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  1. paste and copy from Mr. I above Kinda amazing to see the butterfly effect that one pick at the halfway point of the draft has on the entire composition of a roster in this format with the 18-man limit ... I went back and asked myself, "what does Ref's roster look like if I take Lamb instead of Cam at 10.13?" and in my mind literally all but 1-2 of the picks would likely have gone another direction from that point. IMO the contribution of the RB position to the weekly team score is a little overrated in people's eyes This is exactly why I am down on my team. My back to back picks of K Johnson and Damien Williams at the 7/8 turn, where at that point I had four RBs dominated my thought process on picks made the rest of the way. I was forced to focus on position and never had the luxury of seeking value. I think that their fall due to the rookie RB draft picks by their respective teams dropped them farther than they should have, but man how those two picks impacted my draft the rest of the way.
  2. TEAM rzrback77 (Stephen Holloway): 9.02 Derrick Carr LVR QB26 6 4.15 Dak Prescott DAL QB5 10 Wanted to get a top tier QB and then attempt to wait a long time for the second one. Took Prescott at QB5 and at pick 63. Was glad that I decided to take him as one of my picks at the 4/5 turn because by the time the draft snaked back to me at 6.15, Daniel Jones had been taken as QB17. Prescott has abundant weapons in the passing game and should be in for a strong season, assuming that he is either extended or smartly decides to play under the franchise tag. After the dynamic duo of Bridgewater and Burrow were taken before my picks on the 8/9 turn, I committed to my second QB. I guessed wrong and ryheaps took Darnold, but still left me with Derek Carr. I hope that he can hold his starting job. If Prescott performs well, I am ok here, but not gaining ground on the field for sure. 1.02 Saquon Barkley NYG RB2 11 6.15 James White NEP RB31 6 7.02 Damien Williams KC RB32 10 8.15 Kerryon Johnson DET RB39 5 I like starting with a strong RB, so took Barkley as RB2. Hope that he is much healthier than last season. I waited on my #2 RB as I drafted two WRs, Prescott and then Hunter Henry. I was pleased to get James White who always seems undervalued in these survivor drafts. I surprised myself going back to back getting Damien Williams as RB32 and I think that Williams will continue to play a strong role in the KC RBBC. I admit going brain dead and drafting Kerryon Johnson in the eighth round for my third straight running back. I think that he also will continue to have a role in Detroit and like the value as RB39, but my mistake was that I forgot this was SSL and we only had 18 rounds. Here I was at the 8/9 turn and only had two wide receivers. I love to stock up on WRs early in these short bench survivors and yet I had only two heading into the tenth round since I was forced to go second QB in the ninth round and two of my top four RBs are definitely RBBC backs and possibly 40% or even less share in the RBBC. Not good. 3.02 Keenan Allen LAC WR13 10 2.15 Cooper Kupp LAR WR11 9 10.15 Henry Ruggs (Rk) LVR WR54 6 13.02 Randall Cobb HOU WR67 8 12.15 Desean Jackson PHI WR65 9 16.15 K. J. Hamler (Rk) DEN WR83 8 I liked my top two WRs, Cupp and Allen, but after that I waited much too long to add WRs. When I finally took my third WR, it was the rookie Ruggs at 10.15 and WR54. He is a deep threat on a team that with a QB that does not throw deep that well or at all. Not good. Then I added Desean Jackson and Randall Cobb at the 12/13 and I like them both best ball, but oh the injuries and they are likely to perform at WR 65 and WR67 levels. Yikes, felt I still had to add another and got another low floor perhaps a flash of high ceiling with K. J. Hamler at WR83. I definitely need Cupp and Allen to perform and stay healthy. I will be scrambling to get a third WR score. 5.02 Hunter Henry LAC TE7 10 17.02 Tyler Eifert JAX TE32 7 Just missed getting Waller and took Hunter Henry at TE7. I am a big Henry fan from his Arkansas days and he should be set up with plenty of targets and he will be smarter this season, since he just graduated from the University of Arkansas and I hope that he can finally stay healthy. He has a long series of injuries in the NFL. So, then I waited forever to get my TE2 and added Tyler Eifert at TE32. He has an even worse injury history, so these two will definitely be the strength of this team 14.15 Josh Lambo JAX PK 7 18.15 Steven Hauschka BUF PK 11 11.02 Pittsburgh DST 8 15.02 Tampa Bay Bucs DST 13 Well, at least I have an almost consensus top DST and what should be an improved Tompa Bay defense. And I added two kickers when I might should have taken another WR, or TE or RB. For sure, not my favorite Survivor team, but then it was about round nine when I realized that there were no flexes and only 18 rounds. Critiques welcome, I can take it.
  3. For some other reason a lot of folks lost the web address for this league.
  4. A bit farther back than last year, but I do agree with grabbing Atlanta running back depth.
  5. isn't it poor form to discuss players not yet drafted. I am sure that he is very near the top of several owner's lists and now they will have to take him with their next pick to be assured that they get him.
  6. after @OldMilwaukee gave this rundown, I did some research and I think that @drunken slob has reached elite drafting sluggard status: @ 11:30 pm last night, he picked in the Ref Top Gun draft, after being OTC for four hours Immediately departed even though everyone behind him had pre-drafted and he was again OTC Showed up this morning to post a pick in the Mock Draft Forum to replace a pick that was skipped on while he was OTC in both drafts last night while he was on MFL Still hasn't showed up for over 16 hours OTC, when he was actually OTC when he first left and yet, here we are drafting in May when no sports are playing and we're not even sure that the NFL will begin football in four months.
  7. and RBI guess I feel differently. Until the latest two or three picks, I have made a short list every round and have been able to get one of my top four almost every time. I have enjoyed the variety that we have had thanks to @Stinkin Ref and his variety of flex positons and different scoring formats. Review of Team Holloway so far: QB - only one so far, no flex with the position and was happy to grab Matt Ryan at 7.4 and QB8. Ryan has been efficient the past two seasons and has a history of producing better in even year seasons. He was targeted in the seventh round and glad I got him. The NFC South is going to be a war zone this season and I am looking forward to some huge offensive outputs. RB - grabbed four fairly early and am pleased with the results. Kamara at 1.4 and RB4, considered Cook, but I am a Saints follower and hoping for improved health and production for Kamara, Aaron Jones at 2.9 and RB12, finished at RB2 in 2019 and I get the Packers grabbed an RB in the second round, but Jones is a bargain at RB12. Chris Carson at 4.9 and RB21, this guy is just better than his competition and seems overlooked again, finished at RB12 in 2019 and could be around there this year. Mark Ingram at 6.9 and RB26, very competitive guy flourished in New Orleans sharing with Kamara and expect the same with the Ravens in 2020, dropped too far in my opinion. WR - waited much, much longer than I typically do and with mandatory three and up to six with the flex felt the position needed a lot of attention. A. Robinson at 3.4 and WR11, hoping for improved QB play in Chicago and he finished at WR 8 a year ago. Next one taken at 8.9, Julian Edelman. Not sure about losing his main man and not sure about the QB, but Edelman has to be the top target, doesn't he? not wise to wait so long, but he finished at WR7 last year and drafted at WR33, so value for sure and maybe a decent WR2 for the team. Marvin Jones 9.4 and WR35. Very behind the scenes guy, but he fits with Stafford well. Jeudy at 10.9 and WR45. Not sure I am a Drew Lock fan, but Jeudy is really talented. C. Kirk at 11.4 and WR48, he bettered Fitz a year ago and the Cardinals seem ready to explode so hoping he remains highly involved and even sees less coverage with Hopkins there. P. Williams at 12.9 and WR52, five straight WR picks and now I feel better about the position I ignored forever. Williams showed a lot and hope that he is healthy at the beginning of the season. TE - D. Waller at 5.4 and TE6, the tight end scoring is minimally upped so not a focus of mine, but he seemed like low hanging fruit in the fifth round. I could see him remaining the top targeted receiver in Las Vegas. DST - The Saints DST so I did not get caught waiting too long like I have in almost every one of these leagues with ability to flex DST and they have steroid-like scoring. A seemingly slow start, but I am coming around on the team make-up a little over halfway done.
  8. 3.4 Allen Robinson WR11 - was all set to take a third RB with Fournette, but @drunken slobselected him ahead of my pick. Considered Miles Sanders, but Philly has been so RBBC lately I am not sure he will get enough touches. Also considered a few other WRs, but hoping that Robinson improves with a little better QB play and he finished WR12 last season. 4.9 Chris Carson RB21 finished as RB12 last year and should remain the lead carrier in Seattle. My short list when I went to bed last night was L. Bell, David Johnson, and Calvin Ridley so I guess you can say that I settled for Carson. Considered a wide receiver also, but he seemed like the top of a rather large tier and Carson seemed like the last in his tier.
  9. Holloway's first two picks: 1.4 Alvin Kamara - seems I have had rather high slots in most of our early drafts. Love Kamara to bounce back with better health - also strongly considered Dalvin Cook, but I weighed the homer flavor of Kamara with the Saints who as a Mississippian, pull strongly for 2.9 Aaron Jones - finished as RB2 last year. Yes, his TDs scored will decrease and yes, the Packers drafted AJ Dillon in the second round, but Jones will remain the top RB in Green Bay and other than the TDs should perform well again. Easily 1,000 yards rushing and 40 receptions so as the 12th RB drafted, I will gladly take him.
  10. Is nobody giving Tua even a chance at playing in 2020? I am not an insider Dolphin fan at all, but I see your team already better than last year and that 2021 should be the expected jump season.