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  1. @Eminence Or @Stuart Ullman @dschuler @cheese @Short Corner @Moe. @jon_mx Or @Megaton @timschochet 7 from last year who will have time to respond
  2. 9 Flapgreen Eeoman Quartz Bonzai Bananafish Bucksoh Psycho JV Binky
  3. 7 in so far. I'll dig back to earlier in the thread and tag those who haven't responded.
  4. Another win in Apex tonight. Handed out zero damage yet again.
  5. Yeah, I don't really know anyone else who plays, so I get paired randomly with people. I don't mind getting destroyed anymore. The new board is fun.
  6. I'm still getting destroyed at Apex, but getting a few wins here and there when I get great teammates.
  7. That this is even an issue is so far beyond my comprehension, it's difficult for me to even discuss it. The entire thing is so silly.
  8. I'm not sure who you know giving this ### whoopings, but I wouldn't say the difference is razor thin.