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  1. I am excited about the landing spots for McKinnon and Richardson. The Richardson signing seemed much maligned yesterday, mainly for the cost but I think that he will definitely have more opportunity with Washington than he had in Seattle. McKinnon to the 49ers was an even better landing spot than I had hoped. His contract indicates he should have ample opportunities there and the fit is excellent. Burton should be the starter, but may not get the targets I was thinking he could. Still positive news on my three free agents. Let's see if the rookie stable can match that.
  2. It definitely is a risk/reward strategy and it adds to the fun watching the Combine and Draft coverage focusing on all "your" assets.
  3. So sorry for the delayed reporting, it has been an extremely busy month and a half.... Team Holloway Brady 43.85 Blount 15.0 James White 14.6 Agholor 18.3 Amendola 23.2 Gronkowski 41.6 Ertz 26.7 Gostkowski 9 Eagles 3 Total 195.25 Team Reaper Foles 43.75 Ajayi 5.7 Dion Lewis 3.9 Cooks 3.4 Jeffery 16.3 Hogan 25.2 T. Smith 9.9 T. Burton 6.05 Elliott 11 Pats 2 Total 127.2 Great game and was a blast watching from a beachside condo in Panama City. The Winter Survivor Leagues are almost concluded, but everyone can still jump in for the PDSLs kicking off shortly! Congrats again to Reaper for making the Finals. Having both starting tight ends was quite the obstacle to overcome.
  4. This draft was a totally by the seat of the pants draft for me. I generally either have a hand-written list of players that I want to target or else make an excel file with previous year stats to use as a baseline. For this draft, I had neither. I also love to track all drafts with the Draft Dominator, but did not have time to set it up before leaving for vacation just as this draft kicked off. QBs – Alex Smith WSH 6.9 & Josh Darnold Rookie 12.9 I am probably out on a limb, but I see Alex Smith maintaining Cousin’s production in Washington. Cousins ranked 5th and 5th the past two seasons in standard scoring, so I see Alex Smith as a great value pick for 2018. In this league I drafted him as QB 17 and I will likely be taking him often in that spot. I rank Darnold as one of the top rookie QBs and with the abundant needs at that position, I see him starting early, possibly in week one. I did not like having only Smith and a rookie, but wound up adding depth at wide receiver and tight end with my last three selections. As I stated in the thread, I was going to pair Darnold with Rosen, but missed out on that opportunity. I also considered Sam Bradford late, but opted for the three receivers. RBs – Mark Ingram NO 2.9, Jerick McKinnon FA 7.8, James White NE 9.8, Rashad Penny Rookie 11.8 & Kalen Ballage Rookie 16.9 I have become a big fan of Ingram the past four seasons. Early on, it looked like he was not going to make it in New Orleans, but he has finished 15th, 15th (both in injury shortened seasons and then 10th and 6th in non-ppr and close to the same in ppr. Bargain there. I definitely took McKinnon earlier than I had to (not much prep, but lots of fun in South Florida). I do like his opportunities as a solid receiving back. My general strategy for running backs is wait for bargains and then focus on solid pass catching backs. I like McKinnon and James White as those solid receivers. Then I added two rookies, who I like quite a bit, Rashad Penny and Kalen Ballage. Not my best position, but hopefully Ingram will be steady and the others will post several outstanding weeks to keep my afloat. WRs – DeAndre Hopkins HOU 1.8, Brandin Cooks NE 3.8, Nelson Agholor PHI 5.8, Paul Richardson FA 8.9, Courtland Sutton Rookie 10.9, Christian Kirk Rookie 18.9 and D. J. Chark Rookie 19.8 I generally focus early on wide receivers and I did that again here. My top two should score most weeks and the next two I believe are value picks for 2018. I might have selected Agholor a little early, but the Eagles had him heavily involved down the stretch run and that worked out well. Richardson seems like he was under-utilized in Seattle and hope he will get more chances in 2018 after Free Agency. I took an abnormally high number of rookies, with three being taken at WR late. I do particularly like Sutton and Kirk, who seemed to last much longer than he should have. Chark might should have been my third QB and I actually took him with Rosen still available. I do like having 7 WRs, but we’ll have to see how he works out opposed to having Rosen. May regret that one. TEs – Delanie Walker TEN 4.9, Trey Burton FA 15.8 & Mike Gesicki Rookie 20.9 Tight ends are critical in these leagues with the two ppr scoring. Walker has been tremendous for Tennessee for the past five seasons and I hope he has another banner year before he gets old. Trey Burton is a free agent that I see signing somewhere to start. He is capable of a top fifteen TE season. Gesicki is a late rookie wild card that could produce in his first season. PK – Will Lutz NO 13.8 Only one kicker. Lately, the multiple team kicker changes through the season make selecting PKs a difficult challenge this early. I realize that sounds a little backward but what I am trying to say is that even apparently solid PKs can lose their job so I will risk having some zeroes here to build depth elsewhere. Looking closer, maybe the Saints PK was not the best choice to go solo due to his coach's history. DSTs – Chargers 14.9 & Raiders 17.8 Chargers seem to have very active rushers and that usually helps the defense get turnovers. The Raiders have disappointed on the defensive side but seem to have some talent more than Mack and I hope the new coaching staff gets much better results out of them. Because of the quantity of rookies, some of them are going to have to produce for this team to have a chance to stay.
  5. Had planned to take a second rookie QB here to shore up my rather weak sauce two deep roster, but OZ grabbed Rosen. I considered a free agent QB, but with the two ppr for TEs decided to shore up that also weak position. Mike Gesecki PSU is the pick. i also could have drafted a second PK to shore up that weak position, get the picture here. I’ll try to give some comments over the nex day or so, but work is super busy this week and I am headed to church choir practice in a few minutes. i do like my RBs and WRs.
  6. My last pick is another Rookie WR D J Chark LSU SEC SEC SEC
  7. Rookies as a group are a little more risky this early due to unknown fit and their compassion to get better. However, if you trust the talent then it seems that drafting them in the WSLs and even the PDSLs is more of a bargain than you will get later, especially if your preferred rookie hits.
  8. My current pick is not the ex-Razorback Cobi Hamilton, but ROOKIE Christian Kirk
  9. Awesome
  10. Can someone tell me if Rashad Penny is still available? I am eating breakfast and want him if he is still available.
  11. My last pick Courtland Sutton Rookie
  12. Thanks for being patient with me. Headed back to the mainland today from Key West, but still six days from being off the road. Tampa and Destin and then a three day business trip. Thankful to enjoy some days in the 80s in February and the beautiful water as well. QB - Alex Smith RB - Ingram & McKinnon WR - Hopkins, Cooks, Agholor & Richardson TE - Walker Weak at quarterback and running back, with strength at wide receiver. Going to have to find some bargains later to hang around.
  13. My fantasy league website request. I am on vacation and it is a challenge to identify players. Could we get the league website where last uear’s Points scored will display for sorting? missing draft dominator especially with very little time for picks. thanks in advance!
  14. I am headed on the road and will thus begin the WSL draft in Florida. I have never been south of Orlando so hoping that Miami and Key West will be warm enough to get in the water a little bit. Hope you enjoy the Super Bowl and hope that it is an exciting game.
  15. Looking at the three projectors: Bloom has it the closest with Holloway less than 3.0 favored Tremblay has Holloway favored by 11 Dodds has Holloway favored by 14 Reaper's drafting closed the gap based on the keepers as Holloway was able to keep both starting tight ends in a two ppr scoring tight end league.