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  1. My wife attended a dress rehearsal several years ago and got to meet Moynihan briefly backstage. Said he was very friendly. Oddly enough, Katy Perry also was on that episode. She looked better in that one.
  2. OK. Didn't see the play. But to me, inside the trapezoid always has been the area directly behind the net.
  3. No offense, Getz, because you're one of the most knowledgeable here. But isn't the point to play the puck inside the 'zoid?
  4. Looks like he twisted awkwardly in the crease in the first. Bernier came in to start the second.
  5. My hockey worlds collide! Watched Wagner in high school, Montour at my alma mater.
  6. Uh, no. No elbow there. Got him with the lower arm. Clean hit. (Just watched replay: Ruhwedel lunges, which is why his head was so low, but Ryan doesn't lead with the elbow or arm. Yes, head contact, but not sure if it was avoidable.)
  7. Not closest opposition ... last touch. That's how several goalies have "scored" goals in NHL games.
  8. I don't think it's fair to make a mid-season rule change, unless somehow everyone is on board. Not fair to those owners who already have been forced to drop a DL player they otherwise might have been able to keep.
  9. That's New Jersey, though. Probably didn't even know there was a hockey game. (Note: This joke probably would work better with Tennessee.)
  10. How great is this? Spittin' Chiclets‏ @StoolChiclets Follow More Someone snuck in a real dead duck and threw it on the ice in Nashville