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  1. Tiger was asked about this incident. He said he signed autographs on the way to the range and the clip was as was headed to the 10th tee to play a practice round with Jason Duffner.
  2. I'm assuming he's going to invite him for his military parade. The elections will be over by then.
  3. Unless you're being primaried, you aren't losing GOP votes because you stood up to Trump; Trump supporters will never vote for a Democrat. Real conservatives will support your actions. You may even pick up some independents and moderate Democrats if you're running against someone that is far left.
  4. How many autographs did he sign before that clip? Should he be forced to stay out there all day until everyone who asks gets an autograph? This is one of the dumbest criticisms I've ever seen. What a jerk.
  5. Modern constitutions are quite robust and include significantly more specificity. In many cases, the constitutions also include federal laws, which we cover in the US Codes. It would be nearly impossible to adopt a new constitution without rewriting federal law simultaneously.
  6. Even more shocking since Axios/Survey Monkey polling leans pretty heavily left.
  7. How do 7% of Democrats approve?
  8. gee. Georgia's republican governor endorsed his republican lt. gov. who did Trump endorse? the Georgia secretary of state who ordered that their servers be wiped in the face of a lawsuit investigating whether Georgia's 2016 election results were compromised by hackers.
  9. Bernie encouraged them to vote for Hillary. Russian bots encouraged them to stay home or vote third party.
  10. Gotta hand it to SHS. She's willing to say absolutely anything.
  11. This has absolutely nothing to do with Russian interference in our election process (which Trump again denied today, in direct contradiction to Coats' statement on Friday and his walk-back yesterday).
  12. I believe I would spit on someone for doing that in person.