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  1. Dude, it's not like we can have a no confidence vote on the guy... Impeachment is a high bar and takes time.
  2. The Z Machine

    TRADE WAR discussion thread

    100% not cool
  3. Peel the onion, and you'll find the route.
  4. BTW, what exactly is a process crime, and how does one commit said crime to enrich hinself and not have any fear of prosecution? Asking for a friend.
  5. If she really is a Russian agent, I can't see her flipping and cooperating fully. I would think that a true agent would keep their mouth closed and do the time. Unless her bosses told her to flip...
  6. The Z Machine

    ***Official Soccer Discussion Thread***

    There are strong rumors that Diego Costa will leave Atlético in January in a big money move to China. He's currently out for at least another month after foot surgery though, so it seems like an inopportune time to make a deal. It wouldn't surprise me to see Atlético make money off a year only of Costa. But there's not a ready replacement for him in the squad. More concerning is the continued injury woes to the back line with Lucas out with an MCL strain. Sounds like Godin and Felipe Luis will be back soon. Saúl has had to fill in at left back. Not a good sign that an international level midfielder has to play left back. Lots of good homegrown midfield talent for Atlético. Koke, Saúl, Rodri, and Partey are all international level central midfielders. All came through Atlético's academy. I honestly wonder if Koke is the odd man out of the bunch though, as he hasn't grown as a player as much as I'd like. He seems to be a leader in he locker room though.
  7. Was it a campaign contribution or direct payment?
  8. Damn good posting. Makes total sense about the trial level cases not creating precedent. I didn't know that, and I would bet that most non lawyers don't know what either. That's gonna be a tough sell to those that are inclined to align with the President. They don't want to hear about the way the system works if they think he's being railroaded. The ironic thing is that the sitting POTUS is the least likely person to be railroaded in this entire country.
  9. Isn't that what Nixon tried to do and was going to get the boot for it?
  10. I've been a subscriber for years, substituting the Atlantic for the Economist as I couldn't keep up with the weekly output of the latter.
  11. Also, if Flynn did all that, he shroud do time behind bars. I don't care if he flipped and takes down DJT. He acted poorly on many occasions, only trying to enrich himself at the cost of doing damage to the country and her allies. If you can do time for smoking a joint, then this guy can do time for being his efforts to undermine this country.
  12. Can you give an example of this reality?
  13. The Z Machine

    TRADE WAR discussion thread

    That's it. I'm 80% money market now in my 401k. Recession is coming :LHucksitup:
  14. Presidents are immune from laws. Literally don't apply. Can't indict, can't sue. It's good to be king.
  15. The Z Machine

    How much Voter Fraud is Happening

    Oops, malfeasance.