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  1. @belljr would you mind posting a screen shot of your google now home screen feed and of your settings menu within GN. I am curious as to what your settings look like vs mine on a 6p
  2. I am having a major cat issue at home and plan on live trapping them. I also plan on wearing a coonskin cap when I set it up.
  3. Three line button on the upper left of the Google Now Screen - Your Feed - Commute and Time to Leave (Turn this On)
  4. So you are turning certain notifications off in your feed but are still getting them? I would like the ability to organize my app drawer. I am with you, I dont like a lot of clutter on my home screen. I now have 4 folders on the bottom of my screen with my most used apps.
  5. Not sure of the set up on the Pixel but on the 6P my Google Now Feed is a swipe left of my main home screen. I do not find it intrusive at all. What are your issues with it?
  6. The only feeds I care about are the weather, commute (this is my favorite for the traffic alerts), and places. I have the rest turned off. I gave up caring about the Big Brother aspect of technology long ago, its a fight you cant win.
  7. Anyone have a good headset that suggestions for the Xbone? I get a ration of crap every time I play a war game about the sound being too loud.
  8. I dont think I could live without a fingerprint scanner any more. So much easier to open up your phone, so much easier to get into all my secured banking apps
  9. From gizmodo: What are the cartridges for? In the trailer you can briefly see a cartridge being inserted into the Switch. Old school Nintendos often off-loaded some of the processing duties to the cartridges to supplement the underpowered consoles. The current mobile console from Nintendo, the 3DS, uses SD cards as gaming cartridges. So the ones spied in the trailer could just be games. A 30-hour Zelda adventure in 4K would take up a lot of storage, and offloading all of it to a cartridge makes sense.
  10. Sorry I am talking about how they are going to run a AAA game on a tablet (I dont believe it can currently be done). Does the cart help with this issue?
  11. What about the memory/ram (not sure how it would work).
  12. Have you tried Inbox? I love that
  13. When I say month view... It doesnt look like a paper calendar month. It only shows the events/days for the current month. Sorry about that
  14. I actually love the Google Calendar widget. Shows everything I have going on for the month (in month view) and with a quick touch takes me to the full month calendar view. Those other widgets are a bit tougher to read and then clicking on the event I want to look at can be cumbersome.
  15. Nintendo Switch: Thoughts on how the little carts that you see get pushed into the tablet will work vs full games on the home version? No way the little cartridges can hold the data of a big AAA game like Skyrim (which I believe was shown).