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  1. edited wrong link
  2. Week 13 byes really suck, that's playoffs
  3. We used to be a country of selflessness, not selfishness. "My freedoms/rights are more important than your safety" has become a recurring theme. Go to the grocery store, 20% of the customers aren't wearing masks. Young people with smug, I-don't-care-about-you expressions on their faces. The cult of ignorance is in charge. I'd say, "Darwin, do you thing" but they'll be taking a bunch of others out with them.
  4. If you're wondering why Patients in Florida is trending, it is because Florida had it's first suspected cases of covid19 in early Jan. It was only reported two months later. The Health Department website that published this data mysteriously went down yesterday, only to pop back up again with the data scrubbed. If you believe anything DeSantis and this regime are reporting I got swamp land to sell you:
  5. USFL 2.0 Trump can't get an NFL team, buys one in another league, runs league into the ground. Works for me! ETTD
  6. Also grossly under reporting the deaths could be a contributing factor to the “success”:
  7. I believe Doctors Oz and Phil were already booked elsewhere
  8. 1. Yes, it would have made it here 2. Having someone from the CDC on the ground in China would have meant that we did not have to rely on the Chinese government for information. We would have been apprised of the severity of the situation by a scientist and could have been taking precautions, not downplaying and dismissing as a "hoax" and saying it was no worse than the seasonal flu. 3. Yes. Trump sees everything through the lens of a malignant narcissist. Everything is about him. How will this affect his re-election? How can he blame someone else? If the numbers don't indicate he's "doing a great job", fire the person reporting the numbers. Nothing is done for the good of the country, because he is only capable of thinking about himself and making everything about him.
  9. Yes, true, and are we paying for it now. The backlash has been nothing short of mind-boggling. Historically, if we look at rights or privileges afforded classes other than heterosexual white males that own land, black men came next, then women, then marginalized communities like LGBTQ. I say this based off the order of getting the right to vote and get married.
  10. I vote Other, with Cuomo as the guy. We're one or two election cycles out from electing a woman, member of the LGBTQ community, or minority. Unfortunately, that's how it is. A white male has to lead the ticket to have a shot. I'm willing to bite that bullet now to get rid of the current administration. Cuomo would be the Stop The Bleeding candidate. Proven in crisis. Just think, the debates would be spectacular.
  11. If there are no fans at games, I'd like to see the schedule staggered so games start at noon and a new round of games start on the hour. Also allow fans a pay per view option so we can choose what games to watch.
  13. Maybe some are conflating "I refuse to go out until I know it is safe, and I'll know it is safe when there is adequate testing and we get a handle on this" with "I hope there's not a cure"? It's part of the mental gymnastics?