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  1. Used O - BAL, NE, DAL, LAC, HOU, KC, LAR, SEA, DET, NO D - PHI, NE, DAL, JAC, CHI, TEN, BUF, PIT, SF, BAL week 11 O - SF D - MIN
  2. Used O - BAL, NE, DAL, LAC, HOU, KC, LAR, SEA, DET D - PHI, NE, DAL, JAC, CHI, TEN, BUF, PIT, SF week 10 O - NO D - BAL
  3. Used O - BAL, NE, DAL, LAC, HOU, KC, LAR, SEA D - PHI, NE, DAL, JAC, CHI, TEN, BUF, PIT week 9 O - DET D - SF
  5. From a martial artist mentality, I’m not into the whole WWE/WWF promotion style. Prefer the original UFC respect for the ring and opponent style. Hoping ONE Championship can expand to rival the UFC. Liked ONE Vice President and former UFC Champ Meisha Tate’s take on the subject recently: “I love working for a value-based company. And to be honest, I sit back and I think about this, that if I wanted to have my own organization for martial arts, this is how I would want it to be,” Tate told MMA Fighting. “I would want it to inspire people to be the best versions of themselves, about creating local heroes, we don’t call our athletes fighters because they’re more than that. They’re professional athletes. And really, to so many people, they honestly are heroes. They’re iconic. They are what parents want their children to look up to and to strive to be like because they’re really great people. “And we highlight those stories. It’s not about controversy, it’s not about trash talk or rivalries. It’s really about being the best athlete you can be and inspiring people to dream more and do more and be more in life. I think that’s just a really beautiful process, so I think for me being a part of something like that, I just feel like I’m able to do more good and give back in a more positive light.”
  6. Used O - BAL, NE, DAL, LAC, HOU, KC, LAR D - PHI, NE, DAL, JAC, CHI, TEN, BUF week 8 O - SEA D - PIT
  7. Used O - BAL, NE, DAL, LAC, HOU, KC D - PHI, NE, DAL, JAC, CHI, TEN week 7 O - LAR D - BUF
  8. 3rd bother Ryan? Griffin as a pre-emptive pick-up? Winston overdue for a benching. Could even be a 4th Ryan... Finley if the Bengals continue to lose. 2QB leagues of course.
  9. Used O - BAL, NE, DAL, LAC, HOU D - PHI, NE, DAL, JAC, CHI week 6 O - KC D - TEN
  10. Used O - BAL, NE, DAL, LAC D - PHI, NE, DAL, JAC week 5 O - HOU D - CHI
  11. 14 team non-PPR dynasty QB Luck Goff RB Mixon WR Adams Valdes-Scantling Flex A Brown PIT +A Brown OAK A Brown OAK +A Brown NE A Brown NE D Robinson Flex Bell Flex L Miller M Williams Waller PK Badgley Seibert DT Jaguars Lions Bills Jaguars Bench (not used in strikethrough above): QB D Jones RB Wilson, Mattison, Ollison, Yeldon, Hilliard, Armstead, Anderson ACL WR Boykin, Tate SUSP
  12. Used O - BAL, NE, DAL D - PHI, NE, DAL week 4 O - LAC D - JAC
  13. Maybe someday Internet Addiction Disorder will be added to the DSM. Under review for the future. Some people need to unplug for longer periods of time. Zip their virtual lips...
  14. See ya. Legal fees subtracting from the savings. 20mil yacht with no honeys on board? Repair, insurance, gas, driver, docking. 6mil house isn't self cleaning and repairing. Insurance, water bill, electric bill, A/C. Pool water in Miami evaporates, refill, chemicals. Has a synagogue to upkeep? Personal jet costs 2mil every year in maintenance, gas, piloting, insurance, and storage. Probably has multiple 6 figure cars. Say goodbye to 6 figure jewelry, 5 figure coats, and 4 figure shoes. 5 figure alcohol. Current companionship is probably high maintenance. An entourage/security isn't free. Hope he invested well. Social Media income dwindles with the stardom. FF players are clicking and giving him coin. Kiss most of it goodbye over the next 5 or so years. But man... what a ride it was! Living the dream.
  15. Used O - BAL, NE D - PHI, NE week 3 (well... it’s either facing the Dolphins or the Jets and already used the Pats... ) O - DAL D - DAL