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  1. agree with a few points from different posts in here. Interesting topic. Agreed that the winner is not obligated to give back anything to the gifter, but as a thank you I would offer/give them 10%. However... if it was a closer family member who could really use the cash, I would split it evenly.
  2. Haven’t read the thread so sorry if this is a repeat but if the Emperor never diesD then Anakin didn’t bring balance to the force and it negates episodes 1-6 and the Star Wars story. Just my thoughts which is why I didn’t like it. Fun popcorn movie ala transformers. Nothing more than that for me.
  3. You spelled Redskins wrong. 👍🏻 Shanahan gonna run it up as much as he can.
  4. Felt the same exact way when I played Cal last week. Couldn’t believe they were giving that many and again this week.
  5. Making Duncan look average. A beauty. Change the thread title to Konecny!
  6. What’s not to love about my team’s season opener at 2pm on a Friday? 👎🏻
  7. I wanted to take that too but not at -200. I’m on MVS longest rec O23.5 so far