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  1. Take Pederson over the wrong Gruden any day of the week.he's still riding high because his team got one extra game to get their noses slapped and show they had no business in the playoffs.take a step back and try to realize you guys just hired reids assistant and he didnt even get to call the plays. you went from an offense mastermind to the guy that makes coffee for the guy running the most vanilla and un-explosive offense in the entire league. gratz.
  2. poor eagles have to settle even though they had the head start. gase picks miami, hue wants nothing to do with the roster, and now couglin declines the job after hearing they dont want to resign bradford. at this point it was pederson or begging chip to come back.
  3. people already forgot landry was the initial screw up, but hill had one job,
  4. I can picture the eagles season already, RG3 fumbling hand-offs to Murray (who is running the wrong play and direction) while Couglin is on the sideline doing his confused old man face with hands on his hips. I'd say its the darkest timeline but at least you got that 1st and 2nd from the 49ers for Bradford...
  5. eagles will give him a contract, he is no tom brady or kirk cousins but he is better than a lot of backups and deserves a chance at a starting job again.
  6. great game if you ignore the 5 sacks, 3 fumbles, and 5 yards per attempt.
  7. eagles had the ball for what seemed like 7 total minutes (with 3 straight turnovers at one point) yet some of you think the offense is clicking? your defense wasnt even taking their helmets off. we cant win on the road and you cant win at home, the NFCE title game will be two hobos yelling insults at each other while they dry hump opposite ends of a burned out couch. whichever hunyuck manages to not piss down his own leg on national televison wins the prize of being bent over a barrel by seattle in the first round.
  8. Classic example of a guy seeing his coworker playing candy crush at his desk and thinks "wtf does this guy even do here, i could do his job and mine at the same time". takes over his coworker's responsibilities but quickly finds out he is way out of his depth, ends up being the dude that was slacking off was pretty good at his job and was finishing his work ahead of schedule so had some downtime to #### around. fathead decides to quit and "pursue other opportunities" in order to save face before being ousted for incompetence. unfortunately for the eagles and its fanbase, chip had to learn the hard way why the positions of head coach, head scout, director of player personnel, general manager, and lead dietitian are always filled by different individuals.
  9. win was all on chips conditioning program, he had the team fresh when the cowboys were gassed. offense is still being hamstrung by sam though, the game-winning pass was a total duck. eagles would have hung a 50 burger if cassel was their QB.
  10. they have 5 if you count lucky whitehead getting carries out of the backfield too. when mcfadden goes down cmike could be in a 3 man RBBC, you cant be a bellcow with stone hands and no pass prot skills.
  11. Shouldn't you be worrying about fixing the Skins? The 20 year rebuild continues. contrary to popular belief they dont listen to my personnel suggestions, and its better to be a has-been then a never-was. but lets get back to the eagles, you guys really think sackorpick is the answer for this offense? chip doesnt want a running QB he wants an accurate one with a quick release. if jordan cant hold onto touch passes from bradford how is he going to catch 99mph fast balls on 5 yard crossing routes? the offense needs time and reps not more roster turnover.
  12. yeah trade some picks for the QB and WR from the worst offense in recent memory, that will fix the eagles.
  13. when was the last time the jets won in cali? seems every year they get crushed out there.