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  1. What if they gave a trial, but no one came?
  2. Yedlin's skillset was always pretty limited. That was obvious a long time ago. He's got incredible speed and quickness over short distances, but can't cross and gets beat far too often. I think he could be a good player for the USMNT if they want to generate attacks on the right flank against an opponent that is keyed on stopping CP and the other mids. I hope there's better options at RB for the USMNT than Yedlin in the future.
  3. Indeed. The ability to get some result out of trips to Central America, and then absolutely closing those teams out at home was a hallmark of the good performing USMNT teams of the early-mid 2000s.
  4. Yeah, Gio will definitely get a run in the next few games. I'd like to see how he fits in with CP, Adams, and McKennie.
  5. That only counts for non politically connected defendants.
  6. I don't see how anything Durham comes up with from his Ukrainian sleuthing would cast doubt on Stone's guilt on either charge. Lying to Congress and witness intimidation are independent of extraneous peripheral facts not related to his falsehoods, and Stone was already found guilty to those acts.
  7. And what is that? Delay such that he does less time behind bars before he gets pardoned? Or is he simply this to curry favor with Trump in the hopes he'll receive a pardon?
  8. So? Just because she thinks that people that remain silent in the face of racism is tacit approval of racism doesn't mean she cannot fairly evaluate the guilt or innocence of a man charged with lying to Congress and witness intimidation.
  9. Of course neither Comey or McCabe were charged. Prosecutors don't indict cops unless it's really really egregious. There's a brotherhood.
  10. But what if he is a racist and it's not germane to the case?
  11. I'm not sure how that statement indicates that she couldn't judge Stone fairly.
  12. It's probably happened for defendants with deep pockets.
  13. How often do federal judges deviate from the federal sentencing guidelines?