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  1. Only thing Gordon has on Elliott is he is better off the field. A tier below as a running back
  2. The signing of Robbie Gould today surprised me at what SF was willing to pay to keep a 37-year old kicker. Gould's deal was four years at $19M with $3M as a signing bonus and $10.5M guaranteed. I am not trying to say that Melvin Gordon is the same player an Mark Ingram, but Ingram's contract this year with Baltimore was a three year deal at $15M. He got a signing bonus of $4M and guaranteed $6.5M. Gould at 37 got a similar and slightly better, particularly in guaranteed money than Ingram. Running backs are just not valued highly. particularly when they are not special players. Gordon will either sign for less money than he is talking about now or he will sit.
  3. he's a couple inches shorter, but only about 5 pounds lighter, he just needs to be smarter than Vick and not take hits
  4. Interesting discussion about rankings in general and particularly Waldman's QB5 ranking for Prescott, which seemed out of place IMO) at first glance. I looked at the current Footballguys staff rankings for QB over the last 35 days. Interestingly, the consensus of the 15 rankers is QB16, with a high outside of Waldman being QB11 and a low of QB21. That seems to back up the folks that are casting stones at Waldman's QB5. However, a quick review of Prescott's career thus far shows finishes at QB6, QB11 and QB11. I would think that most would think that the return of Witten and Frederck, along with Cooper being in Dallas for the entire off-season, Gallup heading into year two, the addition of Cobb, the continued dominance of Elliott and last but not least a potential offensive scheme improvement should position Dallas and Prescott for improved offensive production. Top ten should not be out of consideration for Prescott, yet only Waldman has a ranking that high. Side note - quarterback is very deep this season.
  5. Joe Ferguson (Arkansas) passed for 27,590 yards for the Bills, starting 163 games over 12 seasons, then lasted five more years for a few other teams. WPS! Now, back to the discussion on Mark Andrews, who may or may not have value for 2019 at Baltimore with Lamar Jackson at QB. It's a new NFL where 58% completion percentage just doesn't get the job done. Ferguson had a 52% career completion percentage.
  6. Looks like @Deamon is going for the reverse jinx for his Eagles, but not sure why he is also wanting positivity for the Patriots. I wonder if Titans fans will be upset seeing their team in the midst of this list?
  7. I believe that bye weeks also play a role in the pricing structure, earlier bye weeks might be a little higher.
  8. Way too early predictions for Division Champs, Wild Card teams and Super Bowl teams and Champion prior to training camps begin. Bold teams were not playoff participants last season. NFC East - Philadelphia North - Minnesota South - New Orleans West - LA Rams Wild Card - Atlanta and Green Bay AFC East - New England North - Cleveland South - Indianapolis West - Kansas City Wild Card - Jacksonville & Pittsburgh Super Bowl New Orleans over Kansas City Who do you have?
  9. A look at the impact of Mike Davis on Montgomery. Davis had a career season in Seatlle a year ago and parlayed that into a two-year contract at $3M per season. Negative points on Davis include less than 3.0 ypc in his for three NFL seasons, even in his break-out fourth year, he only had double digit carries in five games and was used more when the top two backs were out. His ypc in 2018 was the least compared to Carson and Penny. His experience is the primary factor that could give him opportunities early this season over Montgomery. We should have a much better idea how Montgomery is doing in August, but reports are very positive thus far. i think there is an RBBC only early season if at all between Montgomery and Davis. I doubt Davis has any games with double digit carries without an injury to Montgomery.
  10. Is it just me or does Roethlisberger seem to be bending over backward to say all the right things this off-season?
  11. Cohen averaged just over 10.1 ypc last year, very good for an RB, but hardly classifying him as a downfield specialist. Adam Humphries averaged a higher ypc last year.
  12. A lot of people are going to be disappointed one way or the other. If his production falls off then the Raiders and their fans will be upset. If he maintains his work ethic and has abundant success, then the Pittsburgh fans are going to be disappointed, particularly if the Steeler's offense struggles to maintain their level of production.
  13. We have two of our granddaughters staying with us and one is not quite two. She loves that song, I have heard it about ten times over a couple of days!