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  1. Stephen Holloway

    2019 (18 season) FBG Playoff League

    Fine Print - I did all of the math in my head and I did not check to confirm that the scoring was loaded correctly for my PDSL League. Dodds Projections Reaper 134.9 Holloway 133.2 OZ 129.1 BassnBrew 121.7 M Tremblay's Projections Reaper 131.2 Holloway 124.3 OZ 123.9 Bass 115.4
  2. Stephen Holloway

    2019 (18 season) FBG Playoff League

    Since Bloom does not project kickers or DST and whoever @BassNBrew selects as TE did not show up on Bloom's shorter list, those projections have been completed: Total point projections from Bloom (only QB, RB, WR and TE) Holloway 108.1 Reaper 106.5 OZ 95.7 BassnBrew 85.8 Total projected points from Dodds and Tremblay will be posted later since the DSTs and BassnBrew's tight end remain unknown at this time.
  3. Stephen Holloway

    Nick Foles Landing Spot/Contract Size

    Back on topic, I suspect that Foles will move to the AFC. Teams that could be interested include: Jacksonville - Even though the HC doesn't want to go there relative to the new OC it seems a good fit Cincinnati - Will Dalton be back? Denver - Hints at focusing on defense and the running game, but have not had a good QB the past few years Miami - Tannehill back? Looking forward to seeing where he will land as I am a big fan and think that he would be an improvement for sure at these four locations
  4. Stephen Holloway

    2019 (18 season) FBG Playoff League

    It should not be odd to you since it was your choice to make it so.
  5. Stephen Holloway

    2019 (18 season) FBG Playoff League

    and recent history was massively on your side as well. May also do MT and Bloom to see if there is a consensus
  6. Stephen Holloway

    2019 (18 season) FBG Playoff League

    Well, @-OZ- and @Reaper drafted extra TEs as their flex, so I was left with my choice of Higbee or Hill. Already looking back, but preferred Higbee here over my pick of DSTs. Wanted to go dome kicker and went with the home team Lutz who has only missed one EP and two FGs all season. I will be taking the left over at DST next round with the final WR taken in our draft. If I have some free time tonight, I will check Dodds projections to see who he favors.
  7. Stephen Holloway

    2019 (18 season) FBG Playoff League

    Although I realize there may not be significant difference between the remaining three quarterbacks, I am very much wanting the Saints to win and I will therefore enjoy cheering Drew Brees with every completion. It might not have been the smartest pick, but I am really happy to have him on my roster. Regarding my other pick, am I the only one surprised that Mr. Anderson lasted this long?
  8. Stephen Holloway

    2019 (18 season) FBG Playoff League

    yes sir
  9. Stephen Holloway

    2019 (18 season) FBG Playoff League

    James White was an easy one for me, but the others I considered were very close, so maybe @BassNBrew made the right call.
  10. Stephen Holloway

    2019 (18 season) FBG Playoff League

    Is this the end of the fantasy football world as we know it? This is Mister "Wait on a quarterback" @BassNBrew here taking the first quarterback at #2 overall. Are you kidding me? I think that I would have to say that you are poking the @Stinkin Ref bear than honoring him. Wow, I did not see that coming. And I suspect that @-OZ- is shocked at this. My perspective is that this benefits @-OZ- more than me as I had the top five really close together and no, Mahomes was not included in that five, so he will get one of my top five at his 2.2 selection. You definitely zagged here and I congratulate you!
  11. Stephen Holloway

    2019 vs 2020 fantasy first round picks

    The greatest factor for comparing 2019 draft picks to 2020 draft picks is the perceived ability of your current team. If you need help at a certain position and it is likely that a prospect that you like will be available there, then the 2019 pick is valuable. As such, I much prefer to hold my draft picks until at or just before the league rookie draft to best gauge the importance of that pick, particularly first and second rounders. How most or even the majority view overall classes that far in advance is just not the critical factor for me.
  12. Stephen Holloway

    2019 (18 season) FBG Playoff League

    The easiest split on most all our teams to determine the keepers moving forward. If I am assessing, Reaper has the top player this week in Kelce and since he finished first, he also gets the top available player in Kamara, but somewhat surprisingly he also has in my opinion the lowest ranked keeper in Ted Ginn, who has lost value in my eyes since the Saints prefer to run the ball more and especially because Brees has not hit deep passes nearly so often this season. After looking at the available players again, it does seem that the top pick is head and shoulders above the other three and pick #4's only positive is the ability to perhaps push the direction of the draft. I therefore urge everyone to study my two picks in the turn and draft accordingly. Good luck everyone! I am pulling for the Saints to advance over the Rams, but think that regardless of the teams advancing this week we will have an excellent Super Bowl in two weeks in Atlanta. Enjoy the last doubleheader of the 2018 season on Sunday.
  13. Stephen Holloway

    2019 (18 season) FBG Playoff League

    Lick? Please no photos.
  14. Stephen Holloway

    2019 (18 season) FBG Playoff League

    Not tempting enough
  15. Stephen Holloway

    2019 (18 season) FBG Playoff League

    Don't poke the bear!