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  1. I don't like Kellan Cole to repeat from last week especially with Hurns looking to be back. Crowder has Denver, tough to call a huge game against them... and Robby has a lousy QB and a tough matchup... I don't really like your chances of a stud WR3 from the bunch. I don't know but I suspect Robby Anderson has the highest ceiling, though by just a bit over Cole. Good luck!
  2. Whoa! Those are some very tough choices. Flex Collins, a lot of opportunities for him. I think Allen as long as he looks healthy should be in your lineup. Between Green, Hill and JuJu, it's so tight you're better off going with your gut, but for analysis, I believe you should consider the following: Green will get matched up against Darius Slay, that's a more difficult matchup than any of the others. JuJu will go in as the top WR for the Steelers and the Texans have managed to "control" top receivers while the #2 and #3 options tend to go off. Hill has the Dolphins who have played decent against the pass, they don't give up many huge games, but Hill gets lots of catches and has big play ability. I honestly don't know which you should pick, they are all so tight... this one is really just all about your gut. Which team is playing for the most? Who have you ridden successfully thus far? If forced to go with my gut I would likely go with JuJu but there just isn't much between these guys.
  3. allgar

    Sit 1

    Sit Dak Sit Freeman - (I note that Coleman should be back this week)
  4. allgar

    Wdis ppr

    Start McKinnon over all mentioned.
  5. Standard scoring - 10pt per yard rushing/receiving - 6pt touchdowns My roster: Keenum, L. Bell, M. Ingram, E. Engram, Baltimore (will need two WRs and one Flex... and kicker to round out squad) Competitors roster: R. Wilson, Funchess, JuJu, M. Gordon, K. Hunt, G. Olsen, L. Fournette, C. Boswell and Jacksonville As you can see, competitors squad is pretty tight, so I just don't know if I need to be looking for ceilings or solid floors. I need two WRs and a Flex from this bunch: M. Crabtree, M. Evans, S. Sheppard, Martavis Bryant, Jay Ajayi I'm leaning towards Ajayi as a lock for the flex, but I'm also still concerned about his workload. For WRs I'm leaning towards Crabtree and Evans... but I still believe Bryant has a shot this week to put up monster numbers against Houston. Houston seems to have trouble with speed guys and they also seem to really struggle with #2 and #3 WRs. Given JuJu goes into the game as a clear #1, that makes Bryant the #2 and he's always a deep threat? Sterling Sheppard also looks like he could have a great game playing out of the slot against an Arizona defense who has really struggled against WRs coming out of the slot... but is it too risky that they might shadow Sheppard with Peterson? So the question is - do I need the potential ceilings from Bryant or Sheppard? or do Evans and Crabtree look just as good? Should I just start three WRs? So pick three of these guys for me, let me know your thoughts. Crabtree, Evans, Sheppard, Bryant, Ajayi Bonus question - I was the sad loser of G. Zeuerlein for my finals, and now have to choose between his replacement Ficken and P. Dawson (Arz). Ficken looks like he'd get the same opportunities afforded to Zeuerlein all year, but it will be his first NFL game. By my research he can kick 50+ yarders. Phil Dawson has been on fire down the stretch and will be facing a Giants defense who continues to struggle. Currently I'm leaning towards Ficken because it is my feeling that kicker points come from opportunity and there is no reason to suspect that the Rams won't continue to provide that opportunity. Your comments are appreciated.
  6. Keenum would be my choice as well, and like the others I also have Keenum and Foles on my team... I just have to trust Keenum, he's proven he is a QB1 and he has a plus matchup. Could he #### the bed, yep, that's the luck of Fantasy Football.... but based on his performance, his matchup Keenum should play over Foles who lacks adequate performance history and has a slightly worse matchup. If you're a gut person and you truly feel like he should be your guy, just remember that Foles also may have nothing to play for Sunday should the Vikings lose... and while I don't think that would slow him down by 50% or anything, it may shave 10-20% off his value should coaches decide to play conservative in an attempt to keep their studs healthy.
  7. Funchess and Woods are safest, if you need a bigger boom, try going KB and Woods. Tyrod loves to throw deep and they will be coming from behind.
  8. allgar

    Wdis qb

    I think both are very good for this week. Honestly there is little separation between them on paper for the week. Go with your gut. I would probably roll with Tyrod, he'll likely have to come from behind again which means garbage time points. Though keep in mind New Orleans defense is a lot better than Tampa's.