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  1. 4 Way Stop Signs -- I am rather sure I am the only one that understands how these intersections work.
  2. Joe has been extremely active as a topic starter in the FFA this year. 42 Topics started alone this year. Joe is the new Timmy 👍
  3. I have several Droll Yankee Bird Feeders all over my property and they are absolutely squirrel proof.
  4. Ate a bunch of Pork Roll this weekend via the Pac-Man cut and it was OUTSTANDING
  5. Will be having a major Bacon and Pork Roll eat fest this weekend Double Smoked Bacon - Sweet Apple Smoked Bacon - Possibly Pepper Bacon Pork Roll - Pork Roll w/ Slice of Cooper Sharp - Pork Roll Sammitch on English Muffin
  6. After a game always hit Xfinity Live if you dont want to sit in your car for half an hour. They have drink and app specials for a half hour (or something like that).
  7. Taylor Pork Roll > Scrapple > Corned Beef Hash > Bacon
  8. Taylor Pork Roll is superior to Bacon as breakfast side
  9. Parking right next to the stadium will run you $18-20, hit Xfinity Live across the street for some adult beverages and plenty of food choices (though nothing as good as RTM)
  10. Finding myself care less and less about the Marvel Universe
  11. "Cry Little Sister" Marilyn Manson Gerard McMahon