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  1. That's great news. Q3 was good in many sectors. Let's hope that COVID doesn't shut everything back down in Q4 and Q1-2021.
  2. I think it was about 4 weeks from application for ballot to arrival in his mailbox. Split about evenly between processing at the board of elections and transport via postal service. I applied 3-4 weeks before he did. Still took 4+ weeks from application to getting the ballot. I too dropped mine off in a drop box. I wanted it as close to the Board of Elections as possible.
  3. What if there are delays in getting your ballot through the mail? My neighbor requested his weeks ago and just got it this week. He will drop it off in an elections board drop box instead of by return mail.
  4. It's dumb. Always has been. Always will be. It's a perversion of the game.
  5. Things seem to breaking right for the Democrats. I bet it's the weighting on the "already voted" contingent.
  6. What if Trump decided by Executive Order to furlough the entire Postal Service until Nov. 5th with the express intent to disenfranchise mail in votes? Would you still support the federal courts not getting involved?
  7. Generally, I agree with you. The challenge is that my wife handles the bill payment portion of the finances and I handle the investments / research / allocations. If the bill says $X, she'll pay only $X and no more. She won't agree to add in extra every month as she would prefer to spend that money elsewhere. By locking in the higher monthly payment, I prevent that discussion from even happening. I'll trade off flexibility for a better working financial relationship with my wife.
  8. Damn... All around (except for Barça... I wish them all the dysfunction possible).