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  1. Fox on Jay Cutler's health: "We are waiting on the medical people. He's getting closer." #Bears NOW Fox finally gives a comment on Cutler status. Guy is such a liar. Preferred Hoyer over Cutler. That's scary. Team has been awful
  2. Ted. Lol. Of all people to givean opinion. Shouldve been fired years ago
  3. If you knew Loggains, you wouldn't be shocked.
  4. Wrong! *donald*
  5. 11 players on the roster from previous regime. Pace has been awful. Can't blame Emery. Most of these guys are his and this team is an embarrassment. Really nothing positive to look at with this team. No hope for future and no developmental qbs on roster. Done
  6. No one to be held accountable. Keep on losing
  7. Never trust any player on Bears team
  8. Worst team in league. Worse than the Browns
  9. You forgot this was the Bears. It's completely different when you're the worst team in the league.
  10. Gutless heartless team. Should be ashamed of themselves but why do they care. Still get paid. Nothing to worry about.
  11. A team that has no pride in what they do. Just get that big check and go home
  12. Have a little pride, Bears. Can't even show some guts at the end of games. Just give up. Heartless
  13. Serious question for Packers fans. Do you think this brings you out of the slump. Bears are consistent with lulling teams into a false sense of security by getting embarrassed, only for the teams to play a real team in the coming weeks and realize beating the Bears meant nothing.
  14. Bears have had the ball twice in the second half. Two 3 and outs. Great job, guys. Just a great freaking job you losers.
  15. Is anyone as bad as the Bears? You can see what will happen before it even does against them. They just have no chance. Pathetic