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  1. Was fully expecting the ending comment to be "I am using an 'all-in-one' computer and still can't connect anything externally."
  2. Joe Bob the trainer is holding the electronic device from start to finish. Timing from an odd angle instead of right up at the start and end lines. Combine - Probably have the same persons clicking the start and end times for better continuity. They also probably use the side cameras with timers on them along with a stopwatch at the 40. Thus the delay in reporting official times instead of just showing a stopwatch as official. So for clarification, are you saying stopwatches with two digits past the decimal are not electronic? Or do you honestly think they are using a sun dial and saying one-Mississippi, two-Mississippi, three... it’s okay to admit it either way.
  3. Make no mistake, private workouts always are better timed. But make no further mistake, the stopwatches are electronic.
  4. To get the two places past the decimal, I’d bet the stopwatch was electronic. Thus electronically timed...
  5. Detroit. High on Kerryon, but not his comparable to, if not better performing, teammate Bo. Did have Ty listed though. Carolina. Bonnafon just re-signed for the 2 spot? Atlanta. Ollison sticking with the team, or Hill that may not. Judge Ito? Could get you to 100.
  6. 1 fight was scratched from the main card last night due to 1 fighter not making weight. Main card sped through without that fight and the first 2 quick submissions.
  7. Staying in school.
  8. Used O - BAL, NE, DAL, LAC, HOU, KC, LAR, SEA, DET, NO, SF, ATL, PHI, GB, TEN, TB D - PHI, NE, DAL, JAC, CHI, TEN, BUF, PIT, SF, BAL, MIN, DET, NYJ, GB, CLE, DEN week 17 O - CLE D - NO No interest in a play-off version.