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  1. As a casual observer, good job NBA. I watched 2 nights I would typically marginally check in or avoid completely.
  2. I remember defending Ryan Braun. It was a bad look for me and I'm sorry for doing it. Eventually you have to accept defeat and that your guy was bad. It's ok.
  3. At least so far in this thread we don't have the "mix it all together first" heathens
  4. Sorry that's GMTAN/FFA lore going back to the early aughts. I actually said it in conversation on NYE and my GB looked at me like a dog that heard a doorbell 3 houses down but he just went with it. I'd advise the same but I'm just a dummy.
  5. I'll PM you as the date gets closer and I know more about my agenda. Would love to buy you a drink and shoot the ####. I'm suddenly reminded of SLJ and Pulp Fiction: "I'm trying, Ringo. I'm trying reeeeaaaaal hard" I'm sorry for your troubles. I feel your pain. It's not about "winning" I just want to get back to some sort of normalcy and I hope your case works out well. Apple prose of nothing, and politics don't belong in this thread, but I want to point out that you are one of the reasons I actually check the PSF. Thank you for your contributions for those of us who just want to try to be informed and not mess with the back and forth. Tell her it's her 40th. That'll totally work
  6. @Bob Sacamano maybe @Woz if he's in the area for some reason, anyone else I'm forgetting? I'm in the Phoenix/Tucson area 3/16 for a few days. Drinks, strippers, bowling, drugs? In no particular order and open to other options 👆🙂💧
  7. Bad transmission. Calling the dealership in a bit. Yet another piece of poop to deal with right now. Sorry to drop my problems off on you guys. Like I said typing it out helped. Just had one of those life moments last night where it all came to a head and I almost snapped. I'm good. @urbanhack I totes forgot you live out there now. GM and I went bowling. It was great but not a proper cornhole since it was a Tuesday. I may be out there again at some point and will certainly reach out. Sorry man, that's on me. I would definitely hole your corn
  8. TLDR Stryker has some probs I got into an accident a few weeks ago. I caught the car running a red light out of the corner of my eye and sped up just enough for her to catch my rear (insert joke here). If I hadn't she would've hit me in my driver side door and we might not be having this conversation. Insurance took 2 weeks to pay out and ultimately more than we expected. But I walked away. I had just dropped off my daughter who would have taken the brunt of it so I'm beyond happy. So then my cousin died. No thopras needed, she was 37 and had a mental rap sheet longer than SLB's dong. My customer threw an inventory audit at me that took like 3 days longer than it should have My wife decided we're selling our house and buying something before April...or we're doing a bridge loan, or I'm pulling money from my 401K or.....I'm still not sure. I literally was yelled at for suggesting another realtor. We haven't even been pre-approved for a loan. Now the van I just bought with cash has a door issue and a check engine light. Probably an easy fix but I'm just done. Done I expect full shtick and hopefully funny replies that everyone else is going through this kind of BS but I'm just a bit overwhelmed. Life came at me really fast and I wasn't prepared. Not necessarily asking for advice or anything. Just typing it out kind of helps. TIA and good night
  9. I bought GM a lapper for driving me around town back in December. I didn't tip the gas person when I took back my rental though because she was a straight up see you next Tuesday when I asked her how it all worked. And my 7yo has lost more teeth than she had at the time so if that's class shaming, that's on me. HTH @krista4
  10. You guys are smarter than me. Bucks don't have any type of contracts nor the draft capital to trade. They are what they are at this point right? I mean, on pace for 70 wins is okish. And despite your own insecurities, Middleton is a solid #2. I just want @SWC to tell me it will all be ok.
  11. I'll wave as we're driving to Blacksheer GA For my nephews wedding