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  1. Thank you gents, that’s how I was leaning just making sure Cooks wasn’t THAT valuable. 👍🏻
  2. I can keep the proven Brandin Cooks and forfeit my 6th rounder or take a chance on Calvin Ridley’s next step and forfeit my 15th rounder. What would you do?
  3. Thanks for the mistake. Lots of 3.5s tonight, taking ARZ O2.5
  4. A little juicy but with you on the Sox. Small shot on Brewers, maybe LAD late if things go well. Gl
  5. Bases loaded no outs and couldn’t get the third run in. 😡
  6. I almost missed it myself. And SF sucks too. Hope you didn’t tail that one. 🤢
  7. Take the high scoring teams against an awful pitcher at O2.5. I usually won’t play an O3.5. I stick with the overs, I like offense. The Twins are money. Somehow had them O2.5 +110 tonight.
  8. Been offered from my local for about a month now and it’s become one of my favorite plays.
  9. Joc had three balls in the air at one point. GTFO cheating, racist bastards.
  10. Get on that, I have Acuna -150. Alonso’s pitcher sucks.
  11. They’re supposed to wait until the ball lands until next pitch is thrown. Only held up for Pederson, been chaos since.