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  1. He did get the goal line carry as well. unfortunately Lions interior OL got blown up and he had no chance.
  2. total boom/bust player though. He has one pass rush move.
  3. Breeland was solid last year as well but now he's got Josh Norman opposite him so he gets even more attention. Plus he's not afraid to tackle and seems to be one of those players that have a knack for being involved in turnovers. Also depends on your scoring. We get 3 for PDs so he was borderline top 10 DB for us.
  4. how about to that Jordan reed guy, I heard he's pretty good and a big target.
  5. they forgot about it in the game. he was in after the fumble and got touches still.
  6. nice start. in a game where more passing is needed who knows what we could see.
  7. Well Kirk has had better days and he's certainly had worse. but that end zone INT is inexcusable. he missed some throws too but he made some nice ones as well. Gruden needs to take some off Kirk's shoulders, especially near the end zone. all those pass plays required precise accuracy and we all saw Kirk didn't have it today. I felt Jones and the OL did well when given the chance. Losing is always a team effort, but I think Kirk showed a bit on why he doesn't own a long term deal yet.
  8. any local word on snap count? Technically he's not starting. With his ypc, it looks like he might not need starter snaps to produce though.
  9. Never saw Forte dominating the touches like this. Wish I had took him instead of Eddie Lacy
  10. Hello Drop Kevin White or Corey Coleman in keeper league for Tyrell Williams?
  11. Drop Kevin White or Corey Coleman in keeper league for Tyrell Williams?
  12. It does it in the MyFBG section.
  13. Tyrell went unclaimed in one of mine
  14. That's not bad way to value it although as the Charles owner, Ware is worth a tad more as a golden ticket handcuff. I was offered Alshon for Ware and Maclin. I like the concept of the trade. Owner gets Ware and a solid WR2/3. Just that I'd want a better WR in return. Could be because I'm not very high on Alshon so I'm looking at the value wrong.
  15. Anyone involved or seen a trade involving Ware? I'm negotiating with the Charles owner but having hard time setting a value.