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  1. My current pick is ROOKIE Cooper Kupp WR
  2. I logged on Saturday and pre-drafted but can no longer access the league. When I do league search, only WSL is WSL 1. And I went to WSL 1 and the draft was blank. someone PM me if I get on the clock so I will not delay everyone.
  3. Business trip beginning today through Friday. Hopefully, we get back going sometime today, but admit that I am confused as to exactly where we are. Would it be possible to suspend the clock for a day once MFL comes back on line to allow everyone time to get organized again?
  4. Loaded a list of five players this morning and 4 of the five were drafted (including me) Duke Johnson was 2nd on my list so pleased with that outcome. Any opinions on the trio of RBs taken there, Hill, Johnson and Martin?
  5. I had to predraft as I am leaving on a work trip today. I need an RB badly so I put a placeholder name and will take whichever is left when it gets to me of: 1) Jamaal Williams Rookie 2) Mixon Rookie
  6. Leaving the Jets (even by getting cut) could be awesome for Marshall. He is 33 and his body should be declining, but speed goes first and Marshall does not need speed to be successful.
  7. Awesome news! Congrats to y'all!
  8. QB - Dalton 7.8 RB - Mark Ingram 2.9 WR - Mike Evans 1.8, Golden Tate 5.8 & Brandon Marshall 6.9 TE - Kyle Rudolph 3.8 & Jimmy Graham 4.9 Nice tight end depth and solid WR start.
  9. 4.12 RB Tevin Coleman 1.5 WR Julio Jones 2.12 WR DeAndre Hopkins 5.5 WR Larry Fitzgerald 3.5 Zach Ertz this is an ok start, a little strong in WR and only one RB and no QB yet. Heard on the radio headed to work this morning that Atlanta did not lose a game in which Tevin Coleman played this year. Is that correct?
  10. Yes sir, I have been going to the owner page and accessing the draft via that
  11. I have never done two of these simultaneously, but I also would be willing to do two, if there is a need for folks to fill the league.
  12. Thanks Mr. I. Even following the above detailed steps and already having an account, that is a chore every time. I think that I am good to go now and I definitely would not have been without these detailed instructions.
  13. Holloway in
  14. Congrats to you guys still playing. Scanning quickly through the draft seems so strange Ryan and Brady going after Sanu, Jordy who might not play and James White. Then the whole Brady and PK turn. I get it, but wow! Good luck to all. As an aside, how are any of y'all doing in the Playoff Contest. I went all in on Packers and Steelers and definitely forgot the vast majority of spread out the roster philosophy so was easily eliminated this week in that contest and here. At least there are awesome games to watch. I do not see a bad Super Bowl match-up but would love to watch Green Bay - Pitt.
  15. I wanted to see just how badly my team lined up, so I entered all of the rosters in excel and combined last week's score with Dodds projections and came up with: 1) Bro1ncos 249.4 2) Go DC yourself 231.1 3) Fubar 213.7 4) Crippler 212.1 5) BSS 192.9 6) BassnBrew 191.2 7) Holloway 178.2 8) Drunk 152.7