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  1. so apparently I am without bullets and 17.0 above - thanking you for the confidence, but not feeling it long term. My RBs have been swing and miss for the most part and my WRs are all involved (except the two injured) but have not had big scores, except for Tyler Lockett yesterday. My team seems like it will last till about week six.
  2. I enjoy watching Minshew and hope that he can sustain his success. And I long to see Tua sooner than later so I desire Minshew and Chark to dominate and help Miami make the decision to switch.
  3. Burrow’s passes are on target. He looks as poised as he did last year at LSU
  4. Great emotion on the sidelines by OBJ, congrats from virtually every player and not so much as a smile.
  5. I did not get any waiver wire help so i will send you a couple of options to send Carson to you

    1. Stephen Holloway

      Stephen Holloway

      on the first one, you would either have to cut your bottom feeder or add him in the trade

  6. McCarthy said when he was hired that he had been into deep studies on metrics and so the decision to go for it somewhat aligns with that. Interesting that both offenses were faIrly productive, but LA in particular did poorly in the red zone. Would have expected more explosive offensive output for the Cowboys, but EE remained their most productive player.
  7. My lowest owned players: QB Haskins 504 RB Scott 602 WR Ruggs 813 TE Goedert 703 PK Badgley 832 DST Packers 666
  8. Also looking forward to watching Minshew do well on the Jags to see if he can pull them out of the Lawrence pick.
  9. Drew Brees, Michael Thomas, Alvin Kamara and the Saints begin their march to the Super Bowl spanking the Bucs in the Big Easy.
  10. Team rzrback77 QB - Watson (8) and Minshew (7) - took Watson somewhat early at QB6 with pick 5.2 and was hoping for Minshew late, got him at 11.2. Had a pre-draft of Burrow and Minshew, but Burrow was sniped by Busman. Might could have gotten my WR (R. Anderson) and Burrow, but at the time I had realized that three of my first four WRs had week 11 byes and felt that was position needed more. Minshew should have a great season, but Burrow would have been the better pick. Consider this duo as top half of the league. RB - Barkley (11), M. Gordon (8), J. Kelly (10) and McKissic (8) - took two fairly early at 1.2 and 4.15 and then neglected RBs until very late. Only took four and will only have two on week 8. With the second overall pick as one of the guys expected to compete for top overall RB, I punted and as a result do not have a good RB stable. Bottom third of the league and my top RB is off in week 10, see further discussion below with the WRs and TEs. WR - Beckham (9), P. Williams (11), J. Brown (11), Perriman (11), R. Anderson (13) and Paschal (7) - I really like the potential of my top five WRs to contribute some high scores some weeks. The consistency may not be so good, but with six overall to score three may work out well. I would consider these guy top third of the league, EXCEPT that three of the top four all have the same week 11 bye. If this team survives until week 11, it would be awesome to win immunity in week 10. TE - Waller (6) and Gesicki (11) - Love this due and expect top third again here, EXCEPT one the two also has a week 11 bye. PK - Myers (6) and Boswell (8) - would have considered going solo, but since my first one was Myers at PK9, I decided to grab two. Meh DST - New Engand (6) and Arizona (8) - so in weeks 6 and 8, I have solo PK and DST. Went with Arizona a bit early as their schedule matched well with New England when you look at DST by committee. Maybe top half I thought as the draft went along that I was making really nice value picks most of the time, but made a couple of rookie mistakes. First one was I looked heavily at taking with my pick in the 10th, even had him loaded into pre-draft thinking that we had a flex and not realizing my WR bye week issue. I was in the shower thinking Everett was going to be a bargain and then recalled that MBSL may not have flex. First thing out of the shower, I killed the pre-draft and then when I reviewed the starters found that was correct and then realized about all the week 11 byes. Thanks to @BassNBrew for all his survivor work here and also for changing the clock during the Thursday night game that helped us complete this quickly. Best of luck to all y'all in this league and in all your leagues.
  11. I am probably not typical of fantasy football folks as I do not gamble, just enjoy watching football and the camaraderie of league members. Season long redraft is all I do.
  12. Philly seems to always favor an RBBC and with Miles already dinged a bit makes sense
  14. nice pick on Murray @BassNBrew, my three player pre-draft for the 8th round was John Brown, Perriman and Murray. I got both of my top two at the turn and Murray fell all the way to 9.8.
  15. Enjoyed that last turn adding Gesicki and Williams, Miami is going places.