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  1. Hi all, I'm in a 10-team PPR league and, every year, we get two keepers. The first person you keep takes up your first round pick in the draft. The 2nd player you keep takes up your 2nd round pick in the draft. I did win my league last year, but the only two players from my team that are worth keeping are DeAndre Hopkins and Todd Gurley. Here's my question: I'm drafting 9th in a snake draft. I think 1.09 is a good spot for DeAndre Hopkins, so I'm planning on keeping him. However, I'm not sure that 2.02 is a good spot to keep Todd Gurley, especially with his uncertainty going into this season. Also, there are probably going to be 7-8 first round keepers, so there's a good chance that I may have a good shot at another top running back or wide receiver at that spot. So, what do I do? Do I keep Todd Gurley for my 2nd pick in the draft? Or, do I release him back to the pool and pick another player at that spot? 2.02 seems like a high pick for Gurley. Thoughts? Thanks for your help!
  2. Hey guys, I need help picking one player for my last FLEX spot in a PPR league: Ware (KC) vs. Oakland Moore (CAR) vs. Tampa Bay Adams (PHI) vs. WAS My head tells me Ware, especially since he’ll be the workhorse following Hunt’s removal from the team. But, Moore’s matchup looks super tasty. Finally, Adams has been getting 20+ carries for the last few games and looks damn good in his role. Thoughts? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. I’m unable to watch this game, but have Jordan Howard starting for my FF team. Is he injured? 2 carries for 10 yards?
  4. The title basically says it all. I’m in a 12 team PPR league. I can keep up to two players from my team last year, but they count as my first two picks in my draft. I pick 4th in a snake draft and need to turn in my keepers by tomorrow night. I’m most definitely keeping Gurley, so it’s really just down to Hopkins vs. Rodgers as my second round keeper. I think the general thinking is to keep Hopkins and try to get a top QB in round 3, but QBs tend to go super early in my league and, given the depth at WR this year, maybe it would be better to keep Rodgers and try to get a good-but-not-elite WR in round 3? I’m stuck. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
  5. I'm not sure if this is an appropriate question for this thread or not, but it deals with a WW Pickup. Would anyone drop Ware or DeSean Jackson and pickup Ajayi in a PPR league? I'm leaning towards dropping Jackson as he's my most under-performing player (followed closely by Edelman). The problem is that I wasn't able to watch how Ajayi or Ware got their points last week and I'm not confident that either RB will have a consistent role in their respective offenses going forward. Can anyone provide some clarity on this situation?
  6. I need Sterling Shepard to score less than 16.5 points in PPR. This week was a frustratingly strange one as neither my or my opponent's teams were very good. I started Brandin Cooks, Spencer Ware, Dennis Pitta, DeSean Jackson, and Jeremy Hill - all who had great matchups and shat the bed. Emmanual Sanders and Alex Smith's (a BYE-Week filler for Rogers) late TD has saved me. If I pull this out, he will have the fewest points this week in our league and I will be the 2nd fewest. I'm totally trying to dodge a bullet to get to 3-1.
  7. I'd also go with Sims. Jeremy Hill had a field day with Denver and Sims should also be in the dumpoff mode from Winston as the Denver line gets penetration. Help with mine?:
  8. I think Fuller has a bouce back week. I'd go with him. Help with mine? :
  9. I'd go with Ware and Pitta. I'm actually starting each of those this week too. Help with mine?:
  10. JonnyVerco


    I'd stick with Ware as the feature back. Help with mine?:
  11. I'm having aome doubts over who to start for my two flex spots. Here are my options: DeSean Jackson vs. CLE Christine Michael vs. NYJ E. Sanders vs. TB Jeremy Hill vs. MIA I'm leaning towards Jackson against a poor Cleveland defense and Michael as the workhorse back. However, I have some doubts with the other two as they have been pretty productive lately. Thoughts? I'd be happy to help with questions if you can help me out. Thanks in advance!