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  1. Certainly not one of their all-time greats, but one I migrate to often. Glad to see it get the respect it deserves.
  2. I admit to being a little weaker on the earliest stuff, but this one came up several times during the Neil tribute on Sirius XM while I was in the car and I'm really glad to have gotten a new appreciation for it. +
  3. Just catching up on this thread. I was at this show as well with my brother-in-law and his wife, and had drinks with several others at Boston Beer Works before/after. I'm off to the left somewhere, around what would be center ice for hockey. This was one of my "college era" albums, even though it came out a couple of years before that. Pretty much wore out the cassette tape before CDs became common. Fantastic album. I made this comment to @Ghost Rider, I think, in a different thread. I played this particular track a lot in late college, as well. Had no idea it was so popular among hard-core fans.
  4. NHL scheduling is weird. The Hurricanes and Penguins, who are in the same division, played each other for the first time yesterday. They have three more meetings in the next three weeks.
  5. I can somewhat relate to that. I was at the A-10 tournament at the Palestra when news started circulating about Hank Gathers. Obviously that was pre-Internet, etc., but it was just surreal to see it start to hit people in a place where he was such an icon.
  6. His brief stint as Wheel of Fortune host is one of my favorite random facts of all time.
  7. I was showing the video to some people at a bar yesterday. I was 11 when I watched it live, but I was reminded of it yesterday while in Denver and saw Peter McNab on the Avs pregame show. If you knew anything about the late ‘70s Bruins, they obviously had some madmen on that team — 70s hockey was quite a trip. But McNab was so tame ... never had more than 20 or so PIM a season his entire career. To see him go into the stands like that was so out of character for him, but hysterical that everyone remembers Milbury when it was McNab that chased the guy down and held him down while Milbury ripped off his shoe.
  8. Hey @ffldrew ... guess where I am this weekend? Sitting with the UMass team at the Avs game tonight, then a big doubleheader tomorrow and Saturday. Looking forward to seeing a couple of good games in Magness.
  9. As a fan of an independent school, the Hawaii exemption was significant. In consecutive seasons: * Played at Hawaii * Hosted Hawaii in Week Zero * Hosted a team in Week Zero that was using the exemption itself by playing at Hawaii later in the season
  10. Pete DeBoer out as coach of the Sharks. He's the fifth NHL coach fired since the last time the Red Wings won a game.
  11. Bummer. I will never get over a bowl game sponsored by a lawnmower company being played in an indoor stadium with some of the worst artificial turf known to man.
  12. Have we ever considered that maybe she's perfectly comfortable with the Peloton and riding/exercise, but instead is camera-shy?
  13. And Leach possibly to Ole Miss? (Though the original Twitter report was fake.) That must have been one rough Apple Cup this year.