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  1. Wild game. Not hurt they lost. Haskins before going out looked pretty good. He's improving each game which is all one can ask for. The D needs help, probably more in the secondary but a guy like Chase Young can make all levels better.
  2. Well said! Thank you for that perspective. I guess some of us (me) have been so poisoned by this leadership that it's changing the way we react to Ws/Ls.
  3. I hate the fact that we as fans are in the torn position of deciding whether the win was worth it. The Skins have broken me down pretty hard this year, I really lack the passion anymore. But Sunday was fun to see. Yet there's part of me that was thinking what we all were: - crap, are they saving Bruce Allen's job? - crap, did they just lose out on Chase Young? I'll let the chips fall where they fall, but I was drooling over the thought of Young added to this front seven. But the smart pick is probably some OL help anyway.
  4. Deep ball accuracy is special. Drops it in there.
  5. Fake news(?) reports that skins might be interested in trading for Tomlin. No real source of info so gonna take it as nothing. But man that would be stupid.
  6. So Manusky wasn't trying to get to the QB and getting off the field on 3rd down before? Was Jay telling him to make the opposing QB comfortable and leave the D out on the field longer? Tongue in cheek... But that's a ridiculous statement reported there.
  7. As a Skins fan I'm torn on this game. Feel that the QBs coming out this year are superior to Haskins, but still don't have enough info to know if he's a bust or not. I'd also like the Skins to get rid of Bruce Allen and it seems only a disaster of a season could even get the thought of it happening. Would 0-16 do it? 1-15? Horrible time to be a Skins fan
  8. I only recall one player recently getting cleared by Thursday. Davante Adams somehow pulled it off. Hoping Luck can too!
  9. This team can't put it together in all 3 phases in 1 week. they'll need it all vs Philly. I'd love for the switch from last year to turn on again for cousins, but I have a feeling he's just showing his true colors. An average QB that will have a good game every now and then.
  10. Feels like buy low opportunity. i cannot imagine OBJ slumping all year. but Eli does seem to have eyes for SS and Salsa a bit more so he doesn't force some to OBJ like maybe he would have in the past. Still he wasn't even close to some of his targets tonight. sucks.
  11. total boom/bust player though. He has one pass rush move.
  12. they forgot about it in the game. he was in after the fumble and got touches still.
  13. nice start. in a game where more passing is needed who knows what we could see.