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  1. The FBI and local sherriff failed to protect kids they were in place to protect, therefore we will take away your guns and blame nra. Ok
  2. Keeping Fuller and upgrading at the other corner position with someone like Colvin or breeland is how I would go at it.
  3. It's a matter of value. Already invested a lot in Long. Can find a suitable replacement for Sitton in the draft or free agency that's younger and cheaper. I love Sitton. He's been a great player
  4. He may have been one of the better players but only because Fox and Loggains sucked at featuring Howard or Cohen. I'm dogging Sitton. He's still playing well, but 8 million is a lot for a guard his age when you're already invested a lot at the other guard position. There are more effective routes to take for a team still building.
  5. Great man. Was a patient of mine time. Very kind and gentle person.
  6. Fuller kicked ### most of last year and we couldn't come close to replacing him this year. Everyone is talking about how much cap space we have and how we should've kept Sitton, yet at the same time don't want to pay Fuller. Crazy to me. He's an ascending player and finally figured it out. Same coaching staff in place. No reason to believe he won't keep improving.
  7. Edmunds. I wish they could trade back but they're not in am ideal draft position to do it. Nelson would be great. I'm not big on Fitzpatrick even if he falls to 8. Personally, I'd love Roquan Smith.
  8. Massie has been passable and isn't expensive. Who would you replace him with? The tackle market is bare right now. You need to look up Long. They won't save any cap space and would take a huge hit cutting him. And I'm not even sure what you're talking about he had one good year. He made 3 pro bowls and was rolling until they started moving him around and then he got hurt. I'm baffled how upset people are about cutting Sitton. Too expensive for a guy that age at guard when you still have a lot of holes on the team. They'll be fine at guard.
  9. Sure you do. They're going younger and likely cheaper at the position. Maybe they grab Nelson in the first or someone else in the draft. Could be thinking Kush or Sowell. Both cheap.
  10. 31 year old guard is the Best player on offense? What are you smoking? He's a 31 year old guard making 8 million a year. They're obviously going younger at the position.
  11. Announced Sitton not gonna brought back. Off to a good start so far. Glennon won't be far behind