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  1. The foot switch on the left side of the floor boards to control the high beams.
  2. I started, then realized I'll never get through this whole thing at 2 a.m. So I leave you with a Mike Leach tweet.
  3. SI's list of 10 best college football traditions How does the turnover chain even make the top 100? I get it, it's cool and all, but it's literally been around for only two years.
  4. Other things already mentioned in this thread that have come up in conversation in the last couple of weeks: The remote control with a cord attached to the VCR (Beta in my house) Having to watch the 11:00 news for scores and highlights (one of our longtime Boston sportscasters, Mike Lynch, retired tonight after 37 years) S&H green stamps Pay phones (if you're in the newspaper business, these were invaluable when you were filing a story from wherever, with the "Trash-80" Tandy computer that actually ran on AA batteries) We also still have a phone with a long cord (push buttons there, not rotary dial) attached in our house ... it was there when we moved in five years ago. We kept it just for novelty, and our nieces and nephews like to mess around with it (it's not connected to our phone service).
  5. I made a Prodigy reference in my football league chat the other day and no one knew what I was talking about.
  6. Never met him or chatted with him, but definitely recognize him as a poster. It always sucks to lose someone here, regardless of whether you’ve ever met IRL or not. Condolences to all those who knew him.
  7. I'm still amazed that, in 2019, most fantasy sites still have this problem with logic when it comes to auto-draft.
  8. Popular nerd (drum line captain), also always was into sports and played them a lot, but got much better athletically as I got older (led the league in batting average as a senior). Baseball was my only varsity sport, but my HS didn’t have ice hockey until after I graduated.
  9. Six is a bit much, but last year there were four unbeatens going into the bowls/playoffs ... Clemson, Bama, Notre Dame and UCF. That was the most since 2010 (Auburn, Oregon, TCU).
  10. I started working on the Bruins one, but hard to beat that combo ... especially with Jagr, Andreychuk and Iginla up front. Having Gretzky, Stastny and Hawerchuk on the Blues (as well as Housley and Brodeur) seems almost unfair.
  11. Preseason AP Top 25 teams from last season: 4. Wisconsin 8. Miami 9. Auburn 11. Michigan State 13. Stanford 15. USC 16. TCU 18. Mississippi State 19. Florida State 20. Virginia Tech 24. Oregon All finished unranked.
  12. Jackson definitely is “quaint” but what is there aside from the covered bridge, a couple of country stores and the inn/golf course? (Admittedly I’ve never ventured off Route 16/A). Also, I’ve lived in Mass. all my life and never have been to P’town. Farthest out on the Cape I’ve ever been is Nickerson State Park. I hope some of it still is left after today’s tornado.
  13. For what it’s worth, this is a marquee 32 vs. 33 matchup in Reddit’s proposed 256-team tournament bracket. Surely the secret is starting to get out. Better act fast.
  14. First two that came to mind, before I even clicked on the link. I will be in North Conway next week. I haven't explored a ton of the country outside of big cities, but Seward, AK was pretty cool (if small) as well.