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  1. Usually Trump's bumbling attempts to make DOJ/FBI do make them look good. You may be right. Except for the exposing national secrets and assets part. That's just idiotic.
  2. That can't possibly work well, can it? they have these for 4.99 at big 5
  3. You and SC should stop rooting for rapists. [ @proninja and with that, I'm out. Goodnight!]
  4. nah, I'm almost out of vodka.
  5. Yeah, no Lakers fans were saying, "she had multiple guys' DNA in her panties...maybe Kobe didn't force himself on her." The victim shaming and denial was out of control.
  6. “But in the scheme of the possible outcomes, the most serious one obviously being crimes serious enough to warrant impeachment; but on the other scale that, you know, maybe an unwitting person was, in fact, involved in the release of information, but it didn’t ultimately touch any senior, you know, people in the administration or on the campaign. And so the text just sort of reflects that spectrum.” so the spectrum was crimes warranting impeachment and an unwitting person involved in a release of information. and the text reflected that spectrum. how is it that we make a leap to it being one extreme or the other?
  7. you still never answered the question that was asked. assume you know, right now, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the accusations are true. should he be confirmed? don't answer by saying she needs to prove it at some later time. that isn't the question. do you want him confirmed if he did in fact attempt to rape this woman?
  8. I covered this above. there are many situations where two people tell different versions of facts. generally, they both go in front of a trier of fact, whether a committee, a judge or a jury, they tell their story, they are questioned, they present evidence, and the people who are tasked with making a decision determine based on credibility and evidence who is more believable. Reasonable people would want that to happen before someone is appointed to a lifetime position, since that is the purpose of confirmation hearings, background checks and vetting. We don't normally say, "well, he may be a rapist but let's sort that out at some later date after he's decided issues like women's rights that can have decades-long repercussions."
  9. think really hard. imagine she is. now, for the 8th time, should he be confirmed if she is telling the truth? try not to lie, deflect, or answer a different question.
  10. now assume she's telling the truth. are you unable to consider concepts that fox news and the NRA don't endorse?
  11. again, telling you to stop lying is not calling you a name. stop lying. you still wont answer. you--in your mind--need to for the purpose of this question make the assumption that the accusations are true. now, holding that thought in your head before you resort to repeating talking points, should he be confirmed if the accusations are true?
  12. it could certainly be proven. Kavanaugh could admit it. that won't happen, but it's not impossible to prove. So we have two people making opposite statements. We have a hearing and weigh credibility before he gets a lifetime appointment to one of the most important positions in the US. Seems reasonable.
  13. That's not the question I'm asking. This will cause you to concentrate and not go on a tangent or lie. 1. Assume, right now, that the accusations are true. 2. Should he be confirmed, knowing the accusations are true? Fifth try.
  14. I'm really fine with any of the Trumpers answering this simple question: If the accusations are true, should Kavanaugh be confirmed?
  15. don't bother. just do a search for "stop lying." I call him out with the actual facts every time I see him lie. It must be 75-100 by now.