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  1. Thanks, Beerfuff! I am a drinking a craft beer right now over this decision!
  2. Trying to figure who to start among Damien Williams, Mark Ingram, and Jaylen Samuels (I lost a number of RBs and WRs so this is the mess I am left with) in a .5 PPR league is maddening. Each has a number of pros and cons. Seems like there are more cons for each, whether match-up (Carolina has a tough run defense), skills set (Williams has not shown any "wow" talent to me, he is a third string RB), or plodder (amazing how Samuels can catch and run like a steamroller but has no juice off the line). Complicating the matter is that so many "experts" have different opinions of who to start. In fact, just now, Adam Rank predicts 38 points for Williams! Holy cow now I don't know what to do! Good luck to all!
  3. Kwai Chang Caine: I feel your pain! Last year I missed the playoffs with a 10-4 record (second place in the division to a 11-3 team) to a 6-6 team that scored slightly more points that I did. In other words, the wild card went to non-division winner with higher points. That sure stings. You wrote a good letter in response to the standard rules. I agree with Ghost Rider about the waiver wire rule. Stay away from the "standard" RTS leagues. Rather, there is an option to call an "Audible" and personalize your own rules. Once you create your own league you invite others to join or the public joins your league based on interest. This is a much better option I believe than the standard format. Please keep me in mind if you begin your own league next year (whether RTS or other!) as I always enjoy joining open to the public leagues in addition to my best friends CBS leauge I have been playing in for a number of years.
  4. Well right or wrong I benched Rodgers for Wentz while keeping, of course, D. Adams active. So far, so good although it is painful to see the Packers in such a disorganized and uncertain position.
  5. Lindsay, what can you say? He is an amazing athlete with keen vision and breathtaking speed! Those two TDs against Cincinnati were splendid!
  6. If Aaron Rodgers was not so abysmal to average this year I would not question the possibility of benching him. I do see a lot of Jones today. Plus Rodgers is not cool with making short passes so the wind may have an adverse impact on the passing game. I have Wentz on my bench who also has been horrible the last two weeks. I have D. Adams (love this guy) and like Cowboysfan8 said, would not bench him if there is a tornado warning. So perhaps I play it safe with Wentz and Adams while benching Rodgers. I will see what others have to say before making my decision. Thanks and good luck!
  7. Whew...I was sweating this decision but pleased it worked out for me. Too bad for those folks who started Ingram against Dallas. The Dallas defense was amazing.
  8. Great question. I am sitting Ingram over three running backs I will start: Gurley, Lindsay, and Gus Edwards. I hate to sit Ingram, but I somehow sense a bigger role for Kamara this evening. This means of course Ingram goes nuts...
  9. Hello Stompin, I am not certain if Lindsay's difference was purely ADHD. It sounds, possibly, more like dyslexia (language based difference) although I have not heard of a specific type(s) of difference mentioned. Here is one article I found: Go Lindsay!
  10. I am such a huge fan of Phillip Lindsay. His whole life has has had to work harder than most whether in the classroom or the football field. For those who may not know, Lindsay has a learning difference (I don't call it is learning disability as most people do). People with learning differences, in order to survive and to rise above the odds, often have tremendous perseverance and courage. I can see the same resolve to rise above the challenges he faced in school also displayed on the football field. What an inspiration Lindsay is indeed! His heart and devotion to his team is contagious! I am fortunate to have Lindsay on my fantasy football team and wish him nothing but the best in his future as a professional football player. Go Lindsay Go!
  11. Same here. I have Robert Woods as a flex option. Yet, if Atlanta wants to win they need to feed Freeman the ball. I just don't know if I can trust the coaches to do so.
  12. Thanks, Conn. Can you please elaborate on your confidence level given that Coleman is back? I am a bit worried and need some encouragement! Thanks!
  13. I hope the back injury is not too serious. I have had Allen on all my fantasy teams since his rookie year. I will need K. Allen next week provided I advance. I do have R. Woods and Sanu on the bench but I would much rather play my favorite WR, of course.
  14. Glad I didn't read this post before setting my line-up. With the doubting posts about Hunt I am not sure what I would have done as I was already on the fence. I ultimately benched J. Williams over Hunt and glad I did so! Feed the man the ball and he gets stronger!
  15. I appreciate the information about your experiences with MFL10. This was my first year playing MFL10. I very much like the format of these draft only leagues. I only played 4 MFL10s. I had two leagues where I was on the WR heavy philosophy. I had Beckham and Julio coupled with TY Hilton, and Nelson to boot on two different team. Unfortunately, I struck out with Cam, Benjamin, and other busts. Did not turn out well by finishing in the middle. For the other two leagues I wised up and went RB heavy with Johnson on both coupled with Freeman and Blount. Cam and other busts and injuries killed one team to a 4th place finish while Cousins and the strong RB lineup lead my team to score 2628 and a win! What I noticed was not much jockeying of the top teams throughout the season once patterns were set (e.g., Cam was not meant to be) except for injury plagued teams. Congrats to those who did well this season!