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  2. My guess is they are actually upset that their book wasn't as well written to get the O's attention and get on her precious list.
  3. Wait... people found another reason to be upset about something that has zero effect on their lives?
  4. Heading down to Fort Lauderdale in June for a wedding and hope to get some fishing in. Has anyone fished that area? Thinking about trying for some Peacock Bass but not familiar with any of the guides.
  5. Coronaviruses Symptoms runny nose. headache. cough. sore throat. fever. a general feeling of being unwell. That's literally everyone in my office
  6. I wonder who these people route for during the Olympics. #Treason
  7. I cut the peppers in half, clean them out, then roast them for about 30 mins at 350. Then fill them with a sausage/cream cheese/diced pepper mix and then back in the oven until the cheese is melted.
  8. Low carb household and most of the people coming have zero issues with it. jalapeno poppers - Pretty sure I posted these before Pork Roll Sticks - Instead of making pac-man slices I cut french fry looking sticks and serve them with cheese sauce, ketchup etc Smoked Wings Ribs Bacon/Garlic/Spinach Dip w/ Pork Rinds Salad
  9. It does incredibly well just pushing it. The handles also give a great deal of leverage for throwing heavier wet snow.
  10. I have never felt more frustrated with a game in my life and in the same breath I can't get enough of it.