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  1. I caught a bit of the 2nd half and OT. Reuvers is going to be their guy. He's turning into a really solid player. Trice is nice, but they need an outstanding guard. Kobe King is kinda like Iverson mentioned above. Helluvan athlete but he had an awful late turnover that probably cost them a chance to win the game. He's gotta put it all together soon. They'll certainly need to grow throughout the season but a 4th-6th B1G finish isn't out of the question. Way too early to make concrete judgements. #FreeMicahPotter Edit - Full transparency, #FreeJoeyHauser for you MSU fans. He should be playing too.
  2. I post once every 10 pages or so but I second this emotion Smokey is the best thing to come out of Michigan since.....Oops, sorry is that allowed?
  3. If you want to call it rose colored glasses, so be it. There was certainly contact but I don't think it impeded the receiver. I think it was a good no-call and should have been challenged if it was so egregious. I did concede that the hands to the face calls were bad, so it's not like I'm completely blinded by fandom. Regarding the "ineptitude" comment, I still haven't seen you rebut that. What did they do on offense? Would inefficient be a better term for you? Lions 2nd half drives: 3 plays, -8 yards, punt 3 plays, 4 yards, FG (great field position after the muffed punt) 7 plays, 34 yards, FG 5 plays 6 yards, punt 4 plays 8 yards, FG (more great field position after the INT) 6 plays, 16 yards, punt I see nothing there showing that they would have gone the length of the field without any timeouts. There's obviously the chance they could, but I don't see this as a controversial take. They lacked the ability to move the ball with any significance after they got up by 10. Sorry, you are correct. I was not clear with my thoughts on that. That was meant to support my "ineptitude" argument. They were only able to come up with 3 FG as a result of those turnovers. I've got some work to do, so you all enjoy your day!
  4. Care to point out any inaccuracies? Or are you just fishing?
  5. at you all If you think Crosby isn't hitting the 40 yard field goal then you should walk away. The defense was likely going to stop them with 1:30 or so left. Yes, I'm a Packer fan and think both "hands to the face" penalties were bad calls. Deal with it(reference Fail Mary, Jerry Rice fumbled, whatevs we all deal with it). The "maybe PI" was a good no call IMO. This game came down to the Lions ineptitude and I don't mean this as derogatory in any way. +3 in turnovers, red zone inefficiency and the lack of any sort of running game is why they lost. Someone tell me what the Lions did on offense. Flea flicker on the first drive, ok. Great call. Deep throw on the 2nd drive, ok great call. Was there anything that the Lions did on offense after those 2 plays to instill confidence? Be honest. And did Johnson actually score? I'll give Lions fans that one for one of those bad calls. The Lions were given the ball inside the 50 3 times and could only muster field goals. Stafford had 265 yards passing, 219 of which came in the first half. Over 100 of that on 2 plays. Packers played like poop on offense (undrafted WRs will do that) but settled in on D and took over the game. The Lions are a solid team but have some things to correct to be really good. Week 17 could be for the division
  6. Not sure if the Packers are good or the Cowboys are just that bad. I think the late Dallas scoring run came with quite a few Packer defensive starters on the sideline. I had company and was grilling so I missed some of the 2nd half. Can anyone confirm? TIA
  7. Yup. Not sure if it was a bad bounce on Grisham or a badly played ball. Either way it sucked.
  8. What were they, 5 back from the WC and like 8 back from the division? I hear ya. Moral victories and all..... But damn, that's an easy ball to play to save 1 maybe 2 runs. Grisham was one of the guys who got us here and will be in the future. Regardless, we haven't had many September/October games of meaningful baseball. I'll take that Will look at Cot's in the next few days because I think they may drop some payroll (and some good players like Grandal and Thames)