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  1. This is exactly why I didn't jump up and down in outrage when the news came out. Watch When They See Us and get a look at how the criminal justice system treats young black males accused (or falsely) accused of a crime.
  2. That CBS article is poor reporting. It is misleading readers into thinking that quote is recent, when in fact it was made in April.
  3. Really, the only opinion that matters is Goodell's. Love him, hate him, disagree with him, he has made his decision. Moving on, I wish nothing but the best for Hill and his children. I hope he has a successful and fruitful NFL career and the only headlines he garners are those about his achievements on the field. FF-wise, he's a top 5 WR, maybe top 3, and as I said in the other thread, those who drafted early may have gotten the steal of the draft if Hill fell to the 10th or higher. Could swing some major tournaments. I'm guessing that the teams that win the major high stakes leagues will have Hill on them and they got him in the 6th or later.
  4. From “The investigation into the couple’s parenting accelerated when Overland Park police checked on the boy in March and found bruises and welts on his body,” the report explains. “Both Hill and Espinal have admitted to investigators that they spanked the three-year-old with their hands and a belt, but prosecutors can’t determine for sure which parent, or if both, went too far. “In April Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe held a press conference to announce criminal charges wouldn’t be brought against Hill or Espinal but stated he believed a crime was committed against the boy and it was believed the crime was about the broken arm. It was not. Howe’s team has halted working on the case as they still can’t bring charges for bruising and harming the boy.”
  5. The broken arm and the use of corporal punishment are two separate things. The investigators determined that neither Hill or Espinal caused the broken arm. The taped conversation implies that both parents have used corporal punishment (a belt) to punish the child. Whether someone went too far was what was being investigated is my understanding of the matter.
  6. All right, I'm late to this thread and see you have made your case to other posters. I thought that the child was removed because of the phone call that Espinal made that falsely accused Tyreek of causing the broken arm?
  7. How could you POSSIBLY know this? So kids NEVER have accidents, that every broken bone sustained by a child means someone else caused it? The investigators determined that neither Hill or Espinal were responsible for the child's injuries. Do you know something they don't?
  8. What this saga has done has made those who drafted early and got Hill in late rounds have some pretty amazing rosters. There were some who refused to draft Hill due to what some thought was a certainty of some length suspension, or maybe permanent ban, and some didn't want a player that was a terrible child- beating, girlfriend-abusing POS on their squad. These folks are now kicking themselves a bit as their decision to DND list Hill has given their team a disadvantage. I know if you go through early TFC drafts (which are the semi-equivalent of the FFPC FBG leagues, without the TE premium scoring), you'll find there are teams that got Hill in rounds10-14. I don't believe you can get into the FFPC teams and check (that's really a bonus of RT Sports), but there are guys grumbling on boards that there's no reason to join leagues anymore because the winning team has already been drafted and it got Hill late. It really throws leagues out of balance.
  9. So glad this is over, now he needs to steer clear of Espinal and her family, make sure his children are cared for, and keep himself surrounded by people who are watching out for his best interests.
  11. Full audio here:
  12. Using exonerated or convicted in this situation probably aren't the best descriptors because we are dealing with two different entities, the law and the NFL. Assuming no new information or situations arise, it does not appear Hill will face any legal charges. If that is the case, then the suspension is based solely on Hill's taped comments and Goodell's need to protect the league from embarrassment. There may be mitigating circumstances that explain his comments. As far as people getting banned from the message boards, I look at it this way: we're all guests in the FBG virtual living room. It has been asked of us, as guests, to keep it on football. I think we're all capable of presenting our points of view without going after others personally, even when we disagree. I kind of like civil discourse.
  13. Well, he hasn't been charged with anything. Investigators determined early on that neither Hill or Espinal were responsible for the child's broken arm. The investigation was reopened after Espinal allegedly had a third party falsely report that Hill broke his son's arm. It may turn out that one or both parents were too heavy-handed in disciplining the child. As of now, that may be very well why the child was removed from their home and they are working through the process to be reunited. We just don't know. The recording is damning, especially with his history. Without knowing what Hill gave NFL investigators, or what the status of any investigations directly or indirectly related to the case, makes it hard to determine what is honest, dishonest, fact, conjecture...we just have to wait and see. I said earlier I thought he'd get four reduced to two, but now am leaning one or none.
  14. So it seems that the author believes scenario one is most likely, with Hill receiving a suspension because of the optics of the recording where he says Espinal should be terrified of him, too. IF, and only IF, Hill has a plausible explanation for that comment, and it can be attributed to his anger and frustration with her sabotaging his contract negotiations or her family trying to extort him (both of which have been floated as rumors) AND there is some evidence of this, there is a chance, in my opinion, that he gets no suspension. That could be bolstered IF the police are investigating Espinal on such charges, which of course we don't know, which leads me back to what I've said repeatedly: We don't know what we don't know.