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  1. So which 65 or 70 OLED should we be looking at?
  2. Looking forward to the reports of raw junk.
  3. Congrats Dad!
  4. Is there cliffsnotes of the leaks yet?
  5. Saw Guns n Roses last Thursday and thought they were fantastic. Very excited to see Temple of the Dog come November even with out Vedder.
  6. Sign up via Project Fi and get a Nexus 5X for $200
  7. Few Cards Short Anal Sausage Yourinal Kake
  8. Just heard about this, come on here and ... we are talking about internment camps??? Really?
  9. sounds about right
  10. BB2K3 Amazons Value > 3C's Amazon Value Keep checking your email. My buddy who gave me the code (it expired for him as well) did not get the email I did either.
  11. Pretty sure everyone in Philly calls "red sauce" gravy.
  12. I love Amazon: Dear Valued Prime Member, In connection with Prime Day, we ran a limited offer of $30 off a purchase of $150 or more with the Amazon Rewards Visa Card on Amazon.com. We see that you entered the promotion code VISA30 after the offer had already expired. Because you are a valued Prime Member, we have loaded a $30 Amazon.com Gift Card to your account. No minimum purchase necessary
  13. Saric is signed and will play this year. Sixers > Kings. Book it!
  14. Planning on building an outdoor "theater" at our mountain place. Going to hang the screen on the side of a barn. Any tips suggestions. Looking for projector ideas, etc.
  15. I just love Embiid #FashionIcon https://twitter.com/JoelEmbiid/status/752584838318661632