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  1. Fiddles

    Alone ( A real survival type show)

    larry is the worst. was shocked they brought him back. also surprised he acted the same. thought he wouldve seen himself on tv and gone to a shrink.
  2. I like it also. They are consistent. Local band for you right?
  3. bailed this year also. first time in 15 years or so I will not have to set weekly lineups
  4. Fiddles

    ffplace is crazy nowadays nobody knows twilight's whereabouts?
  5. Fiddles

    Alone ( A real survival type show)

    shoulda put money on it
  6. all about that new foxing. seeing them again in a few weeks.
  7. try posting here
  8. Ya love the bos signing specifically. Sill have scobee nightmares.
  9. bouchette: K Chris Boswell signs new 5-year deal with Steelers for $19.72 M, through 2022. He was set to play as RFA for $2.9 million in 2018. Vince Williams gets $20.6 M over 4 years on new Steelers deal
  10. sorry dude we are now entering the sleeper snipe zone
  11. I have bailed on all of my other leagues but I will do these. Thanks David. Sorry for the late reply. Fiddles in for League 1 and 2. Out for League 3.
  12. hey all just saw the invite to this. nice exercise here. thx for all the tips (including that merge book)!
  13. Did not realize that. Cool. I know Wagner has his own band called the skull named after that trouble album. That power trip doesn't do anything for me. I love that style but its just ahight. I did like the prong cover on the new one though. Saw Kreator on this latest tour. They do not #### around. Played close to 3 hours. Those dudes are no spring chickens either.