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  1. A sanctioned, bipartisan trip to to the middle east is far different than Gabbard visiting without even letting senior leadership know of her intent to do it.
  2. Hmmm, this goalpost looks better over here.
  3. Buying DK Metcalf. He was already tied with Dissly for red zone targets, and with Dissly out he's going to see more. All of his catches this week were for first downs. Russell is building trust with him and he's seeing more snaps.
  4. Good chance when she drops out of the presidential race she's going to lose her seat in the House. She's looking at getting primaried, since the people in her district want to elect an actual democrat.
  5. Because you're trying to redefine what an apologist is, and what it means. She doesn't need to make an apology on behalf of Assad to be an apologist. By meeting with him and refusing to denounce him and his actions, she is, by definition, an apologist. If being an Assad apologist is a negative thing, then she should have thought more carefully before meeting with him, and before she refused--several times--to denounce him. You lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas. She deserves the stink that she brought on herself.
  6. you're reduced to semantic arguments? meeting with him, in itself, is a signal that she acknowledges his legitimacy. she knew what the appearance would be when she met with a war criminal, and then doubled down by calling US-backed rebels "terrorists." she also spoke about how everywhere she went in Syria people supported Assad. she had the opportunity to denounce Assad--on several occasions--and failed to make any meaningful statement. It's not smearing someone to report accurately on their words and actions.
  7. He hasn't been for at least a couple of years now. I can't believe people still take him seriously.
  8. You keep trying to argue that she's being smeared as an Assad apologist. She had multiple opportunities to clear the record, and she either declined or failed to do so on every occasion. It's not the media, it's her words and actions that got her tied to Assad. Actions have consequences. Maybe she should have considered appearances before she made an unsanctioned trip to meet with a mass murderer.
  9. She's polling at 1%. I don't think there is a concerted disinformation campaign happening to keep her from being the democratic nominee.
  10. To be fair, he was probably just drunk and stumbled into the wrong room.
  11. sounds like your parents sucked and so did you.
  12. love it. night off. kids enjoy it. you seem to be a bit on edge. relax. they're young once. let them have fun.
  13. Left achilles. Really a bummer for him. He was having a great year.
  14. Is there a scenario where Cohen and Giuliani end up sharing a cell? That would make a great movie.
  15. I have been hit in a parking lot and found a note, and I've left a note once when I was rear ended and pushed into a parked car. I can't imagine being such a #### as to not leave a note.