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  1. A lot of the fantasy rankings for week 15 say to start Dak Prescott over Matt Ryan. That almost cost me last week, and yet they're saying it again. Who would you start this week? Prescott vs. the Seahawks (Zeke Elliott is back and the Seahawks have a severely banged up defense atm) or Matt Ryan vs. the Saints ? Oh and it's a 12-team league, PPR Thanks so much.
  2. 12-team PPR League I have Matt Ryan, but do you think it's a good idea to add Prescott and drop Mariota (I can't have more than two QBs the way the league is set up)? Mariota has some decent matchups, but I'm thinking Prescott could get a boost come fantasy playoff time when Zeke Elliott returns. Thoughts? Thanks!
  3. 14 team ppr league. Someone worth dropping for gordon between Cooper kupp Josh doctson Juju smith-schuster Emmanuel Sanders Corey davis Worth the gamble?
  4. 14-team league, PPR I have Matt Ryan, so I'm looking at my option B QB. Mariota has been so frustrating but a couple sites I often defer to say Mariota is the one to keep. Yet, Keenum's been on fire. Thoughts? Thanks!
  5. 14-team league PPR. Is it time to drop Doug Martin? Danny Woodhead and Kenyan Drake are available. Thanks.
  6. 14-team PPR league. I would have to drop a RB to pick up a RB the way the rules are set. I have Zeke Elliott who I don't want to drop because he'll be back for the 2nd round of my playoffs, have Devonta Freeman, Melvin Gordon and Doug Martin. I like Martin but...should I drop Martin and pickup Crowell? Thoughts? Thanks.
  7. Philthy

    WR Woes

    14-team PPR league. I'm in first, but am in a pick. We are only allowed 4 RBs, 6 WRs and 2 TEs, and WRs are VERY thin right now on the wire. Most intriguing receiver pickups on the wire right now are: Josh Gordon, Terrance Williams, Calvin Johnson, John Brown and Allen Hurns Or should I try to swing a deal? Here's the rest of my team. QBs (2 allowed) Matt Ryan and Marcus Mariota RBs (4 allowed) Melvin Gordon, Devonta Freeman, Doug Martin, Ezekiel Elliott (gotta keep him. he's set to return from suspension the first week of our playoffs) WRs (6 allowed Keenan Allen, Cooper Kupp, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Josh Doctson, Emmanuel Sanders and Martavis Bryant TEs (2 allowed) Cameron Brate and Hunter Henry The rest aren't really tradable assets. The other option might be to trade a RB, which may be a really good move since the wire is a little more generous with those this year. Which one, though, and what players should I go after, do ya think? Also, I know Bryant's situation is sketchy, but should I just hang on to him to see if that relationship can get patched up? If I drop him...who for? What would you do? Thanks so much for any help. Phil
  8. 14 team ppr league with a limit of 6 wrs on your roster at a time. I have Keenan allen Josh doctson Jordan matthews Cooper kupp Juju smith-schuster Martavis bryant Should i drop someone for him or stand pat? I know theres bryant but was goingto see if he got traded. Thoughts?
  9. 14-team PPR league I'm in a bit of a hurt. My WRs are just not good. I'm loaded at running back...although I'll lose Zeke Elliott when his suspension finally hits. I'm thinking of dropping Jamison Crowder or Martavis Bryant, or both. I also have Jordan Matthews as a possibility. Here are some waiver wire options: - Josh Doctson - JuJu Smith-Schuster - Paul Richardson - Bennie Fowler Should I go after all these guys (knowing I'll only get one or two of course)? Only some of them? Should I sit on any of the three receivers mentioned above? Thanks for any help. Really unsure here.
  10. 14-team PPR League. We are restricted to 4 WRs and 6 RBs, and I'm loaded on RBs with Melvin Gordon, Devonta Freeman, Zeke Elliott (who just got cleared to play Sunday, as he's appealing his hearing) and Doug Martin. I'm weaker at WR, and am not seeing much on the wire week in and out (I have Keenan Allen, Martavis Bryant, Cooper Kupp, John Brown, Jordan Matthews and Jamison Crowder) I'd like to trade Martin, but I'm not always the best at gauge what I could get and what I should go for. Here are some thoughts. Please let me know what you think (am I asking too much? Not asking enough? Trade look right?) Martin for T.Y. Hilton Martin for Michael Crabtree Martin for Doug Baldwin Martin for Larry Fitzgerald Please help! Thanks.
  11. 14-team PPR league. We are only allowed two QBs, though we only play one per week. I have Mariota and Dalton. Someone dropped Matt Ryan, and I read a couple headlines about his fantasy value being in question right now. Should I pick him up? Who would I drop for him? Mariota is hurt and Dalton finally had a good week and has a decent matchup...Ryan's on a bye week. Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks.
  12. Thanks everyone. Kind of figured, but was starting to over think it lol
  13. 14 team PPR league. We are only allowed 4 RBs and I have Zeke Elliott, Melvin Gordon and Devonta Freeman. I have Doug Martin on the bench, and I think he still has a couple more games suspension left but was apparently back in great shape this offseason. Yet, I really like Derrick Henry and he looked good in Murray's absence. Just looking for opinions and reasons. Do I give up on Martin and take a flier on Henry? Or am I nuts to even ask? Thanks.