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  1. Apologies for picking out of order, but I got an email that told me I was up, so I just went and made the selection without noticing that people were skipped. Final Team Holloway QB - Brees (5.08)(5) and Brady (6.09)(9) - Dynamic duo at quarterback, particularly if Brady again avoids suspension. Even so, I suspect that Brees will do well enough in the first four weeks while Brady is potential missing to keep me alive till Brady returns. No bye week issues, just the possible suspension which if it happens hopefully will be the first four weeks of the season. RB - Lacy (3.08)(4), Duke Johnson (7.8)(13), Riddick (8.9)(10) and C.J. Spiller (16.9)(5) I like Lacy to play much better than a year ago and really like my next two drafted relatively late to be main bogs in their team's passing games and also get some rushes. C.J. Spiller is much more talented than he showed a year ago. I am hoping that either he was injured or just had issues taking in the offensive game plan or a combination of both. He also is a good receiver (until last year). Better group than I expected waiting as late to draft them. No bye week issues. WR - Dez Bryant (1.8)(7), D. Thomas (2.9)(11), Fitzgerald (4.9)(9), Wallace (10.9)(8) and B. Coleman (17.8)(5) I have never gone with just five guys here and strongly considered adding another in the final round. I really, really am glad I got the first three. So I need all my WRs to stay healthy and just get two to three weeks of scoring from Wallace, who seems to be a good fit for Flacco and Coleman, who has not shown much progress but should at least get targets in a great passing offense. I am much more bullish on Thomas than most and expect him to outperform his draft position. I am counting on Dez Bryant being healthy from the first game and also that Romo can stay on the field. I am also higher on Fitzgerald than most. TE - Walford (9.8)(10), Amaro (15.8)(11) and Higbee (18.9)(8) Very weak here and forced me to add Higbee in the final round, even after needing another wide receiver body. Walford should get chances in an up and coming offense, but Amaro is probably down to his last chance and we still don't know for sure who his QB will be. Higbee is a talented pass catcher, but he is a rookie and rookies do not usually play well in their initial NFL season. No bye week issues, but really need some brother-in-law scoring by this bottom tier group. PK - Hauschka (11.8)(5) and Graham (12.9)(7) Spent a lot of draft capital here and if I don't gain an advantage on most weeks, I lost the gamble. No bye week issues and early byes at that. DST - Eagles (13.8)(4) and Raiders (14.9)(10) Two defenses that I like to improve from last year, but not nearly a strong point for my squad. Good luck to everyone and look forward to running commentaries all season long.
  2. 15 of our 16 teams have either 2 or 3 running backs and it is almost evenly split. The other team has 6.
  3. Team Holloway through seven rounds QB - Drew Brees (5) and Tom Brady (9) RB - Eddie Lacy (4) and Duke Johnson (13) WR - Dez Bryant (7), D. Thomas (11) and L. Fitzgerald (9) TE - PK - DST - Very strong quarterback position and very strong wide receiver first three. Running back counting on solid come-back season for Lacy and lots of catches for Duke Johnson.
  4. Makes sense and glad to have you on board!
  5. We are blazing through the first round.
  6. I took several wide receivers with talent and was blessed with excellent landing spots. Awesomeness made my wide receiver position look very nice.
  7. I thought that once you modified your password that was protected, but not sure.
  8. This may be THE solution. We have always allowed the drafter that misses his first pick to slide down and in some cases get a more favorable spot. Now they dip down and yet get punished some for slacking. Thoughts?
  9. The instructions provided are not user friendly at MFL. I went to the Mock Draft Forum and located some guidance provided by Ruffrody. If you have an account already set up, log into your account first. Then temporarily become the Commissioner using the fbgssl2 password. After that click "For Commissioners" and then select Set-up from the pulldown menu. Then select franchise set-up and select your franchise. Enter your email and reset your password. Once that is completed, give up Commissioner status and you should have access to your team with your login. If some of the above is not clear, send me a PM and I'll try to assist.
  10. Bye Week Review QB - Eli Manning (8) and Rivers (11) B+ No Bye Conflict RB - Hill (9), Vereen (8), Collins (5), Blue (9) & Jonathan Williams (10) D+ WR - Julio Jones (11), Calvin J., Matthews (4), Doctson (r) (9), Cruz (8), Crowder (9), Wilson (5) & Roberts (10) B due to loss of Johnson TE - Greg Olsen (7) and Martellus Bennett (9) - B+ No bye issue and Bennett to Patriots is nice PK - Lambo (11) solo with late bye even worse D- DST - Eagles (4) and Colts (10) C Collins went later than expected and was one of three RBs drafted by Seattle. Doctson got a nice spot, but may cancel out Crowder's production here. J. Williams drafted by Buffalo also crowded in the back field.
  11. Even a blind squirrel finds the nut now and then.
  12. Brees, Drew NOS QB (P) (5) Mariota, Marcus TEN QB (13) Drake, Kenyan MIA RB (R) (8) Forsett, Justin BAL RB (P) (8) Riddick, Theo DET RB (10) Starks, James GBP RB (4) Yeldon, T.J. JAC RB (5) Boyd, Tyler CIN WR (R) (9) Coleman, Corey CLE WR (R) (13) Evans, Mike TBB WR (6) Fitzgerald, Larry ARI WR (9) Shepard, Sterling NYG WR (R) (8) Thomas, Demaryius DEN WR (11) Ertz, Zach PHI TE (4) McDonald, Vance SFO TE (8) Watson, Ben BAL TE (8) Gostkowski, Stephen NEP PK (9) Novak, Nick HOU PK (9) Giants, New York NYG Def (8) Rams, Los Angeles RAM Def (8)
  13. Saints need a lot if defensive help,but select L. Treadwell to replace Colston and Watson targets.
  14. This is an excellent way to draft early and enjoy commentaries from the various drafters on who they value and why. Nice give and take and enjoyable to follow fellow the best ball leagues during the season with fellow Footballguys. Sign up and enjoy!