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  1. You guys are "Gilling" me softly! I'm starting him over Manny Sanders. What says you!
  2. You got it! Jack instead of Tequila tonight fellows.
  3. Apologize for the typos guys. Long day of work and Margaritas afterwards and NOT proofreading does not mix. GO VOLS.
  4. Matthews is like glass.. Sparkles is a rec.back and getting old. Barber ,well is Barner. Smallwood has a lot of upside. I have acquired him and will stash him and will use him in time.
  5. In my dynasty league I gave up a low 1st round pick for him. At 30 yrs old, I don't believe Charles will be back in 2017.
  6. Dalton maybe but McCaffery in not a physical back. And DeAngelo Williams was at the right place at right time. Steelers will lose patience with Bell not only suspensions but with injuries.
  7. Is Bell a free agent in2017? I don't think he 'll be in Pittsburgh next year. Too many good rbs in draft next year. I would love to Jalen Hurd behind that line. Fournett and Chubb will already be gone.
  8. My concern long term is "WHO"will be Qb after Brees. Brees is no spring chicken.
  9. GIVE UP THE GHOST!!!Tim you sucked in NFL.You were A GREAT college Qb. Deflate your head and get it out your A $$ boy!
  10. Just traded him for the 11th overall rookie pick. Whew.
  11. With it reappearing,I thought it might have been an April fool's prank.?
  12. As a Gordon owner, when reinstated, I Hope he celebrates with sparkling grape juice and cigar. I have high hopes for him. No pun intended.
  13. Stewart was fairly healthy this year and run game was better and def.was great. Carolina played from behind a lot last year. As rookie he was up and down. How many rookie wrs had over 1000 yards and 10 tds?
  14. I have him in a dyno league and would not sell him cheap. If you can buy low, DO IT. He'll probably take some of Olsen's and Cam's rushing TDs away from them.
  15. Gordon will come in with a huge CHIP on his shoulder. He will blow up no matter who the QB is. All you haters can take that to the bank. You can BOLIEVE that!?
  16. I'll give it to him. Zack Miller made one helluva catch! It's good to have ad like Jeffery and Langford will be a stud. Cutler decided to get his head out his(well you know) for tonight.
  17. He needed to redeem himself from the pick six. He'll throw his linemen under the bus for that one.