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  1. Rams are too good to have the refs against as well. NFL is such bs
  2. We were both equally bad. Cross platform seems to have made it a little easier imo. It's only crossed with Xbox and Playstation.
  3. I get zero good random teammates now. I remember way back when I was always the worst player and my teammates had to kill everyone. I guess the game is paying me back now. If I can't manage to kill at least 2 of the 3 players in every team we go against, we never have a shot. Usually, both my teammates get knocked and it's a 1v3 every time
  4. Played a few this morning and got the crown badge where you win the 2nd game in a row as kill leader and champion.
  5. Yeah, I'm wrong. OK. Don't even know about the school district I live in and the one my wife works in, but you do because you know a guy in Nolensville who says differently. I live north of Nashville in Sumner County. Nolensville is south and either Williamson or Davidson County. We haven't missed any days. I also work in the medical field and work with Covid patients on almost a daily basis, but I choose not to get involved in the threads on here about because I'll either get banned for my opinion by the whacko moderators or have to go back and forth with the crazy people on here who all seem to be experts on everything. Later
  6. That's a good question, but we would know about the interworkings of the school cases in our county. My wife works at my kids school. She's heard of no cases in any elementary school kids in our county but maybe a few in high school kids. There have been some cases with staff at some of the schools, but no more frequent than in the general population.
  7. Moving right along in middle TN. School started back beginning of August in-person and no issues.
  8. The pass defense is just nasty, along with the pass rush. Best pass defense since the Urlacher days. 5-1. No complaints here. Just keep getting better
  9. And yet another bull#### call forcing Carolina to score. So hard to watch this level of incompetence. No way these are just all mistakes