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  1. oddsbodkins

    Myles Garrett

    Welp... gonna be without his services ROS. He's been terrible stat-wise all month. Sure wish I didn't drop Donald for him.
  2. I've got him as a 11th round keeper for next 2 years so I'll hold him. Redraft and he'd have been out of here 2 weeks ago.
  3. If you think Brieda won't suit up and go 12-78 Sunday, I don't know what else to tell ya.
  4. He was dropped in our league and am tossing 100% remaining FAAB on him.
  5. Evidently this can be serious if not caught early, which they did. Bye week comes at a perfect time so, hopefully, he won't miss a game. Hopefully.
  6. Well, at least we know who to drop for waivers!
  7. Opponent is starting Shady... just grabbed Darrel as a block/stash. Had an extra roster spot so no risk.
  8. Broken bones in the back sounds like we're entering droppable territory. SOB.
  9. GTG for Monday; off the injury report.
  10. The Seattle team site had him as limited Thursday as well. Wonder if many of the fantasy sites just missed it the first time? There were a few posts on Reddit about it.
  11. Listed as limited with a hip last two days. Since they don't play until Monday, today's status is key.
  12. It's not an issue if you put in your waiver claims before Tuesday. As long as your claims happen when a player is listed as OUT, your claims will process and that player will remain in the IR spot.
  13. What a joke and of course the Bengals were played by not tossing him on IR months ago