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  1. Not how Pace saw it. I doubt he got confused and made a last minute change. This was in the works for weeks.
  2. Kiper is a fool. Looks dumber every year. McShay said no qbs would go in first round.
  3. Look back over the last couple week. Two weeks ago, he said he met with them. Yesterday, he said he didn't. Made no sense. Smoke. I'll bet Pace told him to keep quiet.
  4. I don't know. Just how I view it. Could be wrong.
  5. I don't know. That's Pace's M.O. Everything secretive. The private workouts are really a myth. If the player isn't a local guy, they can't actually work them out. Only interview. Look it up
  6. John Fox sucks. I hoped for a QB this entire time. They took one. Nothing else u can say. I hope it works out
  7. Their defense was middle of the pack last year. Their offensive line was above average for most of the season. They have a great RB. They were terrible last year because of the qb position. You get your qb and build out from there. Not the other way around. Trubisky will sit this year. Bears won't be very good again. Weren't going to be anyway. They may trade back tomorrow and get more picks. Could trade back next year and get more picks then. It will even out over the long haul.
  8. But we don't know this for sure. If Pace knew this, he would've waited. It's just how it works.
  9. Maybe. Or maybe another team was trying for him. Or maybe Pace was taking no chances at missing his guy. Who knows...
  10. Value of a qb trumps all in my eyes. Apparently, it does in Pace's eyes as well.
  11. And how do you know this? Inside sources? You know that no other team was trying to trade up? No. You don't.
  12. That's not quantifying anything. Generate some discussion outside of one general statement about their record and needs.
  13. If you don't have a qb, 10 3rd round picks don't matter. As a lot of you have said in the past, they're building over the long-term. Drafted a qb early and it appears they are going to let him sit and learn. Hard to ask for much more than that. Just my opinion but it appears that's what Pace is doing. If you guys had so much confidence in Pace's drafting ability, you're going to lose complete confidence now because he went hard after a qb? That doesn't make any sense. Did he suddenly forget how to build a team?
  14. If I whine and complain, it's all about all flapgreen does is whine and complain. If Im OK with a move but people disagree, it's that I don't know what I'm talking about. Doesn't bother me. There's no winning with some folks.