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  1. You don't think management ever makes a mistake. I believe you. Their record speaks for itself.
  2. With the #Bears moving on from Cutler & Jeffrey 1)raising ticket prices 2)sent the ascending talent letter 3) 9-23 record over last 2yrs
  3. #Bears are not expected to franchise Alshon Jeffery again at > $17M, sources say. A top WR on the market will generate lots of buzz in Indy Another sign of a failing organization if they let him walk
  4. Sounds like you're not looking for someone to make an argument that he's a franchise qb. You just want someone to give reasons so you can beat on your chest about how right you are. Which team do you scout for?
  5. You seem adamant he isn't. Why do you think he's NOT?
  6. Reposting the potential FA list. Coming up soon. Secondary FA Targets: Tony Jefferson Eric Berry Trumaine Johnson Logan Ryan AJ Bouye Stephon Gilmore LB: Melvin Ingram DL Kawan Short Chandler Jones WR Robert Woods Kenny Stills
  7. How much long will the clueless libs push this agenda now that most of Trump's cabinet is made of of people who don't like Russia?
  8. Hint: The rookies getting drafted every year haven't shown anything in the NFL either. The difference is Garoppolo has had a couple years to sit and learn how the NFL works, something most of the first round QBs never get a chance to do. If someone likes his traits and wants a guy who's ready to start now, he's your guy. Draft picks have become way overvalued. Obviously, there's a limit to what a team should give up. If they think he's a franchise qb now, that's worth a lot, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't get the best deal they can for him. I'd start by offering a 3rd early on and then bumping it up to a two until right at draft time, then maybe more depending on how it played out. That's if I was a GM and saw him as a franchise qb.
  9. The tackles were not good. Massie and Leno are not the two guys you want on each end. The terribleness that has been on this OL for years just makes below average look like a good thing. It's not.
  10. Stick with the yellow bands and pink weights.
  11. We need more threads like this.
  12. Agree with the ol part. Hawkeye, along with some others, think we're fine at ol. We most definitely are not IMO. The tackles played at an average level over the last half of the season. That doesn't mean we're fine there. Our tackles blow ###. We need 2 more. They're none really available worth a damn in FA, so we will have to draft some. I think we can do a lot of good with the secondary in FA. If we can get Garoppolo for a second, I say we go for it. Do not give up 3rd pick for him. There's zero comparison between Alshon and White. That's why Alshon will get huge money and we couldn't get a 7th for White.
  13. Saw Robert Woods suggested as a cheaper alternative if Alshon wants 16 mil and walks. He's only 24. Would still be a huge mistake.
  14. My dad got the 8 because they were out of the 9s at the store, and it's an amazing picture. I'm all in on these. Looks like I could get a 65" for around 1800 at the moment.