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  1. Thanks Sig -- Standard --need ONE of these for flex: Mack Gus Cohen Ware
  2. Thanks Bloom --have Conner and Chubb starting, need one of these for flex in standard: Ware, Gus, Lindsay, Mack, Cohen
  3. Over Stafford and Mayfield, but it’s low risk as I’ve secured a playoff spot. Like the Ravens schedule for him next 4 weeks.
  4. I'm surprised to see fantasy rankings with Ravens def rated top this week. Cinnci is always in their heads for some reason and plays them 110%. Maybe the bye will help, but I wouldn't put my money on it.
  5. Thanks bloom. Standard scoring, need 2 from these for RB2 and a flex. P. Lindsay, T. Cohen, A. Collins, M. Mack
  6. "The out of control left" --you mean the one that is Tsunaming the House with "out of control left" ideals? that one?
  7. You know what I meant -- but gaslight away
  8. Wilson vs the Pack tonight or Ben at Jags ? Not that it should matter, but I also start Conner and AB on that team, so a little worried having that much Steeler out there against a decent Defense--
  9. The elections over dude. Nobody cares or is scared anymore. Chin up, maybe the BLUE WAVE will impede their ferocious advance.
  10. Right now I've got Wilson penciled in over Ben --
  11. I like the Tenn suggestion and grabbed them. Cinnci scares me as they have one of the worst defenses statistically. So I've got: W11 - AZ vs Oak W12 - Ravens vs Oak W13 - Tenn vs NYJ W14 - Tenn vs Jax W15 - Ravens vs TB or Tenn at NYG W16 -?
  12. Are folks keeping the Jets after last week? I mean the appeal was they were playing the Bills and will play them again soon -- I'm sitting with Jets and Ravens and not liking it --not even sure about AZ --maybe for this week, but that's it
  13. Now that they've heard the blowback, I'm sure they are hard working on that excuse now.