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  1. Julio and Ridley have been destroying opponents for me this season. 🙂
  2. I'd like to see both of them. I always thought Glennon had talent. But Luton impressed in preseason. The injury makes sense in terms of some of the throws I see from Uncle Rico. It looked like the ball was just being "pushed" out there, no spiral at all, probaly because he wasn't able to get a good grip on the ball. He missed Chark on one wide open throw when it looked like the ball just rolled into the air off the top of his fingers, like a bball free throw.
  3. OK damn you now you made me look and learn lol. I just hate the concept of rostering punters so much I didn't want to. Here's the relevant info: 1 point for every Punt Attempt P 4 points for every 250 Punt Yard (0.02 per) K, P 2 points for every Punt Inside 20 K, P 2 points for every 50 Yards Per Punt points (0.04 per) P 5 points for every 60 Yards Per Punt points (0.08 per) QB, K, P 1 point for every Passing Completion QB, RB, WR, TE, K, P 1 point for every Rushing Attempt QB, RB, WR, TE, P 1 point for every Catch QB, RB, WR, TE, K, P So I was wrong. He wouldn't get extra points for throwing a TD, just 1 point for completing a pass. Crazy. No wonder I hate this league.
  4. Ugh, I wish you were the owner instead of me in a friend's league I joined this summer. We do roster punters and I recently lost a close game because my punter scored a zero. I have zero idea of how punters earn points in this scoring system. I don't care to learn because I'm out of this league once the season ends. But I'm pretty sure that if my punter threw for a TD I'd get some nice bonus points and I'd be dancing! (Not tap dancing mind you).
  5. One year when I won my league I started both Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders every week. Worked out great. It hasn't hurt you with Cooks and Fuller the past 3 weeks.
  6. Gutsy call on both Taylor and JuJu. Hope it works out for you!!
  7. Gotta admit I had to close my eyes when they replayed that injury.
  8. Just their formation alone signaled that Cordarelle was getting it. Nobody else to focus on.
  9. Montgomery catches a screen, pauses about 3 seconds to allow the defense to recognize it and adjust, then starts running.
  10. If they give Nuke that much space you can just throw to him every play.
  11. OMG holding. What a shame, that was a brilliant play design.