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  1. I countered he has 3 1st rnd picks I countered with those picks. #3,#7 and #8.He always puts lame offers out there. He never responded back.
  2. Low Baller offered 1.7,2.14 and Gurley for Dalvin Cook. He has (4 )1st rnd picks. 2 y ears ago L.Bell and Gurley each were traded for (4) 1st.
  3. Team A already has Keenan Allen, Dante Adams, Adam Theilen, Sterling Shepard at wr. Fournette,Cook, A. Jones, K. Drake at rb. Garrapolo, Mahones and Trubisky at Qb in a ppr. Has 2nd overall pick in 2018. Team A. D.Cook, Trubisky Team B. Antonio Brown, Duke Johnson and 12th overall pick.
  4. ODante's Peak Porky's and Porky's Revenge The Whole Nine Yards Big Bang Baby Cherry 2000 Private Parts Hot Shots Head Games Hard Rain While You Were Sleeping Daddy Daycare View from the Top Keeping up with the Joneses A River Runs Through It Moon Raker Austin Powers The Spy who Shagged Me
  5. Dirty Harry Deep Impact Whip It The Big Red One Glory Road
  6. He will run angry with a chip on his shoulder. I have 2nd overall by a trade. I will seriously consider him.?
  7. What about Goodwin all he did was produce when Jimmy G. went in Garcon went out.
  8. Team A traded K.Benjamin Team B recieved 12th overall pick in rookie draft. ppr
  9. Quinn is no idiot. I believe he'll find a good replace for Shanny jr. and run the same offense. Def.will be better also and help take some burden off his shoulders and just play ball.
  10. There are NO instructions directions in title that says closed trades you Snarkiness. Butt during the lull I did complete the trade. I gave up T.Hill,D.Martin for T.Gabriel and 9th overall 2017 rookie selection.
  11. I have Ware, Kelce and T.Hill from K.C. Matt Ryan is one of my Qbs. Considering offering T.Hill straight up for T.Gabriel. The owner has an aaffluence of Falcons players as I do with K.C. I really would like J.Jones,but that will not happen.
  12. I lost division champioship by 3 freakin points! Yes I have Carr but have been starting Matt Ryan. I'm going for Julio or T.Gabriel in off season.
  13. My question about Cooper last at this time was the "Rookie Wall". Yes there was the foot injury. This year at this time. His production sux. What gives?
  14. I have Fitz.,Manny Sanders and D. Inman and Tyreek Hill. I'm benching Cooper for Hill.
  15. traded Dion Lewis and Camron Brate for Travis Kelce. I have great depth at rb: Elliott, Ware,Rawls, and Martin. I still have Ladarius Green and C.J. Fedorawitz. Wanted dominate T.E.
  16. I wish I had started him over K.Benjamin.