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  1. Hi Guys, I need to pick 3 to 4 Wide Receivers out of the following - PPR League this week. If I win that sends me to the playoffs! Your help is appreciated!! Keenan @ DAL FItzgerald v JAX Hopkins @ BAL Diggs @ DET Crabtree v DEN Doctson v NYG If you had to pick your top three this week, and maybe a fourth as a flex (vs Jordan Howard or Jerrick McKinnon) what do you do?? I'm thinking Keenan for sure. Diggs looks good. Crabtree is dicey but Denver has been playing crappy lately. Doctson seems like a dice roll that could pay big against the Giants. Hard to sit Fitz or Hopkins as they are studs but have awful matchups. Best, Monkey
  2. Hi Guys, Having a hard time deciding between Ben Roethlisberger @ IND vs starting Josh McCown @TB. Both are terrible defenses, TB maybe a little worse but IND is a bit worse at home but played slightly better in the last three games. Ben on the road I don't like but he had a bye week last week so he is fresh and coming off a great game. Also, I will mention my opponent is playing JuJu as a WR, not sure if that makes a difference. Also McCown is a bit of a revenge game. But then again Colts I believe lost their best corner recently. So yeah, you can see I am back and forth and I need to win!! Your help is truly appreciated!!
  3. Hi Guys, In a PPR league (only 0.5 ppr) in which you HAVE to start three WRs, which three do you pick? D. Hopkins @ LA R. Anderson @TB T. Ginn @ BUF S. Diggs @ WAS L. Fitzgerald v SEA Right now I am leaning towards the top three (Hopkins, Anderson and Ginn) but your thoughts are welcomed and appreciated!!!
  4. Hi Guys, Standard league which would you start: Ben Rothlisberger on the road vs Baltimore Jared Goff at Dallas or Jameis Winston vs NYG I am almost leaning towards Goff given the Dallas passing defense and how he's been doing but appreciate your input. THANK YOU!
  5. Hi Guys, In a PPR league (only 0.5 pts PPR), who would you start: Keenan Allen vs PHI Larry Fitzgerald vs SF or Chris Hogan vs CAR Your help is appreciated!!
  6. Hi Guys, In a standard scoring league wondering who would you start in your flex position: Jordan Matthews at Chicago Monday Night or LeGarrette Blount v Miami or Desean Jackson v Dallas I appreciate the help, will answer those who answer me! Thank you!
  7. Hi Guys, In standard scoring which two do you pick? J. Jones v CAR D. Baldwin v STL G. Tate v SF Obviously Jones is the stud with the bad matchup, and baldwin is a possibly hurt and golden tate has been great lately with no guarantees... so which two do you play? Thank you, will answer yours!
  8. Hi Guys, In a standard scoring league I'm having trouble picking one of the following RBs, please help! R. Jennings @ MIN C. Michael v STL K. Williams v DAL C Artis-Payne @ ATL Also, lol White from the Pats and Bilal Powell are on the waiver. I am in the championship and every bit helps, who is the best pick? THANK YOU and will answer yours!
  9. Anyone else can chime in?
  10. Hi Guys, I have two choose one RB out of the following: Giovani Bernard @ SF B. Bolden v TEN F. Whittaker @ NYG Its a standard scoring league, and its playoff time. PLEASE HELP, will answer yours!
  11. Thanks guys, replies sent. Any others?
  12. I agree going with the three rbs, dependable points although temped by amendola
  13. themonkeys

    RB Decision

    I'd go Gurley, Allen, Lacy then hillman