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  1. I have him in a dyno league and would not sell him cheap. If you can buy low, DO IT. He'll probably take some of Olsen's and Cam's rushing TDs away from them.
  2. Gordon will come in with a huge CHIP on his shoulder. He will blow up no matter who the QB is. All you haters can take that to the bank. You can BOLIEVE that!?
  3. I'll give it to him. Zack Miller made one helluva catch! It's good to have ad like Jeffery and Langford will be a stud. Cutler decided to get his head out his(well you know) for tonight.
  4. He needed to redeem himself from the pick six. He'll throw his linemen under the bus for that one.
  5. Drafted Carr in dynasty last year and Cooper this year. I'll have this combo for many years.??
  6. I can't believe Titans passed on him. I felt he was the top rated qb on my board.They could had traded down and probably had him.
  7. This thread just useless without pics.????
  8. I drafted Cooper this year. Have K.Benjamin back and heals and Gordon comes back with a chip on his shoulder. Wow, could be an interesting core of receivers next year.?
  9. Easy. It's more about Lynch's injuries and mindset. I could be wrong, but I think there is a very real possibility we don't see Lynch get another NFL TD.Horrible take. The Seahawks are a run first team and Lynch is an absolute beast. Seattle is wisely playing the long game with Lynch's health this season and the ultimate goal in mind.. Lynch will definitely be back. I think the injuries may linger longer than everyone is anticipating. Tight calf followed by pulled hamstring coupled with the history of back spasms can be a bad combination.[/quote If Lynch is gone next year. That would free up money to help O-line next year or work out a deal for Cam. Just saying.?
  10. Oh jez..he'll never crack the starting line up anywhere or he would have already by now. He lost his chance in Seatle by a rookie and aging vet. Beast mode re signed for four years. If Seatlle had confidence and really liked him.They would have told Lynch to go back to Cali.
  11. The Suckaneers should have drafted an offensive linemen instead of The Crabman.
  12. I have option of starting Golden Tate or Rawls at a flex position. If there is no Beastmode, I might plug in Rawls instead.?
  13. Bilicheat is reading this post and laughing his ar$e off.?
  14. Lacey may not play Monday. Take Lewis.
  15. Me too. Laughed at the schmucks who was drooling over him at rookie draft. Went 4th in our league. I took Cooper.?