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  1. Pro tip: Don't go hiking in Pakistan.
  2. If I were him, is lie low as well. Probably hire a lawyer to handle the press though and advise me on what I am obligated to do.
  3. The Russian bots/trolls aren't awake yet.
  4. Probably a week after Trump launches a preemptive first strike against Canada.
  5. I was just watching that BBC video (or at least trying, it's was super slow to load) and was reading the BBC report about CONCACAF qualifying. It was painful to read that Honduras might be going to the finals. Honduras... Panama... These are not good teams.
  6. Maybe the US and Mexico should leave Concacaf then, so the rest of the region will have 1.5 bids to fight over.
  7. OK fine. Don't tell me you wouldn't take a yera older Marchisio any day of the week over Bradley. That wouldn't have been said 4 years ago.
  8. Ab-so-freakin' lutely. Boca was the best I've ever seen in a US jersey at CB. Gooch had a nice few years too and was an absolute beast in the box, but his passing was always a bit suspect.
  9. There are plenty of CMs that have aged much better than Bradley. Marchisio is a year older and Modric is 2 years older. Those guys haven't fallen off. I'm with Turbs here. I'm sick of making excuses for him.
  10. As a former resident of Madrid and a fairly avowed leftist, I am pretty conflicted here. I think both sides are acting poorly, but I don't see a way out of this unless one side backs down. I really don't know or even pretend to know the will of the Catalan people. Maybe they should do a referendum across the entire nation to see if Catalunya gets to be allowed to leave.
  11. Yup. I'm tired of thinking, "what happened to the Bradley of a few years ago that had a motor went end line to end line for 90+ minutes?" I'm sure it's partly tactics, but his spot is up for grabs. I'd invite him into the next camp, but the armband will only be his if he earns his way back into the starting XI. ETA: This is also a failure of Bradley's leadership during this hex. Make no bones about it, as a leader on the team he didn't elevate his teammates or get the best out of them.
  12. Look, Bruce messed up royally on the tactics in a crucial game. Bad time to goof up, but he was light years better than Klinsmann in that area. I still think he was the right choice to take over, but it could have happened sooner. Either that or he should have been #### canned after Match 8. That's what Mexico would have done.
  13. I have no problem with that, either. Never thought he deserved the record anyway.
  14. Dude, I'm just trying to use Whatsapp to talk to my friends while abroad. China restricts the use of many popular western communication channels mostly to prop up their own Chinese version and also to spy on their citizens. I really don't care if China reads my friends' rants about getting eliminated from the World Cup qualification..