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  1. For the past couple of years, Frank Gore has been expected to disappear but he has played very well on a poorly functioning Luck-less offense. Can he continue to carve a role so that with the rookie Kalen Ballage, we see a three-headed committee in Miami? Kenyan Drake does have competition.
  2. Alex Collins is a much better receiving back than he is being given credit for. Expecting him to be the bell-cow that is rested by either Dixon or Allen. Bump back to front page for more discussion on what should be an interesting watch during training camp.
  3. Four seasons in the league, best used prior to last season as a change of pace player. He's always been a good receiving back but has only one career game with twenty carries. Much more is expected this season, but can he hold up as an every down player? Can he be a fantasy success even without getting a heavy rushing load. Bumping back to the front page for more quality responses.
  4. Thanks for sharing your opinion on Ronald Jones.

  5. There are abundant opinions on Ronald Jones’ prospects this season for Tampa Bay. On the positive side, they drafted him in the second round at 38th overall. He has good vision and excels in the open field. Jones is often compared to Jamaal Charles, due to his smallish size and quick feet, but does he have the size to hold up under a three-down load? He has abundant plays where he scores on long running plays, but quite a few of them are sweeps where he is never touched. Can he run the ball up the middle? His escape ability leads one to expect him to be featured as a receiver, but he caught only 32 passes in three seasons at USC. Is he suited to that role and can he block well enough to get on the field in obvious passing situations? Tampa Bay's running back depth chart is filled with role player types that have some experience, but none with lengthy histories of carrying the load. Can Peyton Barber, Charles Sims or Jacquizz Rodgers keep Jones in a running back by committee his first season? What are you expecting from the rookie, Ronald Jones this season in Tampa Bay?
  6. None of these candidates are strong. Combine that with the knowledge that Dallas has ranked 30th and 29th in passing attempts the past two years. Add in that Prescott averaged only 6.8 yards per attempt, again well below average. So even if one of these tight ends stands out among his peers, he still faces an uphill battle to relevance. Last season the Cowboys top two receivers were Dez Bryant and Jason Witten with 69 and 63 catches. Both are gone so there are targets going somewhere, but not likely going to be a tight end catching more than 40 passes this year.
  7. @Sweet Love I agree that the Browns have much better athletes at the fantasy skill positions, but waiting late and counting on a trio of the two Browns QB with another even later sounds like more risk than I am willing to take. Like many, I see improvements for them on offense but they still have the same head coach.
  8. Karma warning in SSL 1 aisle three
  9. For me, I've got them at: Hunt RB7 Gordon RB8 Fournette RB10 Cook RB13 With the top three really close
  10. NittanyLion squad Rivers (8) - Dodds has him at QB14 so a little on the low side to trust solo, but he has a history of playing every game and he is consistent. 4nette (9), Rolls-Royce (10), Gio (9), Ameer (6), Gore (11) Dodds ppr rankings are RB11, 38, 52 & 70 - between the low side rankings, the injuries and the last two not being heavily counted on by the masses I am not a huge fan of your RBs. I will join you in hoping Frank Gore can defeat father time again this year which would help AJG (9), Starvin' Marvin (6), Cobb (7), Hogan (11), BrownJohn (10), BrownJaron (7) - Dodds ppr rankings are WR7, 25, 30, 41, 66 & 71. Like your six WRs a lot, you have several higher ranked players and all six have the boom week potential which is ideal for best ball. Only one week where you are thin with four, well done D.Walker (8), Hooper (8), Willson (6) - Dodds ppr rankings are TE7, 22 & 36 - Huge Walker fan, but think that Hooper will be hard pressed to match last year's production with the addition of Ridley to go along with Julio and Sanu. Really tough break with the top two off on week 8. Maybe should have grabbed the third earlier for more strength and better week 8 odds. Greg The Leg (12), Boswell (7) - two solid kickers on pretty good offenses Ravens (10) - nice DST, but defenses don't score consistently so it is a little more than the week ten zero that is risked Risk at QB and DST going solo and top two TEs both off week 8 highlight the trouble, but it seems that going solo at two positions would give more strength at RB, WR or TE than what I see. Great season last year and a great competitor year in and year out, so I wish you the best here and in all the other year long survivors. Enjoy competing and your commentary is appreciated.
  11. I agree my RBs are not top quarter and possibly not top half, but worse? I will disagree.
  12. Kizer is gone so you have the Cleveland QB tied down, but since it took two picks and three total it handicaps elsewhere. Duke Johnson is solid, but last year he only had Crowell to contend with and this year he has the rookie Chubb and also Carlos Hyde. I like Ballage more than most but if Gore lasts all season he is likely in a three-man RBBC. Three RBs on bye week 11 will be tough. Agree your top three WRs are all great, but only having five could be a bye-week issue and Jacksonville has a plethora of WR candidates and Westbrook is no sure thing. You are my Doppler at TE, with each of us having a weaker duo and half of the Tampa Bay production. Good luck. It seems all of our teams have some weaknesses but I have not seen a report yet where there was an obvious stand above the crowd squad.
  13. QB - 4.1 Wlson Sea (7) and 16.1 Darnold ROOK NYJ (11) - Took Wilson fairly early and as QB2 so I determined then to be patient and wait on a second QB. Was hoping for Eli Manning as he had been going very late in earlier survivors but that was not to be. I prefer Darnold over the other rookie QBs, particularly for 2018 so was happy to get him. He is very young and it could be that he does not play much, but I expect that most of the first round QBs will play at some point this year and I need Darnold at or before week seven. Not a strength, but if Wilson is as good as I expect, it can be middle of the pack or better. RB - 5.16 Alex Collins BLT (10), 6.1 T. Coleman ATL (8), 8.1 Crowell NYJ (11) & 14.1N. Hines ROOK Ind (9) - Waited very late here and really like all of the top three. David Dodds has them at RB16, RB27 and RB31 and I drafted them at RB26, 27 & 34. Sig sold me on Hines capabilities and he has a chance to play a lot in Indianapolis, so this RB group could out perform the draft capital expended. I need for them to keep me afloat, but not have to carry the team. WR - 1.16 J. Jones ATL (8), 2.1 M. Thomas NO (6), 3.16 A. Robinson CHI (5), 9.16 P. Richardson WSH (4), 15.16 J. J. Nelson ARZ (9) & 18.1 T. Williams DAL (8) - Here is the strength of this team and it was purposeful. I took WR4, 5 and 19. David Dodds has them at WR3, 6 and 23 so I did not get relative bargains here and may have spent too much on Robinson as my third WR. Richardson has been a target all off-season for me and was happy to get him again. The last two were struggles. I did not see RBs that I wanted to add and kind of settled on these guys as I was visiting my Mom for Mother's Day weekend and did not really search long and hard. Williams should see targets, but I probably should have taken my second DST at 15.16 and improved there over Tampa Bay later. The only slot that I really did not like my selection afterwards. TE - 7.16 C. Brate TB (5) & 10.1 B. Watson NO (6) - Waited a little too late on TEs getting those three RBs and three WRs, but like the tandem of Brate and Watson although they are on the risky side. Brate has Howard wanting to take targets and Watson is getting long in the tooth. With the absence of Ingram early on, perhaps Brees and the Saints will attempt to save Kamara and pass more early on and then switch back to the run dependency of last season in week six or seven for the rest of the year. PK - 11.16 Lutz NO (6) & 12.1 Tucker BLT (10) - Got two solid guys and helped trigger the run which might have helped my get Hines, but nothing else significant. DST - 13.16 Saints (6) & 17.16 Tampa Bay (5) - Like the Saints and the Bucs were kind of my pick of the remainder and getting the early bye. Comments appreciated and keep the conversation here on all teams alive. Everyone pitch in with a review of their team so we can all poke holes.
  14. QB is such a critical position, especially with only 18 roster spots, I get why you go back to back early, but if (when) the later drafted QBs shine, the advantage is not that great. Love the first three RBs, but Ekeler has competition and T Austin just has not had opportunities and I will be surprised if he can carve out consistent touches. I am partial to getting several rookies, especially if I expect early playing time and love Diggs with Cousins. Not a Bryant fan and he seems the kind of player that will struggle to pick up new systems if he does not get in to camp early. Could be bargain at WR36 though. I do not mind going solo at PK, particularly with early bye week and really enjoyed the conversation about the PK run so proud you stood your ground. Hope Janko does not hurt himself. RBs and QBs really good and TE better than being credited with.