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  1. That might be true, but at least in FIFA WC finals the lesser teams keep it closer. Plus, the top few teams often have down years where they get beat by traditionally weaker nations. Argentina has failed to make the knockout stages for example. USA can draw with Italy despite being down a man, etc.
  2. Sell the house to an LLC and plunge the cash into some protected asset class?
  3. Two wrongs make a right? About a decade ago, I came to the conclusion that Bill Clinton should have been removed from office. I was 17 or 18 when that happened, so I wasn't paying much attention. Just because one Congress didn't do it's job 20 years ago doesn't mean this Congress can't do it now.
  4. I'm telling you, this will end with GOP senators saying, "Not a crime. Not enough to remove him from office." And we will progress further down the slope of marginalizing the foundations of this Republic in favor of gaining or maintaining power.
  5. Call me when Xinhua reports something. At least the state press from China isn't fake news.
  6. I really don't understand why Trump and his crewe are so tied into stuff going on in the former Eastern bloc area. I don't recall other politicians or even well known businesspeople having so many connections in this area.
  7. Tell that to my 15 coworkers that got laid off this week. Primary reason is due to tariffs, secondary is the strong dollar. Both are the result of the economic chaos of Trump's policies and actions.
  8. What about actual audio recordings that could be transcribed post hoc.
  9. Please break this down for me further, KTHX
  10. I can't wait until the Trump White House just rejects all subpoenas and court orders and the Senate doesn't convict him of Obstruction of Justice at the minimum. Good times.
  11. I usually let them cut cheese in those situations... 'grats!
  12. I have two keys on my keychain, which I keep in my bag. The car key fob I leave on my desk (whichever car I have that day) Only my wallet is in the right front pocket, and the phone is in the left.