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  1. I like the WRs also, but always feel like only five weakens even a strong five and not sure that Treadwell will be a strong WR. One more comment on the QB strength, it has been discussed here quite a bit, but I really think that having a strong QB position is not nearly as important as having strength at either WR or TE. It is very difficult to dominate 16 teams at the QB position as there are so many strong passing games and the variance in week to week, can have some rather lower ranked QBs scoring really well often enough.
  2. I am happy to volunteer to fill out the league, hopefully even drafting better than is SSL 1.
  3. Another by product of the strategy Bass employed is a significant increase in the draft discussion thread, which is always good to see.
  4. This review is remarkable and I have to admit that I expected a larger number of points added. I do also think that he lowered a few teams quarterback output and likely caused some of the teams with weaker quarterbacks (like me) to consider drafting three also due to the lower scoring of the lower tiered quarterbacks as well as bye week troubles (me here too).
  5. Maybe you are thinking Anarchy's leagues, where there are two max team quarterbacks. The trio drafting has long been allowed and often happens with QBs, TEs and DSTs.
  6. As far as the benefit of forcing the issue, he did succeed there as this round has been dominated by Quarterbacks. I was hoping for one of Rivers or Manning, but that went by the wayside far before my turn approached. As for my selection of Tannehill, I hope that year two with Gase is that leap forward that I have been waiting on for several years with Tannehill. My squad thus far is a bye week tragedy.
  7. The smallish difference in expected production between QB 10 and QB 24 is such that it is difficult to pull the trigger on a QB early. While I suspect that BassNBrew probably overspent, he should have an advantage at QB over most, if not all other teams. The act of taking three QBs that early could force others to follow suit, leaving value for him at other positions. It is really difficult to be disciplined in 16-team drafts when the perception is that a position run is beginning, due to the potential disaster that a certain position could be completely plundered in between subsequent picks. It sure makes these early survivors that much more interesting when someone attempts to force an issue by taking a substantial risk as he did.
  8. Give me Jordy Nelson WR Packers i do have an email address connected to my MFL login but could not use that either.
  9. I am able to login as my username, but not able to link to my team name once I am logged in. I will be out of pocket for an hour or so and will attempt again once I get home.
  10. Thanks BnB for doing these survivors every year. I am in.
  11. I have no grievances and like the way these leagues are set up. Thanks to you for all the effort on these. Lots of folks enjoy these each season.
  12. My current pick is ROOKIE Cooper Kupp WR
  13. I logged on Saturday and pre-drafted but can no longer access the league. When I do league search, only WSL is WSL 1. And I went to WSL 1 and the draft was blank. someone PM me if I get on the clock so I will not delay everyone.
  14. Business trip beginning today through Friday. Hopefully, we get back going sometime today, but admit that I am confused as to exactly where we are. Would it be possible to suspend the clock for a day once MFL comes back on line to allow everyone time to get organized again?
  15. Loaded a list of five players this morning and 4 of the five were drafted (including me) Duke Johnson was 2nd on my list so pleased with that outcome. Any opinions on the trio of RBs taken there, Hill, Johnson and Martin?