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  1. So excited to get him at 1.12 in my PPR league. Just like I was to get AJ Brown at 1.09 last year.
  2. So glad I traded Keenan Allen for Evans before the season started in my dynasty league. Going to be the reason I lose in two leages this week.
  3. Looking at Keenum or Dalton for QB since my only QB is Brees... Also looking at Mostert in PPR.
  4. Thinking about trading a 2021 first (I have 2) for him in my main dynasty league. If this is just a flash in the pan, oh well. If he's as good as I think he is going to be, could be a steal.
  5. And now I'm trying to change my scoring settings to see if that is the issue (in the app), but it doesn't save the changes I made. Some get saved and some don't, even within the same category. The app looks great, but just doesn't work.
  6. It's now asking me to renew my FleaFlicker league for this year, which I obviously had already done weeks ago. Now I can't update anything on that league. Completely useless. Not sure why I keep paying for the subscription. I wish 4 for 4 had league sync support for FleaFlicker...
  7. It appears to me that the info on the classic site is more accurate. Hard to say for sure, though.
  8. It's up, but I'm getting 2 completely different sets of results between the app and the website for the same league. Something isn't right, which seems to be par for the course when it comes to this tool.
  9. In my main dynasty league this off-season, I traded away Sammy Watkins, Keenan Allen, and Ronald Jones, and cut Mariota. Jones just outscored both my starters combined (Mixon and Freeman), Mariota did something, Watkins balled out, and Allen did what he always does. Meanwhile, Mike Evans (who I acquired last week) did next to nothing along with my RBs. At least I have Hockenson and AJ Brown on my taxi squad?
  10. Finally dumped him in a dynasty trade. Of course he outscores both my starters combined in Joe Mixon and Devonta Freeman.
  11. 12 Team PPR Gave: Ronald Jones + 2019 first (likely a top 3 pick) Got: Guice
  12. Traded for Stafford in my dynasty league. Drafted him in my redraft. Sorry guys.
  13. As an Alex Collins owner in 2 leagues, I'll be taking a look at Kenneth Dixon.
  14. That was about a 10 point swing for me too... From about +8 to - 2.