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  1. I think you’re accurate in that this is a pointless thread and a bad discussion.
  2. Tim made an unsupported statement involving a false generality? Shocking.
  3. Ladybird was really good. Went to some vegan Thai place tonight. On way to rolled ice cream by Washington Square Park.
  4. So far so good. Walked around quite a bit today. Took her shopping for her birthday. She’s vegetarian so headed to some place called Ladybird in East Village that gets good reviews. Seeing Mean Girls tomorrow. Drinks are still possible tonight or tomorrow.
  5. She won’t let a teenager wear his hair the way he wants? Seems like a weird battle to fight.
  6. You need a drink. I hear it’s supposed to feel like 110 degrees. You need a drink somewhere with really good air conditioning.
  7. I'm still predicting he resigns due to dementia or has a stroke. Apparently I have more faith in diseases than I do our elected representatives.