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  1. Bears are tanking if they don't re-sign him.
  2. Pretty dominant? He was unstoppable! Had a down year in 2015 and still changed the game plan when he was in the field. If they hadn't any clue how to get him the ball or a qb worth a damn throwing to him, we wouldn't even be talking about the 4 game suspension right now. He's a true #1 that completely changes what defenses do. Look at the free agent list now and name one guy on there who would effect a game more than Alshon. They're not on there. You can't build a team through free agency. Been shown time and time again. If we don't sign Alshon, we'll end up signing a guy who may or may not be a great long-term player. We know what he's capable of. Pay the damn man! This roster is ####.
  3. #Chiefs are not expected to franchise tag Dontari Poe. The #Ravens are not expected to tag Brandon Williams. Big DTs hitting the FA market
  4. Pace was careful not to put a timeline on Kyle Long's recovery(ies) but there's no guarantee he'll be ready for training camp.
  5. Davis won't go at 3. Bears just aren't spending the 3rd pick on a wr. Who was the last wr to go top 3 besides Calvin? Kelly won't go until really late and not the kind of guy the Bears will take. He just got arrested and lost his invite to the combine.
  6. More bad news for the Bears. Long struggling with ankle surgery and decided not to get shoulder surgery. Another season of tanking and a top 5 pick. http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/football/bears/ct-bears-kyle-long-shoulder-spt-20170228-story.html
  7. Agreed. Great action movie! Excited for the third. Love the old dude running The Continental.
  8. Loved it! Better than the first. Was very shocked. I rarely like sequels.
  9. Get on the train, brother! It's making one last stop before taking off.
  10. Letting the biggest playmaker on offense and probably the most talented player on your team walk for what amounts to barely over 1% of your total cap space is lunacy. If you would quit worrying about me, KC, you might get it through your thick skill that we're going further into a rebuild in year 3 when we should be coming out of it. On what's still one of the least talented teams in the league, we may be letting our most talented player walk. If Pace does this, he's a fool and will be fired like the rest of them after a couple more years.
  11. Check back in when you have something of value to add and not meaningless chatter directed at me.