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  1. Of course. Every time there's a glimmer of hope for this team, it gets squashed immediately.
  2. Called him a league winner last week and that proved true for my squad!
  3. I'm super fortunate to see how this goes in pre-game and either play Damien or DJ. If I need a home run after the early games, I'll go Todd. If I'm up, I'll ride with Damien.
  4. This dude doesn't miss time. Don't make me play Robby Anderson, Nuk!
  5. 92 total and a TD is darn good for a flex play. Also darn good for a RB2.
  6. Dammit. Smart play call but DAMMIT
  7. RIP Henry hype train. Only hope is if he busts a long one or the defense wakes up and turns the Skins over to a short field.
  8. I think we all knew counting on the Titans in fantasy would burn us all but none of us could stay away.
  9. Titans sieve defense will have a say in that today. What a pathetic 11:00 TD drive they yielded.