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  1. The Eyes of My Mother - Currently on Netflix Don't read anything about it. Don't watch the trailer either. Fantastic visuals for a black and white film. Creates a fair amount of tension and unease without really showing that much violence or gore. Bit of an "artsy" horror film, but well worth your time.
  2. Incredibly sad. Better than the original
  3. Anyone get NBA Playgrounds?
  4. Lily's Chocolate Chips with a spoonful of no sugar added almond butter or sunflower seed butter is a fantastic treat
  5. He made America so great that Trump was the next option.
  6. Is your goal to lose weight or lose fat?
  7. If you read the last book, just think about what happened and what the entire theme of the series was.
  8. Without spoiling much for you, I believe the movie takes place after the books. Hard to explain without spoilers.
  9. Trailer looks decent
  10. Not as well as I use to.
  11. Depends if you are just doing this to lose weight or as a complete life style change. I have been doing this sort of eating for three years and I still eat ice cream, pizza, bread etc. The difference is that I have zero interest in going back to my old eating ways. I also know that it's not possible for me to never have a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, Philly Cheese Steak or slice of cherry pie again.
  12. I am extremely worried that I wont be getting my Super Blue Toothpaste. Anyone else get theirs yet??????
  13. Baskin is on Netflix.
  14. Huge fan of Baskin. The visuals were absolutely fantastic. FYI "The Father" was not a makeup job
  15. Not sure if I have mentioned it, but eat a lot of sauerkraut. I make my own and its fantastic. When it's ready to eat I saute it in bacon fat and mix in bacon pieces and have it as a side dish. I use red cabbage because its supposed to be a bit better for you.