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  1. Stephen Holloway

    2018 FBG Subscriber Contest

    Holloway History - thanks for the guidance @Hybrid 2017 - made the finals 2016 - week 11 2015 - week12 2014 - week 13 2013 - week 8 2012 - week 2 2011 - week 10 2010 - week 6 I believe that the reason so many folks enjoy this contest so much is that it is quite difficult to survive and advance. Rough going for me for quite a while, but much better the past four years. Still hopeful to be around several more weeks this year.
  2. Stephen Holloway

    2018 FBG Subscriber Contest

    It is always surprising who the highest ranking percentage surviving players are. For me, Tre'Quan Smith and Goedert, both over 47% and neither has done much yet.
  3. Stephen Holloway

    2018 FBG Subscriber Contest

    Reviewing ownership stats for the first time this season for Team Holloway QB Alex Smith 383 alive 25.2% QB Dalton 160, 29.1% QB Darnold 1,037, 41.7% RB Fournette 552, 21.2% we are ready for your return RB Collins 812, 31.7% RB Barber 2,503, 40.3% RB Breida 1,799, 44.1% RB Ekeler 249, 44.0% WR T. Hill 1,200, 42.9% WR Goodwin 2,113 38.1% WR Lockett 833, 41.5% WR Richardson 83, 25.7% WR Meredith 126, 24.7% WR K. Cole 2,187, 39.7% WR John Brown 1,465, 46.1% WR Sutton 421, 37.6% WR Tre'Quan Smith 494, 47.4% TE J. Reed 317, 26.9% TE Burton 1,569 40.6% TE Eifert 570, 30.8% Never Again TE Gesicki 484, 37.6% TE Goedert 996, 47.2% PK Parkey 613, 45.2% PK Fairbairn 1,232, 44.5% PK Janko 1,138, 30.7% PK Sanders 111, 32.6% DST Saints 368, 30.4% DST Washington 175, 35.9% DST Dolphins 83, 9.8% DST Jets 170, 37.9%
  4. Stephen Holloway

    2018 FBG Subscriber Contest

    Too busy this year to check in much, but enjoy this contest and the thread so much when I have time. My squad continues to limp along, coming rather close to the cut line for the past three weeks, but managing to stay alive. This week's score my best in a while so likely moving along, but I have too few high ceiling scorers this year to last much longer. QB - Dalton, Alex Smith and Darnold - decent production each week but not huge scores RB - Fournette, Collins, Barber, Ekeler and Breida - again managing two double digits per week, but no high scorers - Fournette you are missed WR - T. Hill, Goodwin(sad), Lockett, P. Richardson, Cole, John Brown, Sutton, Meredith and TreQuan Smith TE - Reed, Burton, Gesicki and Goedert - hey rookie TEs you have had six weeks so get involved 4 PKs and 4 DST
  5. Stephen Holloway

    Le'Veon Bell

    already has been
  6. I am holding as well. Upside later is likely much better than any offers coming soon.
  7. Stephen Holloway

    Alex Collins - RB - Ravens

    I did not watch the week one game, but watched all of the game last night. The biggest difference between Collins and Allen is that Baltimore trusts Allen more in obvious passing situations. He has been targeted 13 times in two games while Collins has only 5. Collins is by far the better runner and has more escapability in the open field. Despite having only 4 catches to Allen’s 10, Collins has more receiving yards. Collins’ yard per carry on the season is only 3.0 with Allen 2.5. Collins showed nice burst and broke tackles last night, but only has 16 rushes in two games. He just needs more volume to be exactly what he was a season ago.
  8. Stephen Holloway

    2018 Anarchy's Bastard Love Child League Thread

    Neal Sterling JETS TE
  9. Stephen Holloway

    2018 Anarchy's Bastard Love Child League Thread

    Wow, my roster is an abomination. I’ll drop Jarein and add Ravens rookie tight end from Oklahoma, is it andrews?
  10. Stephen Holloway

    2018 FBG Subscriber Contest

    More proof that wide receiver heavy rosters are where it's at.
  11. Stephen Holloway

    2018 FBG Subscriber Contest

    Just not enough depth here for staying power. He almost has to be injury free all season and Bell has to stay away.
  12. Stephen Holloway

    2018 MBSL 1 Discussion Thread

    I submitted a pre-draft and once again it has a Thursday night participant. If Roosevelt Nix is drafted by me, that is actually Corey Clement RB Philadelphia
  13. Stephen Holloway

    2018 MBSL 1 Discussion Thread

    So apparently Bass took Elliott earlier but I did not see that anywhere. So instead of Elliott, my 15.12 pick will be Janikowski PK Seattle
  14. Stephen Holloway

    2018 MBSL 1 Discussion Thread

    OK, here I go again. Kayaa this time is PK Jake Elliott Eagles Sorry about drafting all the Thursday night players
  15. Stephen Holloway

    2018 MBSL 1 Discussion Thread

    This is correct, I wanted Atlanta DST. Sorry for any confusion, did my best to detail my choices