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  1. Completely missed this the first time around, but the fact that this alias already existed AND managed to check in here within two hours is pretty amazing. GB this place sometimes.
  2. Speaking of Bowling Green ... WTF? I know Babers left and Johnson graduated, but did they take the entire rest of the team with them?
  3. Agreed. That's why the BCS always was criticized for not allowing scores as part of the equation. I noticed Sagarin doesn't even compute BCS-like win-loss ratings any more.
  4. I'm guessing Wisconsin (which is 18) is getting pulled down this early by having only a 6-point win against a winless Georgia State. FWIW, Sagarin has Oklahoma 8 and Wisconsin 15, as well as Ole Miss 10 and Florida State 11. Like I said, a lot of outliers this early in the season, no matter what computer rankings you use.
  5. Also, I think it's probably far more accurate than the current KRACH minus scores, which is all over the place this early: 1 Texas A&M 2 Clemson 3 Tennessee 4 Louisville 5 Wake Forest 6 Michigan 7 Minnesota 8 Houston 9 Wisconsin 10 Alabama (Ohio State is 14, Miami 25, Ole Miss 31).
  6. I think the point margin is what is driving it for Miami with so few games at this point. Three blowout wins, albeit vs. "lesser" competition, while Clemson has one blowout of an FCS and a couple of 6-point wins against pretty good teams (Auburn, Troy). That, and individual games also carry more weight now with so few of them. Louisville probably gets hurt by having Charlotte as one-quarter of its resume right now. That will diminish as the season goes on. They'll get a big boost this week playing Clemson, regardless of outcome. Like I said, something I am trying out to see if it is viable. It might turn out to be total junk when all is said and done. We'll see.
  7. I'm test-driving a new ratings system this year, which takes the KRACH ratings I've been doing the past few years and adds a score element to it, so that a 1-point win isn't treated the same as a 30-point win, although the significance of a blowout win diminishes the higher it goes. Even all 1-point wins aren't created equal (winning 14-13 is better than winning 44-43), but I will have more on it in a couple of weeks when I have more data. For reference, last year's results (pre bowls) would have produced the following: 1. Alabama; 2. Ohio State; 3. Oklahoma; 4. Clemson; 5. Florida State; 6. Michigan; 7. Michigan State. Here is how my top 10 currently looks, keeping in mind that some teams still have played as few as three games: 1 Ohio State 2 Miami FL (an outlier? But they've blown out all three teams they've played) 3 Houston 4 Alabama 5 Stanford 6 Michigan 7 Louisville 8 Clemson 9 Mississippi (seems off, but probably getting a boost from playing 'Bama and FSU, which is 11th) 10 Oklahoma (see 9) Thoughts?
  8. Rene Ingogliaā€¸@reneingoglia Just told by a source that the @theACC football championship game is coming to #Orlando @CWStadium official announcement to follow
  9. David Shaw on LSU opening: "Are you serious? The answer is no" News conference scheduled for any day now.
  10. It's unbelievable to think that teams like Kansas, Illinois, Northern Illinois, Hawaii and UConn all have been in major (BCS) bowls in the last decade. Throw in Wake Forest, who actually is 4-0 this year but has been a Dumpster fire for most of the time since then. And Central Florida went 0-12 last season two years after winning the Fiesta Bowl, but seems to be much better this season under Scott Frost.
  11. Ron Turner fired at Florida International. Guess that's what happens when you lose to the "worst team in college football" two years in a row.
  12. Our Huskies on TV anywhere? Dogfight in Tucson.
  13. Pig sooey woo level: not good.