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  1. Also, I assume we don't see Moncada until mid-May now that he's been sent down? He is a 25 as well (but I can only keep players for this season, they go back into the pool next year).
  2. Thanks. I have Velasquez about 50-some spots higher on my overall list, but Urias would be a much better value seven rounds later (16-team league, so difference of 115 draft spots in a snake draft).
  3. Keep five in a CBS points league ... with round number protected in parentheses: C. Santana (8) A. Benintendi (15) V. Velasquez (18) J. Taillon (19) A. Sanchez (20) T. Story (21) T. Bauer (22) J. Urias (25) Currently leaning the top six minus Taillon.
  4. I hope it's not leaking coolant like it did in 1996.
  5. When did Jeff Sheppard grow a full beard ... and about 8 inches?
  6. That front line of Meeks, Montross and Rasheed Wallace (with Kevin Salvadori) was remarkable.
  7. Meanwhile, I have to think the secondary ticket market in Chicago is pretty happy to see the Golden Domers making the two-hour trip west from South Bend.
  8. <<< Look at this idiot. (Although it doesn't break my heart to see Lowell lose.)
  9. Yes, absolutely ... Any of you Zags, SC or Ducks fans that can make it to Glendale, I highly recommend doing it. As I've mentioned here, my only FF so far was '96 (not sure why I was there, since the NCAA says UMass wasn't. Funny, I never got back the $1k or so I dropped on the Marriott Marquis in Times Square for four nights, but I digress ...). It's a bit disappointing that's the only FF I've seen, because it kind of got swallowed up by being in NYC. It just didn't feel like the event that I'm sure it is in a lot of other places. But I would never have traded that experience for anything. Having left Philly four years earlier and missing the "Christian Laettner" game, there was no way I wasn't staying for the Monday final (Kentucky over John Wallace and 'Cuse). Even went to Opening Day at Shea that afternoon.
  10. "Longest span between Final Four appearances" ... Yeah, tough to get much longer than the first one and the current one.
  11. Lowell has really had its way with ND the last few seasons. It would be the ultimate parting gift from Hockey East.