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  1. I call those "weekdays". Except last Tuesday. Not sure what the deal was but I'm not complaining For real though Trevor Lawrence shouldn't play this week or next
  2. Yup. And I was totes serious. Pretty sure I understand Cappy after what, 20 years on this board?
  3. I get that Clemson >>>>>>> Wisconsin in virtually every way. But if Graham Mertz can't play there's no way Trevor Lawrence should play, given a positive test. God, I hate that I have to type that out but here we are
  4. Nobody likes facts. This is the college football thread. Aren't we supposed to just spitball and yell and scream?
  5. It's probably Illinois' fault In all seriousness I hope all players/staff etc recover fully. The kids should get an extra year of eligibility
  6. B1G overreaction = #HeisMertz I liked the game plan. A lot of short/screen passes to start and get him comfortable in his first start. Then start throwing a bit deeper up the middle of the cover 2. Then the bomb before half. The kid has some nice accuracy and damn he throws a pretty ball. We'll see what some adversity brings but like you said, decent first start. I mean, it is Illinois, but tying 2 school records is goodish I think. There's some rust there but the running game...oof.
  7. Just joining. Are we at the "Packers get all the calls" point yet? 15 yards, playing football...first down
  8. Averaging almost 41 points per game. But also giving up almost 29 points per game. They'll need to shore things up on the D side to make a run
  9. Probably a total fumble because Packers
  10. Man, Saints get all the calls. That was illegal lineman downfield /sarcasm
  11. Michael Irvin and Chris Carter and Joe Horn and name a WR have made careers out of a little push off. That's 56 year old Mercedes Lewis. Not OPI