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  1. I don't know how good the Golden Knights are going to be, but their Twitter account has been a great follow so far in the preseason.
  2. I just read a Brett McMurphy post on SEC football schedules on his Facebook page.
  3. Thanks! Yahoo still has Kluber going Sunday.
  4. Based on some of the tweets I've seen tonight, this new Faceoff Violation rule is going to be a thrill-a-minute this season.
  5. Going into my 6x6 H2H semifinals this week as the top seed and I have exactly ONE start from my rotation before Thursday. Scherzer goes Tuesday (actually moved up a day, I believe) C. Martinez, Roark on Thursday deGrom, Verlander on Friday Quintana on Saturday Kluber apparently has been pushed all the way to Sunday, giving him a full week off.
  6. Nassib worked with Doug Marrone at Syracuse, and with Tom Coughlin with the Giants. Pretty much the same reason why the Dolphins signed Cutler.
  7. I didn't even get to watch any of Nick Fitzgerald dropping a big one on top of Ed Orgeron.
  8. I didn't even get home until 8:00 and I still was able to watch parts of 3-4 great games.
  9. Couple of good late games on. SD State driving to try to take the lead back on Stanford. Cal and Ole Miss in a one-point battle.
  10. Agreed. Texas pass D was on fumes. I don't doubt SC would have scored a TD to end regulation if they had time for a couple of more plays.