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  1. Haven’t posted in here for a long time and apologize if this has already been brought up, but I was thinking about this tonight. If Trump thinks the election is close, couldn’t he just say he won’t appoint a SC candidate if he loses the election? Everyone in the GOP who doesn’t like him would be forced to vote for him, since they want that seat. If he doesn’t get re-elected, he can just do it anyway. if he does it now, the people that only care about the SC have less reason to vote for him.
  2. When the Association fines you $100 for having the wrong color door, you'll figure out pretty quickly that you should have paid someone.
  3. Nice. Hit on Bryson, but had Wolff at +6600 so was hoping at the beginning of the day. Like Lockett o4.5 receptions a lot.
  4. Been busy all day but get to watch the night game. Anything you like in that one? If I only get to watch one game I’d like some action on it but haven’t had time to look at anything.
  5. This isn’t even a question. David Lee Roth Van Halen made better songs. Sammy Van Halen was better live.
  6. I started a refi in March. Covid hit, markets crashed. By the time rates settled down, Fannie Mae had tightened up its guidelines for self-employed borrowers, resulting in some ridiculous underwriting decisions. I got denied a refi despite a 7-figure income and cash on hand greater than the value of my loan. Finally, 6 months later, I have approval at 3.125% for a 30 year jumbo loan. Thanks to @Chadstroma for all of his effort and advice, even though I ended up having to go a different direction to eventually get this done. If you're looking for some guidance, he's definitely a great resource.
  7. I watch nearly every Dodgers game. His decision-making is always awful, but over the regular season or this year's 60 games, talent wins out. In a shortened series, his poor management when it comes to pitchers and pinch hitters is more glaring, and more disastrous.
  8. Hard to get excited when Roberts is going to continue to roll Jansen out there.
  9. Kind of like this for US Open: Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy, Collin Morikawa, Webb Simpson & Bryson DeChambeau All To Make The Cut (+165) Rory's gonna screw me, isn't he?
  10. Grabbed lunch today for my daughter and me. Credit card machine was down. Always carrying cash pays off again.
  11. We've had "very unhealthy" air for about a week straight now since the wind shifted and blew the big smoke plume that was offshore back onto land. It's like a heavy fog, but with a brownish/yellow color. I live at the top of a hill and my visibility has been reduced to about half a mile to a mile. Haven't been able to see the sun much, but when you can you can look directly at it through the smoke. It looks dark orange/red. The daytime temperature is about 10-15 degrees below normal. During the day, the light is tinged with orange. It's like how old sci-fi movies depicted the sky on mars. I haven't left my house except for going to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription and taking a car to the mechanic. Even with A/C on recirculating and all of my windows closed, my eyes are red and sting, and the smoke has given me a headache for the last 5 days. I can feel the soot on the bed when I go to sleep. It's rained a little the last couple nights, but not enough to clear anything up. Just enough to cover everything outside with a gray film. Like Facook said, the bigger thing is the people directly affected. Oregon had a "mass casualty event." A whole town burned down in Eastern Washington. I'm sorry for the people that have been devastated by these fires.
  12. Got an air purifier to help with the smoke. It has an automatic sensor with LED’s to indicate good, somewhat bad or bad air quality. When you fart near it it changes the LED to red. Had a couple of people over for football this weekend. Apparently the draw of farting near the air purifier is irresistible.
  13. There are exceptions based on coverage, but loss assessment insurance generally only kicks in where the association is levying a special assessment based on a loss where the association insurance was primary but didn't cover the whole cost, resulting in a special assessment. If the assessment is based on an uninsured cost, like a large repair that isn't fully funded due to a lack of reserves, the loss assessment insurance won't usually cover it.
  14. Not a Florida attorney, but I do quite a bit of community association law, so I'm somewhat familiar with Florida's quirks. Generally, older associations can require approval of purchasers and can reject for good cause. If your're only putting down a minimal down payment, regardless of your credit score that's a red flag that you may not be able to pay for a special assessment. That's a dumb way to look at things, but it's probably enough to count as good cause. If you want to push back at them, start using language that looks like you may be setting up a claim for a Fair Housing Act discrimination claim. Are you parents older? Do you have kids? If you really want to go through with buying into an association that doesn't want you there, be aggressive.