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  1. JamieMurphy

    Baylor WR Josh Gordon

    I'm thrilled the guy is staying sober, he has good football people around him to keep him focused on football, and that he has earned the trust of Brady. The numbers may or may not come, but some people were writing him off months ago. I hope he continues to prove the naysayers wrong.
  2. JamieMurphy

    2018 FBG Subscriber Contest

    Still in it, but don't think I've got an overall winning group. I don't have any high priced duds like Bell or Fournette, which helps. but Rishard Matthews and Jake Butt don't help. Be nice if Matthews signed with a WR needs team.
  3. JamieMurphy

    Baylor WR Josh Gordon

    I'm doing it. Flash in for Edelman. Wish I had played both instead of Cooks.
  4. JamieMurphy

    2018 FBG Subscriber Contest

    Cut line at 128.05 with two games left to play. I predict the final cut line will be 144.65. Anyone else want to make a prediction?
  5. Crabtree was on waivers in a FBG FFPC league. That was kind of shocking, but he was snagged for $377 in faab.
  6. JamieMurphy

    2018 FBG Subscriber Contest

    I'm just being whiney. Royce counted the past two weeks for me. Thought I'd get more production out of him. Hoping Matthews get signed soon
  7. JamieMurphy

    2018 FBG Subscriber Contest

    Royce Freeman and Rishard Matthews are $26 worth of dead money
  8. JamieMurphy

    Baylor WR Josh Gordon

    He was 2-2 for 32 yards. He didn't get many targets but NE got an early lead and relied on the running game much in the 2nd half. Not sure if any NE WRs or Gronk are going to do much on a weekly basis with that deep a roster.
  9. Why is Diggs on the sideline, helmet off?
  10. Either tell the guy he is the starter at the beginning of the week and let the offense prepare with him as the starter or go with Bradford. Pulling Bradford late in the 4th quarter and throwing Rosen in down two points and saying, "go win this for us, kid," is not putting him or the team in a position to succeed
  11. What did I just watch?!?!
  12. JamieMurphy

    Week 3 Injury thread

    Red Zone just said the 49ers fear a serious knee injury for Garappolo.
  13. JamieMurphy

    Baylor WR Josh Gordon

    The Pats should win no problem tonight. Should. It would be terribly embarrassing for them to lose to DET because their receiving corps sucked again, especially if Josh Gordon stood on the sidelines ready to contribute in some capacity. Granted the Jags D is top notch, DET not so much, but you better believe BB would much rather be 2-1 than 1-2 after 3 weeks. I think he plays, albeit on a limited basis, and he gets some targets. Baby steps at first, ease him in, and maybe he makes a big play or two. Not counting on too much from him this week but I expect his role to increase. May play him in my fun leagues if he's active, but I have Dorsett ready to go if he isn't.
  14. JamieMurphy

    FAB: how much are you spending this week?

    I don't think that's a winning bid
  15. I really hope the mods stop letting lone troll post his nonsense in here. I take this as a relatively serious fantasy football site, not a "whose chain can I yank today" site