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  1. I trademarked "America's Team" ™️ during college hockey season. That will cost you bigly.
  2. I'm sure you know, but it's important to know where in the arena your seats are. Row 2 next to one of the benches or penalty boxes means you're looking through glass to see certain parts of the rink, which could be terrible blind spots. Row 2 in the corners or end would be pretty sweet, though.
  3. It sounds like the plan was to do that if SJ ended it in five. I have to assume there are logistics for hosting a Cup finals that are much more complex than hosting a second-round series on two days’ notice (as Boston essentially did for Rounds 2 and 3).
  4. Saw an interesting question on Twitter or somewhere: What is the fewest number of players it would take to cover all 30’teams? Have to think Dotel and/or Villone to start, although there would be some overlap.
  5. @IC FBGCav Thanks for being a great sport this whole series. And big ups to the 'Canes. Hope this is just the start of good things for them with the young core and Brind'Amour behind the bench. And that the fan support continues as well. Oh, and pretzels. Never forget the pretzels.
  6. My only issue with the “but what about that other missed call” crowd is that, you had a chance to overcome that mistake. Sharks fans are doing it with the Perron flip into the net (another blown one) and the “head shot” on Braun (debatable). The Blues didn’t last night. I think that was a worse blown call than the Eakin “major”, IMHO. #RefChat
  7. When the puck went into the netting in Columbus, Rask said after the game, "What if that happened in overtime?"
  8. Hand pass gets nullified as soon as the opposing team gets control of the puck. But the Blues never did ... even if some Sharks fans are trying to justify it by claiming it glanced off Bouwmeester's leg (and even a couple saying Meier never touched it ).
  9. My thought, and I tweeted it on first sight of the play, was that McElhinny created the contact when he extended his right leg forward and essentially tripped DeBrusk. Absent that, DeBrusk goes right to the front of the crease and nothing happens. It drove me crazy last night as I was listening the the NHL recap show on satellite radio and they were emphasizing that DeBrusk went through the blue paint. That by itself shouldn't matter. Like I said, if McElhinny doesn't extend the pad (at a spot that is outside the paint), DeBrusk goes through untouched. The fact remains, no one really knows any more what is or isn't goalie interference.
  10. Not sure if he was kidding or not, but Rask claimed after the game he was told by the ref it would have been waved off anyway because he was tripped. Even though it sure looked like Chara was the one who took him down.