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  1. About to be wheels up to South Carolina for tomorrow's game. Can't wait!
  2. Missed two FGs, gave up a pair of pick-6 TDs. Bad penalties galore. It really was amazing.
  3. BYU just ran a fake punt on 4th-and-19 out of its end zone.
  4. OK, I take back all of the nice things I said about Dave Roberts' managing. How do you pull Maeda in the fourth inning with two outs and a weak-hitting pitcher due up?
  5. Nice pregame ceremony with Bobby Orr wheeling Milt Schmidt (98 years young!) onto the Garden ice ... a celebration of 50 years and 80 years of Bruins greatness.
  6. This is a good point. I'm not sure why everyone is so excited and congratulating the Indians. They really should be ashamed of themselves for the path they took to get this far. Except for that part where they had a 3-1 lead and didn't blow it.
  7. The Shark Pool might actually be readable if this was the case there.
  8. Bergeron expected back for the Bruins home opener tonight after missing the first three games with some sort of ankle issue.
  9. Molson (particularly "XXX") makes people do strange things. Such as stand in their buddy's backyard on the Fourth of July and let two of their best friends shoot at them with a lit Roman candle. Or so I've heard.
  10. Gonzaga's not a great example, though. They're more like a Boise State in this conversation ... what's the lowest the Zags ever have been seeded? We're talking more like Kentucky vs. Grambling or some school like that.
  11. Pretty controversial shootout goal by Trocheck for Florida. Puck slid off his stick and his whiffed on his shot, but on review they rule that the puck still was moving forward and he regathered and shot it past Bishop, who was out of position. The Lightning already were down the tunnel, thinking they had won.
  12. I guess I just put the "grinder" label on a third-line type guy, a 10-15 goals/season guy who doesn't necessarily get the notice. Clark was closer to a Cam Neely-type player than a third-liner, a tough guy who would fight anyone but also put the puck in the net pretty regularly. And he was a captain. If I ever got a Leafs replica jersey for my collection, "Clark 17" would be my first choice.
  13. Wendel Clark a grinder? No. 1 overall pick ... 330 career goals, over 30 in a season four times (including 46 one year). He was physical and that was a big reason he never could stay healthy for a full season, but I don't think he fits the "grinder" mold.
  14. Not being obtuse. My point is that it's impossible to make it so that the schedules are equitable for all SEC teams in a given season. Or any other conference other than the Big 12 (which is the only one that has true round-robin play). The same is true when comparing the SEC West with the Mountain West. There is no way that a Boise State ever is going to have the opportunity to play a schedule as tough as what Alabama plays in a given season. So what, tough noogies? At least giving those teams an opportunity (if not an equal opportunity) to earn their way into a playoff via an auto bid, they're not already losing the race before the season even starts. That's why conference championship games pit the winners of divisions, and not the two best teams regardless of which side they're on. Doing it any other way given unbalanced schedules wouldn't be fair.
  15. Should the SEC East not get a team in the conference championship game because it plays a much weaker league schedule than the teams in the West?