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  1. Good point guys, I should keep Gronkowski instead of both running backs. Since y’all are willing to help, which running back would you keep between Yeldon and McKinnon?
  2. I am ok with starting on Wednesday. I am still mulling over my second keeper but I have decided to take the first pick in the draft.
  3. Final Scores - Please someone check the math Team Score Holloway 278.75 Bro1ncos 238.7 Reaper 233.5 OZ 228.85 BassNBrew 220.55 B Freak 209.5 Crippler 191.4 S. Ref 188.85 Misplaced decimal on Bro1ncos is corrected to match below by OZ
  4. Headed into the final half Team Score Holloway 270.5 Bro1ncos 235.0 Reaper 222.2 OZ 204.8 BassNBrew 201.85 S. Ref 184.75 B Freak 174.15 Crippler 148.1
  5. How about McDonald? 10 catches for 100 plus on 16 targets Gronkowski next week
  6. I combined the scores from the previous week and then added current scores on the MFL Website to come up with the current scores after the completion of the Saturday games. The order and total scores are as follows: Team Score Holloway 205.05 five Still has five players tomorrow Reaper 155.80 five S. Ref 154.85 five Bro1ncos 153.55 four BassNBrew 149.55 five - only 4.0 points out of 4th OZ 140.55 six- 13.0 pts out of 4th B Freak 139.20 six- 14.35 points out of 4th Crippler 132.20 four - 21.35 pts out of 4th Good luck tomorrow everyone!
  7. Everyone gets a little boost since our leader @BassNBrew will be missing two players. Well, really only one since somehow Josh Gordon has been added to his roster. According to reports, Burkhead is out.
  8. OK, I entered the scores from the previous week and then added the projections by David Dodds to come up with the ESTIMATED scores for the two week period. The order and total scores are as follows: Team Score BassNBrew 243.55 Holloway 234.75 Reaper 222.50 Crippler 192.20 B Freak 188.60 - only 3.6 points out of 4th S. Ref 186.10 - 6.1 points out of 4th Bro1ncos 179.75 - 12.45 pts out of 4th OZ 179.75 - 12.45 pts out of 4th Very close and everyone still has a chance. All anyone needs to have a couple of players exceed their expectations and the order changes significantly. Good luck everyone!
  9. The draft will be completed by: Reaper taking the final PK Josh Lambo of Jacksonville Holloway taking the Eagles DST BassNBrew selects the leftover Titans DST If I have some time tonight, I will look at what David Dodds projects and use that in combination with last week's scores to predict the four advancing teams. Great work by everyone getting this completed well ahead of this week's kick-offs. A little over two days ahead this week as opposed to less than two hours last week.
  10. Will do, I suspect that David is low on Gronk as he believes that the Patriots will blow out the Titans and not much passing will be required. And with the possibilities of Hogan back and Amendola playing there are many more to share targets with. However, Sigmund also has Brady at less than 300 yards and has Gronk over 100 yards. I briefly considered Ertz, but know that the Patriots are much more likely to advance and also to play in the Super Bowl. With all our league mates being so close, it is similar to the Playoff Contest. You need to insure that you survive BEFORE you totally plan to win. But, with Gronkowski hopefully that covers both strategies.
  11. I would have taken the first draft slot and drafted Bell. I select Mariota as I would rather have him than take who was left (likely Bortles) after Reaper selected. I am not confident that Mariota has a big day, but like him in garbage time more than Bortles who I watched play so badly last week. Who knows, maybe @-OZ- gets his wish and Fournette and the Jags DST keeps the game close and Bortles does not even have to pass? And I also know that I will not get the last defense, I will have my choice of the last two. HAHAHAHA
  12. Bortles had a very pedestrian game in the fist Steeler matchup as well.
  13. Have not been to the draft room, but we will have to manually adjust in rounds 7 and 8 for @bro1ncos to make two picks since he did not keep anyone
  14. PK run is on! Get them while they are hot.