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  1. I have learned not to doubt or question what Seahawk's management does.
  2. I just swapped out underperforming Witten for Cameron which means Witten is going to have a big game. Cameron is finally 100% and looks good to break out.
  3. You crazy bro? Ribs or not, if Jax is playing with Glennon as QB, he's a must start. Glad I went with my gut and started Hilton tonite!Yeah you are. Good job.
  4. Worst effort I've ever seen of him trying not to recover that last fumble. Dude should be benched.
  5. The Titans lost because Sankey's footwork wasn't good enough. Good time to buy low, or look for him to be dropped.
  6. CJ? K has looked so bad, and with Ivory taking over, I dropped him and picked Sankey up last week who was dropped by the manager who drafted him in the 5th round.