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  1. And Real draw after a late equalizer. Nice result.
  2. Big Benz came on and scored within 5 minutes of being on the pitch to put Real up 1-2 against Las Palmas. Las Palmas hasn't been bad this year by the way with 9 points through 5 games.
  3. They need to make some noise in CL play in order to stake that claim. I don't doubt they are close to top 10, but there are lot of teams in that 5-15 range IMO and BvB is one of them.
  4. MOAR
  5. I might be in town in Jan for World of Concrete. Never been to the show. Just putting it out there if anyone else is going to that particular trade show.
  6. Rakatic is as integral to that team as Iniesta and Busquets IMO.
  7. That's the defensive mistake we all hoped for.
  8. Not watching the game. Interesting that Rakatic unlocked the Atleti defense and not one of the MSN. Gonna be tough to pull one back with sub 30% possession. I envision one of Gabi or Saul to make way for Correa or Gaitan at some point.
  9. Atlético thumped Gijón today, 5-0. Grizi with a brace early, and Torres with a brace late. A more attacking and youthful lineup today with neither Gabi, nor Tiago (who's hurt again) in the center of the park. Koke and Saúl started in the middle with Gaitán and Carrasco on the wings in a 4-4-2. Gamiero got the start and played well with a goal and an assist, but Grizi was easily the Mom. Nice to see some good attacking play whilst still keeping the clean sheet. That's 10 goals for, and 1 against in 4 matches. Mid week they go to Camp Nou though. Both teams are flying high right now, so I'm hoping for a great match. I expect Gabi to start, pushing Gaitán to the bench and Koke on the left. Hopefully Carrasco can work with Juanfran on the right side effectively.
  10. I liked this move: Fish Hook -> Punch to the gut
  11. Huh? You giving up on the LES life? Or are you in the EVIL?
  12. Don't forget Tata Martino also coached FC Barcelona for a season, although since he won no hardware that season, he resigned.
  13. Excellent points, scoob. I was hoping based on the info above that he had developed some excellent distribution skills out of the central midfield. It seems from the numbers you posted that he's really just filling a role on a team that needs a player there, and there's not a whole lot going on in terms of being a deep-lying playmaker, nor a great link between attack and defense as was intimated in the article posted above. I stand corrected.