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  1. I'm becoming more and more convinced it's not an appearance anymore but a reality. The mental gymnastics to defend and justify the lies, lawlessness, and atrocities must be killing off brain cells at a rapid rate.
  2. I backpedaled on my assertion that Brees was associated with FotF, but the facts are that he did do a segment with them. Yes, it was promoting children read the Bible and bring it to school. They are still an anti-LGBT group. He claimed he doesn't support that part of FotF and didn't know they felt that way. That doesn't excuse his affiliation with them, and I'm glad he now knows who they are and what they represent. It surprised me since he is friends with Ellen. Does that mean he has any part of the Catholic stuff going on? No. But it does show a pattern of an organization stepping in it when it comes to their faith.
  3. Ehh, Brees has been associated with the virulently anti-gay Christian group Focus on the Family, so the Saints ownership trying to help the Catholic church soften the charge of child rape and molestation doesn't come as much of a surprise to me. Abuse and discrimination in the name of religion is part of the Saints' fiber.
  4. Live in SW FL where the local GOP nominated Trump as statesman of the year...twice. DeSantis has been a pleasant surprise, he rode Trump's coattails to the governor's mansion, now he's doing his own thing which says he's politically savvy. I'll never vote for anyone that supported this administration. Silence to me equates to complicity.
  5. Why do NE apologists and defenders ignore the evidence that they have been caught cheating time and time again? Name calling won't change that fact.
  6. The Eagles in 2005 always suspected something was up in the second half of the SB. Pats players just instinctively seemed to know when the defense would be blitzing. Yeah, it was instinct...they're cheaters, plain and simple. Change their name to the NE Asterisks and move on.
  7. I wonder if next year there could be a percentage cut week one, then cut lines for the remaining weeks? That would keep people honest in not picking players from two teams they think are going to the SB.
  8. Last year I didn't read the rules and picked all players on a bye week one, got bounced from the contest right away. Wasn't making that mistake twice. Yeah, it happens.
  9. Helped it was a beautiful punt, skittered right down to the goal line and took ten seconds off the clock. Guess Vrabel knows what he's doing after all!
  10. They pulled him to the line and tried to block the punt I think
  11. Vrabel punting on this 4th down is going to cost them the game. Can't play scared in the playoffs
  12. Red flag is for revenge, black is for death. Iraq wants no part of this. Any word from our longtime allies? Didn't think so. That's what happen when we insult, degrade, and turn our backs on them. We're on our own.
  13. Perhaps a twist on the typical half-naked women avatars that flood FF sites...appeals to the men and the ladies 🤗