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  1. I usually like the turn, and this year is no different. At the top you pay too high a premium and may not get the return. Last year Bell and Johnson went 1, 3. Then you're scrambling for good wide outs. I like 11 or 12 where you're getting 13 or 14 immediately, you can often dictate a draft from those positions.
  2. Good spot for him imo, but still not worth a redraft spot yet. A keep-on-speed-dial for injuries guy.
  3. Hardman and Campbell are the two who, to me, jump up a lot based on their landing spot. But an athletic guy like this hooked up with the best scrambler in the game...?
  4. While overall I agree, there is nothing about Metcalf being paired up with Wilson that "sucks".
  5. weird coincidence in his NFL draft profile: "Hardman could develop into a lesser version of Tyreek Hill with his playmaking potential after the catch, on deep balls and as a returner. Speed kills in today's game and Hardman's could be coveted on Day 2 (Rounds 2-3)."
  6. How does the Paris Campbell selection affect Luck? Was hoping the Colts would get a legit WR threat to pair with TY and a 6.11 graded NFL prospect seems to fit the bill perfectly.
  7. And yet even their "great" kicker missed an extra point in the playoff game that gave the Broncos the win and a SuperBowl for Peyton. Bottom line is . . . it happens.
  8. See is the Chargers run 3 plays up the middle for a loss now.
  9. This is the difference between the Chargers and the Colts. When the Colts had a chance for 7 they went for the jugular. The Chargers playcalling is SO unimaginative. Boring!
  10. Except for that fumble that cost them the game.
  11. See now THAT'S stupid. In no fantasy world anywhere in 2018 should any manager bench Zach Ertz.