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  1. I have bailed on all of my other leagues but I will do these. Thanks David. Sorry for the late reply. Fiddles in for League 1 and 2. Out for League 3.
  2. hey all just saw the invite to this. nice exercise here. thx for all the tips (including that merge book)!
  3. Did not realize that. Cool. I know Wagner has his own band called the skull named after that trouble album. That power trip doesn't do anything for me. I love that style but its just ahight. I did like the prong cover on the new one though. Saw Kreator on this latest tour. They do not #### around. Played close to 3 hours. Those dudes are no spring chickens either.
  4. poster children put out a new one. havent given it enough time yet along those 90s lines that new sea and cake is very good ben howard is hitting my sweet spot. this is so good
  5. I like the tricot too. have you heard strawberry girls? got into them both at same time.
  6. gonna go with sam or randy or any of the ladies ( i know thats half the cast)
  7. thanks for sharing nv. very sad day
  8. Interesting blurb from ron pearlman interview: When you’re writing about Sons of Anarchy you talk about playing Clay Morrow taking a toll on you. Why do some actors seem to be really affected by the roles they play, and some don’t? For the most part, roles don’t have a particularly profound effect on my average day. They’re just basically things that you put on and take off. I think the difference to the Sons of Anarchy character is that when you take on a role it’s the result of a network of decisions you’ve made about whether you want to spend time with this character, whether you want to explore this character, whether you want to go inside yourself and find if that person exists in you. What happened with Clay Morrow on Sons of Anarchy was that he started out with a set of variables, and those variables dramatically changed halfway through to the point where he was on some sort of collision course with this monstrousness that existed inside him. The monstrousness that existed inside him when I said yes to the role was minor, but by the time I finished playing him in the end, it was all he was. I just tried to infuse it with nobility, because he was after all a king. What I was being given to play was decidedly negative and ugly, and made for very uncomfortable moments. For the first time in my life I was playing a character I don’t like, I don’t admire. I’ve played serial killers, but there was something about their wiring, their psychology that I found important to explore, to unearth. There’s an admiration, there’s a conscious enthusiasm to play those characters. It just changed into something quite dark and unattractive with Clay, and was a unique moment in my artistic career. It was very difficult because at the end of the day I’m very particular about who or what I portray, even though it seems random, I have to admire the character I’m playing.
  9. we have the same taste based on these 2. you should watch godless on netflix. glad to see the love in this thread for that.
  10. I cant understand how people are upset by the ending. It was a bummer but there is no way in hell they dont bring black panther and spiderman back. This is not the wire where dead is dead.
  11. Jared Harris is great in everything but especially in the expanse. I like this so far but its a bit slow.
  12. He would bond pretty well with Haden seeing as they have a very similar background taking care of their brothers. Would be a good story. Not sure about his actual play.
  13. I'm down with Chubb who doesnt want a steelers jersey with chubb on the back? that the bizness.
  14. Mayock mocked Sony Michel to us. I actually would love to see him a Steeler.