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  1. Sorry to see several great posters fail to advance. Hopefully some will stay involved in the thread because your views are always appreciated. Reviewing my roster, only three players have an alive percentage less than the overall percentage of 37.14%. Those three are Mariota 36.2%, Ingram 31.2% and Perriman 27.4%. Only 34 remaining teams have Perriman, who has been a great disappointment yet again. Surprised that only 84 remaining teams have Ingram, who looks to be strong for the rest of the season. Good luck to everyone remaining and thanks for being subscribers.
  2. QB 28.84 RB1 30.54 RB2 16.24 WR 22.34 WR2 17.24 TE 19.74 Flex1 17.36 Flex2 15.12 K 16.68 DST 11.2 Avg 195.3
  3. Summary of Team Holloway Players listed in order of cost QBs - Mariota 0, Alex Smith 4 & B. Hoyer 1 RBs - L. Bell 4, Ingram 2, Doug Martin 0, K. Hunt 4, Mack 1 & Smallwood 1 WRs - Fitzgerald 3, D, Parker 3, C. Coleman 1, T. Ginn 0, Perriman 0, M. Lee 1, Hogan 4, R. Anderson 1, T. Smith 0 & Agholor 2 TEs - Rudolph 2, Ertz 5, Kittle 1 & Josh Hill 0 PKs - Walsh 1, Forbath 0 & Zuerlein 4 DSTs - Titans 0. 49ers 2, Lions 3 & Saints 0 and there are 15 staffers still alive
  4. Actually 9,001 due to a tie
  5. 1686 Hunt owners eliminated, 7591 remain
  6. But Goodwin did make an awesome sideline catch. also glad to have Hoyer as QB3
  7. Losing DJ is no significance as he is on every roster.
  8. 760 eliminated in week 2, more than I expected
  9. I'll drop my IR running back and take a swing for the fences with Jamaal Williams of the Green Bay Packers.
  10. added the percentage ownership for each player, based on 13,504 entries.
  11. Stephen Holloway This is an FBG staff entry and not eligible for prizes and does not count toward the weekly cutoffs. Wanted to have three, started with Philip Rivers and two cheap options, but had challenges with too many players and salary sunk in week 9. Like Mariota and his bye worked well with Alex Smith a great high floor player at low cost. Marcus Mariota 8 $16 Alex Smith 10 $8 Brian Hoyer 11 $6 Went opposite from my standard running back strategy by including one of the top two cost running backs. More normally select multiple mid-cost options. Wanted Doug Martin all along. Had to swap out Davin Cook for Ingram, again due to my week 9 issues. One of the few that expect Ingram to have another solid season. Also think that Smallwood will bring value. Selection of Mack is much more due to lack of belief in Frank Gore, combined with very low cost and hope. LeVeon Bell 9 $35 Mark Ingram 5 $19 Doug Martin 1 $15 Kareem Hunt 10 $10 Marlon Mack 11 $4 Wendell Smallwood 10 $3 Followed my standard strategy of including a combination of wide receivers that either I expect to have high and consistent targets (relative to their cost) or deep threats. Always like to have a high number of wide receivers due to their tendency to vary greatly in week to week scoring. The goal being to brother-in-law a significant number of high weekly scores. Larry Fitzgerald 8 $20 DeVante Parker 1 $14 Corey Coleman 9 $10 Ted Ginn 5 $9 Breshad Perriman 10 $8 Marqise Lee 8 $6 Chris Hogan 9 $5 Robby Anderson 11 $5 Torrey Smith 10 $4 Nelson Agholor 10 $3 Wanted to build the tight end position around Rudolph and Ertz, who I expect to finish at or near top five in tight end scoring and cost quite a bit less than most of the other high ranking options. Considered Graham also. Wanted to add some cheap depth and like how Kittle appears to be in line for significant targets. Not a lot of rosters will include Hill, but I just can’t get behind Fleener and am hoping that Hill can be involved in the Saints offense more than most expect. Kyle Rudolph 9 $15 Zach Ertz 10 $13 George Kittle 11 $3 Josh Hill 5 $2 My kickers were selected for their low cost and bye week fit. Kickers have always been difficult to project, but I value lower cost here so that I can spend elsewhere. Blair Walsh 6 $3 Kai Forbath 9 $3 Greg Zuerlein 8 $2 Defense strategy is similar to kickers, wanted to have several to hopefully again brother-in-law some decent weeks from obviously low ranking defenses. I am hopeful that the Saints will be improved, particularly producing turnovers. Just can’t part with the cost for the higher rated defenses. Tennessee Titans 8 $3 San Francisco 49ers 11 $2 Detroit Lions 7 $2 New Orleans Saints 5 $2 Went with a 30-man roster this season. Love the contest and always appreciate the friendly banter and sharing of stories here in this thread. Good luck everyone and as many state each year I am hopeful that the winner can come from the faithful that post often here!
  12. My roster still shows RB Joe Banyard for my pick 10.09 and I drafted Jamaal Williams there
  13. Another vote cast for place holder UPDATED 9/4/17 2 QB: NE Patriots, GB Packers 4 RB: LeVeon Bell PIT, David Johnson ARI, LeSean McCoy BUF, Jay Ajayi MIA 5 WR: Antonio Brown PIT, Julio Jones ATL, Jordy Nelson GBP, Odell Beckham Jr NYG, Mike Evans TB 2 TE: Rob Gronkowski NEP, Travis Kelce KCC 1 FLEX (RB/WR/TE): Brandin Cooks NEP 2 PK: Stephen Gostkowski NEP, Mason Crosby GBP 2 DEF: Seattle Seahawks, NE Patriots
  14. I have not been in this league with waivers before. Can someone please tell me when the one replacement waivers are run? and is it in reverse drafting order or same? Thanks ahead for the kind assist.
  15. As the other IR (Ware) owner from this weekend, I love the suggestion by There It Is.