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  1. JamieMurphy

    MNF Seahawks v Vikings

    Late to the game, has Thielen gotten any targets?
  2. JamieMurphy

    Hows That Weather Looking?

    Bee Ridge/Beneva
  3. JamieMurphy

    Hows That Weather Looking?

    Hey neighbor, SRQ here. Bummed the NE/MIA game isn't televised on CBS. That game is gonna be slightly windy but the rain should be done by game time.
  4. For those who say Reid utilizes a bellcow approach, I recommend you speak to Duce Staley/Correll Buchhalter/Brian Westbrook owners.
  5. Yes, that is what I meant, sorry for the confusion.
  6. Apparently the young lady was in the room, Hunt found out that she was underage, threw her out, she banged on his hotel door for thirty minutes and called him the n-word. A smarter move on his part would have been to call hotel security and have her removed. Does that make her entitled? I don't know. But he shouldn't have reacted the way he did.
  7. Damien Williams have any worth as a Ware handcuff? Ware's been picked up everywhere.
  8. Dangerous tackle on Kamara, took quite a shot to the head.
  9. Don't like either scenario particularly. Reasons being Hyde, Clement, and Smallwood. Probably go with Yeldon vs Indy but wouldn't like hanging my seasons hopes in playoffs on him. If Fournette appeals I'm thinking he would only be postponing the inevitable.
  10. If you have Yeldon you should be fine. I think JAX has pretty much thrown in the towel on the season anyway. The only exceptional thing this year coming out of Duval is Ramsey's trash talking.
  11. Suspended one game. Perfect timing for FFPC playoffs.
  12. JamieMurphy

    Next Browns Coach....Condoleezza Rice?

    Seen on twitter: Has't she tortured enough browns already?
  13. JamieMurphy

    Sessions ......he gone

    I gotta think Mueller had this scenario in his mind months ago and has made provisions for the investigation to go forward. Mueller is a pretty smart guy. Trump and his co-conspirators? Not so much. Clever? Yes. Manipulative? Absolutely. A genius at stoking fear and prejudice to advance himself and his family? You betcha. Smart? Nah.
  14. JamieMurphy

    Josh Gordon Everything Thread

    Facts that are cherry-picked are especially delicious
  15. JamieMurphy

    Josh Gordon Everything Thread

    I think he's a better receiver when the ball is delivered with zip. Brady seems to be more of a touch passer and doesn't rifle it in to his receivers.