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  1. Huge, sad news here in Massachusetts ... Travis Roy died today of complications from surgery related to his paralysis. For those who don't know his story, he was paralyzed 11 seconds into his first shift for Boston University. The anniversary of his injury was 25 years ago last week. Tributes are pouring in from all over the hockey world.
  2. It's funny, because I was fascinated with Moneyball (the book) when it came out. It's still one of the rare books that I still grab on a regular basis and read a chapter or two just to refresh my memory of something. I particularly loved the fact they were taking the "anti-scouting" type of approach to find players who don't fit "molds," because selfishly that pretty much described me when I was playing and I had other teammates that went on to play in college and the minors. But now looking back all these years later, I can see how their approach gave them blinders to a lot of things. I've had the argument with people, because I completely get that it was financially driven. But what really sticks out to me was Beane's insistence in avoiding HS players. And at one point he drew up a list of the top 20 players he would draft "in an ideal world" in which money or competition didn't matter. Except that his "ideal" list didn't include the likes of Zack Greinke, Prince Fielder, Joe Saunders, Cole Hamels, Matt Cain or Scott Kazmir (all who became all-stars), or even James Loney, Denard Span or Jeff Francoeur. And they made a list of eight college hitters -- all of whom they drafted, based on their on-base abilities in college. Only one -- John Baker -- got more than 10 MLB at-bats. Granted, drafting is an inexact science, but I think that 2002 draft was a real eye-opener ... and not in the way it initially was portrayed in Moneyball.
  3. Do you think the analytics played any part in their offensive struggles as well? Three true outcomes, and all that garbage. They drove in more than half their runs on home runs, and struck out nearly 12 times a game on average. Admittedly this has been a bone of contention for me forever, long before analytics (or computers, really) were a thing beyond Bill James’ books. It goes so against how I played the game, and I always hated how the the free-swinging guys on my teams always got the love. I just hate to think how some of the all-time greats we grew up watching would have been altered by the way the game is taught and played now. Analytics are a good tool, but when you base your whole game and philosophy around them, you’ve gone too far.
  4. This is just stupid. I don’t have a problem with overpowering pitching, but this to me is more about these guys just having a terrible collective approach at the plate.
  5. I'm glad they changed the scoring overnight. I did some NCAA official scoring while in college, and I was having a spirited exchange with some friends before falling asleep about the fact they originally charged only Taylor with an error. Some were saying that the only reason Arozarena tried to score is because of that bobble, but I countered that he actually started heading back to third and it was Smith missing the ball that allowed him to score. I didn't believe Smith should be let off the hook just because there was another error elsewhere. They finally charged errors to Taylor (which also allowed Phillips to go to second even before the throw) AND Smith (allowing the winning run to score).
  6. Totally bizarre. I'm not a fan of what they did with Morton (less so Snell), and all the pitching changes/shifts/etc. that are all the rage these days. But then to go totally against that philosophy when Glasnow is bouncing sliders and 102 mph fastballs off Zunino's chest ...
  7. I would just like to see one of them get the opportunity for a long stretch to grow through any issues, without having to worry about bouncing back and forth between the 9th floor.
  8. Hey @Capella ... easy with all the winning. Pretty soon you'll have to move up here to Boston.
  9. I haven't heard anything confirmed, but I would be shocked if they don't have 2-3 more games this year. My best guess: They play Army in two weeks (they were supposed to play this season before UMass originally postponed its season), and Florida Atlantic on Nov. 21. Plus be open for any other teams looking for a last-minute opponent (the Georgia Southern game was scheduled 10 days ago). Of course, no guarantee they score in any of those games either. This is a youuuuuuuuuuuung team.
  10. Welp, there's your answer: @DarrenDreger · 3m Vegas trades Nate Schmidt to the Vancouver Canucks for a 3rd round draft pick in 2022.
  11. According to Cap Friendly, offseason cap and the regular-season cap are not calculated the same way. Something to do with minor league players on one-way deals (not sure who that includes for VGK). It's kind of explained here.
  12. Now that Pietrangelo is signed, what happens if Vegas can't offload salary? Looks like they need to dump $2.1 million before tomorrow just to get to the 10% offseason overage threshold.
  13. Hard to say whether it’s better or worse, but they definitely will be different. As I mentioned above, they probably reshape their PP minus Krug unless someone like Grzelcyk steps into that role (I just don’t see McAvoy as the same type of player). But the Tampa series showed just how much they need to a.) be tougher in their own end; and b.) rely less on the power play for scoring. That’s why I love the Smith signing ... analytically he was one of the best 5v5 players in the entire league last season. If they get Kase going next season they’ll look pretty good down the right side along with Pastrnak. I have to wonder what they still have left with $11M and still needing to sign Grzelcyk (arbitration) and DeBrusk ... and Chara (???) That probably takes them out of the running for any big moves, barring moving anyone else out.
  14. I would probably be interested in 1. hockey; 2. baseball; 3. football ... in that order. My office is a mess, which is why I wanted to start diving into sheets to start getting things in order. But I wouldn’t mind having some “new” (to me) stuff to sort through again, just for the fun of it. Big or small, doesn’t really matter.