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  1. Funner fact, Buffalo head coach came from D3 UW Whitewater that won like 5 national championships. They got a good one. Hoping he continues to do well
  2. Mu$ha I'll see myself out
  3. See, because years are longer tha.....nevermind
  4. I'm more in @TheDirtyWord situation. I've been playing more and more each year as opportunities grow with 2 BILs being CC members. They both have commented that as the season goes on and I play more, my swing gets better and my shots are less errant. So I'd say it's a little of column A and a little of column B...and column B is nearly becoming necessity at this point. I'll text you some pics of them later.
  5. Also, thanks! Keep the advice coming. I'll keep looking at some end of the season deals and then reevaluate whether or not to buy. Appreciate the insights.
  6. Well, $1k for 2 clubs seems excessive for anyone not < 10 handicap. And I hear ya. I had some ancient Gene Sarazen clubs that got me through high school and college before this set. I'm just looking to replace these old, worn out clubs that I can't even pass down to my nephew or sons. I probably should have prefaced with that. A few of them have some small chunks taken out of the face, a few have a slight curve to them (not done on purpose, mind you) and obviously the grips are ####. There will definitely be lessons in the future.
  7. So I'm thinking about treating myself to a new set in the coming weeks for my 40th. I currently have a set of Pro Techs (knock off Nike or Mizuno, can't remember which) that I bought off ebay circa 2003 for like $250. They've been relatively solid for me over the years, but it's time. I'd like to think that I'm a bit more skilled than the average weekend warrior hacking up the local muni, but if I shoot in the 90s I'm usually pretty happy. I only get out maybe 8-12 times per year if I'm lucky. I'm hoping to get out more in the coming years so I'd like to upgrade to something that will likely last. I'm not really sure where to begin. I'm thinking about spending anywhere between $500-800 but could be talked into a little bit more if it's the right deal. I've spent the last few nights on various sites (from Amazon, ebay, Dick's, Golf Galaxy, several name brand sites, etc) and it seems everything is "manufactured for distance and feel". There's a lot of vague terminology that can get confusing. I obviously don't need the latest and greatest but I certainly also want the best bang for my buck. Am I better off going for a complete set? Find a set of irons and then supplement with driver/fairway/hybrids etc? Do I need to get measured (I've heard conflicting thoughts on this as I don't play enough to have a handicap)? What am I missing or not thinking about? Also, I'm lefty so in my limited research quite a few options are not available. Thoughts? Suggestions? Shtick? TIA
  8. UW hospital confirmed they are treating 4 victims. Police confirmed shooter in custody. BRB with link
  11. He forgot to log into his snogger account
  12. I was just asking, relax. I pay good money for the content I watch and I'd wager 99% legally. That includes YoutubeTV, Netflix, HBO, OTA, and other individual content via Google Play. But if the higher resolutions aren't even offered for a price then they can go #### themselves. It's still the same content. There are still those of us who want to and will pay for our content. But spare me the "oh now resolution matters too" argument. Certain resolutions are offered on the same price on one platform, yet not on another. That's stealing by the content providers (I'm using HBO in this instance). You're moving the goalposts. Either it's stealing/pirating or it's not. Or give me the option to pay for it.