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  1. Anyone know how this is going to be handled? Will any mod available on steam port over to xbone?
  2. Looking at the Ariens 2016 Platinum 30 SHO Model #921051. Anyone with an opinion on current models?
  3. I dont care what that says. I am looking for answer to my question. Curious as to where you guys think the sixers fall.
  4. Thanks guys. Going to pull the trigger on the 2nd level center court seats. I really just want to get in so that I have the option for playoff tickets. +Thinking
  5. No doubt. just being lazy. I was down there last night and checked out the end seats and LOVED them (but I was watching hockey). So I was all in and then had a moment of clarity on the drive home about the differences in the sports.
  6. Philly Wells Fargo I have the following seats/sections available in my price rage: 213-215 rows 3-7 115 row 22 117-119 rows 10-26
  7. The ones in the corner are on the other side of the court. The ones behind the back board are row 10 or 26.
  8. Ok going to avoid that. They have some on the corner but they look like an odd viewing angle as well. They have center court, 3rd row on the 2nd level available for about half the cost of what the ones behind the basket are. Any thoughts on those?
  9. Anyone attend an NBA game with seats in the lower level that are up and behind the backboard? Thoughts?? Looking into getting season tickets and those are fairly cheap.
  10. He had an Amazon Echo commercial during the Super Bowl I believe and was a major star on Dancing with the Stars. Is anyone bigger than Busey?
  11. My guess is Gary Busey. Starred with Haim in Silver Bullet where he played the "creepy" Uncle all too well.
  12. Cheese makes everything better. #ForWhatItsWorth
  13. Not sure what you dont like about the looks, but... Better battery, finger print scanner, better screen, Type C, far better camera, and better reception.