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  1. another week another new gbv album. sounds good on first listen. next week is intronaut archers of loaf put out a new tune yesterday. really good. seeing them tomorrow night
  2. hey buddy im still around just not so active
  3. ive been listening to this podcast since it started last year and its a fun listen. just a couple of rush fans discussing each album. theyve done about 4 or 5 albums so far
  4. if its warm enough drive up to damascus va and do the va creeper bike trail. someone here recommended to me. great experience with the family
  5. you probably would like the trap set with joe wong. interviews with drummers.
  6. digging the new hikes
  7. I been digging omni, bent knees, knocked loose, battles, billy woods new metal that sounds good so far: weresquatch, lowest creature, wilderun
  8. we watch finding your roots thx for the tips on some of these others.
  9. saw voivod the other night and was leaning against the wall between sets when brann from mastodon walked past. dude was super friendly. anyway the show was great but short sets. 2 tours came together (munincipal waste/napalm death/sick of it all combined with revocation/voivod/psycroptic). started at 3pm conjurer revocation and voivod were great. sick of it all who im not a fan of was ####### fun as #### though
  10. ya i like this quite a bit. especially the middle tunes. havent seen them in a long time. gonna check them out on this tour.