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  1. strykerpks

    Making A Murderer (Netflix) (Spoilers)
  2. strykerpks

    Packers @ Seahawks Game Thread

    Fackrell and Tonyan. Just how they drew it up
  3. strykerpks

    Packers @ Seahawks Game Thread

    I was told there would be no math, George Phallus
  4. strykerpks

    Packers @ Seahawks Game Thread

    That's a ####ty booze:non-booze ratio
  5. strykerpks

    Packers @ Seahawks Game Thread

    All he does is catch touchdowns Yeah, Sho mentioned Kumerow a few posts up
  6. strykerpks

    Packers @ Seahawks Game Thread

    Tonyan was an absolute preseason stud. They didn't have much of a choice to keep him, even as a 4th string guy.
  7. Beat GS and Denver, lose to Portland and the clippers. Just how they drew it up
  8. strykerpks

    Happy Veterans Day

    Thank you for your service, GB
  9. strykerpks

    2018 Elections Thread

    The iron worker got smoked by Ryan's aide. No pun intended but they also voted pro-weed in a nonbinding referendum
  10. strykerpks

    2018 Elections Thread

    AP calls it for Evers at 2%.
  11. strykerpks

    2018 Elections Thread

    Aw #### and now AG Brad Schimel (from Making a Murderer fame) just went down as well.
  12. strykerpks

    2018 Elections Thread

    It was about 45K and those numbers are what just came through
  13. strykerpks

    2018 Elections Thread

    Walker's camp giving the "this isn't over" and "we'll look at recount options" speech. If it's over 1% Walker will have to pay for it so we'll see. This might be about 1.1% if the Milwaukee numbers and the canvas hold.
  14. strykerpks

    2018 Elections Thread

    ~38k for Evers ~7k for Walker Edit, unofficially from the reporter who ran from City Hall to the County Courthouse