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  1. I have split screen. One on amen corner and one following featured groups and then on my 2nd monitor I have "work" stuff
  3. Played last week in Florida with 3 guys from Michigan. They were so bad, I had to stop after 9. Was brutal how bad they were
  4. Rolls off the tongue better than beachsuit
  5. Guess who drafted Finau in the 3rd round of a masters draft?
  6. metal detectors have been mentioned. if you're seen with one you will be thrown out. Worth the risk?
  7. all little girls love big dong and tiger doesn't tip, you ain't getting #### unless you get married.
  8. I'm guessing if I were a smoking hot 25 year old blonde, there are much bigger, younger fish than Tiger. Who we know ain't the most loyal
  9. every single golfer under 35, has a gf or wife, that looks like they came off the barbie line Cept Bubba.
  10. Par 3 is streaming. I kinda wish they didn't make a mockery of it and let their kids and caddies play. GET OFF MY LAWN!