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  1. Non PPR league, standard scoring, 10 person. The other person will not take Howard, White, or Breida for allen. 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1WR/TE, 1 WR/TE/RB, 1DEF Current roster QB- M. Ryan, Dak, Stafford RB- D. Johnson, Ingram, Breida, J. White, J. Howard WR- M. Thomas, M. Evans, B. Cooks, E. Sanders TE- Hunter Henry Def- Pats
  2. Not to mention, my wilson LU I switched in the morning before my sons football game. I took out Watson and fournett..Thats 57 points right there
  3. Horrible Horrible week for me. My 2 cash LU's Brady, Gurly, cook, Fitz, Cooks, Theiland, griffin, succop, cinci 98.98.....So bad Wilson, McCoy, Mixon, Green, OBJ, Fitz, Clay, Myers, CInci...currently at 88.84 and has no chance to cash...
  4. My 114 score cashed easily. My 95 score missed by an average of 4 points. Thats sucks as I had Stafford and the TD at the end of the game would have put me in the green but they said he was down.... I wagered $238 this weekend and ended up only getting $216 back. Could have been a much worse weekend. My duds were Stafford, Doyle, K Benj, Higgins, and Ty mont. They were not even close to returning value. I also will not roster another Carolina player, that team is horrible.
  5. Damn my 95 points just missed cashing in the cash games. Most of the lines were around 98...Doyle, higgins, and k. Benj killed that..You bums
  6. My cash LU with the 114 points had 3 of my members combine for 11.6 points....
  7. So who screwed you today? Three people hurt me today. Doyle, Higgins, and kelvin benj.. Scores from my two cash LU's 114..this should cash 96 this is just cashing, but there are a bunch of players in the game tonight and I am already calling this a loss. I did find a player who entered 28 $5 head to heads who was new. I only took 4 of his entries, but damn I should have took them all. He only put up 83 points.
  8. Why are more people not on freeman this week? I am one of those included, for some reason I am shying away from him even though it seems like a good Matchup. I think I am hesitating due to Coleman
  9. Right now I have this with $500 left. I will probably make some changes.. I can easily drop carr to stafford and gain another $500 to have $1,000 left. carr cohen, montgomery a. Brown, K. Allen, AJ green Doyle Tevacchio Eagles
  10. I think I am rolling him out in one of my two cash game LU's. They are going to be playing from behind the majority of the game. Not to mention Jordan Howard is not 100%. I think Cohen can easily get 2X his salary
  11. I usually just stick to cash games and will enter my cash LU into a gpp just incase it does hit. My question is about app vs cash games. I was thinking of building 150 $1 LU's and maxing out the entry on a $1gpp instead of entering that $150 into cash games. I am hesitant to do this as I have never done it before. Has anyone made the jump in trying this, if so what were your results and thoughts.
  12. K. Benjamin does look good, but there is something that is off about cam this year. Maybe he just hasn't healed up the way he should have with that offseason surgery.
  13. The cash games I play are 50/50 100 man games. I do double ups, but usually only enter double ups that are single entry, these usually only go up to around 800 entries. I tend to not do head to heads. If I do I look for a person who has only 1 entry versus around 10-20 and also look for less experienced players( I know dick move).
  14. I have only built cash LU's, I enter them into the Gpp just incase one does hit. Each of my LU's cashed in every cash game and also Gpp I entered. The only exception for GPP was the Fanduel world championship. the cut line for that was 157.8...up $221 this weekend First LU came in at 125.8 QB Tom Brady RB Ty Montgomery RB Marshawn Lynch WR Julio Jones WR Larry Fitzgerald WR Kelvin Benjamin TE Coby Fleener K Giorgio Tavecchio D Arizona Cardinals Second cash LU came in at 127.48 QB Matt Ryan RB Ty MontgomeryRB Kareem Hunt WR Brandin Cooks WR Kendall Wright WR Julio Jones TE Martellus Bennett K Giorgio Tavecchio D Baltimore Ravens