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  1. Good Luck the rest of the way, I’ll check in periodically.
  2. 7523 Final.... unless a hail marry scoring change happens I will see you all next year. 156 final... off by 0.2 lol
  3. Well I’m done I’m the 7500 right now with 1min to go lol
  4. Not looking good with Kelce at 0 lol I need min 20 and probably 25 to pull this out lol.
  5. 142 with Kelce -10.5 crazier things have happened but looks like my earliest exit ever..... no injury’s and only 2 on Bye this week but a few key players throwing up nothings for me and it’s an ugly day.
  6. ? 142 with Washington or Kelce -10.5 i fear the reaper, Howard and barber killed any chance I had. The rest of my team all put up reasonable/predicted numbers but forced to take a 3.5 at RB and 3 WR all between 13-10.5pts it’s an ugly day.
  7. I’m riding the Turk again 127 with Barkley and Lockett counting and only Washington and Kelce(-a lot) left. if barkley doesn’t rack up some points hee I’m toast with all my RB putting up horrible games, all under 4 points exept Barkley.
  8. Yep I feel your pain, couldn’t watch the early games pulled us Scored on my phone.... Bears 48 point.... 48 F ing points..... Howard.... 2.5(how does this even happen)
  9. Lol for the Third week in a row I have no one playing in the Thursday game and this ones a serious barn burner! Gonna have some catching up to do.
  10. Lot of Conner and Barber owners swearing tonight I think!
  11. Were not that many as stupid as me but I look forward to seeing how many Brady owners get punted this week! Rodgers owners should be less so he still put up a useable number this week even with a bad game. No other big money players had a horrible week that I own and “knock on wood” with Goodwin back only Z leg is injured at this time. Week 5 is my first big hurdle with Byes!
  12. Injury’s, last week was a blood bath for highly owned players.... also QB’s not playing for KC fell back to earth this week.
  13. It was fixed bears at 12 points now... no where near the turk this week! Bears D still the best 5 buck spent!!! Everyone had “decent” games this week. galloday -11 brady -26 washington -11 Barber -12 next week the blood bath will start of Injury’s + Bye weeks!!!