like Kamara but I love Barkley.
  10. I agree, though I'd say there is a good chance one of those 4 develops into a stud at some point. I wouldn't make that deal but I see the rationale
  11. 12 team PPR start 1/2/3/1/1 flex I gave: Alvin Kamara, 2018 1st (Playoff team) I got: 2018 1st (bottom 3 team in the league)
  12. The offense has been awful so far and he has still put up 3 straight startable weeks. If the offense gets it going at all this year he still has some upside.
  13. I like him a lot in redraft but I'm wary of him in dynasty due to Brees age. If I am able to sell him for a good price after this game I will probably do that.