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  1. Ummm actually you can. One problem is that it tends to vary over time depending on situation.
  2. Grats Bri. Must be a great feeling.
  3. Agreed. Totally forgot to add him to my list of breakouts. If Lock develops, he has the skills.
  4. Huh, you and me also. After Lamar, Ingram, Higbee and McClaurin went off for me I thought I was safe. Not so . . . He and Brees have SOME chenistry, huh? They should have won the SB the past 2 years. Crazy the bad luck they have had.
  5. I like the Kamara and Fournette calls. Most worried about Schuster. Something doesn't feel right there. Rivers worries me and that worries me for Keenan Allen. He made no impact on fantasy teams this year and his few massive games early in the year didn't help you down the stretch. Top 30 players don't disappear for such long stretches. Players I like to possibly break into the Top 30: AJ Brown Terry McClaurin Devante Parker/and/or Preston Williams (I doubt both can be top 30, but one can) Austin Ekeler (he's very good and very underrated) DJ Moore DJ Chark Miles Sanders (improving rapidly) DK Metcalf
  6. and there it is: Seattle Seahawks running back Chris Carson was tasked with being the solo shot in the backfield once again after Rashaad Penny hit the IR with a torn ACL, and he came to play. Carson destroyed the Panthers Defense on Sunday as he carried the ball 24 times for 133 yards, a new career-high. He also ran in a pair of touchdowns and exploded for huge yardage on the regular against the Panthers. He's now at 1,190 rushing yards this season, another career-high, and he'll be expected to remain one of the focal points of Seattle's offense for the rest of the season. Expect the Seahawks' success to ride heavily on his shoulders as the regular season winds up and the postseason begins.--Billy Stonick - RotoBaller
  7. I don't think anyone sat the #1 QB in the League, although maybe there are a few folks tossing their matchups. I'm just sad because I had a bye this week in 2 of my biggest leagues, so his points don't help me. 😞
  8. He'll be early 4th at the latest - Chris Godwin-type hype this offseason incoming.
  9. Monster. This is the "guy from nowhere" that will win a lot of people their leagues this year.
  10. Similar here - he enabled me to hold off both Cousins and Cook with a slight lead. Monster game. He was a beast when it counted in the 4th quarter. Even though I had Penny on my bench and he outscored him, I'm glad I started Carson just so I could enjoy watching him run hard.
  11. I'm intrigued. Does he really love parody? The Onion maybe? Or is he more of a parity guy?