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  1. FWIW, the 2020 DNC is in Milwaukee
  2. You got a link to all that sixer success lately? Seems like 4 bounces interrupted a full on dynasty. I'll hang up and listen. PS I won't
  3. Sorry, if the "four bounce shot" didn't go in the Sixers were winning the whole damn thing. I forgot. It's all good. The ECF should be fun...if the Sixers make it Well, duh
  4. Merica Any song with the lyrics "Back to back World War Champs" has to be on the list
  5. To the DL....I mean IL Brewers are struggling right now. This was supposed to be the time for them to build a lead in the division. Woodruff is the only one pitching well and he looks like a legit #2 with #1 upside. He's lights out right now. With a bat to boot
  6. Thanks much, that kinda makes sense. Ya know, you're kinda nice when you're not being a wiener. Don't worry I won't tell anyone PS Is Lawrence Moten a real name?
  7. So does that $18.5 million or whatever count against the cap? Sorry, like I said I'm pretty dumb (do we still have sigs?) Word around MKE is that they have a number and if someone goes over it, they'll let Brogden walk. They feel like he's a perfect fit for their system but if someone wants to pay more for him to be a 2nd option instead of a 3rd or 4th option then so be it. And of course the homers are thinking they could grab Frank the Tank on the cheap and not lose any production from Lopez but whatevs Just reporting what I'm seeing on Bucks twitter FTR. Nothing official
  8. I'm pretty much a basketball dummy. Can someone explain the Bird rights? Bucks Twitter is all about the $18.5 million if they want to keep him?
  9. Pretty sure I nailed this from August '05 through July '06. And probably June 17 through June 18...of this year. Like 2 weeks ago
  10. Speakinawhich Pretty powerful episodes lately. I'll avoid spoilers but not on the Thanos line (Im the lone person on the planet that hasnt seen Endgame yet so please hold off). Still pretty powerful stuff for us who have followed the characters Also the "ring" thing was freaky. Probably because I'm actually scared of that kind of scare tactic but damn...