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  1. -fish-

    Donald Trump Tweets Thread

    90%+ of the forestry in California is under federal control. Trump cut the budget for forestry management. The SoCal fires were not forest fires.
  2. I misread this and was trying to figure out what bad thing had happened to me. good luck, 5ish
  3. Hillary isn’t running. Beto is unelectable. Jay Inslee is the guy.
  4. -fish-

    Le'Veon Bell

    Bell didn’t change anything. People that continued to argue that he had to play this season were wrong. It is clear that it is the number of times tagged, not seasons played. Some sources mixed up the concept of accrued seasons with the franchise tag issue, but nothing has changed. That’s why it’s not being challenged.
  5. -fish-

    When did the world hit it's peak?

    My health insurance was better and cheaper.
  6. -fish-

    2018 Elections Thread

    So the ballot design was terrible, the voters can't follow instructions, the machines that tabulate votes suck, and the officials in charge are incompetent (or worse). That about right?
  7. -fish-

    2018 Elections Thread

    "too stupid or too corrupt to do their jobs" fits Gaetz perfectly.
  8. -fish-

    2018 Elections Thread

    You could say this any day, any year, about anything and you'd be right.
  9. -fish-

    When did the world hit it's peak?

    Couldn't have been. Moon landing was faked.
  10. -fish-

    When did the world hit it's peak?

    Things have been going downhill since MTV's first broadcast.
  11. is an extra long colon bigger or smaller than a cavernous vagina?
  12. -fish-

    The migrant caravan

    Hope Soros gets his money back.
  13. -fish-

    USA Shootings

    If you need to carry a gun to feel safe, you live in fear. If you carry a gun in your own home, you are definitely living in fear.
  14. -fish-

    2018 Elections Thread

    I don't believe that judges should be elected by the public. There is really no way for the average layperson to understand whether someone is qualified to be a judge without significant research. Where I live, the only qualification is to be a member of the bar in good standing. We elect morons all of the time, either because they run unopposed or two unqualified candidates run against each other. Judges should either be appointed or elected by members of the state bar after being vetted or nominated.
  15. -fish-

    USA Shootings

    Mass shootings are less than 1% of all murders in the US.  That has no relevance to the statement you quoted.