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  1. Anyone done a Raspberry Pi III build with Kodi for cord cutting?
  2. So, which big team crashes out in the CL group stage? Could be Atlético...
  3. Booo. Ronaldo didn't deserve it IMO. He wasn't the most important player on either of the championship sides.
  4. Bale gonna win this, right?
  5. leeeeeeegs! Nice work Ada
  6. English teams avoided a ton of top teams. Arsenal should be even money to win group. Spurs and LC should be favored to win the group. City will get 2nd and advance. Great chances to actually have English representation in latter stages.
  7. ENG looking to improve their coefficient with these draws.
  8. PSV played well against Atlético last season. Went to penalties as I recall. Some recent bad blood here.
  9. I don't know why Spurs weren't eligible for the Bayern / Atleti group. Something about the two group divisions?
  10. Spurs luck out!
  11. Pep going back to Camp Nou is the story.
  12. Spurs might get one of the 2 Germany / Spain groups...
  13. Bad draw for Spanish sides.
  14. City vs. Barça...
  15. Looking like Atleti will get Bayern...