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  1. Yahoo gives max of 5 IR but I'm also thinking of adding 4 rounds to the draft and expand benches. I wonder if NFL and the fantasy sites will have specific covid statuses? That would solve any sort of IR slot abuse.
  2. Booger thinks he's announcing Colorado/Mizzou with his 5th down math.
  3. Hopkins disappearing with Watson at QB? Sounds like most of the year.
  4. Just got my Yahoo season recap email and grade. I won my league with most PF and most PA. Color Yahoo unimpressed... final grade: B- Yeah, we'll be moving to Sleeper next year.
  5. Was going to bring up their Boners for Booker but forgot!
  6. Dang. Russell Wilson cost a lot of people money with that trash performance Sunday. I'll never forget how awful he was when we needed him to come through most.
  7. Some of it is free like the podcast and WDIS I think is what he means.
  8. More than a few were all in on him too. The Fantasy Guru on Twitter said he was starting him in all his leagues. To his credit, immediately took the blame for a huge swing and miss. He also said CMC wouldn't be a top 8 RB this season either... Still, that guy hit way more than he missed this season, especially with WW flex plays and WR2-3 predictions.
  9. Agree. Also their O-Line is terrible too. Still, they could force feed him like we've become accustomed to over the years but that stopped in large part this season.
  10. Is anyone blaming him? I see people holding him accountable which, since he's charging $$$ for a service here, is absolutely fair. Just like Poll Attacks in CBB.
  11. I wouldn't keep Hopkins with a first anymore. Watson is kryptonite lite to him. A 2nd round? Sure.
  12. I was actually wondering if I should start him over Jones. What a joke. Ended up starting him over AJ Brown though... Thankfully it didn't matter.
  13. Predicting him as RB8 though, that's pretty crazy. RB12-15, that I could get behind due to workload and matchup but a RB1 in the Finals? Yeesh.
  14. I can only imagine this is the guy I've blocked. 40 points! I hope he has a financial advisor on call so he doesn't spend it all in one place!!!
  15. I didn't check his rankings but I usually do the opposite of what Bloom suggests on players I'm 50/50 on and it's served me well.