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  1. I should probably ask in the Terrarium thread but there's an ad free version? Google sends me to some shady sites
  2. I'm in Milwaukee and have basically been running Hulu Live and YoutubeTV concurrently for the past 6 months or so. Long story but Youtube kept giving me free months because they couldn't figure out how to get their LGTV app working. At any rate that's been fixed, but I preferred Youtube, my wife preferred Hulu. I put the Hulu on hold for now. I found that when there were buffering issues with Hulu you could miss a minute or so as the stream would stop and then jump back to "live". With Youtube I feel like the signal degrades seamlessly to alleviate that buffer. The picture isn't the greatest (think down to 480p or even 240p) but I still at least see/hear what's going on, a big deal with sports. Not to mention those kind of interruptions seemed to happen far less frequently on Youtube. I'm sure YMMV because I could barely get Sling to stream clear at all. Overall I'd echo much of what No 4 stated above.
  3. Based on what the local guys are saying they agree. The guy can hit. He went to AA after what, 2 months in A ball? I think he's #5 overall in baseball prospectus. I consider him an "untouchable" for a Machado. For a deGrom and some control I'd think twice and then think it over again.
  4. Pretty sure Keston Hiura went 0-fer but did you get a chance to watch him? Lots of debate around here whether or not he should be a piece in a Machado trade
  5. 1. Rachel Steele 2. Desirae Spencer 3. Krissy Lynn
  6. Huh. People don't like mayo. *Scrolls back to page 643* Oh yeah I kinda remember that
  7. Nobody likes a braggart
  8. You drank hard at Beerhole 2 four years ago. When are you coming back? I'm not in this picture OMG those are the only ones I've holed. A+++++ would cornnhole again. Joe Bryant keeps dodging me but he'll meet up with GM.
  9. Day 1 of 5 without the wife and kids here. Double decker barbacoa tacos and Gouda Mac bites at the bar before my softball game may not have been the best choice. I'm gonna fight through it though
  10. I don't think I ever got that box
  11. I did the same thing tonight, but with baby poop.
  12. 1:56 Guy coming back to his completely uninterested old lady 2:20 Are they grabbing guys by the #### to get them off tables? 4:05 Is that a dog barking?
  13. So do these guys have to commit seppuku before they get on the plane or is that an out-dated practice?