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  1. TDorBust

    Dallas at Green Bay

    Yup and now we have this end zone crap think I remember it from the Lions vs Seahawks game last year as well.
  2. TDorBust

    Dallas at Green Bay

    And it shouldn't have been a TD there.... You even heard Mike Pierra saying there is a case to say its not a catch even.
  3. TDorBust

    Dallas at Green Bay

    Pfft and now no one knows what a catch is again. Sure seems like he was going to the ground and then didn't maintain control upon hitting the ground.
  4. TDorBust

    NY Giants at Green Bay

    Boy do I miss the Monday Night football song..... That was the best and this other junk should be left for TMZ when they show a NFL player in jail.
  5. TDorBust

    Belichick > Brady

    Except Bellichick would either make Eason a pro bowler or likely find a QB in the draft or through a trade to get his guy. Look at Homgrin back in the 90s with all the good QB play he was able to find even as backups that went other places to start as well as with two different teams going to the super bowl. The top coaches will find ways to win and will not be reliant on finding one QB as you go back another generation to the 49ers also with top QBs seemingly growing on trees for these all time great coaches.
  6. TDorBust

    Green Bay at Minnesota

    Vikings should be 0-2 hopefully they don't get too big of heads. Rodgers needs to explain what has happened because he is definitely not throwing it accurately this season. PS - yes I know they are 2-0 I am specifically saying I am surprised they have not lost both games.
  7. TDorBust

    Green Bay at Minnesota

    Are they trying or is that he is getting hit with the worst coverage detail on plays? Rodgers isn't going to throw it to someone just to do it.
  8. TDorBust

    Seattle at Los Angeles

    Hopefully he goes Bellichek on him and just cuts Michael.
  9. Just because the Giants move the ball up the field doesn't mean 1 of 3 other backs don't get the ball or one of 3-4 WRs don't get thrown the ball for a TD. Like I said if you think Gurley is elite you start him and if not you trade him. You have him to plug him in every week regardless of who he is playing. Think of it this way: Gurley plays: Seattle 2x (week 15), Arizona 2x (week 17), Bills 1x, Jets 1x, Patriots 1x (week 13)
  10. TDorBust

    Goodbye Rams

    Give it up and move on dude they left and you actually stole the organisation first. Its not like the team originated in St. Louis or anything. Also you realise that 16.1% of 18.7 MILLION is much bigger than 19.1% of 319 thousand so while the rating might be "down" the number of people in the respective market is much much higher.
  11. Gurley aka Trent Richardson 2.0???? If you think he is anywhere near an elite RB you are not benching him unless you are in a 4 team league.
  12. TDorBust

    Miami at Seattle

    Just another case of why refs needed to be moved to the booth for calling penalties. That's them scared of being booed.
  13. TDorBust

    Miami at Seattle

    No flag? Pushed him in to the ground way after the play was dead.
  14. TDorBust

    Detroit at Indianapolis

    Nice push off for a touchdown
  15. TDorBust

    Detroit at Indianapolis

    Someone needs to check his gloves for glue