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  1. Do the linebackers still have 84" verticals and the ability to intercept any throw over the middle?
  2. 17.12 - Giants 18.01 - Nelson Agholor
  3. 15.12 - Matt Ryan 16.01 - Ryan Tannehill
  4. 13.12 Pierre Garcon `14.01 Ben Watson
  5. Going to the well for these picks... 11.12 - Crowell 12.01 - Treadwell
  6. quite possibly the worst dialogue in any modern superhero film, quite possibly the worst fighting scenes in any superhero film and without a doubt the worst story. But the Joker looked cool.
  7. Wait until you see Suicide Squad, you will beg to be transported back to this viewing experience.
  8. Allo looks like its going to be more of an assistant, I am pretty excited about it. They arent getting rid of Hangouts exactly, they are pushing it towards their enterprise customers.
  9. Hangouts is getting phased out for Allo They switched their video chat over to Duo and it works extremely well.
  10. Maybe Twenty One Pilots is more your thing?
  11. quote system is working as intended
  12. Moth & the Flame - Red Flag
  13. Ok gonna start over this am. 9.12 - Travis Benjamin 10.01 - Corey Coleman Browns Sorry changed my mind again. I will not post until I have my coffee.