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  1. To start the chimney, I use a small tuna can with about a 1/4" of denatured alcohol in the bottom. Light the alcohol which will get the charcoal started.
  2. I see goalie as a liability for the first time in a long time. Now I know how England feels.
  3. Ok, if not the Warriors of recent history, what about the 86-87 Lakers taking on the Bulls? Magic, Kareem, James Worthy, Bryon Scott, Mychal Thompson, Michael Cooper, AC Green... That team was stacked and Magic was probably at his finest running the show in 86 and 87, while Kareem still had legs.
  4. Addiction is terrible. I've never had it affect anyone really close to me, but it sounds like such a horrific thing to endure.
  5. That's great. I have a soft spot for Napoli, but I'm good with Roma getting the auto-CL berth. Napoli should roll the Romanian or Belgish or Scotch team that they draw.
  6. For the run of the game though, arsenal were the better team, so they deserved the win imo.
  7. U20s aren't kids. This is the age that pros crack the first team lineup at clubs. Those players that have gone through club youth academies aren't children (although their education may be on par with children, but that's another topic). Americans have historically taken far too long to develop the skills to play in the top leagues. One of those reasons is that for a long time 19, 20, and 21 year olds were treated like youth players.
  8. What would that serve? Going around the state dept apparatus to keep the discussions secret? Can't trump do that now with any foreign leader? Just ask State to set up a call and go for it. Or did Kushner want a direct channel to Russian government for himself?
  9. Oh I could definitely see that. Trump thinks that he'll be writing his legacy by partnering with Russia and abandoning NATO because "Russia is stronger". The problem is that Russia is a corrupt oligarchy that will sell out a deal once the people in power there think they can make more money by doing so. Trump gets that rationale though, since that's the way he has lived his life. And he'll sell out the core values of the United States to do so.
  10. The challenge for me is the people at work. I started a new job and it's like 80% men here, so bonding over sports is an easy way to make friends. But since I don't care much for the Orioles or the Ravens or the Eagles or the Skins, I'm kinda SOL. I used to wake up Monday morning and check to see how the Ravens did so I don't seem like a fool.
  11. It's basically soccer only for me. Used to love the NFL over a decade ago. I didn't even watch the super bowl this year. NBA Finals I'll watch, but it's hard to stay up late to watch the games.
  12. I struggle with it a bit too. I tend to overrate the ability to control the defensive space and offensive tempo of a game without being dispossessed, plus the ability to be strong in the tackle. That leaves certain influential players underrated though, particularly the truly creative midfielders who have vision or skills to make plays.
  13. But the odds are forever not in their favor to do so again (while CR7 and Messi can still play).
  14. 55:1... So you're saying there's a chance!