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  1. After living through the years before Ben I don't see how any Steeler fan takes the last 15 years for granted.
  2. I heard this earlier this year and like it. Do you listen to Exalt? Same sound
  3. Glad I got to see Gojira a few times in the clubs. I think those days are going to be over.
  4. solange is some nice mellow strangeness. really dig the direction she and gambino went in lately new queensryche is actually good too royal trux didnt hit me on first listen quaker city night hawks is solid
  5. gary clark or you just goin with white boys?
  6. digging the new candlemass. slightly more rockin than usual. iommi plays on a tune.
  7. I wish. They do not dig the metal outside of acdc and some sabbath and that is probably only because of iron man.
  8. my kids havent touched fortnite since they discovered overwatch
  9. sweet ya im going to them as well. just got into them hard last year. listened to relentless mutation probably more than anything else throughout the year. that last tour opening for obscura/beyond creation was the goods. hoping for some new tunes soon you see their guitar/bass playthrough videos? cool ####
  10. archspire just announced a spring tour with virvum who I never heard of before some really good proggy tech death stuff from switzerland.
  11. Love this show. Also recommend The Churn podcast which recaps episodes with actors, show crew, and James SA Corey. Was fun to follow along the cancellation and Amazon pickup drama on the podcast.