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  1. Sorry guys been away without any access to the internet. 1.02 - Christian McCaffrey 1.03 - @rodg12
  2. Calling someone Fredo is the same as calling someone the "N" Word?? Okay
  3. I own a few RTIC's and absolutely love them. I actually gave my Yeti to my father
  4. In but expect many draft errors. I am a year older, even more forgetful, worse eyesight, motor skills are deteriorating at a rapid pace ... just forgot what what I was talking about.
  5. yeah... 365 days in a year. Pretty sure there are at least 365 instances per year of someone using a gun in self defense.
  6. You realize other than kleck have show guns used "daily" in self defense right... its a country of 327 million people, its foolish to think that someone doesnt use a gun daily to defend themselves.
  7. If you saw the trailer and how could you not, it was pretty easy to put together if you are a horror fan.
  8. If you are an old school horror fan you will get it right away.