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  1. What about Goodwin all he did was produce when Jimmy G. went in Garcon went out.
  2. Mainzer Aktien Bier at room temperature.
  3. Team A traded K.Benjamin Team B recieved 12th overall pick in rookie draft. ppr
  4. Top 5 wr on the bench will do nothing for you. Has has some good games, my opinion, he is overrated.
  5. Yes he will fill in nicely, used to RBBC.
  6. Wrong forum... Post in Assistant Coaches forum.
  7. Somebody has been chasing White Rabbits?
  8. Quinn is no idiot. I believe he'll find a good replace for Shanny jr. and run the same offense. Def.will be better also and help take some burden off his shoulders and just play ball.
  9. There are NO instructions directions in title that says closed trades you Snarkiness. Butt during the lull I did complete the trade. I gave up T.Hill,D.Martin for T.Gabriel and 9th overall 2017 rookie selection.
  10. I'm not asking for advice. Starting in converstion.
  11. I have Ware, Kelce and T.Hill from K.C. Matt Ryan is one of my Qbs. Considering offering T.Hill straight up for T.Gabriel. The owner has an aaffluence of Falcons players as I do with K.C. I really would like J.Jones,but that will not happen.
  12. Why not BENCH the whole offensive line. Most games I have watched. They ran ok but has game transpired, there was NO running lanes or they rotated another back. Momentum killer for a rb.