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  1. Dodds got harassed so he made everyone's percentage lower.
  2. We'll pick up a Kicker and don't draft a team based on one bad bye week
  3. Our review starts out sounding so promising, only to end with one of the smallest percentages of any team. That can only mean we're guaranteed to go undefeated!
  4. Your decimal point is in the wrong spot.
  5. Agreed. Tim's team blows.
  6. I think that does it guys. Nice work
  7. Sbonomo picks Lance kendricks
  8. Sorry fellas. Real bummer
  9. @sbonomo remaining. I'll let someone else figure out how to handle dschuler
  10. Ref and Tim have their last round picks to make. Then @Getzlaf15 @Mister CIA @sbonomo @bananafish That will finish it
  11. First post if updated
  12. See if you can come up with something dschuler. You will be the only one who didn't finish up your picks
  13. So no free agents from now until after week 1? That wouldn't make sense. I would think it would be for the first few days. If that's the case, @dschuler needs to make his last 2 picks