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  1. No, Derrick. I should also clarify that a 4th pick is preferred as that's the first round where you can begin keeping players. So, this trade probably isn't a good barometer of anything really. 😅
  2. Keeper league but I'm starting to sell off this season and traded Henry (not-keeper eligible) and a 12th for Gaskin and a 4th.
  3. It's difficult for me because I'm usually buying. But the way these first four weeks have gone, it's been consistently horrible and I've faced only one top team. I also have 2 bye weeks that are massive troublemakers due to multiple players being out. I'm nervous that if I wait too long, other teams may beat me to the punch. I guess it also depends on who you're trading. Are these rental players or are they eligible to be kept?
  4. Curious to how those in dynasty or keeper leagues handle this when the writing is seemingly on the wall. I'm in a keeper league and my team has been ravaged by injury (Barkley, Godwin, AJB, Bell) and I have two Titans (Henry and AJB). We are in a doubleheader league and I'll be 6 games back of the lead horses. Our league also has 4 teams that seem destined to make the playoffs as they are head and shoulders above the other 8 teams the way things have shaken out. I decided to start selling for picks today. What do you all do? Do you wait until halfway? Later? Or do you like to be the first out there setting the market price?
  5. Had to trade McKinnon for Robby this week so I had enough legit WRs to play. Here's hoping!
  6. He's now my RB2. Just in time for his falling back to earth no doubt. Regardless, he looked the part today.
  7. Never in my 35 years of playing this hobby have I ever sustained so many multi-week and season-ending injuries, let alone after week 2. Lost Barkley, AJB, Godwin, Lev Bell. Thinking about starting the fire sale since it's a keeper league. Wire is bare and my bench can't make up for losing the equivalent of four top 3 round picks. Hopefully Godwin can suit up next week but concussions can follow a dude all season.
  8. Doesn't sound precautionary...
  9. I might be there too due to, probably, the same injuries you have. It's either Aiyuk or Preston against a stout Bills D. Treating week two as first bye week decimation.
  10. Same sans MT but I have Lev Bell. Bone bruises are not good and can linger... not expecting him for 2 weeks at least.
  11. Worried about reps I guess. Still, entering concussion protocol on a Wednesday probably means a very little chance he's cleared by Sunday anyway.
  12. Wednesday. Or, he's under arrest for assaulting Tannehill for missing that late TD that most powder puff QBs could've made.