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  1. I thought the rule always has been that skipped picks can be made up at any time.
  2. I emailed him to let him know he had been skipped
  3. I agree with your assessment of Goedert, but still see Ertz leading the TEs, I do expect a dropoff on targets, but I guess I like his floor and getting a single player at RB/WR/TE to allow flexibility. Pick your poison with this range at WR and I really like the consistency of Allen the player to get abundant targets regardless of QB. I do not expect Henry to re-sign so even with additional guys coming in, Allen seems set for abundant targets.
  4. Team Holloway through three rounds6 RB #1 McCaffrey (drafted as RB1) - even with new coach, system, possible new QB, he should see lots of targets and lots of opportunities WR #1 Keenan Allen (drafted as WR12) - targets and consistency with Allen, finished as WR6 last year TE #1 Zach Ertz (drafted as TE #3) - could see less targets next year, but really consistent career thus far and targets aplenty in the past Really like getting a top guy at all three of the multiple players needed positions. Actually had Allen ranked above several taken ahead of him and was really happy to get Ertz at the top of the third round. Happy drafting all and remember to check in here and comment on your picks as well as other folks to help everyone develop our off-season thoughts.
  5. Definitely thought Fournette slid too far. Nice value
  6. Two QBs in the top twenty and it wasn't @Stinkin Ref taking Mahomes, we are entering a new decade of drafting. In 2019, the QB #2 was drafted at 41 and 68 in the two leagues and in 2018, the QB #2 was drafted at 32 and 52 in the two leagues. Will the third again go early or will we see a several round delay until the next one is taken?
  7. With the purpose of driving up discussion, has their been any surprise picks thus far? Mine is Derrick Henry going at RB 6. Yes, he just came off the most incredible playoff run that I can recall. He was dominant and according to the stats, he finished at RB5 in ppr scoring. BUT, he caught only 18 passes and is an impending free agent, who could get a big pay day and wind up with a lesser offensive line. I thought that he would go high, but #10 overall did surprise me.
  8. @Maggot Brain state pick here and I can log on and assume Commish status and make pick
  9. First pick has been made and it is Christian McCaffrey. I do not get to see the Panthers often and I know that everything will be new there, but I really do like how he plays. I hope that the new coach will continue to give him beyond heavy usage in the passing game. Much prefer to have later picks, but I do love being at the corner in these 16-team drafts. Thanks for delaying the start for me. Let's get this 2020 season kicked off right.
  10. Just checked in, you are awesome. See you guys Sunday evening!
  11. Agree here and also the constant holding pushing between the DB and the receiver for ten yards or more and then the winner in that shoving holding match is penalized for being stronger.
  12. February 16th sounds like the perfect starting date.
  13. A little slow today, so............ Dodds projections have OZ winning by 35 and MT has it closer, but OZ still winning by 27. However, the projections are always conservatively low when a particular offense goes off and Mahomes and KC have solid potential to do just that. Bass almost had to keep Mahomes, but that really put him up against it, especially with OZ getting both TEs. Bass needs Mahomes to have a huge day as well as Kelce being held back with all the TDs going to others. He also needs for the SF running game to be split up, particularly with Mostert not scoring touchdowns. It is possible, but OZ definitely has the upper hand. It is such a huge advantage to carry over a tight end, especially with partnered with having the first pick.
  14. The idea of putting me at one end or the other would help a lot. To make it a bit more fair, I will agree for the choice between one and sixteen be random. Is that acceptable to @BassNBrew? I can work up a list but prefer to wait and see when the exact time of the picks to determine how much of a list to make.