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  1. bartees strange is out friday. that mustang tune is so good
  2. In - MeatballParty Received our bike mid-august and am returning it for the bike+ as we were in the 30 day window to do that. Have ridden everyday since we received it and am hoping there is not many days between the pickup and delivery. Hooked. Big fan of Emmas listening party rides. Very cool concept. Those hiit/hills classes are brutal but I love them. Especially with Ally.
  3. Plus hes a major character in the last few books if they make it that far
  4. my wifes coworkers kid is in that class. small world
  6. needs to make sure hes eating those crowberries. peeps on these shows that look like they are living it up on meat wind up tapping out due to constipation
  7. Morning Show was excellent. Kept getting better throughout. Dickinson was very good also in a very strange way. Mythic Quest was hit or miss for me. Didn't really like any of the characters.
  8. figured there was a reason they were pimping it on their IG new Haken out today finally. been wearing out those first 3 tunes all summer
  9. @eephus did you have theses virgin ambient comps back in the day? reminds me of your toop selection. I was pretty deep into this stuff in college. were you into the asphodel somnium comps swarm of drones, throne of drones etc?