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  1. Shouldn't really even be a question. One has had success in the NFL, one has not. One has hit rock bottom, seemingly been humbled and never made a peep all season after losing his job. The other keeps finding a new bottom to hit and hasn't seemed to learn anything from his mistakes. Both might never amount to anything in the NFL, but I'd take my chances with RG3.
  2. I think he can bounce back in some way. Has to be the right coach/system. If Tyrod Taylor is a starting QB in the NFL, RG3 can be one.
  3. He's handled the media much better. Either that or he doesn't have to talk ##### about RG3 anymore and he's still the same. The Dallas game still makes me sick the way they called that game...but yeah, improvements.
  4. Yep. Jax was the king of the 2nd half catch up, garbage time stats. Rode Bortles and ARob to a title because of it.
  5. I've done that in the past too. Usually add up the 1st and 2nd place prize total and then go like 60/40 split to winner/loser.
  6. Christine Michael? Sorry....
  7. calling it now. They gonna beat Carolina. It won't be pretty, but they'll find a way to do it.
  8. Cousins really only had one bad moment yesterday. He got pressured and basically tried to throw it to an OL. The ball got tipped and picked in the red zone, but a defensive holding penalty was called on the play. If he can have a nice performance vs Carolina that will say something.
  9. Impressive game. They went over it a lot in the broadcast, but his blitz pickup and receiving skills make him look like a vet already. Got some burst in him too. The smart play by Chicago would be to let Forte walk and use Langford as their RB1 next year and beyond. But teams don't do the smart thing all the time. Forte is great, but you just can't pay 30 year old RBs.
  10. Please tell me what fantasy site recommended spending that much money on Michael, so I can subscribe to their site and then unsubscribe in disgust.I'm pretty sure you're being sarcastic...but just in case you're not....it was this site that recommended bids on CM a few times
  11. Was cruising undefeated in my league a few weeks ago. Proceeded to lose Arian Foster. That's ok, I got depth. Down goes Forte. Crap, well I still got some depth and WRs. See ya Keenan Allen. Ouch man, this sucks. I think I can still do it. Dion Lewis, you're next to go. Finally get Big Ben back. He's awesome again! Ah crap... WTF man. I still got a decent roster thanks to some depth i picked up along the way, but man this sucks....was loving my team, now I'm just ok with it.
  12. Turf toe is nasty stuff. I've always thought it was a multi-week, lingering type injury. 1 bye week seems quick. Maybe CJ had a mild sprain or something. He did look like the better RB.
  13. What do your pools do if the last remaining survivors all pick the same team and that team loses?
  14. OP said PPR. Morris has always been better in non-ppr, but yeah his value has dropped very low. Didn't they change blocking schemes or something? I know they've had OL injuries but I thought I read that they are getting healthier now.Thompson should get a lot of receptions @NE this week, and is probably the better option in ppr any week. But he's small and has a history of back problems (high school, college, and NFL). I wouldn't want to be in a position where I need him as an every week starter. In non-ppr, none are good until WAS stops abandoning the run. They started the year running 38 times per game, WAY more than the next closest team iirc. And they looked pretty good playing that way. I'm not sure what happened but something changed. If they return to running and commit to it, Jones or Morris could regain value. Jones, probably, if he can hang onto the ball and avoid injuries. Otherwise, Morris. Probably not going to happen. Morris is a FA next year, so he might end up doing well somewhere else in a scheme that fits him better. What changed was they are hardly in a game script that allows them to run the ball that much. Both sides of the ball have suffered injuries so they can't sustain drives or get off the field.plus Alf seems to go down on first contact now. Jones runs without patience sometimes and gets caught trying to bounce outside. Thomson is tiny and is hurting. Add it all up and you get no viable option at RB