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  1. Finally got my best player back!
  2. BREAKING: OL Kyle Long has been placed on IR, likely ending his season and tenure with the #Bears.
  3. Outside of a coaches themselves, Schefter is THE guy to get news from. I know quite a few people in the league. All say the same thing. He's the guy. Some of the GMs hate Rappaport. All of them hate freaking Laconfora. Shefty has build a solid reputation for years and is trusted by the GMs and other guys for a reason.
  4. I appreciate what Long has done for the Bears over the years, but the guy is finished. Belongs on the bench. So bad. Can't really bench Leno. He's been insanely bad.
  5. Ain't that the truth. I haven't been a big Montgomery guy yet, but this has gotten pathetic.
  6. There seem to be a lot of them around these days. Throw Darrel Williams in there, too.
  7. It was an embarrassing loss. Team looked completely unprepared and pitiful for the most part. Not a good omen for where we thought they would be. We'll know a lot more over the next month.
  8. I'm not calling anyone out. I hammered the team for years for good reason. They were terrible. Now, we made the playoffs last year and will likely make them again this year. I'm happy as hell about it. It's a long season. I'm willing to be patient.
  9. Good grief. Bears just dominated the Vikings last week with our backup qb and the Pack lost to a reeling Philly team. Bears lose a 3 point game in London at the end. Now, all of a sudden, the Bears aren't in the picture at 3-2. Smh
  10. Defense didn't show up. It happens. As usual, the offense didn't pick up the slack. Game wasn't even that close. Embarrassing