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  1. I was shocked to see that was the first trade ever made between the Rags and Devils.
  2. Sorry, that sentence was confusing. I don't coach, but I have a lot of friends who do and I follow Mass. HS and prep hockey closely. "Played locally for me" just meant he played in the area I follow.
  3. Absolutely. I think people forget they had to use six games of J-M Liles and Joe Morrow/Tommy Cross last year in the playoffs. Plus Carlo has been struggling quite a bit lately. If this is just a depth/insurance move I'm OK with it. Maybe a bit expensive, but the prospect pool is deep enough to absorb the loss of O'Gara and a 3rd.
  4. Been tracking him since he played locally for me (Milton Academy) and went to Yale, but he was one of those guys who was never going to crack the B's lineup. I agree that the B's seem to have gone the stop-gap route rather than splash with McDonagh. Fills a void on the left side but the B's are a little crowded on the blue line now. In other news, Jarome Iginla was skating with the Providence Bruins this morning.
  5. I need to give Clockwork Angels another chance. I agree on the production ... Everything just kind of blended together to me on early listens.
  6. Also interesting that you mention Test for Echo as your least favorite because that's where their music started to veer away from me as well. I am nowhere near as familiar with the last four albums as I am with everything from Counterparts back.
  7. I didn't think Available Light was popular among most Rush diehards. I remember listening to that track a lot in college.
  8. Start times won't be any better in Beijing in four years. BTW, how did Beijing get the Winter Games just 14 years after having the Summer Olympics?
  9. All indications are the Rags want DeBrusk in any potential deal with the Bruins for McDonagh. He's no Barzal but he's been pretty good in his rookie season. Not sure how I feel about it but if the Bruins really are in go-for-it mode while Chara still is around, it will be interesting to see how much they're willing to dip into their deep pool of prospects. Also, it will be fascinating to see what Donato does when he comes back from PyeongChang.
  10. 2 (45) Boston Patrice Bergeron C Acadie-Bathurst Titan [QMJHL]
  11. This is why anyone from Canada who criticised Makar for not playing in the Olympics can go jump in a lake, pardon my French.
  12. When you miss the net with a shot on the rush playing on an Olympic sheet, it's like playing on the ponds growing up. The puck winds up five miles away from the closest player.
  13. I don't know what Lamoureux-Sacco-Vanzetti was doing on that penalty shot. The breakaway move on her goal earlier in the tournament was disgusting, but her slow, wide approach and then the half-attempt to pull it back between her legs was just silly.
  14. The Canadiens have been held to 0-1 goals 20 times this season. That's stunningly inept, even for a team with Julien behind the bench.
  15. I remember when Bruins fans got all riled up when they thought Khokhlachev was going to CalGary for Iginla. That was a fun/weird 24 hours. That said, I do have to wonder if he would have been a better fit now under Cassidy than in the past.