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  1. Has more yards and games played than White so far. White could take it.
  2. I'd be surprised if he caught more than 5 passes for the rest of his NFL career. Biggest bust top 10 wr in history.
  3. Slim rapid movement
  4. You wear slim fit? Dude
  5. I workout so my legs aren't sticks.
  6. The frozen ones
  7. Here ya go, Lefty. Great career hahahhah. https://twitter.com/NameRedacted7/status/985570434841235456?s=19
  8. I'm very bipolar with the Bears. Probably due to years of trauma. I think we'll all look back and see Pace screwed the pooch on this one for no reason. Plenty of cap space. Big need for the team. Will likely be taking a WR in top 3 rounds now.
  9. You seriously think where Meredith was drafted has anything to do with his value? Do you use that for all players? How many years do you go using their draft position as an important determination of their value?
  10. It's not that ridiculous of a contract. They had a ton of cap to spend and had a huge need at wr and TE. Mike Wallace is old and has lost a step. Not the same type of role as Gabriel. Brown can't stay healthy.