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  1. Yeah, not a good domestic campaign this year. I'll be happy if Atleti is 4th and qualify for CL. They seem to lack the desire to grind out results like they used to. Maybe they really are focused on winning the CL this year.
  2. Page should have said, "You know nothing, Jon Snow."
  3. He'll have had a major impact on the viewership of cable news networks and clicks on political blogs.
  4. Y'all notice that Ligue 1 is by far the most competitive big league this season? Chelsea, Real, Juve, and Bayern are running away with the titles right now, but PSG is in 3rd, and those top 3 are all really tight. I pay approximately zero attention to the French teams. Anyone know what's going on there?
  5. Agreed. But that's peanuts compared to Trump.
  6. But Turmp will appoint 3 Fed Board members, and Yellen's term is up in the near future. The Fed may become more compliant to his desires soon, especially if he appoints people that aren't academic economists. It's more likely they'll be Goldman Sachs type bankers and such from the private sector.
  7. Maybe the odds going up of Trump's ouster makes the markets happy. Usually markets hate uncertainly, but almost nothing seems more uncertain than the policy stances of this administration, or how they are rolled out to the public.
  8. I also listen to Marketplace on NPR almost every day. Excellent reporting IMO, although probably more center-left. You will hear true small government minded folks on there in the interviews though.
  9. I think the best bet for center-right stuff is the economic press like The Economist and Business Insider and Financial Times. All of those have excellent journalistic ethics and are solidly grounded in facts.
  10. Ah... someone with a bit of sack. Good for him. He's risen in my esteem.
  11. FYI, I'm still waiting for the first Trump voter to come forth and say, "Yup, I made a mistake by voting for him." Maybe I missed it in this thread since it moves so fast.