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  1. Great decision by Jameis, he was wise to turn down those other offers. Should also be a great fit for NO. Keeps them as contenders even after Brees retires.
  2. The Colts seems like an ideal landing spot for him.
  3. Hey, thank you! After all these years here, that's my first thread name suggestion that was ever incorporated. Feeling chuffed.
  4. Well damn my eyes, Jeudy fell in their lap and they didn't have to trade up. The NFL sometimes...
  5. Thread name change to : Indefinite GB Drama
  6. Probably 1.01 now, although Waldmans take is that he will be in a committee for a while.
  7. If they want speed and don't get Ruggs, I would prefer they wait and take someone like Reagor or Mims. Honestly, there is so much depth in this WR class, they need to do their behavioral interviews well.
  8. Ummm I think you missed his point. None of that matters now.
  9. What does this do to the fantasy stock of other Texans? Watson? TE? WRs? Seems like they all take a hit unless we see someone who can step in to account for some of his 100 catches and 1300 yards?
  10. Ummm actually you can. One problem is that it tends to vary over time depending on situation.
  11. Grats Bri. Must be a great feeling.