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  1. What about in a circumstance where you're around a lot of people in general...airports, subways, etc. There's really nothing magic about being a health care provider that makes wearing a mask a good's the fact of being around people who may be transmitting infection.
  2. Thinking about this more, this is probably the one thing he probably should have given to Ben Carson. At least that guy's a doctor.
  3. Trump just put Pence in charge of the response for Covid-19. The guy who said smoking doesn't cause cancer, climate change doesn't exist and lobbied against HPV vaccines. We're all gonna die.
  4. There isn't any genetic material for the virus to use outside of a body.
  5. We may disagree on the severity of this virus, but Blanton's is freaking great. 3 more days of sober February. I'm gonna go get a bottle for the tournament.
  6. I will bet you $1,000 that: (1) we do not nationalize any pharmaceutical company between now and the inauguration of whoever is elected in 2020, and (2) no antiviral drug or vaccine for Covid-19 will be provided to all citizens of the United States for free. There may be some programs for the indigent, but whoever gets a vaccine to market first is going to make a huge profit, as will their shareholders.
  7. Be the Match thinks that they're going to give it out like Halloween candy.
  8. If my life depends on Gilead giving me a drug for free out of the goodness of their corporate heart, I'll just start digging my own grave right now.
  9. Name every time in the history of the US that we instituted price controls on drugs or nationalized a pharmaceutical manufacturer. Should be easy. Then tell me what country in the world has the highest drug prices. Should also be easy.
  10. It's not? Can't get through a presidential debate or speech without hearing it. You think hysteria is going to somehow convince drug companies to stop making profits? One of us is crazy, that's for sure.
  11. Same reason every time I used to get an email from the elementary school about some kid having lice that my scalp would suddenly itch?
  12. Thousands of Americans die because they can't afford insulin, cancer treatments, and other essential medications. You think we're going to suddenly nationalize big pharma? No chance.
  13. I'd just buy the same things I always buy, but vacuum pack and freeze an extra month's worth.
  14. Lol. That's why we've nationalized big pharma. You can't actually believe this.