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  1. Trumps campaign CEO and Admin Chief Strategist. Only the best people.
  2. You asked "But what has he actually done?" well there it is
  3. What did he tweet if you don't mind?
  4. Well, we could go topic by topic -- I work in the environmental field and Trump had an immediate affect (first 2 months) where we nixed grant funding for watershed protection (for shellfish protection) that my company was using to hire a specific person. >Trump rolled back protections of wetlands and streams (meaning fewer are protected) >Trump rolled back pollution protection for wetlands, streams and groundwater >Trump removed protections on the Northeast Canyons and Seamount Marine National Monument > Trump pulled out of Paris Climate Agreement >Trump rescinds methane flaring rules >Trump revoked flood standards accounting for sea level rise >Trump signs EO for sharp logging increase on public lands >Trump opens Arctic Wildlife Refuge for oil drilling >EPA criminal enforcement hits 30 year low > and so on ---
  5. I know he may not be the best the Dems could put out, but MAN this country could use a good dose of empathy and caring in leadership.
  6. Did you hear Dr Biden last night? Not platform ideas, but character --
  7. Yup - I get it. Its all over social media -- City violence, rioting, -- "Dems cant control their cities". It just pisses me off - We aren't "United" at all -- and as long as Trump is in there, we never will be -- That said, would love to hear ideas from Kimberly Klacic -- maybe she can make a difference.
  8. This was said earlier, but I really wonder if whomever's idea this was (Ivanka?), really thought out that he's actually pardoning someone for something he is railing against to save his ### in the election: Voter fraud. I find that comical 😄
  9. I honestly haven't spent much time in any of the other big Cities to make comparison (but have been to NY, Chicago, Philly, Phoenix, DC....) -- Baltimore is not in that ballpark from size --like #30 in population I believe -- But I would say "yes" to your question --
  10. yeah, just being funny -- not sure about that @[scooter] ! -- Baltimore 's east side, Dundalk and downtown's Hampden you usually hear the pronounced "Bawlimore accent" I'd say Baltimore really is mostly charming and the areas that are "tough" are not that expansive. I worked on the eastside near the harbor for 13 years--- Little Italy, Canton, Brewery Hill -- lots of millennials moving in -- yes, you go a few blocks and you need to be careful. I do think The Wire had a big influence -
  11. As a Baltimoron for 50 years (great town that has problems like any other), just curious, if you hate Dem led Cities, why do you care so much? What do you see as potential solutions to what you don’t like ?
  12. Yeah, this will backfire with the wimmins this was targeted for 🤣
  13. Right. Fishing, golfing, bullying. Handling a pandemic and civil unrest are further down the list.