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  1. Yes sounds good. Pt4da99@yahoo PayPal
  2. Damn. Never even heard of water running down the wall when you flush a toilet.
  3. He ran for nomination as a Democrat and joined the Democrats last year. How much more of a part of it can you be?
  4. NFL network definitely mediocre.
  5. This is a huge stretch. Could just as easily be because Bernie knows he will get run out of the party so he's falling in line to stay in. Admirable is one of the last terms I would use to describe any of these people. Don't be naive.
  6. Shows how clueless her supporters are. Nothing will keep them from voting for her.
  7. That's right. It won't matter. Her supporters will stand behind her no matter what. Nothing will change that. Nothing
  8. They will refuse to acknowledge Hilary or anyone else associated with their party has done anything worth not voting for her. Blind as hell and won't admit it.
  9. DNC Email Leaks Show Racist Outreach to Latinos Called “Taco Bowl Engagement
  10. Whataburger stinks
  11. Pretty much most of the libs, Bernie supporters or not, would vote for Hillary instead of Trump no matter what she does. It could be something really awful and most would still vote for her. It's sad
  12. Democrats are doing everything they can to lose this election. This is great to watch.