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  1. Do they have deep pockets?
  2. I own quite a few of them and really like them. There is some trial and error since they differ in firmness. They last forever, they dont get matted down and wash very easily. Not sure what the issues could be.
  3. Having it produced by some of the top people in Hollywood helps.
  4. Do not pay full price. They often offer buy one get one etc.
  5. I have a disease called DISH, the tendons and my spine are fusing together and thus greatly limit my range of motion etc. So combine that with my extremely large and heavy head, I need a very firm pillow.
  6. Love these. I have some hip and neck issues and their body pillows are the greatest things ever. Regular body pillows go flat in a month, these mypillows havent even begun to go flat in well over a year. If you like a firmer pillow these
  7. WikiLeaks releases hacked Democratic National Committee audio files
  8. "Mission Accomplished. All everyone is talking about now is Russia. Well done all, well done." DNC
  9. eating too much bad $%#$* can give you throat cancer.
  10. I think thats because they are now sharing pant suits.