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  1. Been telling you guys for years. He's a turd and he'll never change. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/19462937/new-york-giants-wide-receiver-brandon-marshall-addresses-criticism-levied-new-york-jets-defensive-lineman-sheldon-richardson?sf82015550=1
  2. 2 million guaranteed so he's on the team. Pace planning on signing anymore always injured players?
  3. Best freaking show ever. That looks awesome! Pumped!!!
  4. It's a tough spot to be in. No easy answers. As long as the political leaders are peddling the BS they're peddling, nothing will change, though. Their lives aren't in danger. I agree you can't start locking folks up for what they might do. Unfortunately, they're doing the complete opposite. Avoiding the issue altogether. It's become part of the culture in most places and the weak leaders would rather it continue to happen than lose their place at the table. The people in charge really do not care at all and people know it. It's why there's been a political revolution in multiple countries. People are fed up with it.
  5. Most? That sounds like you're saying a few of them could pose a threat. Yet you said it would make you happy that we never lock up anyone on the list. With all of your laughing going on in this thread, maybe you can explain that. Even better, give us a better alternative to decreasing the threat.
  6. That's how it works with some of these wackos now. Hard to comprehend
  7. I was a faithful ESPN watcher for a long time. Barely watched it in ten years.
  8. This bum is finished. Washed out before hardly playing a game
  9. Religion of Evil
  10. No kidding
  11. Do you work for the state? That's cheaper than I've heard of anywhere except for state or government.
  12. Downtown https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10150858489834970&id=16175594969
  13. Alright. Message me. I'm still in same place. About 20 minutes from downtown