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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking for new IDP material. There isn't much out there other than this website. I've come across some new guys called IDP Fantasy Empire and I like some of their takes but is there anything else out there? I'm looking for sites or podcasts. Thanks in advance!
  2. Considering adding this guy. A gen dug up by Bill Belichick and got 7 tackles. He looked like an absolute monster and blew up the left guard to force Crowell to fall down. Got the highest grade from PFF last week. Had 142 tackles his senior year at Houston and looks like he may replace Hightower in a contract year. I need a smoke check. Is he worth an add in dynasty or at I making more out of it than I should be?
  3. I personally love Jatavis Brown. The dude is blowing up. In a dynasty, I think Te'o may struggle to retake that spot. Perryman needs to get back on the field and start producing. It's going to be hard for the Chargers not to sit Brown next year and if they choose to start him. Perryman may be the odd man out but at this point I would hold or sell high. Either way, at this point the chips are in your favor if you keep or trade him. Don't trade Bosa if you're in a dynasty. His flash in 20 snaps week with 2.5 sacks is a clear indication that he could be very productive. Bosa's career arch is on the rise, Robertson was my dark horse in Cleveland but they kept trying to get Kirksey some work. It may be frustrating but hold Bosa unless in redraft, depending on your other DL players if required, small bench spots/rosters, etc.