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  1. Big matchup with playoff implications. Currently winning 26.6 to 6 and projected to win by 8 points. What are your thoughts?
  2. Would definitely go Sanders, Seattle's d isn't what it used to be
  3. Ppr 4pts per passing TD. Also Crabtree or stills? At flex in this same league and stills or marshawn in a different league? Thanks for the help
  4. 14 team league, snake draft - won't know order until after keepers are selected, ppr, 6 points per passing td, lose the pick you picked the player in the previous draft. Keeping kamara in the 12th just a little undecided on my second Michael Thomas 2nd round Ertz 8th round D Watson 15th round Mixon 4th round
  5. 6 points per passing td. Standard dst rules. Thanks in advance
  6. Yea just really tough to put him on the bench but I think I am going to, replied in your thread for your question.
  7. Question is the title. Hard to trust either but feel like Davis might have a higher floor. Let me know what you think.
  8. 14 team ppr league, first year doing keepers and I have 14th pick. Can keep 2 players and you lose the round they were picked. Thinking of going with youth at rb in the 2nd to keep for a long time. Who do you go with Gurley, fournette, cook, mccaffery, hunt. Worth taking a shot at one of these guys or just go bpa and hopefully get good keepers later.
  9. Jordy somehow fell to me at 2.07 couldn't have asked for anything better really
  10. Second the sammy and forte. Do it and don't look back
  11. Yea I think you could offer a trade that works better in your favor since his QBs are so bad. Plus I think I'd rather have freeman/baldwin than julio/gurley this year anyways.
  12. Yea I think I like cooper over cooks as well, but if Dez is there do you take him over cooper easily?