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  1. Nice edit. Right. That was exactly my point. Thanks for clearing it up. 🤪
  2. It’s interesting how selective our Trump supporters are here to engage over his tweets. What about this ?? What a great day to be an American! Guess it’s just another day with their POTUS.
  3. ??? So it’s just blacks having kids while on public assistance?
  4. He’s a child That would rather bully during a time of historic civic unrest and with Americans dying on his watch.
  5. Yeah, there sure is plenty of trash here. But to my point, he’s a racist and is not leading. He’s dividing.
  6. Yeah, if ahead of the curve means even HE didn’t realize the full effects of his racism and ineptitude to lead.
  7. Whoah, yeah, looks like $74 worth of signs. Chill and have a happy 4th!
  8. Its obvious he is done with this pandemic. Its a big "L" for him, he knows it, he cant talk intelligently about it, zero motivation to do so anyway (its not his life in danger and he has no empathy to formulate a response or action from); it makes him look bad and wants it to disappear.
  9. Coulda been WAY less of a LOSS if virus warnings, playbooks and pandemic teams weren’t ignored / dismantled by this administration.
  10. Its the bashing of Fauci or anyone but Trump to diminish Trumps responsibility here -- what the heck does Rand Paul have against the guy ?!?