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  1. I hope this whole thing gets exposed. Burn em all.
  2. I think there need to be some deep cover Dems to start up some "send her back" chants at GOP rallies.
  3. Some have said that the only way socialist programs can get supported in government is when conservatives propose them.
  4. And that is the primary reason that the Dems should not put up Biden, Bernie, or Warren.
  5. The answer is as always, in art. AI will not be able to create / produce art that is subversive enough to obviate the desire for more / truly subversive art.
  6. I don't own a gun and I've held and shot a loaded gun before. I think that a good percentage of people advocating for gun restrictions are similar.
  7. Please tell me this loser is getting sent to Rikers.
  8. It can absolutely be effective and not necessary. A nuclear weapon is effective and not necessary for personal use.
  9. If you're storing either large amounts of drugs or cash money on your person or in your home, I could see the potential for needing such armament. But the needs of those people shouldn't outweigh the safety and security of everyone else.