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  1. the current aus tour snippets they have been sharing have been so good anxious for the fall tour
  2. Still hold a grudge against my nephew who at 6 years old used my leftover taco meat to go fishing. Don't #### with my leftovers.
  3. wow thats a fun trip. will check out the nova and alien. ya power trip same. not sure why. with you on pete g. theres tons of genesis interviews on the making of every album on youtube
  4. scotus
  5. scotus
  6. yo I ordered some za. need some tunes. whats on the dar?
  7. cave ins really working for me. some failure vibes. new chon is good on first listen. happy summer noodles.
  8. Bob Newhart is on wtfpodcast this week. I’m always shocked he’s still alive. Dude looked 80 in the 80s.
  9. One of my pet peeves. Hate waiting on some shmuck to back in for a few minutes in what could have taken 2 seconds.
  10. We toured Normandy with Paul Woodage about 15 years ago and it was unforgettable. He recently stopped offering tours and is starting a youtube channel. If interested subscribe here:
  11. you see this article mr tuffnel the woods fan?
  12. I still love that album and the debut as well. Agree on the new one. Would still love to see them live.
  13. was interested based on your review, looked it up and realized its the great white show tragedy. def going to read this . thx