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  1. Good read, but ... two months ago the Bruins were bound to get some luck and turn it around, as well. I guess if they had just kept Claude and continued doing the same stuff over and over for the next 5-10 years, it might have happened eventually
  2. That would be awesome, but I'd be shocked if they both make it at this rate, with all the games in hand for the teams around them (particularly the B's) in the standings.
  3. I have to wonder if there is any compensation coming the Bruins' way, like what happened with Edmonton and Chiarelli. Otherwise, why let them have permission to speak to him? There's no way the Bruins were blindsided by this, despite how funny it would be to many people. He still was under contract. Too bad they played their last regular-season game Sunday night. So many layers of irony. I can't wait to see how it all plays out.
  4. Harvard wins the Beanpot for the first time since 1993. Bruins second-round pick Ryan Donato (son or former Harvard/B's player and current Harvard coach Ted Donato) with a sweet goal. BC also lost both games in the Beanpot for the first time since .... 1993.
  5. Well, he should. We know at least one current NHL exec does (or did).
  6. Why didn't they just keep him the first time they had him?
  7. Very impressive, but let's see him play La Villa Stangiato solo and then we can talk.
  8. Now, now ... it's only been three games. Remember, this team overachieved under Claude. Who wants to watch exciting, creative hockey?
  9. I have never met him, but I know several people who know him. He definitely is an instigator on Twitter (as well as a Lowell fan, which I admit, might be helping to shape my opinion of him).
  10. I've always believed Lambert is a tool, for a variety of reasons. For instance, how can you write that Neely is "the real decision-maker for this club" and then put most of the blame on Sweeney, in the exact same paragraph? And then two graphs later note that, "The Bruins’ problems obviously predate Sweeney’s ascension to the job." I do think his point is valid that keeping Julien around cost this team a chance at starting a rebuild two years ago, if you believe the popular theory in the circle-the-wagons media that the current team was overachieving under his watch (I don't buy it, but I digress). But I'm not sure Papa Jacobs ever would allow a total rebuild, for fear of missing out on playoff revenue. And I don't know how much patience the fans would have for it, either. We'll see if last night's game was just a blip or the starting of something good.
  11. I haven't completely read through all seven pages here, but has anyone mentioned the fact that Shea McClellin timed the snap on the XP on the Falcons' second TD and leaped over the line, completely nullifying the kick? Only to be called for a (controversial/disputed) illegal formation? I have to wonder if that went into the Falcons' thinking at all as to whether to settle for a field goal that could have been blocked and possibly returned.
  12. From the NHL Rule Book ... Rule 54 – Holding 54.1 Holding – Any action by a player that restrains or impedes the progress of an opposing player whether or not he is in possession of the puck 54.1.1 Holding – Any action by a player that is within 5 feet of Sidney Crosby if he falls down, touched or untouched.
  13. @_TyAnderson 1h1 hour ago More Bruins came into game with 2nd-most missed shots in NHL. Missed just six through two. Fewer wristers from point, more shots with a purpose. Link They looked like a completely different team tonight. More aggressive, more working the puck down low, crisp passing, no hesitation. One-timers by guys playing on their off wing, rather than taking passes in poor shooting positions. Who knows if it will last, or if it was just the usual first-game reaction to a new coach, system and philosophy. But for one night, it was great to see.
  14. You don't want the season to end the way it did for the B's that year. :dryden:
  15. Bruins score 52 seconds into the post-Claude era.