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  1. It's such a great city. The people are so cool and just normal here. Friendly. Can strike up a conversation and talk with anyone. We were hanging out by the river and a few guys were riding those onewheelers on the sidewalk. One guy in his 20s just stopped and let both of my kids ride it while he held them on it. Reminded me of what would happen growing up in small town Kentucky. Awesome night.
  2. That's odd when you didn't change the Left stick. Play around with the different settings to get a feel for it. Can try delayed curve on Right stick as well.
  3. I know there used to be a Cincinnati thread. Went ice skating earlier. Now downtown at Moerlein's for dinner. Beautiful view of the river.
  4. I'll probably add you to both my usernames when I get home tomorrow.
  5. I think those are the ones that control how far you have to pull the triggers.
  6. Just extra buttons. You can remap the controller and make them perform whatever function you like. I haven't gotten around to playing around with it yet.
  7. I could almost guarantee more people are playing on Xbox than Playstation. I'm sure you're probably getting paired with people on the lower levels at first. I'm in the 200s now. I probably should start playing on the new account I started.
  8. That is awesome. Go into settings in Apex and make sensitivity at least 3 or higher, change response curve to linear, then go into controller settings on your Xbox and change right stick to "smooth."
  9. You can tell Chuck is a genuine guy. Huge fan. Happy to hear that
  10. Oh, you have one of the elite controllers, too? It is on now!
  11. I'd love to meet up with the famous Shuke. Coming back up early summer. When we're up in the winter, it's usually just a couple days and family stuff.
  12. In Cincinnati for the weekend. Already hammered Skyline once and got a Graeter's milkshake. Awesome city