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  1. sitting at 163 or so with K Johnson going tonight, counting over 10.3 Rostered player with worst survival percentage is 39.1% for Hunter Henry only 619 remaining Fewest owned on my roster - Tyler Kroft (45), Santos (56) somebody give him another chance! Lowest RB owned number is K. Johnson (859) Lowest WR is Taylor Gabriel (119), Moncrief bleh (401) and Allen Robinson (497) Should get a lot of flex scores from TE with Andrews, Waller, Henry, Herndon and Kroft
  2. SF Targets 2019 Kittle 21 with 17 catches 165 yds 0 TDs D. Samuel 14 with 11, 148 yds & 1 TD R. James 8, 4, 68 yds & 1 TD many others involved so it is a small pie being split into a lot of pieces. Kittle is just not getting the targets yet and has had few big gainers.
  3. Breida $9 bye Enunwa $6 IR Hunter Henry $17 injured Kroft TE $4 injured Herndon $8 suspended and on bye
  4. I have been updating the MFL site for the eliminations and immunities in several leagues for the past couple of weeks. It was very interesting in SSL this week. @Shadowfax posted the low score of 101.55 and was saved by having immunity from his high score in week 2. Next lowest score was @Norseman with 102.60, but he was already eliminated. BAD BEAT of the year that I have seen in my group of leagues, the next lowest score was @Stinkin Ref with 111.45 who was eliminated with the third lowest score and ONLY ONE WEEK FROM HAVING IMMUNITY. Tough break Ref
  5. Went to BW tonight and a large crowd roared with each TD pass. Central Mississippi has historically been Saints territory, but Minshew has an abundance of fans in his home town, fun times!
  6. I am headed out of town later today and plan to have much less screen time so I will post here. dropping Jalen Richard and adding either Wayne Gallman or Jarwin TE in that order
  7. Hey Mr. Pain minister, glad to hear from you. Hope things are going well!
  8. Prefer watching a recorded version so I am mostly fast forwarding when the booger is chatting, but yes Tessatore is not good.
  9. it is only one game and the NFL is a tough place to make long shots come true, but Minshew has been an overcomer his entire life. He started at my local high school in Brandon Mississippi his last three years in high school and won one state championship out of two final appearances. He was rated only a three star athlete coming out of high school, primarily due to being less than ideal size and not very fast, but he has always been a great leader. He got very few offers and spent a year at NWCC in Mississippi, leading his team to a national junior college championship. He again received few offers and wound up at East Carolina on a very bad team. He played quite a bit, but did not have much success until late in his second season where he threw for over 300 yards three straight games. He graduated from East Carolina after spending only three years in college and was a graduate transfer to Washington State where he played very well for one season with Coach Mike Leach. He got mixed reviews in a fairly highly rated quarterback class and was not drafted until the sixth round. He winds up sticking with the Jaguars and now has an opportunity to start for a while and I am rooting loudly for him.
  10. Isn't Stills just insurance for continued injuries to Coutee and/or Fuller? Love to read your Texans' opinions.
  11. There has been tremendous support over the helmet issue and yet, he just keeps on being a clown. I believe that you are correct and that he will never play a down for the Raiders.