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  1. He was fantastic.
  2. I can't ever remember being so apathetic to any Bears team in my lifetime. They just don't give a damn about winning or the fans, whatsoever. Makes it hard to even care. This organization could take the fun out of anything. So pathetic. I hope the whole damn stadium is empty by mid-season.
  3. Was planning on driving up to see the Bears/Bengals game in December this year, but I don't be wasting my time and money if they continue to put out the crap they're putting out now. We'll see.
  4. Hopefully some team will claim him so he doesn't get stuck in the pit that is Chicago
  5. All trash at WR position. Only one promising young guy. Waive him. Bears
  6. .@MiamiDolphins #jaycutler6 looked as confident and comfortable as the last time he played for Adam Gase. #baldybreakdowns https://t.co/YGt8nDh8CV Waiting for Glennon to do this.
  7. Because clowns are running the franchise. Guessing they will elevate an extra OL, too.
  8. Tomlin called Bears QB Mike Glennon "statuesque"
  9. We'll see how it works out by the end.
  10. Does that mean I no longer have a 35% chance of making the playoffs? Made the trade for the end of the season. I don't trust Alshon to stay healthy and CJ offers my team nothing I can't replace with other guys on my bench over the course of the season. Both did have big weeks this week, though. I think Parker will end up being worth it by the end of the season. If I can hold on until DJ and Woodhead get back, we'll see what happens.