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  1. Yeah, I feel bad about that one too, but, as a Philly fan, I can't complain too much!
  2. is a reliable source, but I got the quotes from and, which are two of the best sources for Eagles fans, which I am a die-hard fan of. I hope you're right because I would love to play Kendricks against Carolina in two weeks. Dave Spadaro from is another great source for Eagles info and updates on injuries. Vincent Rey usually fills in well for Burfict when he's out.
  3. Here's another article from yesterday about Kendricks:
  4. I'm still waiting for the Carolina game because I don't feel like rolling the dice yet.
  5. Here's the latest news on Kendricks: Linebacker Mychal Kendricks practiced after he returned to the field Sunday with a calf injury. Defensive coordinator Bill Davis said Kendricks is "real close" to playing at full strength. "We didn't go backwards in the game with his injuries," Davis said. "So we're moving forward. Doesn't mean he's healed all the way yet, but we're closer and closer to getting that 100 percent."
  6. He's coming back from a calf injury and the replacements played decent in his absence. I'll wait until the Carolina game.
  7. He should be relevant again soon. He's just healing, and they're working him in slowly. I think he'll be a definite start against Carolina in two weeks and possible start against the Texans this week. I'm waiting for Carolina unless I hear more about extended use.
  8. Here's a good article about Kendricks' situation. I wouldn't trust him this week, and he'll be on my bench until next week.
  9. I'd be worried about Kendrick's ability to play 100% this week, though. Acho, Matthews, and Barwin have been filling in decently for him since he's been gone. I don't think they play him at 100% snaps this week because his calf injury is still healing. He is a good pickup, but I'd be careful about starting him this week in my opinion.