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  1. Whats her "enthusiasm" score?
  2. FYI, Sonos announced the new "Sonos One" ($199) which has "Alexa" built in. Very excited to have a great sounding Echo
  3. I wonder why the euros are banning GMO's, pesticides. It's all about human lives no?
  4. Possible echo as well.
  5. I contacted Fi and they moved me over to Google. Got the Pixel XL in a few days and have been loving it. I should have noted that I have read that they are now out of Pixels for warranty replacements.
  6. Exactly. I know I take much better care of my vehicles now compared to when I was in my twenties. I also would have never wanted to drive a "luxury" sedan back then.
  7. Open borders please.
  8. I know I read somewhere that the % of people that commit suicide that are on anti depression meds is rather high as well. I wonder if there is some sort of correlation. Maybe these drugs are doing more harm than good?
  9. In Pa we have places called "Car Sense". They are one of those used car lots that are no haggle and sell a ton of prior leased vehicles. Vehicles in this class much like Volvo, BMW etc that get leased are more often leased by an older crowed and thus treated better.
  10. Does anyone know how many of these people that commit mass murders are on anti depression type meds? My guess the number is rather high.
  11. It is illegal to plan a murder. Just because he was not caught doing so does not mean he was not committing crimes.
  12. If you are planning to commit murder you are not a law abiding citizen. He committed crimes well before this.
  13. Not a fan.