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  1. yinz read his book? its fun but man as talented as he is, his personal life is a total trainwreck
  2. nice. I love this one but most fellow waits fans are not onboard. love red shoes and graveyard amongst others.
  3. when we lived in memphis in the late 90s my wife worked at an insurance company with conor whitlock - bobby's son we got to party at bobby's house outside of oxford. see his platinum albums in his studio. very cool experience
  4. ha ok guy. just saw this celebrated its 25 year ani last month. striped white jets #####
  5. great article on permanent waves ahead of its 40th (!) anniversary later this month
  6. hunky dory in the 3rd? nice one tuffy spreadsheet has the kings instead of the kinks hey jude is an album?
  7. 15 years are you serious? my oldest turns 14 tomorrow so I guess thats about right I'll follow along. looking fwd to it