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  1. Offensive line concerns with the surprise retirement of the long time starting center?
  2. Quarterback 8.04 Mitchell Trubiski Bears 10.04 Nick Foles Jaguars - decent spot and nice contract, badly need for him to live up to the expectations of his contract Running Back 5.13 Kenyan Drake Miami - surely the new staff will give him more opportunities and more receptions to use him in space 6.04 Mark Ingram Ravens hopefully he will get more opportunities than he did in New Orleans 9.13 Dion Lewis Ten- Lewis is an awesome receiver and slightly above average running back otherwise 11.13 Giovani Bernard - Solid running back who got lost in Cinci, but could still see a solid role in the new staff's plans. Excellent receiver Added Riddick with one of my last three picks, hoping he stays in Detroit or lands in a spot with a chance to be the third down back Wide Receiver 1.16 Antonio Brown Raiders - hopefully the entire off-season was an act and he will continue to be hard working 2.01 Michael Thomas New Orleans - I love to watch this guy play and he and Brees have such a great connection 7.13 Golden Tate NY Giants, was hoping for New England, but he can compete for top wide receiver here 12.04 John Brown Buffalo - not expecting as much as I was with the signing in Buffalo 15.13 Desean Jackson Philly - think that this is an excellent spot for him 16.04 Taylor Gabriel Chicago - another speed merchant and downfield threat that could brother-in-law with his late round brethren Added Snead with one of last three picks for another wide receiver to hopefully score three weeks or more  Tight End 3.13 Evan Engram returns to rookie season form in 2019 4.04 Rob Gronkowski - I think that this guy truly loves to play and hoping that he waits until closer to the season to decide because if he waits, he will play Special Teams 13.13 Mike Badgley - solid kicker with relatively low salary on very good offense in decent home weather field 17.13 Jason Sanders - solid kicker with relatively low salary in decent home weather field 14.04 Jaguars DST - very good fairly young defense that will be hungrier in 2019 and perhaps have a better quarterback and offense Added Packers DST so I could have two  
  3. Agreed on Bell getting his, but early on in this process he said he was raising the bar for running backs in general. Lesser wide receivers are getting significantly more per year contracts. Seems more of a difference this year to me.
  4. Williams contract even though short was double Ingram and Coleman.
  5. One thing that LeVeon Bell said his hold-out would produce, a new compensation level for running backs was not accomplished. 1. Bell 4-yrs $52.5M with $35M 2. Ingram 3-yrs $15M 3. Coleman 2-yrs $10M 4. Peterson 2-yrs $8M
  6. So the Saints let Ingram go by signing Murray to a 4-year $15.4 M? Seems rather odd with the minimal difference in pay?
  7. Congratulations to @Soulfly3 and this thread. Hope that this season is all you have been looking for with the Browns! Brown's fans definitely deserve this kind of off-season and good luck extending the off-season onto to the field in September. This team will be in prime time early and often.
  8. Congrats to LeVeon Bell and the Jets for this signing. Please continue to discuss the pros and cons of this signing, of LeVeon Bell's actions the past year plus, and all "I told you so!" right here in this thread until the end of time, but nowhere else. #toomuchtoask
  9. Thankful for the OBJ trade. The bickering slowed greatly here in this thread.
  10. FA update today Baker Mayfield gets a boost with OBJ trade to the Browns. Really like DeSean Jackson back to Philly and Humpries at Tennessee, not the location I coveted, but we’ll see.
  11. I am torn at this point, really nice offer that I would expect his to take, but the longer this goes, the more people lose their minds
  12. They certainly do, but will the Saints still be the same organization post-Brees? Will Payton even stay after Brees hangs up his cleats? With Bridgewater’s history, it is very interesting that he passed up a potential starting opportunity, unless it was a back-up level offer.
  13. Really appreciate the humility Foles has always exhibited. Great play for the Eagles two years in a row and excited for him on the contract. He gets an opportunity to lead on a team with a great defense and a chance for success. These contracts are always so difficult to evaluate because of the annual cap increases. So many comments the past few days about their teams (or rival teams) wasting money. some of these early signings may be evaluated down the road as overpays. But it’s a team game and in this case, the Jaguars badly needed a QB, and I hope it works out for them and for Nick Foles. It is now a vastly improved division for sure.