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  1. What about the likelihood that your second child will have the same sex as the first child? I think that it's greater than 50%.
  2. You should probably sneak around to the back of his house and enter through his patio door. Btw, in some neighborhoods a flag like that is a target for a B&E when the owner isn't around.
  3. Dude, this isn't Kauai. There are rules here, man.
  4. Most leagues have this requirement. If not you'd have 2 FC Barcelonas or Real Madrid squads in la liga top flight.
  5. Like those countries will ever win a world cup in his lifetime.
  6. So, based on that, they should be turning away from Trump due to his pull out from various arms treaties. Are you doing that?
  7. This has nothing to do with the topic at hand. Please don't derail the convo. I know many here have vilified the particular Democratic official in the story you (re)posted.
  8. What about being a target based on him being paid by Turkey to push for the extraction of a US permanent resident from American soil? What about pushing for Saudi Arabia to become a nuclear power? Does the FBI have reason to investigate Flynn for those actions? Why is Trump so easily influenced? You're saying that he has so little conviction in his policy stances that he can flip flop on this because he was "badger"ed but whom? The media? Democratic politicians? If that's true, he's exceptionally weak, and is just one more reason that he shouldn't get another 4 years to continue his weak-willed foreign policy and active disintegration of norms and principles of governance.
  9. I would stay in MD. Smaller crowds, and if you have access to a pool, perhaps you can avoid the beach crowds too.
  10. My daughter keeps talking about wanting to ride a pony at camp this summer. If camps don't open, I guess we'll just have to figure out another way for her to ride a pony this summer.
  11. In other circumstances, I bet a different DoJ goes after Flynn (and co-consirators) for these other crimes, and throws the book at him.
  12. So, if the FBI knows that I did X, and I say I didn't do X, but later plead to the court that I am guilty of doing X, that means that the FBI made me lie to them and everything should be thrown out? Man, that's a great trick.