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  1. Recalling watching him last year in the SEC and he just keeps coming. He sustains production despite the work load. He has a great opportunity.
  2. Double homer alert. yes I understand that he could be correct, but it is more fun to rag on folks and possibly test their fandom
  3. Russell Wilson continues to be THE ENTIRE OFFENSE in Seattle
  4. rzrback77 is in for League 2
  5. The logic for Lockett is based on three primary factors: 1) poorer defense requiring more explosive offense could force Seattle to throw more 2) lots of targets flew the coop, the loss of Graham should decrease the tight end targets potentially going to the wide receivers 3) Lockett has shown explosiveness and could be that higher targeted second wide receiver
  6. Yes, he is consistent but as stated above he has finished as WR10, WR8 and WR14 over the past three seasons and has a current ADP of WR10. I am not seeing the potential upside that more than a few mention. Just because the Seattle defense is projected to fall considerably back is not a guarantee that the offense will improve. I am fading Baldwin for 2018 at his current ADP.
  7. Agree with Nittany Lion here, but would also be fine with the replace undesired pick after draft, with the caveat that it is immediately after the draft.
  8. My user name is active at FS, Stephen Holloway
  9. I am in for Anarchy 2
  10. My take is there are a lot of folks tht think they want to be in and join, but are unwilling to pay enough attention. i really enjoy your leagues and hope that they will be be back this season. A possible solution is running fewer leagues limiting the exposure. definitely in as Returning Champion for league of champions (2).
  11. No news yet on team members or prep? Just checking in since as a somewhat newbie, if needed I will need some direction.
  12. Yes, I think that I participated a couple of years, but it has been a while. Can you provide a link so that I can see the roster requirements, starters required, etc. All I can recall is that the draft is really different with trades possible between multiple drafts.
  13. When does the draft begin? I would like to be a potential candidate depending on when the draft begins.
  14. Not sure if naysayer is the correct term, but my quarterback ranking for Mahomes is among the lowest of the staffers. Mahomes definitely has a abundant positives, but he has yet to play. In his rookie season, he only played in the mostly meaningless game 17. He is a talented guy, surrounded by a plethora of options and he has an excellent coaching staff, but he has yet to perform. Reviewing the yearly projections of Dodds, Henry, Tremblay and Woods, the difference between their QB8 and QB20 is less than 2.0 fantasy points per game. Given that expected small difference, it seems prudent to err on the side of been there and done that. All that said, if you prefer the potential that Mahomes definitely has, go for it. He has the system and tools to provide value at his current ADP.