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  1. The one option I didn't consider until last night is that if I finish last, I can protect the other three and not Harper and then draft him and reset his clock (we only can keep one "franchise" guy beyond three years -- Bryant and Correa both were first-time keepers this year).
  2. We've been watching this closely here in Mass. waiting to see what the Big 12 would do. With UMass entering its first year of independence and no conference affiliation on the horizon, the dominoes falling in line for a potential invite to the AAC would be YUGE!
  3. Any idea where to go to get projected dollar values for the second half? I'm likely to be in sell mode over the next couple of weeks. Already have an offer for Carrasco (E. Santana plus a swap of picks -- I get a 3rd, he gets a 12, but it's a keep-3 league). I also want to make sure I set the right price early if/when I decided to sell off some of my other pitching -- Lester, Samardzija, Maeda. Also, wondering if it's worthwhile to shop one of my three keepers -- Correa, Bryant or (unlikely) Harper -- with Bregman also sitting in my pocket as an option for next year. Edit to add: Yahoo! 6x6, 10-team.
  4. So am I going to be the 2016 champ by default?
  5. I was wearing a Rangers T-shirt and he noticed it and we just started chatting baseball. Not as random as it would seem.
  6. I heard the other night that this is the first time the Yankees have been below .500 at any point post-All Star break since 1995. That's crazy. Then a kid serving me at brunch today mentioned that the Yankees had never finished below .500 in his lifetime and I almost cried.
  7. High speed EZ Pass scanners are being installed on the Mass. Pike as we speak. The places I have seen them already -- the Garden State Parkway and I-93 in New Hampshire -- and much better since they've gotten rid of the toll booths altogether. I just hope they reconfigure the roads where the toll booths are when they finally dismantle them, or the same "seven-lanes-down-to-three" bottlenecks will be happening anyway. I had a former co-worker who refused to get one for "Big Brother" reasons. I guess there are a lot of people out there who think the same way.
  8. Did I accidentally wander into the NBA free agency thread?
  9. Roll set 1Die rolls: 690Roll subtotal: 690Roll total: 690
  10. When Boston was briefly in the running for 2024, there was a lot of skepticism over the promise of all "private funding" and people frequently couldn't get answers about how the stuff behind the scenes would work. Not surprisingly, the people disappointed when the bid was withdrawn were mostly those with political connections. Too bad ... I was looking forward to renting out two of my bedrooms an hour from downtown for $10K a night.
  11. Images of old Olympic venues in war-torn Sarajevo.
  12. Thanks. He had a blog all throughout the Duke case, basically ripping it apart as it all unfolded. The book was an excellent read.
  13. This is the same KC Johnson who crushed the Duke lacrosse case and co-wrote a book about it?
  14. 4.1 7 6 3 1 1 66 That translates to a 6.23 ERA and 1.85 WHIP ... and Buchholz has the gall to say after the game that "I only gave up three earned runs. Wasn't the worst performance I had all year." The sad part is, he's probably right.