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  1. Bloom! Thanks so much in advance... I’ve got a killer bye decision this week - My only QB is Lamar Jackson, who is on bye. I have Samuels on IR but he is, surprisingly, not ruled out this week. I have, roughly, a 40% chance of winning without a QB and I’m currently 4-3 (4th place). I’m thinking I might just go without a QB, what do you think? I’d have to drop two of these guys to pick up 1 QB and cover the bye: Alshon Jeffery Michael Gallup Hollywood Brown Sammy Watkins Marquez valdes-scantling Darrell Henderson Jaylen Samuels Who would you drop? Or would you go with no QB? Its a 12 Team, point per first down scoring system Thanks for everything!
  2. If choosing between the QBs I'd go Dak - GB is gonna be pretty unreliable from a QB perspective. They're way more run heavy than they used to be and Rodgers has been pretty inconsistent for a year and a half now. That said, I'd hold off on trading. If you can get guys like Stafford or Darnold on the wire I'd just stream until you can get Brees back - making that trade is giving up 2 skill players for a player that will end up on your bench before the playoffs. In the end those 3 weeks are all that really matter as long as you can find a way to get there. No need to panic at 3-3, especially when you were a hair's breath off 4-2.
  3. It’s probably worth shopping around to see what you can get for ertz since hooper is doing well, but that’s not a terrible offer. I’m a little worried about Conner as he’s already missed plays for injuries 3 times this year. I’d be hesitant to buy because I’m not sure he’ll make it the rest of the season. see mine, if you have a minute:
  4. mccoy is the floor play, Sanders is the ceiling. If you feel like your unlikely to win I’d go sanders, but he’s likely to put up <10 pts, could even aggravate his injury early in the game and give you a 0. McCoy has more volume to be more reliable if you don’t feel like you need to shoot the moon. mine:
  5. I got offered Chase Edmonds or Malcolm Brown for the 49ers DST. I'm a Gurley owner, but I'm still leaning Edmonds over Brown (I have Henderson and I'm not really excited by that backfield at the moment). I'd have to drop someone, probably Bonnafon (who I picked up speculatively when there was news about McCaffery's back acting up) to make room for a defense. Should I take Edmonds and sit on him in case something happens to David Johnson or stick with the 49ers DST, who has looked pretty elite as of late? I like the 49ers but it's hard to pass up a skill position player for a defense. My team is as follows, if it helps (for context): QB: L. Jackson RB: C. Carson, T. Gurley, A. Ekeler, J. Samuels (IR), D. Henderson, R. Bonnafon WR: J. Edelman, M. Gallup, A. Jeffery, M. Brown, M. Valdes-Scantling, S. Watkins TE: T. Kelce DST: 49ers Thanks in Advance!
  6. Hey Bloom! Thanks so much for your help Drop one of mostert or Hollywood Brown for Penny? I have Carson, if that matters. Have a great week!
  7. Bloom! Psyched to be back - so grateful that you're taking the time to do this again. I have three. All of these are about bench stashes rather than start / sit questions. First (in a Point Per First Down Redraft League): Best 2 to bench stash: DK Metcalf, Tony Pollard, Rashard Higgins, Kenny Stills, Damien Harris Second (in PPR): Best 1 to bench stash: Tony Pollard, Damien Harris (I have Michel), Malcolm Brown, Dare Ogunbowale, Rashard Higgins, Kenny Stills Third (in PPR): Drop Anthony Miller for a high upside stash or am I overreacting to one (terrible) game? Thanks so much!!!
  8. Bloom! Thanks for this and everything all season. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. So, two questions for Championship week. Going for the win! This is for a 12 team, PPR league. 1) Which QB: Aaron Rodgers, Baker Mayfield, or Dak Prescott? 2) Not sure what to do about Gurley - The Rams playing the later time slot makes this really complicated. I need 1 RB and 1 TE from the following: --- Evan Engram, Jaylen Samuels (RB/TE Eligible), Elijah McGuire, Mark Ingram, Todd Gurley, CJ Anderson, John Kelly. I see these as my options: A) Play Elijah McGuire (1:00 game) and Jaylen Samuels (4:25 game) at TE and avoid the Rams all together. B) Play Todd Gurley (4:05 game) and Evan Engram (1:00 game) at TE. Pivot to Jaylen Samuels (4:25 game) if Gurley sits. C) Play Todd Gurley (4:05 game) and Jaylen Samuels (4:25 game) at TE. Pivot to CJ Anderson, John Kelly, or Mark Ingram (4:25 game) if Gurley Sits. • Do you think one of those is right? If so which one? • Say you chose option C: which RB do you pivot to, should Gurley sit? Anderson, Kelly, or Mark Ingram? Thanks!
  9. Morning Bloom! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! I've already clinched a bye and I'm trying to stash high upside handcuffs on my bench for a playoff run. My team in a 12 Team, Full PPR is as follows: QB: Aaron Rodgers WR: Mike Evans, AJ Green, Courtland Sutton, Keke Coutee, Josh Reynolds, DJ Moore RB: Todd Gurley, Mark Ingram, Aaron Jones, Malcolm Brown, Spencer Ware TE: Cameron Brate (I just lost OJ Howard) DEF: Chicago I only care about weeks 15/16 at this point because I have a bye. If I were to drop someone I think it would need to be Sutton, Coutee, Reynolds, or Moore since, at best, those 4 guys are going to be competing for my flex spot. My options on the WW are: Jaylen Samuels: probably the one I'd pick up - he has the highest ceiling for me since I'm playing on Yahoo, which would allow me to play him at TE. Jamaal Williams: less attractive but interesting, since I have Jones. Would you drop any of these WRs to pick one of those guys up. Would you drop 2 to pick them both up? As always thanks for everything!
  10. My team is as follows in a 12 Team, Full PPR: QB: Aaron Rodgers WR: Mike Evans, AJ Green, Courtland Sutton, Keke Coutee, Josh Reynolds, DJ Moore RB: Todd Gurley, Mark Ingram, Aaron Jones, Malcolm Brown, Spencer Ware TE: Cameron Brate (I just lost OJ Howard) DEF: Chicago We play 1QB, 2RBs, 2WRs, 1TE, 1 Flex, and 1 DEF I’ve clinched a bye so I only care about wks 15/16 at this point. At most I can only start one of these Rookie WRs and would like to drop at least one for a high upside handcuff (Eyeing Jaylen Samuels cause I’m on yahoo and could play him as a TE - could also pick up Williams to handcuff Jones.) Which of those WRs should I drop? Should I drop 2 and pick up both RBs? Thanks for your thoughts in advance. If you leave a link I’ll answer yours. Happy Thanksgiving to those in the US!
  11. Hey Sig - Jamaal Williams & Burkhead are out on WW. I have Aaron Jones. Would you drop any of the following guys to pick one or both of them up? If so who? Ito Smith, Nyheim Hines, Spencer Ware, Keke Coutee, TreQuan Smith 12 Team, Full Point PPR Thanks for taking the time. I really appreciate everything you do!
  12. We do, indeed, start 2RB, 2WR, and a flex. My thought with this trade is that jones might become more valuable than Ingram. Jones would be my RB2 and I start Ingram, or one my litany of rookie WRs at flex. I take it you think there’s no way that happens thanks for for your help!
  13. I'm currently undefeated in a 12 team PPR league and looking to strengthen my starters for the playoffs. (I had a good, lucky, draft) My team is as follows: QB: Aaron Rodgers WR: Mike Evans, AJ Green, Julian Edelman, Courtland Sutton, KeKe Coutee, Tre'Quan Smith RB: Todd Gurley, Mark Ingram, Ito Smith, Nyheim Hines, Malcolm Brown TE: OJ Howard DEF: Chicago Should I trade Edelman for Aaron Jones? I feel like I'd be overpaying based on their current value but I could, easily, look back in a few weeks and think of it as a great move if he takes over the GB backfield. I'd be more bullish if not for the injuries to AJ Green and Mike Evans that happened this week. Leave a link and I'd be happy to answer yours! Thanks!
  14. Bloom! I have 2 Questions this week, both for a 12 team, PPR league ---- First, this is more of a long term strategy question - ESPN wrote an article about how the effectiveness of the Rams offense could result in disaster for Fantasy GMs - Essentially the logic is that the Rams will clinch the top seed in the NFC by week 14 or 15 and sit all of their starters for the remainder of the regular season, meaning Gurley et al. won't be available for the fantasy championship. Is this just hot air or do you think it's worth considering trading Gurley in order to get high value FF players on less dominate real football teams. Probably this is nothing but, with the fantasy trade deadline looming, this kind of call has to be made this week or next. ---- Second - What do you think about this trade: giving Mark Ingram & Julian Edelman getting David Johnson It would mean playing Tre'Quan Smith in flex. Am I giving too much? As always, appreciate everything you do! Thanks
  15. Hey Bloom! I'm hoping you can help with some roster management issues I'm having this week. I'd like to pick up two people off the WW but can't decide if it's worth dropping anyone. If I drop anyone it would have to be one of (In no particular order): OJ Howard, Austin Hooper, Nyheim Hines, Will Fuller, Tre'Quan Smith, or Ito Smith I'm trying to pick up: A Team Defense (I have the Bears, want to hold them, but hate the matchup this week) Malcolm Brown (I have Gurley and want to handcuff) Do you think one, or both, are worth dropping anyone for? If so who? As always, thanks a bunch for making the time for this and everything!