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  1. You can't beat living in Florida. It's amazing to live, if you're in the right area.
  2. The facility I work in will be taking Covid patients starting on the 27th and I will be working exclusively in the blocked off Covid unit. We'll see how it looks up close. I'd also like to thank the mods for banning me for a week after giving my option in here last week and telling me it was too political. I didn't attack a poster in here. Said nothing about anyone here. Gave an educated opinion from a healthcare professional and criticized the people in charge I view had failed us. After 17 years in this forum, I'm finished. You're only allowed to have the opinion that the moderator on duty at the time feels is allowable. No thanks. Goodbye
  3. And how exactly can you prove this? I'm all ears. As I stated, if you isolated the high risk folks(elderly, preexisting conditions, medical professionals who will be working with them), you could've had a similar effect. People can pat themselves on the back all they want for making a difference. That's fine. But to think it's because of themselves as the reason for it happening and not that we were sold a lie from the beginning is a dream. And I've spent my career in the medical field and working with sick folks and the elderly. I understand more than most. To not question what's happened and think there wasn't a better alternative to the one taken is mistake.
  4. 44 deaths in a state of almost 7 million here in TN but we need to shut the entire country down. Sure. Ok. The predicted numbers by the "medical professionals" in charge have been a lie since the beginning but no one would listen and still won't ever go back and question how wrong they were. Total brainwashing
  5. No. Only played a couple but took out a few squads. I played a few more on my own and got multiple kills consistently
  6. Kind of hoping I come down with some flu-like symptoms so I can quarantine for a week in the gaming room.
  7. This is exactly right. Went from a much more expensive but larger TV to an older but smaller one and I'm hitting way more shots. Still around 38 inch screen but better. Will probably invest in a 24 inch monitor eventually.
  8. The Foles trade looks much better now that the numbers are in. Bears didn't take on much at all. Very cheap. 2020: $4 million base salary, $4 million signing bonus. 2021: $4 million base salary, $4 million roster bonus. 2022: $4 million base salary, $4 million roster bonus.
  9. Of course they've adjusted the models. And they'll keep adjusting them lower and never have to answer for being wrong about them every time. Things will move forward and no one will question it.
  10. Gotta think all the big gamers are pc guys and play on no bigger than 24 inch monitors. Would make sense that even console gaming would be somewhat similar.
  11. Moved the 50 inch TV in game room to the bedroom and 40 inch TV into the game room for Xbox. Picture is just better on smaller TVs or monitors when gaming.