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  1. So, to answer Frostillicus' question --- I thought I was pretty clear about my concerns. I think the likeliest outcome is that Bell plays in only 6 games of the fantasy season, and he's a backup/change-of-pace guy for those 6 games. In which case, there's no reason to have him burning a hole in my roster for the next 8 weeks in a short-bench league. Does anyone have an argument to make that his outcome is likely to be something different?
  2. Someone just dropped LeVeon Bell in my league. So now I'm wondering whether I should pick him up. I'm assuming he'll rejoin the Steelers in week 10. BUT, will the Steelers even play him? If Connor is healthy and playing well, it seems that it would damage team cohesion to bench him for Bell --- or even put Bell in at all, other than to spell Connor. Anyway, in case someone wants to argue that I should pick him up, the league is 1/2-point PPR. 1 QB, 1 RB, 2WR, 1 TE with 1 RB/WR flex and 1 WR/TE flex. My roster is: QB - Stafford RB - Gurley, Miller WR - Hilton, Fuller, Hogan, Edelman, Stills, John Brown, Lockett TE - Kelce, Reed, Kittle If I pick up Bell, who do I drop?
  3. In a PPR league, my roster is: QB: Brees RB: D. Johnson (AZ), Hunt, Martin, McKinnon, Crowell WR: Thielen, Kupp, Funchess, Tate, Corey Davis, Martavis TE: ASJ, Henry Dion Lewis is available on the waiver wire. Do I pick him up? Seems like he might be about to take control of the Pats' backfield. I'm thinking of dropping Crowell to get him. Crowell has certainly been disappointing so far, but he doesn't have as much competition for touches as Lewis.
  4. Half-point PPR league, start 1 RB and 1 RB/WR flex. My running backs are Martin, Ware, Booker, Henry. Do I drop one of these guys to pick up Dion Lewis? Thinking ROS, not just week 13. Thanks.
  5. I hate short bench leagues, especially when there are tasty pickups available on the waiver wire. Half-point PPR, start RB, RB/WR flex, 2WR, WR/TE flex, TE, K, DST My roster: QB - Stafford; RB - Ware, Charles, CJ Anderson, Martin; WR - ARob, Marshall, Marvin, Ty Williams, Ty Montgomery; TE - Graham, Walker, Eifert Moncrief is on the waiver wire, but probably not for long. Do I drop someone to pick him up, and if so who?
  6. Time to queue the Chuck D for Jordy? Rodgers threw the ball more than 50 times tonight, and I think Jordy was targeted on about 4 of them. Every other WR on the team had more receptions --- even Ripowski (whoever he is) matched Jordy's stat line. Very frustrated, drafted him as a WR1.
  7. I just found out Paxton Lynch will start for the Broncos at home against the Falcons on Sunday. Do I start Lynch over Stafford? 1 point for every 50 yards passing, 6 point per TD, -2 per INT. Thanks.
  8. Non-PPR, 1 point for every 20 yards rushing/receiving. Start 2RB, 2WR, one RB/WR flex QB: Stafford RB: Zeke, CMike, Coleman, Crowell, Perkins WR: Jordy, Evans, Marvin, Shepard, Moncrief, Floyd, Enunwa TE: Gates, Virgil, Pitta I'm looking to sell high on Coleman. What should my ask be? Given my WR depth, I'm really just trying to lock in an upgrade at RB. I'm thinking about trying to get C.J. Anderson or Doug Martin. Is that too much? Should I be concerned that if I get him, Martin will likely spend the next 3 weeks on my bench?
  9. Half-point PPR. My roster: QB: Stafford RB: CJ Anderson, DWill, Martin, Ware, Charles WR: ARob, Marshall, Marvin Jones, Ty Williams, Enunwa TE: Walker, Eifert The problem, obviously, is that neither Walker nor Eifert are playing this week. I don't really want to drop anyone on my roster to pick up another TE. So, should I sit tight and just take the 0 at TE this week? If not, which player should I drop? I've considered dropping my kicker and taking a 0 at that position, but I think McManus is likely to score me more points than any TE on the waiver wire. Waiver-wire TEs include McDonald, James, Cameron, Burton, Donnell, Hopper, Clay, Graham.
  10. Matt Jones is a dead average RB, while Snead is a talented WR in a dynamic offense. Come back to this post at the end of the year and you'll laugh that you ever considered that trade. I'm not as down on the Charles for Henry/Matthews trade as msudaisy26 is. If you knew Charles would be healthy starting in week 4, I'd do it, because a starting backfield of Bell and Charles would be insanely good. The problem is, we really don't know when Charles will be the old Charles again (if ever). So I would probably shy away from this trade as well.
  11. Yes, Dixon, then Howard. Drake probably shouldn't even be a consideration. In addition to the things others have said, don't forget than John Fox pretty much never starts a rookie RB.
  12. Agree with @atcdav. Mathews is definitely a better player than Langford, and possibly even better than Hyde. You should be able to do better if you're planning to trade away Olsen. Heck, see if you can get someone like Zeke Elliot in exchange for Gronk!
  13. I'd stay put. Fitz has been more productive than Miller thus far this season, and anyway RBs are more likely to 'pop' during the season than WRs (think Rawls, David Johnson, Ware last year).
  14. I've got a crazy situation in a league. Short bench, half-point PPR. Some owner dropped Doug Martin (don't ask me why; he's still got Adrian Peterson, James Starks and Shaun Freakin' Hill on his roster). I'm going to put in a FAAB bid for him, but I can't decide who to drop. League starts 1QB, 1RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1RB/WR flex, 1WR/TE flex, K, DST. 6 player bench. My roster (other than K, DST) is: QB:Stafford RB: C.J. Anderson, DeAngelo Williams, Ware, Charles, Gore WR: ARob, Marshall, Marvin, Tyrell Williams, Enunwa TE: Delanie, Eifert With a lineup which features up to 4 WR each week, and at most 2RB, running backs don't have as much value. I've tried to trade the package of Ware/Charles for a stud WR, but do far there is no interest. I also tried to trade Ware/Charles for LeVeon Bell, but was refused. And unfortunately, as long as Martin is available on waivers, I doubt anyone will be willing to give up anything of value for any of my RB. So . . . I don't think I want to drop Tyrell or Enunwa for Martin, because that would make my roster even more RB-heavy than it already is. So I think I need to drop either DWill or Gore. The tradeoff is obvious: I want DWill in my starting lineup this week, but Gore is likely the better option ROS. Suggestions? Of course, I think it's quite likely someone outbids me for Martin, but I need to put in a bid anyway. Which back do I designate as a drop?