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  1. Bunch of trades went down during our draft, not personally involved in any of them. I included who was taken with the picks in parentheses for reference 14 team PPR Superflex, 1.5 PPR for TE Start QB, RB, WR, TE, SF, Flex, Flex, Flex, Flex Trade 1 Team A Gives: Saquon Barkley, Ian Thomas Team B Gives: 1.03 (Jonathon Taylor), AJ Brown, 2.05, 2.11, 3.09 Team 2 Team A Gives: 1.10 (Justin Herbert), Tyrod Taylor Team B Gives: 1.13 (Henry Ruggs), 2.03 (Tee Higgins) Trade 3 Team A Gives: Jonnu Smith, 2021 1st, 2021 2nd, 2021 3rd (this is the best team in the league by a long shot) Team B Gives: 1.14 (Denzel Mims), 2.12 (Chase Claypool) Trade 4 Team A Gives: 2.05 (Bryan Edwards), 2.11 (Joshua Kelly), 3.12, 2021 3rd Team B Gives: 2.01 (Jordan Love), 2020 2nd Trade 5 Team A Gives: Olabisi Johnson, 3.02 Team B Gives: 2.09 (Antonio Gibson) Trade 6 Team A Gives: 3.04 (Alvin Kamara Owner) Team B Gives: Latavius Murray Trade 7 Team A Gives: Austin Ekeler, 2.14 (Darryngton Evans) Team B Gives: Sam Darnold, 2021 3rd
  2. Offering a first year discount of $15 to anyone interested. Almost filled
  3. Had 6 openings, 3 have been filled already. The new owners will conduct a dispersal draft of the players and draft picks as soon as the league is filled. I have a google doc with the player pool available, message me if interested
  4. I personally consider it to be a top tier of 5 (Swift, Dobbins, Taylor, Akers, CEH). Landing spot will differentiate them but I’d be happy to add any of them
  5. I honestly think I would take Dobbins as my 1.01 in 1 QB leagues at this point. Obviously landing spot will factor in but I love his skill set. I would have Taylor as my RB5 at this point (Dobbins, Swift, Akers, Etienne, Taylor).
  6. 12 team .5 PPR, QRRWWWTFlex I gave: Patrick Mahomes, Mecole Hardman, Chris Herndon, Panthers DEF I got: Tom Brady, Mike Evans, Trey Burton, Patriots DEF I also own Lamar Jackson
  7. About 1.5 points, enough to knock me out by .6 pts at the last minute
  8. 5 points above the cutoff with only Gallup (-8.8) left to play
  9. I’ve been rolling so far this year, closest cut for me was 21 points. Thought I was dead early on due to my QB situation. Would be nice to get a score from Hill or Herndon at some point. QB: Carr (7), Darnold (1), Foles (0) RB: Cook (8), Chubb (6), Sanders (4), Breida (2), J. Hill (0) WR: Julio (7), Godwin (6), Lockett (6), Westbrook (4), Gallup (2) TE: Waller (7), Hockenson (4), Herndon (0) K: Gay (4), Prater (4), Carlson (0) DEF: NYJ (4), DET (3), TB (1)
  10. Cook and Waller carrying me easily through another week
  11. I think you’ll be happy nobody took those offers. Chark is the real deal
  12. I’ve managed to make it through so far with only Derek Carr at QB. If Darnold doesn’t come back this week I will take a 0 at QB. Though I made it comfortably this week with Carr only giving me 12 points so it’s possible I could still survive with a 0 at QB