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  1. After 20 years of eating only steak, I wouldnt mind some chicken.
  2. I saw this as well and really wanted to pull the trigger. Sadly "we" decided to get new floors instead.
  3. Going to give the Pace 7 a shot since theres a pretty good sale going on.
  4. Is she currently married or is she a contender? I wouldnt mind seeing more of her.
  5. Who is the hottie that was in the preview for next week?
  6. Hinkie set them up so well. It really is a shame that he can't be here to see the process come to fruition. The Kings 2019 pick is absolutely huge and it looks like they could be in tank mode. I fully expect the Sixers to have 3 or 4 "all-stars" all thanks to Hinkie
  7. Only one team really won this trade. The Kings didnt get near enough The Pelicans still wont make the playoffs and Cousins will jet out of town as soon as possible The 76ers get the Sac pick swap this year and an unprotected Sac 2019 1st Thank you Sam Hinkie.
  8. I want to drink all of her pops scotch.
  9. Now the Sixers will have to figure out how to fit Marvin Bagley into their lineup.
  10. Trash Fire on Netflix is worth a watch. Not sure I would call it "Horror" other than the characters that are in it are absolutely horrible and do horrible things to each other. That being said I really did enjoy it and feel its well worth checking out.
  11. Because of this... #TrustTheProcess
  12. This has happened several times to me and each time I contacted Amazon and was told to keep the product. Now these were not super expensive items (under $50 if memory serves me) so keep that in mind.