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  1. OMG, United steamrolled a mid-table Turkish side at Old Trafford. Obviously, Manchester United is a force to be reckoned with once again!
  2. See: clownin, dissin, playing dozens, etc
  3. Even Obama was cappin on Trump today.
  4. They never played for sides that we're good enough.
  5. That could still be the case...
  6. Yeah, that's why I put best in quotes. I think it's a combination of the actual play of the player, the stature of the club / competition, and the value of his contribution. Obviously, CP isn't anywhere near the level of play of the players you mentioned. How many US players have gotten into CL group stage or beyond games? CP, DMB, Fab, Reyna, Jozy? Reyna played for Rangers in the 1999-2000 CL group stage.
  7. Question: Is Christian Pulisic already the "best" European club player to ever play for the US? I'm no expert, but I can't recall another US player that has gotten a significant run at a knockout round CL level team. Dempsey had more goals and more accolades at Fulham, and they played in Europa League for a hot minute. Beasley played for PSV. Fab plays for Hmonggladyourback right now, so those are two others that come to mind.
  8. We've always been a direct, physical, and hard working team. That has defined the success of the USMNT for the last 30+ years.
  9. What about radio? What do the kids call it when they want to listen to the new Beiber song via iTunes or Spotify or whatever?
  10. How long into the vernacular starts to not call it "TV" anymore? 10 years? 20 years? Never?
  11. What about worldwide viewership numbers? I have to imagine they are on steady growth in Asia and the middle east.
  12. They get rated on their drawers? CRonaldo has to be perennial number 1.
  13. I have no idea why Simeone would leave Atlético for Inter, but that's the rumor. I think he ends up at PSG and takes Grizi with him. That would be crushing.
  14. My kids finally went to sleep.
  15. What about a Derek Jester jersey? He's a living legend for the Yankees.