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  1. Non PPR league, standard scoring, 10 person. The other person will not take Howard, White, or Breida for allen. 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1WR/TE, 1 WR/TE/RB, 1DEF Current roster QB- M. Ryan, Dak, Stafford RB- D. Johnson, Ingram, Breida, J. White, J. Howard WR- M. Thomas, M. Evans, B. Cooks, E. Sanders TE- Hunter Henry Def- Pats
  2. I feel this is the biggest thing that kills me, ownership levels. I always seem to be off with the guys I pick. Is there a site where ownership projections are decent? I usually play just cash games.
  3. Do you find your information from this site, I was using Fantasyguruelite, which started off hot at the start of the year, their IVC was on like crazy...Not so much lately...I seem to seeing mixed reactions to this sites projections
  4. Question, with the price getting way up there with westbrook, is there a point when you start to fade him, or now since he is so consistent. I mean to return value he has to get 61 points. Is there better value with spreading that salary out? Thoughts?
  5. I either came in last or 99 last night, by far my worst placing on NBA...I only scored 251.7 just wow, after putting up nearly 100 points more then that the night
  6. Going to be a bad night for me...gave back what I won last
  7. PG Russell Westbrook OKC 132 DEN 129 FINAL 72.4 $11,800 SALARY 57.1% OWNED SCORE BREAKDOWN 18 A 27 1 B 2 36 P 36 12 R 14.4 7 T -7 PG Jeff Teague BKN 97 IND 118 FINAL $6,900 SALARY 18.4% OWNED 33.8 SG Jordan Clarkson GS 109 LAL 85 4TH 0:00 $4,900 SALARY 34.7% OWNED 29.4 SG Sean Kilpatrick BKN 97 IND 118 FINAL $4,800 SALARY 8.2% OWNED 27.9 SF Kevin Durant GS 109 LAL 85 4TH 0:00 $9,900 SALARY 12.2% OWNED 53.7 SF Brandon Ingram GS 109 LAL 85 4TH 0:00 $3,500 SALARY 22.4% OWNED 24.8 PF Kevin Love DAL 90 CLE 128 FINAL $7,800 SALARY 16.3% OWNED 50 PF Larry Nance Jr. GS 109 LAL 85 4TH 0:00 $3,900 SALARY 16.3% OWNED 21.4 C Myles Turner BKN 97 IND 118 FINAL $6,200 SALARY 12.2% OWNED 35.1
  8. I scored a 348.50. Can someone tell me where this would have placed in any of the tourneys? I put it in a 49 man $12 entry and took third for $50. Put in $39 tonight came out with $99.60.
  9. I also have him in my LU. He played a full game yesterday, lets hope he is still good to go.
  10. My LU from last night on FD scored 289.5. I cashed all my 50/50 games, but was out of the double ups by half a point in most. The Lousy 35.8 Chris Pual put up hurt me, hw also had 4 turnovers. Needed to get 46 our of him to reach value. I put $43 in and got $46 C.Paul/ I. Thomas B. Knight, Seth Curry k. Durant, H. Barnes A. Len, E. IIyasova H. Whiteside
  11. For some reason I always feel like I am chasing points at the end of the night...Is there any rhyme or reason o play earlier games and stack vs spreading out your picks?
  12. I quick threw $25 at NBA last night and lost $25. Miles and powell destroyed me...Did Miles get hurt? I did start alex Len which was good, but he fell off big int he second half of that game.
  13. I was 3 points from cashing...Miles and Powell killed me 7 combined points....FML