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  1. Bone headed mistake and not a good sign this early in his career
  2. Wrong. Langford may not even make the team this year.
  3. You get snarky a number of times in here when I criticized Langford. I go back one page and respond. Goes both ways. Don't dish it out if you can't take it.
  4. Saw an Eagles cover band playing. That him? Hung out at Laguna Beach at the park and Main Beach all day yesterday. What a beautiful place. Had a great couple days on the coast.
  5. Had a blast. The acrobatic and circus acts were really good. Kids had a blast. Best fair we've been to. Stayed in Lake Forest and went to the Spectrum last night. Really cool place.
  6. Ugh. Driving anywhere near Orange county is a nightmare. This place is a total ####hole.
  7. Definitely. I've been close but not hiked to the top. Some of my wife's family has, though. I think you can see the highest and lowest point in the lower 48 from there, Mt Whitney and Badwater. Make it a lot later this year. Very hot. Ballarat isn't far from there. You can start at the base if you have a Razr and go up to Mason's old hideout. It's amazing up there. We saw a big family of Bighorn sheep not too far from Telescope a few years ago.
  8. Four by four with fries animal style and a milkshake. Went back by today on my way back to the coast. Will be a couple years before I can get back.
  9. Drove up through Route 6 and down through Death Valley one day. Now headed to Orange County fair and the beach.