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  1. And yet even their "great" kicker missed an extra point in the playoff game that gave the Broncos the win and a SuperBowl for Peyton. Bottom line is . . . it happens.
  2. See is the Chargers run 3 plays up the middle for a loss now.
  3. This is the difference between the Chargers and the Colts. When the Colts had a chance for 7 they went for the jugular. The Chargers playcalling is SO unimaginative. Boring!
  4. Except for that fumble that cost them the game.
  5. See now THAT'S stupid. In no fantasy world anywhere in 2018 should any manager bench Zach Ertz.
  6. Hi Sig, grats on another terrific season. The live Youtube updates (e.g., trade day) were terrific. Really tough one for me this week. I'm a decided underdog in the Final as my opponent has Saquon, Chubb, and Derrick Henry. Full PPR. I have Kamara locked in as RB1, and Tyreek and Diggs as my WR1 and WR2. Who would you pick for my RB2 and Flex out of the following? Joe Mixon (with all his WRs out and the CLE D keying on him) David Johnson (can't see the Cards scoring much against the Rams) Damien Williams (impressive performances the past 2 weeks, SEA not intimidating) Jaylen Samuels (good game last week, NO D pretty good?) John Kelly (Gurley looks unlikely to be risked much) Ugh! Choices!
  7. I'll bet that Kelly gets more touches than CJ in this game.
  8. Exact same situation for me. I have Kamara and Mixon as my RBs. Only complicating factor is I also have John Kelly, who would be in a tasty matchup situation if Gurley is out.
  9. Should seem so. Question is, do you trust bad Road Ben?