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  1. I had assumed he knew it was Jamie and lied about it so not to cause trouble for his family.
  2. Maybe just a coincidence but there have been other churches attacked in France recently.
  3. What good is being able to breathe fire if you don’t have toast, broil, and bake options? You’d just be wasting it.
  4. She was there, standing behind Sansa when welcoming Dany to Winterfell.
  5. Seemed to me he got upset moreso for his brother than his father.
  6. Arya’s design. Looks like a gun shooting dragon glass darts.
  7. That’s a sick, twisted spin. But, he’s doing his legit Aunt, no harm in doing your once believed blood sister.
  8. I’m wondering why would they give a #### that Jamie showed up alone? Because honor? Don’t see why they would accept him without his army.