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  1. Been waiting years for this. 1 more week!
  2. Hilary could run over a bunch of homeless people with a bus and her supporters would still vote for her. Nothing will deter them
  3. At Smashburger this week. Mediocre but good burger. Awesome fries.
  4. Doubt this is bait. That's how these guys really feel. Just fall in line with their liberal leaders.
  5. Doubt this is bait. That's how these guys really feel. Just fall in line with their liberal leaders.
  6. Looks like Binky is in. $100 buyin
  7. If Peyton is sharing a team with Bender and Lambskin, you have first dibs if there's an opening.
  8. If you think about it, you think that way about anyone who disagrees with you. It boggles your mind someone would see something differently than yourself. They must all be dumb and uninformed.
  9. Tim's White Guilt has only gotten better every year. This will finally be the culmination of years of hard work.
  10. I find this strange considering some of the things Ted said about Trump. This is politics. These guys all say terrible things about each other. Ted is looking out for himself, or so he thinks, same as Kasich and Bush. They depend on the system. Trump threatens that. Simple as that. These guys don't give a damn about the American people. And not you or anyone else had any respect for Cruz
  11. Those are the kind of numbers I'd like to know more about. The overall numbers by demographic or total numbers don't mean much to me. In the states that are going to be fairly close, how is Trump looking and what are his chances of winning them? Most of the states are pretty much a given already for one side or the other.
  12. Florida will be close but I can see Trump winning it. What other states do you see the Latino vote affecting the outcome?