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  1. I really liked painted shut but the new one was disappointing. Need to give it another chance. That spiderman soundtrack is getting lots of play at my house. Good family tunes
  2. is this thread people just complaining about classic albums and bands?
  3. voivod/yob spring tour announced yesterday. have my ticket already anxious for the rivers/entheos and queensryche/fates warning tours this spring
  4. agreed but their live shows are amazing and they are playing tons of the goods from warning/rage/mindcrime/empire. on twitter they often asks for requests for upcoming tours.
  5. Fiddles

    Is rock dead?

    no dig deeper
  6. Strip - While walking the strip get an atomic pepperoni roll at jimmy and ninos. Best fish sandwich wholleys. Best pizza enriccos biscotti cafe. Best sammy (not in strip)
  7. thx! do you see the #1? seems to stop at 2. goes along with what tuffy was saying
  8. tropicalia from CC is crazy popular down here though. not surprised it won. I like the troegs in PA
  9. also that new smashing pumpkins is terrible. shocking i know
  10. listened to that a couple weeks ago. hard to beat
  11. the EPs Failure put out earlier were combined with a new EP and released as a new album today
  12. Speaking of that, tell me about episode 6 which is an incredible achievement in camera technique. It was part of our pitch for the show that whenever we got the kids back together, we wanted it to feel like an unbroken shot, basically, for the whole episode. Everyone loved that idea in the pitch stage, and then when we got into prep it suddenly became like, “Oh God, now we have to actually do this,” which was so daunting. We wrote all of the camera choreography into the script for the episode, back before we started production. So, when we started designing the house, we were designing elements of it specifically to the requirements of episode six. Hill House was on one stage, the funeral home was on another, and we had to build this hallway between the two stages so we could physically walk from one stage to the other and step into Hill House without cutting. We rehearsed it with our second team stand-ins, who basically performed the entire episode as actors for about five weeks straight, every day. We had shut down production and we just rehearsed with them, with the crew, and kept running it and running it and running it. After a month of that, we brought the cast in and we were able to show them the episode. We had shot it with the second team. So we said, “Here it is and this is what we’re doing,” and then the cast had two weeks with us in rehearsal. We kind of looked at it like live TV. Ultimately, it’s five long shots and we did one a day for five days. It almost killed us. It almost killed everybody.
  13. Fiddles

    Alone ( A real survival type show)

    larry is the worst. was shocked they brought him back. also surprised he acted the same. thought he wouldve seen himself on tv and gone to a shrink.