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  1. You just described the entirety of my FBG posting career. Also, Black Swan was awful. Even girl on girl action couldn't save it. Worst. Movie. Ever /comicbookguy
  2. Grown ups use "icky" when not addressing a 4 year old?
  3. @krista4 so we bought a house. But it's an estate sale. How do I buy a gift for a dead person? TIA PS I hope she didn't die in our bedroom because eww
  4. IDGAF what I look like. Wife buzzes my skull every month or 2. Whenever my hair starts to stick out of my hat. She just did it last week. #3 on the sides faded to a #5 on top.
  5. You all need some time away. I'm not properly thrilled overall either but lets's let the kids play a snap. Cletius spitting some truth.
  6. Wait, I can't get a boner at work anymore?
  7. Let's let the kid take an NFL snap. I don't like the pick but I didn't like the Rodgers pick either. I'll reserve judgement for the time being.
  8. I don't want to take anything away from this doc. That's what this thread is for. I might take this to the NBA thread if there are any other questions. That being said, I interacted with him probably a total of 10 times. My GB and I were buds in high school and his sister was like 9 years older, married to an NBA ref. So we didn't see them a lot.
  9. It wasn't until 2003ish? when he openly admitted to me that the NBA didn't want Milwaukee beating Philly in 6 in 2001. The Scott Williams suspension was subtle but worked. I've already said too much.
  10. I'm sure I've told this here before but my lifelong GBs BIL is/was Tim Donaghy. He reffed the game after the 70th win in Chicago and he gave us his tickets. We were hoping the Bucks would pull off the upset so we could be there for history but alas, Benoit Benjamin only played a few minutes so it was a lost cause /sarcasm. At any rate we made the trip down from Milwaukee and the UC was on fire that night. Like 5 minutes before Allen Parson's Project started, the crowd just started standing and cheering. It was like a movie slow clap that just kept building and building and the crescendo may have been the loudest stadium I've ever heard. By the time introductions started, you couldn't even hear the music and could vaguely make out the announcer. IIRC there was like 23,000 people in attendance. After the game Donaghy got us down into the tunnel. The area they showed a few times lat night where they would stretch was where we were hanging out with him, Ed Rush and the other ref from the game shooting the breeze. The Bulls locker room was through another set of doors and we obviously couldn't go in there. Eventually Pippen, and John Salley walked through and our dumb, zit covered 15 year old faces were just stupid. Pippen said "What's up kids" to us and Salley gave us a peace sign. At one point the doors opened to the hallway to their locker room and Jordan was just leaving. He went the opposite way but my GB loves to tell the story that I punched him in the face and said "Look! It's ####### Jordan!" I lightly tapped him on the shoulder and his face got in the way. We were 30 feet from greatness. It's kinda stupid but I'll never forget that day.
  11. I just hope someone is cataloging all the music. LL "I'm Bad" when he drops 63 on the C's was perfect. Some Eric B and Rakim in there. I'm forgetting others but they're likely paying big bucks for the soundtrack.
  12. The vast majority of college football fans across the nation that attend games are either rich boosters/graduates, students, or rumdums who fall into tickets. Unless there's a cure I'm not risking the rumdums
  13. My 5yo (well, he'll be 5 on Saturday) was devastated that we can't have his party. We've had an influx of homemade cards over the past few days from the neighborhood and family. He gets so excited when the mail comes, it almost makes up for it. Then I think who sent it and who handled it but I hope I'm just being paranoid. We're on a relatively busy intersection so a parade isn't likely but people are asking if they can drive by at 11:30, 1:45, 3:10 or whatever to beep so we're making a "Beep for George" sign for Saturday and going from there. Just hoping to get some decent weather, which doesn't look promising at the moment but we'll make it work. Much love, GB. One day we'll have a rap and a beer or 6, hopefully celebrating an Anteaternintendo or Brew Crew championship but in the meantime stay safe and be healthy. Roll over on the old lady and put 'er in the old vice. Take that to the bank swcer
  14. I'm not following this thread at all. Just clicking the last page and reading up when I get a chance. Some of you need to take a breather. No pun intended. I need no sympathy either but I'm out in public every day working in a warehouse because we ship medical equipment so we're "essential". I was chastised for a reply to an official corporate statement that I disagreed with over 3 weeks ago. I was called on my personal cell phone by our VP to lay into me on a Sunday night while I was bathing my daughter. The statement was essentially "We'll be fine. Come in to work and do your job". The message from my VP was essentially "Do you want us to send out the warm and fuzzies?" So I totally get the sentiment that your company isn't behind you. Now, on our weekly calls we're being asked how to avoid infecting co-workers etc. We don't have any PPE. I see the same 9 people every day. But we gotta be in the black, amirite? It's all about that bottom line. I don't check in often but my PMs are open if you need to vent. I get it. I'm ready to scream. I may or may not have already done so into my couch. Which is ok.