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  1. saw voivod the other night and was leaning against the wall between sets when brann from mastodon walked past. dude was super friendly. anyway the show was great but short sets. 2 tours came together (munincipal waste/napalm death/sick of it all combined with revocation/voivod/psycroptic). started at 3pm conjurer revocation and voivod were great. sick of it all who im not a fan of was ####### fun as #### though
  2. ya i like this quite a bit. especially the middle tunes. havent seen them in a long time. gonna check them out on this tour.
  3. someone on here posted a video earlier this year or last year of a heavy trio of dudes who were no frills blue collar lookin dudes just playin some heavy ####. they were pretty big dudes (built) and bald just wearing jeans and a shirt. I think they were facing each other in the video. I think they were a uk band. I cannot for the life of me remember their name or find the post. anyone know who I'm talking about?
  4. ya I think im out. was gonna buy the $35 grass seats then ticketmaster fees made it close to $60 #### that
  5. debating on getting grass seats to this but I would only go for gojira not sure its worth it but im hard up fora gojira show. they havent headlined here since magma was released
  6. the current aus tour snippets they have been sharing have been so good anxious for the fall tour
  7. Still hold a grudge against my nephew who at 6 years old used my leftover taco meat to go fishing. Don't #### with my leftovers.
  8. wow thats a fun trip. will check out the nova and alien. ya power trip same. not sure why. with you on pete g. theres tons of genesis interviews on the making of every album on youtube
  9. scotus
  10. scotus