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  1. Bumped into Eddie George at Urban Grub tonight. Guy still looks like he could carry the rock. Huge and lean
  2. Whatever anyone think is making him put up poor numbers doesn't mean a lot. He's still putting up terrible numbers. After watching him this year and last, the guy cannot break a tackle and isn't targeted in the pass game. Loggains is an absolute moron.
  3. Agreed they were
  4. Picked him up just to see. Will drop if he doesn't do anything for a couple weeks
  5. You must not be watching the games. Of course he's not the only problem. He's still terrible and about to lose his job to a 5th round rookie
  6. That is really really pathetic
  7. I giggle seeing Osweiler fail after his fit in Denver. Idiot
  8. Wow. Have some guts, Texans
  9. Great draw!
  10. Great check down, Osweiler! Wow you are a wimp
  11. Osweiler dumps offs whole way. Then long pass to no one
  12. What a little #####
  13. Osweiler scared to throw the ball lol
  14. This coaching staff lol